Spain, Figueres, Orientales, Lee-e.

Recently I travelled to Figueres in Spain to see the Salvador Dali Museum Theatre and I was very impressed by the collection. To relax I then went to see the 'Chicas Orientales de Figueres'.

I phoned the number in the ad and a lady asked me to come to Callel Foltia, she meant Carrer Fortia but as she cannot pronounce the are it complicated my search. Anyway I found the street and she guided me to an apartment in a side street.

She showed me two ladies: Susanne in her late twenties and Lee-e in her late thirties. Neither showed any resemblance to the photos in the ad. I choose Lee-e who then helped me undress, undressed herself and took me to the bathroom where she washed me. She gave special attention to my genital area and anus. I also washed her and it was a fine experience. Back in the room we cuddled and kissed, she was a good kisser. I caressed her body with full breasts and other nice curves. She then massaged me and ended by giving me a super natural fellation including my perineum with CIM. Lovely.

Lee-e was pleasing me all the time and I had a wonderful hour with her for only 70 Euros. If I pass again through Figueres I would repeat for sure.