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Thread: San Jose - 2003 Reports

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  1. #661
    Soft Touch - Well, if you're asking if you can find a girlfriend or such, I'm sure it's possible. A number of people here have done so, just read the forums a bit. I'd practice up on your Spanish some, it will help greatly.

    When I first came, I knew about 20 words or Spanish, but can now communicate fairly well. A little practice is all it takes.

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    Delta matched and beats American fares.
    No sooner did I post the below when I found that Delta has beaten American on the round trip fare and is non-stop from Atlanta to San Jose, CR.
    $385 round trip.
    That is a deal.

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    AA Sale, ATL - SJO $401.
    What a sale.
    American Air from Atlanta to San Jose $401 on their website.
    Do not know the rules or sale period. Check for yourself.

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    Thanks for all the recent reports, just my first trip down, so I really haven't ventured out of the Marlin Bar...except when I saw Wanda's place get shut down.

    Was out on the coast for a week, and just returned back to the Hotel Del Rey for a couple of days. Found an interesting little girl last night. She's a 20 year-old Russian, and speaks pretty good spanish. Didn't know that there was a sizeable russian community in San Jose. After all the Tica's and Columbiana's I've had here, it was nice to try a caucasian girl again...even if it was all in spanish.

    Thanks also to Ace00 for the streets where IDEM is locatec, I'll try and walk over there this afternoon. Met a lot of Americans living down here, and they've been absolutely generous in sharing their insights about the country and the Tica's.

    Happy New Year to all.


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    Karin - Casa Lila (purple house)

    As Karin was taking me in the door to the room to pay for the 1/2 hour, I saw her flash "6" with her fingers to the cashier. I thought this was a bit strange. I had read somewhere that 6000 was the normal price. More on this later.

    Karin disrobed quickly and didn't seem too enthusiastic. She has a slightly above average body, with her nose and belly button pierced. I seem to be picking girls with piercings lately. And although is wasn't on purpose, she is also 19 years old. I've only had one chica over 20 years old on this trip!

    I started by asking for a kiss, which she said she didn't do. Strike one. Then she pulled out the rubber and started the BJ. She did fairly well, but I still yearned for a bbbj. I wanted to dine at the Y, but again, she wouldn't let me. Strike two. She had a nicely trimmed bush, so I was hoping, but to no avail.

    She then wanted to start the action right away. I told her to slow down a bit, so she kept going on the cbj. She did do a good job, but tired out after 10 minutes or so. This is why I usually don't like younger girls. Not enough experience. She says she's been working for 9 months.

    Once we finished, we both showered, and I asked her about the pricing. I asked her if 5000 was the Tico price, and 6000 was the gringo price. She agreed. So if I went there, I'd say that I only pay the 5000 price. Shrug. Might work.

    If she was more open to FK and DATY I think she'd be so much better. If you just want a quickie she might be okay. Looks 6.5, skills 7, attitude 4. I was surprised that she let me take a picture. (Mine is still messed up, I borrowed one.)
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails karin -19yo-tica-casa-lila-sala-de-masajes.jpg‎  

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    They say that there is normally 10-12 girls in Casa Lila. Many girls take 2-3 weeks off around Christmas. They said it should be back to full strength by the beginning of February.

    I chose Karin, a 19 year old Tica. She had a nice body, and seemed pretty pleasant while I talked to her in the room with the couches.

    The actual address given on the business card is: De los semaforos de la entrada del Museo de los Ninos, 25 metros sur.

    Here's a picture of the front, along with a pic of the room.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails las-lilas-front-and-room.jpg‎  

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    747 and Casa Lila (Purple house)

    I went out for a couple of hours this afternoon to check out some of the daytime places in San Jose.

    I went to 747, and there were about 10 girls there. I saw Rocio come out for about 30 seconds, grab a guy and go back in. She looked a bit worn out to me. I stayed for 10 minutes to see if anything else nice came out, but nothing did.

    I went next door to the purple house (Casa Lila - Sala de Masajes 258-2604). They're open Mon-Sat 10am-8pm. This is the first time I had actually been inside. They had 4 girls there, with one coming in later. Decent quality. They quoted a price of 6000 colones for 1/2 an hour. This is the gringo price, as I found out later.

    They have fairly comfortable couches, and had a tv on sometimes. I came during lunchtime, and the girls were getting their chicken lunches delivered. A very relaxed atmosphere, with the girls joking with each other and you. A couple of the girls went back for their sessions, but it was pretty slow going.

    Any of the girls were doable. Alexia was probably the least attractive. She seems to be a lesbian as she kept asking the petite blonde permission to DATU/ I kept teasing the blonde and telling here that Alexia just wanted some fish for lunch.

    Here is a picture of 747 (gray house) and Casa Lila (purple). I didn't ask the price at 747. It was 4000 colones when I went over a year ago. Should be 4500 or 5000 colones now.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 747-casa lila.jpg‎  

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    Greetings all,

    I have been frequenting WSG for awhile now due to my travel (all over the US). I get a significant number of ideas as to where the action is.

    I have just recently found out that I will be going to SJ on a regular basis for the next 1.5 years and thought I would investigate it beforehand.

    Being completely unfamiliar with CR and not speaking spanish where would I get the best benefits for the buck? I will essentially be a tourista until I figure my way around.

    Is picking up one semi-permanent an option?

    Whatever help you can throw at me would be appreciated.


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    I decided to go out for a just a few hours tonight. I didn't feel like the Park show, so thought I'd check out some other places near Molino Rojo. Since this is the Christmas season, may places are low on chicas, but should be up to normal amounts within a week. On a Friday or Saturday night there are 60-100 girls within one block.

    First there's Miss Caribe. A nightclub that as far as I can tell has no cover charge. Only three girls there tonight. Normally 10 or so. 1/2 hoiur with girl is 7000 colones.

    It has a stage, but with 3 girls, but none dancing tonight. A fairly small place.

    I had poked my head into Arcadas nightclub the other night. I decided to check it out fully tonight. Entry is 1000 colones, and includes 1 drink. They had a promotion where you could get 2 Heinkens with your entry. Not sure how long this will last.

    This place is about 1/2 the size of Molino Rojos. There were about a dozen girls here. A mix of Ticas and Nicas. The quality was a bit better than Molino Rojos (I'd rate them at 5-8 on looks). No real low-end girls.

    Lady drinks are 2200 colones, a table dance is 5000, and a room with girl for half an hour is 7300.

    The table dance designation is a bit different than the US. If you pay that fee, you get the girl for 10-20 minutes. Even if you just buy her a drink, she'll grind your crotch and sit with you for 10 minutes.

    They have dancers more than 50% of the songs. 8 seats close up to the stage, and the pole less than 2 feet from the edge of the stage. If you want the best seat in the house, sit right in front of the pole. If you're not careful, the girls will spill your beer if they swing right in front of you.

    Good shows overall, the standard 1 song clothed, 1 song disrobing. Unlike almost every other club, they stay to the end of the song on the naked set, and some will finger themselves, and spread wide right in front of you. I think Electra was the best dancer, but most were pretty good.

    I had a few girls come over to me and ask for drinks. I got one for Jessyca, a 19 year old, with pierced nose, lip and tongue. Dark haired, medium height. Very attentive and good service.

    I wanted to watch the show for awhile, but when she came over an hour later to ask for a drink, I told her that I'd rather just go to the room.

    This place only has 3 small rooms. The two normal ones were full, so we went into what is basically a storage room with a bed (underneath the stairs!). There were bags of concrete, and a TV box in there too.

    She would only provide CBJ, but did a decent job of it. She provided some limited DFK, but seemed to want to get to the action quickly. I slowed her down and told her I want DATY, but she said she didn't do it.

    I had given her one of the little presents I'm carrying around (lipstick this time) earlier, so after a little convincing she said I could graze for a couple of minutes. She has a nice shaved pussy that was really nice! It's got to be clean or I won't go there.

    Well 15 minutes later (She didn't stop me after 2 minutes...) I was ready for the good action. (Her legs had been quivering so much I thought she was having a stroke.) The nice thing about being under the stairs, is that the roof in the room is slanted. So I could place my hands on the roof while pumping away.

    I'd rate Jessyca a 6 on looks (somewhat of a stomach, had one kid, I'd say), 7 on service and 8 on attitude.

    I spent about $28 for the night including drinks and taxi ride back. Arcadas is a very good alternative to Molino Rojo, especially if you like a good show. They have the same porno channel (from Argentina, I think) that Molino Rojo and Miss Caribe have. Others have said it's illegal to have in a place that sells liquor. This may be true, but I saw the cops come in a few times, and they have no problem with it.

    Depending on the girl you pick, if you buy her a drink, you can pull her top down, suck her nipples and quite a bit more.

    My camera is messed up, so I wasn't able to take any pictures.

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    While I was driving around looking for places on Lump's map (Europa 2000 - Closed at 9pm), I saw a lot of streetwalkers around Wanda's place.

    I was pretty sure they were transvetites, but my Tico buddy said they weren't. Time for some in depth investigation. (But not TOO deep.)

    I parked the car, and we headed around. First one was obviously male, but I asked anyway. Yup, tiene picha. For the hell of it, I asked for prices, and was quoted 20,000 colones. $50!

    Went down Wanda's street, and there were 4 girls in front of the lovely blue house. The stickers were off Wanda's door (Step 1! Yeah.), and they all looked very feminine and nice. Of course they all had dicks too. Only 5000 colones. No thanks.

    I hate to say this, but if I saw most of these "girls" in a club, I'd be fooled about 1/2 the time. (Before the unveiling). I had seen plenty of these "girls" around Parque Morazon, and by the Clinica Biblica before, but never near Calle 3/3b, Avenida 9.

    I've never taken a girl off the street, and I don't think I'll start here. I have seen some druggie type girls around the Mercado Central, but I'll stay away from those too. (My Tico friend works near there. He says they ask for 2500-4000).

    This whole post is NOT about finding transvestites (I know the rules), but about never taking a chance on the streets of San Jose. I asked for prices to compare with the real thing.

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    i went out for what i figure is one of my last nights out before i go back to the states. it is a sort of holiday time, so i wasn't too surprised at the lower numbers of chicas.

    i wanted to check out a few new places, but only went to one new strip club, alcasar. it's at calle central and avenida 7. across from the old olympus (now hot lips).

    i actually walked to all the places within 6 blocks of this place. most wanted 2000 colones minimum consumption. they were also light on girls, and heavy on guys.

    la bella mansion is now asking for 7000 colones for the girls, 1300 minimum consumption. they also use a metal detector wand on you.

    i remember something negative about josephine's, so other than asking the consumption fee (2000 colones), i didn't go in. they wouldn't quote the prices for the girls. often a bad sign.

    there was a little bar next to josephines, (bar la tanga?), they said the girls were 6000 colones, but wouldn't let take a peek without buying drink coupons.

    club 40 was packed with guys and maybe 6 girls. door guy says there were 3 upstairs. it's way too smokey in there for me. a few doable girls though.

    this neighborhood is rough, so make sure you have some non-drunk backup with you. i walked about a mile and a half from 11pm to midnight with no real problems. there are some scary looking guys out. (i had my tico buddy with me.)

    we kept going another two blocks, and there is a bar with girls in it. i forget the name right now (monaco?). the owner of the bar thought i was interested in buying it. not.

    i did see the nice nica that i saw at molino rojo the first time in monaco. i had some little presents to give out, so i gave her one. i only took two with me this night, but they were very popular.

    i ended up back at alcasar. they'd let me look inside, without paying. pretty nice girls - i'd guess 15 in total. looks similar to tango india. 2000 colone minimum consumption. (but drinks are 1200 colones each!). i only had one drink, but they didn't hassle me.

    good shows, okay lighting. pricing still too high for costa rica. 4400 colone lady drink. $150 for 1 hour of sex. dollars! there were some there that were worth $50 in my estimation. (if i wanted to spend that much, i go to the bm.)

    i don't understand how the places like this (mostly strip clubs) can really make money. i've never seen anyone take a girl out. maybe they make it on drinks.

    after i'd seen all the girls dance, i took off to molino rojo. i saw sasha there. she changed her hair color (blonde highlights in front, brown for the rest), and has lipstick and a nice outfit now. i gave her my last gift (lipstick), and she seemed to like it.

    i had a couple girls in mind, but they either didn't like me, or were tired. i'm betting on the former. i ended up going with maribel, a chica that wasn't great looking, but had a certain sparkle in her eye.

    she was about what i expected. average, average, average. my buddy took the nica who was at molino rojo by then. he was very happy with her.

    the only problem with bringing presents is the girl i went with was expecting one too. i'll need to have an extra one or two in my pockets.

    the doorman at molino rojo never gives me my change. costs me 200-300 colones almost every time. get's old after awhile.

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    I am actually looking for a little help on my first trip. I have $$ to spend so that should not be a problem for me. I am actually looking to find the best looking girls that offer good service. I would perfer BBBJ and Greek lessons, the first is te priority. By reading the board I see that looks like the Blue Marlin is the only place that fits the bill. Does anyone have any suggestions/contact #'s? There are some beautiful women in the photo gallery. I would perfer my hotel to an incall place.

    I can give good info about Chicago, some in Tampa and Vegas if you PM Me. Thanks in advance.

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    Whoever says there's no "Rockin' and Rollin" during Christmas wasn't here yesterday morning. There was a 6.3 earthquake near the Panama border. Even here in San Jose, it woke me out of a sound sleep. It seemed to last about 20 seconds. This is the second time I've been here during an earthquake that I felt in the last 15 years!

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    I'm happy to see that Wanda is now aboard WSG! I hope that Jackson will allow her to post her re-opening, and other tidbits. I've seen a lot of chicas in my life, but she is one super special one!

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