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Thread: AMPs in other areas of Dubai

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    Testing the newest team members at the oxygen spa jbr

    Here's my report for 2 ladies who joined the Oxygen spa team recently. 2 different experiences.

    First. Miss be.

    She's Thai and must be mid 30's with average body and face.

    Started with a massage which was pretty good. After 30 minutes or so asked me if I want any extras.

    Offered 250 for B2 B.

    She stood up, walked to the door and locked it, and proceeded to undress. I wasn't impressed but let's see how the rest goes.

    She started rubbing herself on me and pretty fast focussing on johny. Started yanking like she was starting a damn chainsaw. I asked her to start sucking the head but she refused, because I 'only paid 250'. This was a big turn off since I didn't have that happen before. I then moved my hands to her clit and before I could lay my fingers on it she pulled away. At this point I was done. Told her to get dressed and just finish the massage. Needless to say I won't be booking her again.

    Second: Miss M.

    Also thai, small and average body, cute face.

    Amazing massage skills. After some convo I learned she's been around in Dubai for 9 years or so, been present in various spa across dubai.

    On the flip she popped the question and I offered 250 for B2 B.

    Not long after she got undressed. Her body is not thin, nor that fat, she actually hase a nice shape. However I do prefer more slim.

    I asked her to turn around do I can have a good view of that ass and pussy from behind. I was surprised, her ass was nice round, and passed my ass slap test revealing the firmness (and not flubber).

    I like it.

    Then she turned and I started to play with her pussy, but when I wanted to check the moist level, she stopped me before I could enter because 'the nail hurt inside', even tho I just had a fresh mani done. (You got to take care of your hands and nails gents when pleasing women). It's okay, she probably had a few bad experiences with men who don't know what the hell they are doing there.

    I decided to lay back and relax and let her do her thing.

    She started to gently tease my cock and inner thighs, making me more horny.

    Then playfully do some things with my cock that I can't really describe but it felt nice.

    She proceeded with some technique's that I don't experience often. I had an instant flash back to our handjob queen that used to work at the runaway spa. Could this new lady take her place?

    For the minutes after that I was just enjoying the magical strokes and when I was about to cum she hold strong eye contact with me which made me bust so hard I must have hit the ceiling.

    This was unexpectedly good.

    We had some time left so she finished the massage which brought me to dreamland for a bit.

    Needless to say, I will be returning. In fact, I already did.

    Not sure if she can replace the handjob queen but she sure is in the top 5 best hand job givers I've experienced so far.

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    Going to visit Dubai after a long absence, so want to confirm: Miss L of border fame is currently at the Oxygen place, right?

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    Spontaneous exploration

    I was walking (around the area where the infamous Moscow Hotel is. In the very same block is a spa which has very prominent signage towards the street.

    Without expectations I popped in for a visit.

    Mamasan was a pretty Thai girl. 150 at door for 60 minutes.

    I was assigned a Viet lady, Moula. She took me upstairs to the room. Very nice rooms, with proper walls and doors, plus a shower.

    Massage was more of a relaxing type, not very hard. Only minimal teasing, even though there was no doubt what was going to happen. After about 20 minutes, she popped the question. FS was offered at 300, and I didn't fight it too much.

    She is average height, narrow hips, minimal belly, and pretty nice natural be-cups.

    Decent BBBJ without wiping. Not really DT, but she made me to attention.

    DATY which she enjoyed, followed by mish and then CG until I came (maybe she did too, not sure).

    Showered together and she made sure I was clean everywhere.

    All in all not a bad experience.

    WIR? Only if I'm in the neighborhood.



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    Verified No. 7

    Quote Originally Posted by TempStories  [View Original Post]
    Is this the spa which is one shop apart from Vape Mart? Can you please share overall damage and if this is a MILF variety?
    Sampled No. 7 referred LoduDatta. It's the closest shop to VapeMart. Unlike typical AMP, the interior was a very bright atmosphere and the facilities were good. Paid 100 at counter, and No. 7 guided me to the room upstairs, which was quite spacious and had a shower.

    She is a milfy Thai and fluent in English. Massage was very good, she asked 300 for full option, and I didn't cut it down considering that Songkran is close. She's a bit chubby and thick belly but has a pretty good tits which I enjoyed, and I think it's natural. Started with B2 be, Rimming, BBBJ, followed by FS, and finally finished in her mouth. Didn't ask backhole, but I'm sure it will be on menu.

    If you are looking for fresh meal then she's not your cupcake. But she definitely did her job, and she's eager to do everything to please. She is an old school type with a good attitude.

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    No seven

    Is this the spa which is one shop apart from Vape Mart? Can you please share overall damage and if this is a MILF variety?

    Quote Originally Posted by LoduDatta  [View Original Post]
    Hi fellas,

    Wanted to share a gem find of mine, going to her for over 5 years now. You can find her once you enter the Rasoi Ghar lane full of AMPS 11th Street, and it's a generic spa name next to Vape Mart and facing a RTA parking and Golden Chariot. Just enter and ask for Seven. Curvy amazing Thai, who will do everything to please including a fantastic massage plus everything else. Rimming is a speciality. Enjoy!

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    Best of Thai Cuisine at No. 7

    Hi fellas,

    Wanted to share a gem find of mine, going to her for over 5 years now. You can find her once you enter the Rasoi Ghar lane full of AMPS 11th Street, and it's a generic spa name next to Vape Mart and facing a RTA parking and Golden Chariot. Just enter and ask for Seven. Curvy amazing Thai, who will do everything to please including a fantastic massage plus everything else. Rimming is a speciality. Enjoy!

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    Yeah she is amazing!

    Thanks Daliah for the FR. I had the luck of getting introduced to the same miss LSD on the day after your report and I must say it was one of the better experiences in an AMP so far.

    In fact I think I would have been happy just paying for the massage which was great. Strong and effective.

    With the added bonus of getting to play with a very sexy body, eat a juicy pussy, and fuck until I was drained, it was a perfect afternoon.

    WIR. Absolutely!



    Quote Originally Posted by Daliah123  [View Original Post]
    So was in the mood for my favourite at Lina's place. Valentine's day gift. But as is not uncommon with Lina, she'll tell you someone is available only to find out she's not on arrival. Lina offered me another, the L in the famous Beatles song. LSD. Was fine with it and booked 90 min.

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    First visit as Lina's

    As I was in the hood, I gave a try to Lina's place. The day before I drove by and noticed that it's really busy after 5 PM and you'll struggle to park around there despite the number of parking lots. So, I didn't even bother and went for the mall's parking, which is also packed but has a bigger turn over.

    Chinese Mamasan welcomed me like I was a regular (maybe I have a brother around? I didn't ask for anything else than 1 h and two asian girls came back from shopping and giggled. One grabbed me and brought me to the room. Her name is the same celestial body that created an eclipse these days. I don't know why she pretended to be from China during chit chat. Too bad as I have a few words of Cantonese and Mandarin. She never replied, and after 10 mn she admitted to be Vietnamese. She's curvy with nice soft tits and a bit of baby fat. She's pretty skilled and her BJ is noticeable. I think she had plenty of activity before me as she didn't let met eat her hard and wouldn't come. I could play with her A-hole but didn't wonder there as I couldn't hold it during her BJ.

    WIR: probably try another one.

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    Back 2 The American Landmark: Electric Boogaloo

    Hello fellow punters!

    After a four month hiatus, I'm back with another review of the American Landmark place. 250 ML of liquid courage over a 7 hour period and some pondering over what would be a very lonely holiday period, I decided to make an appointment. To my surprise, my old favourite be had left for the holidays which I meant I picked the first girl in the lineup they sent, a certain Ms. P like in Burger P. Having visited this fine establishment thrice, I assume the mamasan had let the girl know I'm somewhat of a regular. I say this because there was next to little massage in my 90 minutes there. The tldr; (too long didn't read) for those who love the massage, she ain't the one.

    From the moment P walked in she was a bundle of laughter and giggling. While her English leaves much to be desired, this in no way took from what was a delightful time with her. We giggled, we laughed, we played around like meeting an old flame. While she did give what was a rather poor "massage", it was the giggling and laughter with eager participation that truly made old johnny boy happy. A slender frame with natural assets and a rather small ass, she is in no way as toned as Ms be.

    After what felt like some really nice and long foreplay which included a lot of DFK, she finally asked what I wanted. It almost felt like she forgot there was this step and it was more a formality at this stage. She quickly and eagerly agreed to 3 reds for the whole deal. This was surprise to me as recent reading of this forum suggests the girls here don't accept anything less than 5 reds for FS. Anyways, deals were made, condoms were bought in and the action began. She thoroughly explored my body and I returned the favor. Her eagerness and ability to joke through actions rather than words were the highlight of the trip.

    Honestly, the foreplay was far superior to the actual action maybe it was inability to finish in PIV and rather large stamina, I finally released all over face which was very hot. From what I gathered, she has been here for six days and plans to stay here for two years. What makes her special was my repertoire with her given this was our first meeting. Definitely one for those of you who love some playful teasing.

    WIR? Hell yea. For the price of 4. 5 reds, this was more of what I assume a MR meeting would go like rather than a traditional AMP experience.

    Now if you will excuse I'm going to wallow in some self loathing and worry about whether I caught anything from this meeting for the next few months.

    P. S I'm definitely not a shill for this establishment despite having only two reports and both for the same establishment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kokoss1  [View Original Post]
    Hi guys just curious after watching a porn on a milking massage table wow!
    So are there any in dubai?
    TRhx mates!
    As far as I remember, I have never seen or heard about this. One of the reasons might be that this is clear evidence that the SPA is providing some form of sex services. As for apartment AMPS there does not seem enough demand for them to invest in this setup. Good luck in your search, I bet that all fellows here will also keep an eye for this sort of entertainment.

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    Karama is just a stone's throw away

    Quote Originally Posted by MKH  [View Original Post]
    I am working at world trade center Dubai. Any recommendation for nearby place where I can visit and kill my itch everyday ? Will greatly appreciate the support
    Quote Originally Posted by JoeKarnavic  [View Original Post]
    There are not many spas near WTC except in Novotel or IBIS but doubt if any extras are available there. You have to cross the bridge and get on the other side. You have many options there in some of the towers and on the street. Google and you will find many spas. Inside the hotels can be expensive and not sure of extras. Ones inside towers or on street are your best chance.
    To add yo Joe's recommendation, Karama is about 10,15 minutes away and has a good selection of AMPS. I used to work not far from DWC, and I shall confess that some weeks I'd stop threr 3-4 times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fever77  [View Original Post]
    I went with one named Miss P. P another word for fun event.

    She was terrible. Wanted 700 for a he.
    Did you try to negotiate? I know a lot of girls try to ask the most of you when they haven't met you before. There is actually guys who happily pay those crazy prices and don't know better. It's like winning the slots machine for these girls.

    Anyhow, the time when I visited miss P I gave 250 for b2 b including BJ and her service and attitude was quite good.

    I've tested 2 of the new girls which I will write a report in soon. Miss be (bad) and miss M (good).

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    Quote Originally Posted by WildLaw  [View Original Post]
    You may be right, YMMV. I guess they are always hesitant first time but ease out with multiple visit. As I don't live in the country, I got what I could.

    The two girls in your earlier report have moved out of that place. The one named after the fruit is not in Abu Hail in a place named after a flowing water body and what one experiences when asleep. This is a FS place definitely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RakeskK  [View Original Post]
    Managed to visit booking the girl named after the fruit. Couple of things. I am not sure I will repeat but may try the girl name after a liquid food.
    You may be right, YMMV. I guess they are always hesitant first time but ease out with multiple visit. As I don't live in the country, I got what I could.

    I found Lina's place and I get it now why when comparing with dutch flower place may feel under value.

    I really went out on a mission to find Lina's place but the funny part is when I realized how silly I have been and this relaxy place opposite the pyramid building has been in front of my eyes the whole time whilst being in the area for shopping and after having some Indian meal by the adjacent street walking towards burjuman three times in the previous days.

    I got to try Lucy and I will spare the raunchy details as it was 101%. Everything goes for one red at the door and two reds for the lady. It was unbelievable compared to what I have been paying elsewhere; including across the road from my hotel at have.

    Too many clues in the post above, until next time I am town, goodluck!

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    Linas place

    For Linas place, please find the pizzahut at Karama, other side of burjuman mall. In the lane of Pizzahut you will see two Spas on the opposite side right next to a falafel place. Please go to the spa which resonates with the word Comfortable.

    Quote Originally Posted by WildLaw  [View Original Post]
    For those who stay by the airport, I stumbled across a good spot within very short distance.

    The name has two words, the first being precious shimmering yellow metal and second is famous flower from Netherlands.

    Been there twice on this visit.

    Door -150 for hour.

    Visit 1 - Miss M (a white drink).

    Thai mid 20's, Thin frame body but great rack. Gave superb massage relieving from all the body pains. Turned me around after 25 minutes and popped the question. Agreed B2B two reds and for me surprisingly included BBBJ. Who was I to say no. She allowed my thrust my cock in her mouth, literally fucking her face and she did not even resist, instead held my ass and kept pushing me against her face. We kept switching positions and sat on top grinding her pussy on my cock. She was so wet and could have easily fucked her but there was no cover in sight, so did not pursue. Finally exploded on her face as she didn't mind it. I think she was going for CIM and I came early on her face. All in all good session. Experience was probably 7 out of 10.

    Visit 2 - Miss O (colour or fruit that go by same name).

    Thai mid 20's, voluptuous body with beautiful rack and bum. Massage great as always. Similarly popped the question after 25 minutes but she would agree to anything less than two and half reds. I didn't care much and got on with the action. The process was pretty much the same but she was more of a rider and loved kissing and fingering. She was wet within seconds and when I asked her how come and she stated she didn't have many customers due to Ramadan. She even invited me to lick her and who am I to say not. She smelled Devine between the legs and couldn't have enough of her. Again no condom in sight but she definitely wanted it but I wasn't in mood to ask for it. Finally got in 69 and she made sure I cum whilst my cock was in her mout. Compared to miss M she is better looking but am already imaging a four hand with both of them. Experience was same 7 out of 10.

    Would appreciate if someone could DM / share Lina's place location with recommended girl, would love to review the place before am on the flight back home tomorrow.

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