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View Survey Results: Club Globe in Leverkusen: FKK, Partytreff, Sauna Club, AO Club, or Brothel?

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  • FKK

    0 0%
  • Partytreff

    2 33.33%
  • Sauna Club

    3 50.00%
  • AO Club

    0 0%
  • Brothel

    1 16.67%
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  1. #5

    Website down

    At the moment, their website is not available. No idea if it's only a temporary malfunction or if the club might be closed!?

  2. #4
    They stil have both concepts.

    You can either pay per room visit (=saunaclub) or for 4 hours or a day ticket (=pauschalclub).

    The quality of the service is more like a pauschalclub, to me paying per session is to expensive for the quality offered.

  3. #3
    On the front page of the site they state:

    ACHTUNG! ACHTUNG! Wir sind seit dem 1. 2. Ein Saunaclub!


    ATTENTION! ATTENTION! We are since 1/2 a sauna club!

    So yes. A Saunaclub

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    Changed to Sauna Club

    According to their website, this place got changed from a Pauschalclub / Partytreff to a Sauna Club on February 1st. So it's definitely a Sauna Club, the many votes for Partytreff might be from people who knew this club from before and don't know yet about the change.

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    Club Globe in Leverkusen: FKK, Partytreff, Sauna Club, AO Club, or Brothel?

    Greetings Everyone,

    These continued arguments and conflicting opinions regarding what constitutes an FKK / PartyTreff / AO Club / brothel is making it difficult for me to categorize which of these "business establishments" fits into which category.

    Therefor, I am posting a series of surveys to determine the specific categorization of each business establishment listed in the Forum.

    The survey is not multiple choice because I want a definitive answer to the question. No ambiguities. I don't want to continuously revisit each categorization.

    If you believe that a given venue might offer elements of more that one type of venue, then vote for the category that represents the best overall choice based on a preponderance of the evidence, not withstanding any behavioral exceptions that you may have heard of or may have encountered personally.

    Of course you are welcome to add comments to the survey thread as you may feel are warranted.

    Upon ascertaining a preponderance of the survey responses, I will recategorize the forum's listings as warranted.



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