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Thread: Vladimir (Владимир)

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    What looked to be a nice place to try to pick up local girls were the upper market clubs / bars down the main street a little bit out of centre of town towards Nizny Novgorod direction, on the left hand side. A collection of 3 or so terrace type houses which were busy on the Saturday night. My circumstances meant that I couldn't make it to check out the local talent. I had a quick look on street view and located them at 38 Ulitsa Bolshoya Moscokskaya. Otherwise I believe that wikitravel lists a club complex which contains strip club. Taxi there should be no problem.

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    More Vlad

    Sorry Strav, when I posted in the other thread, I didn't realise you've kicked one off here.

    In Vladimir, most tourists visit during the day for a few hours and move on.

    Even independent ones usually spend the first part of the day in Vladimir and then take the bus to Suzdal for the night.

    If you're out and about in Vlad after dark, you won't meet many or indeed any foreigners.

    By the way, you could do worse then start your evening with a bite to eat on the verandah at the back of the Hotel Vladimir, and see if there's any visitors / potential 'wingmen' around.

    Later on, there's a karaoke place on the same side of the main street where you might just get lucky.

    But most young Russians meet up at the open spaces around the side and back of the Assumption Cathedral.

    And if illicit, late-night drinking is your thing, then your venue is the small park on the far side of the main (only) street, heading back towards the Hotel Vlad...

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    Vladimir (Владимир)

    Starter post for Vladimir thread-travel info and experiences in Vladimir.

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