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Thread: Berlin, Royal

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    Royal was a bust

    I used to visit Royal fairly regularly in 2013-14. Quality of sessions, rooms and most importantly the women was always consistently high. Believe it or not they even used to host a monthly gangbang, every last Sunday or Monday of the month, I believe. I was lucky enough to visit one such event and it was very good!

    I arrived at the location at around 6:30 PM on a Wednesday. Was ushered in and showed a parade of 5 girls. All were not memorable. I chose the first lady whose name sounded something like Daleen. She was dressed up sort of BDSM, not that BDSM is what I was looking for. She was just the most attractive of the bunch.

    Much to my dismay, I discovered later in the week that the lady from this Royal visit is actually Black Swan at Erlebniswohnung.

    Now things start to go down downhill despite my best efforts. I pay 50 EUR to the house and shown to my room. Lady arrives and reveals that she speaks no English. My bad I guess. "Do you speak English?" is an easy enough question to ask during the line-up. Anyway, I didn't think it would be a problem. I have managed just fine with no language for quick 30 min session many times. But this lady was different. She made no effort to try to overcome the communication barrier. She just rattled on in German like she was annoyed that I picked her.

    We get to negotiation and she runs through the prices. I picked 30 minutes for 60 EUR. She then tells me the extras. "20 for blazen, 20 for finger, 20 for kissen". That's it. I asked if the BJ was a BBJ. She said no. I hand over a 60 EUR plus 20 EUR confused as to why I was paying extra for a CBJ, but again. Language was an issue.

    After the shower and back in the room, she is still fully dressed. I drop my towel and lay down. She sits next to me and hands me a condom. I look at her confused. Again. She signaled me to put it on. I said ME? She says yes. I point to my still flaccid member and say: Me? Now? She says yes. I just got up and start putting on my clothes. She was a little surprised at my reaction. I ask her to fetch the madam while I get dressed.

    Now I'm fully clothed and ready to leave when the madam walks in asking what was wrong. I explained that this lady offers nothing but a cold attitude, if not outright contempt. The madam apologized and handed me back my 50 for the room. She said she would talk to the lady and try to get my money back as well. She left and came back and said sorry the lady refused to hand back the money. I said 'fine. Just know that she took 60 plus 20'. The madam asked me what extra I paid for. I told her that the lady wanted 20 for a CBJ. She looked surprised and said OK wait. 5 minutes later the lady walked back in and handed me 20 and said "I'm sorry" in perfect English.

    I left on good terms with the madam saying that I would be back and maybe they should reconsider keeping that lady in the house. She said that she would inform the manger. She also told me that it was her first day.

    I won't let one bad experience put me off Royal forever. I like the location and maybe they still do have better-looking women at different times. The madam did all she could to make it right. As for the Black Swan. Maybe it was her first day and they will cut her some slack. Or maybe the whole thing is part of her BDSM act and I just wasn't wise to her games. In hindsight maybe she is used to the erlebniswohnung gang-bang type service and really does not know that sort of stuff won't fly elsewhere, especially during 130 EUR /30 min session. Who knows?

    All I know is that I walked out of Royal having handed 60 EUR to a hooker who did not even want to touch me without rubber. That's a new level of FAIL. Luckily, New Van Kampen is one S bhan station away and they sorted me out. Unlucky for me, Black Swan was listed as a regular guest at erlebniswohnung. Which means one less girl for me to party with when I'm there. Great!

    At erlebniswohnung I saw a little picture of her in the window promoting her amateur porn here:

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    Forget Royale (2)

    Quote Originally Posted by NookyNinja  [View Original Post]
    See report in Berlin thread.
    Small correction of the link.

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    Forget Royale

    Quote Originally Posted by Sebastiane  [View Original Post]
    As anyone been here recently? I looks really good. What are the average prices you have to pay?
    See report in Berlin thread.

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    As anyone been here recently? I looks really good. What are the average prices you have to pay?

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    Last Tuesday I was in Berlin and was able to visit the brothel Royal at Bundesplatz 8 , after a gap of more than a year.

    I pressed the button for Royal on the door entry system and climbed the stairs to be greeted by the Madam on the landing. So far everything was as before.

    I was shown into a door to await the line up. There was 5 girls in the line up. I did not think that the line was as good as on previous occasions. I chose Kataryna (I hope the spelling is correct) for her sexy look more than her good looks. Looking back I may have been better advised to politely decline the line up. KD is only 10 minutes further walk and I could have used this to my advantage and looked at the line up there.

    I remembered from my previous visits the well appointed room, in which I was to meet the girl of my choice, helped to create a good atmosphere and ensure a successful meeting. This occasion was no less good in that respect. I was shown out onto the landing of the stair and told (customers do what their told in this establishment no mater what they are used to) to wait for the girl there. It would appear that they have two flats here one on each side of the stair landing. Soon the girl of my choice appeared at the opposite door to the one through which I had exited. I was shown into a very nice room where I swiftly dis-robed with no encouragement needed. After a shower we sat on the sofa and had a nice conversation. Kataryna said that she came from Poland, she was tall and slim about 1. 778 meters tall, well proportioned and sexy figure, breasts were on the small side but natural and light coloured. Kataryna was pleasant to talk to but I was aware that some girls like to talk on with customers so I broached the subject of getting sexy. Whereupon Kataryna explained that we would play a little game. Every time I wanted something other than what was basically allowed for I would have to pay extra. Kataryna said that she would kiss me but it would be 20 e extra, as would kissing breasts or touching pussy. Where I come from these things are included in the price as standard, so this is what I am used to. I felt that I did not want to pay extra but once we started to get involved in sex play I could not resist kissing breast so I coughed up an extra 20 e. The total cost to me at this point was 140 e. As a cost comparison, where I come from the cost for the same service would have been 100 e, except that touching pussy would also have been included in the price. Kataryna was very forthcoming with what had been paid for and demonstrated a keen interest throughout. I certainly thought that she wanted me to have a good time, and I did. When I had used up the available energy she finished the session with a nice back massage and allowing me to kiss the bits that I had paid for.

    My conclusions are that it is more cost effective to monger where I come from, but it is nice to visit different places. I would visit Royal again and pay for the extras that I want, and I would decamp to KD if I thought that the line up was below standard.

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    Lucy: 11/2014

    Quote Originally Posted by Ibrahimovic  [View Original Post]
    I made a visit to Kamilla Dee to try and see if I could catch newcomer Louiza who was on the schedule but she had already left for the day. Only three girls in the line-up and they didn't appeal to me that much so I left. Neighboring Royal offered a healthy 6 or 7 girls and I went with Lucy, half German, half Mozambican. Communication was sparse since she speaks virtually no English. Lucy was quite passive but still receptive and she's got a nice young and pretty tight body. She could take some pretty hard fucking from behind. I like it when the girl doesn't insist that her legs must be placed outside of mine during doggy. Overall, the atmosphere at Royal is very nice and the flawless decor is refreshing.

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    Zara, Ruby (09/2014)

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravein2  [View Original Post]
    Had a (too) short visit to Berlin a couple of weeks ago, only managed two visits to Royal (and an evening in Artemis).

    On both days in Royal ( I found the line-up to be a bit weaker than before (it's been a while since my previous visit). , but I only need one hit a a time, so no real problems. Of course, I could have been just unlucky with my timing. I was there at around 1 pm both days, so maybe some girls were busy with the lunch-traffic already. As usual: the place itself is great, with big, extravagantly decorated rooms. The only (slightly) negative aspect is that some rooms are not very well sound-proofed, so you can be exposed to some passionate sound effects from the neighbouring rooms. (And I guess sounds can travel both ways.) The hausdame on both of my visits was very smiling and friendly, making sure the logistics worked without a hitch.

    First up was Zara: pretty, late 20-ies, dark hair, petite. Reasonably fit, even if she's no hardbody. Went for 45 minutes+ owo and kisses =120+20+20 Eur. Unfortunately her English was even worse than my German, so chatting was a bit slow, but she was very friendly and smiling all through the encounter. And very eager to make sure I had a good time. Ok, could have hoped for DFK, but her kisses were sweet enough. Great owo, which lasted a long while, before she mounted me for a passionate CG. After a couple of position changes we were finished and a nice time relaxing and cuddling until time was up. Recommended, and a possible repeat for your truly.

    The next day I was back, and chose Ruby from the line-up: Adresse.

    Mid 20-ies, blonde, short, perky be-cups, and fit all over. Same menu as with Zara, so 120+20+20 for 45 minutes. Ruby was very friendly and chatty, smiling and laughing as if we were friends from way back. When we got down to the nitty gritty she continued with the warm welcome, with a wonderful sensual owo. Doggie, mish and CG to completion (too soon, as her youth overwhelmed me, I think). A nice chat and cuddle to round out the session, and I could walk away with a smile on my face. A definite recommendation, and a probable repeat.
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    Ruby (09/2014)

    Quote Originally Posted by Ibrahimovic  [View Original Post]

    To me, this place was miles ahead of Van Kampen and KD in terms of furnishing and the luxurious feel to the rooms. The line-up was also better. I picked 30 min with petite, blonde Ruby. The pics of her on the web are quite accurate. She didn't allow kissing or DATY but I can really enjoy fucking a petite girl, her ass was so small and sexy. She could easily pass as 19-20 years, at least her body. Looks / body: 7.5. Service: 6.

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    Hana, Jackie, Josephine: September 2014

    Quote Originally Posted by Antidote1  [View Original Post]
    Royal. Jackie.

    Royal is also in quiet a residential neighbourhood and with a slightly more upscale feel than KD. The hausfrau was a pretty girl with great English.

    Got introduced to 9 girls (around 13 pm). Picked Jackie based on a nice energy and what sounded like good English. She was quite short, slim, nice breasts on the smaller side and I guess around 25 why. Turns out she was Australian and very friendly and easy to talk too. Went for 30 min BBBJ and CIM (80+50) and was very satisfied. Best BJ ever (a lot of deep throat). Took a lot of initiative, was not hurried at all and had a nice GFE / PSE mix. 10/10.

    Royal. Hana (sp?)

    6-7 girls were there this time (2 pm) and picked Hana all though I did not really "click" with her. But she was great looking. Black hair, around 18-21 why, German with some English, pretty short with nice perky breasts (on the smaller side). Went for 30 min BBBJ and CIM (80+30+50 yeah I overpaid here). Got the impression she was not very experienced and since I wasn't either it did was not a great experience. A lot of dry humping with not much chemistry. Only BBBJ no FS since I couldn't be bothered. Had I'the been more experienced and given more direction it would have been better so partially my fault.

    Royal. Josephine (sp?)

    8 girls there (9 pm) and picked a blonde called Josephine. A German blonde, 24 why old I think she said. Went for 30 min BBBJ and CIM (80+50) and had a good experience. No clock-watching and a nice energy.

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    Day 5 (Royal 100 Euro Dream)


    100 Euro.

    10. Isabella: She claims she's in her 30's 100% German blonde and I would agree to that very cute hot fairy elf-like features with spinner body loves it from behind and if you can pick her up hold her around the room while fucking she likes this too. She has one very small tat on her wrist that says "Forever PIL" she told me it's her first initial and two friends initial. I decided to take a little break and only went to Royal to have Isabella I was going to hit the streets and hop on the U2 after for one more Romanian at beülowstrasse but changed my mind. Anyhow 100 euro since BBBJ is 20 Euro up sell not sure why I think BBBJ should always be included as standard service. All well worked out ok got a really long BBBJ not that great but ok. She got on top RCG, CG, SIDE, MISH and finally I gave it to her her favorite way doggy and busted my nut!! She was a little pull back ish and claimed she fractured her back yada yada execuse because when I started digging in her deep sorta shoveling my dick in her when we were MISH I was going stretch her pussy like elastic so she tried to push back and she left her shoes on entire time!

    I like apartments for the cleanliness and slightly sometimes better looking and cleaner more mature women although I think I'm a bigger fan of sauna clubs and FKK and street girls. I'm going to say this for the record I believe that Isabella had the finest piece of ass and most mature beautiful woman I had on entire trip this is out of 20 women I had in 9 days period.

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    Stefanie: I dropped by Royal ages ago and picked Stefanie out of the parade. Most of the details are hazy, but I do remember being just as happy with the session as with any of my favourites there. Things that stick out in my head was her hot corset really highlighting her hourglass figure, luscious appearance in general, and good moaning. If moaning is a turn off for you, then be aware it seemed more than normal to me, but I quite like it. Lastly, she's Spanish and speaks enough English for some reasonable chit-chat.

    Some housekeeping: Amelie from last year is not Amelie from this year unless they threw out all her old photos. Anyone care to hear reports on the parade overall? I find they're about 50/50 and the photos online aren't always representative (for good and bad, eg Stef and Royal are both far hotter than their photos, others I had trouble connecting their parade look to their photos). This makes it hard to book ahead which more and more is the only reliable way to see certain girls.

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    Best ever


    The link is to one of the best ever sessions. These are the things that give me a fond memory of my times in Berlin.

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    2014 (April, May)

    May :

    Carmen, Mikka (Boy1978's post) :

    April :

    Emelia (Rocketboy0's post) :
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