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Thread: Berlin, Gina's Tango Rosa (GTR)

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    2019, July: Valentina

    Quote Originally Posted by Dreamerz  [View Original Post]
    I decided to make the trek to Gina's. Reached there around 1230 pm. Was buzzed in and looked that they were up and running. I saw several girls in their rooms but when I asked to be shown the options. I was shown only 3 - Valentina, Jenny and another name I cannot forget. All 3 looked Polish / eastern European. All of them were quite big for my liking but horny AF, I opted for Valentina as she looked the most enthusiastic / eager.

    The rate was 60/30 min with 20 for BBBJ and 20 for kissing. I opted for 40 min with BBBJ and kissing which she quoted 120. I agreed and we went in. Valentina didn't speak any English. We went in and I was asked to freshen up / clean my privates with wet towel etc. Did that and in a couple of minutes she came in. We undressed, started kissing. Kisses were decent, nothing to rave about (about 6/10), her body was about 6/10 as well and she looked bigger without the clothes. Went with the BBBJ which was actually pretty good - 7.5/10. Pussy was normal. Neither tight nor too loose. After round 1, she offered to give me a massaged. Which was pretty decent. With about 10 min left, I said I want to go again but she said there may not be enough time. I told her to go for it anyways. She started another BBBJ but I guess being all night out partying had it tolls and I couldn't get going again. There was a knock on the door signalling end of time, which I thought was a bit early but anyways. Overall service by Valentina would be 6.5/10 or so. Very average.

    Overall okay experience. May go back again if I need a quickie but definitely not a regular spot for me. Quality of girls was below par but maybe it was the time of the day.

    Welcome comments and questions!

    Valentina's web page :
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    2019, July: Lucy

    Quote Originally Posted by PrincePunt  [View Original Post]
    Today was Ginas Tango.

    Go to there in the afternoon and the lineup was decent but too many tattooed girls. I went with Lucy a busty blonde in her mid 30's from Poland. Spoke English. She had a belly on her but she was super eager to please so I didn't care. Settled for 30 minutes for 80 euros with BBBJ and kissing.

    After a quick shower, we started feeling each other up and did some light kissing. Lucy then got down to her knees and it was BJ time. Moved to the bed for mix of tit fucking and sucking. Got her to ride me while I sucked her tits. Moved to doggy but I kept on slipping out, so we settled on miss before finishing with a HJ.

    Lucy's web page :
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    2019, May : Anna, Ayla, Michelle

    Anna's web page:

    Ayla's web page:

    (when I met Ayla (May 10th), she didn't have her own page yet, there was just one photo of her on the web page "Heute" :

    Michelle's web page:

    About Prices :

    Normally, based on the web site

    Total price = Room Price + Sexy service.

    For "sexy service" , click on "Meine Preise" in each lady's page.

    May 7th (Anna), 9th (Michelle) and 10th (Ayla) :

    Before asking for an appointment with Anna, I checked her web page and expected 100 Euros for one hour (50 for the room + 50 for "Sexy services").

    However, when I met her (May 7th), she said that 100 would be for 40 (or 45 ?) minutes, one hour would cost 150 Euros: so I stayed for 40/45 minutes.

    When I left, I saw a cute lady in the lobby, Anna told me she was Ayla.

    On Thursday May 9th, I was back: Ayla was among the parade (I preferred her face without make-up I saw on Monday) but was avalaible only for 20 minutes. So I stayed with Michelle: again, 1 hour would cost 150 (and 30 minutes would cost 100; as I said I abandonned, she proposed 40/45 minutes for 100).

    On May 10th, I called for an appointment with Ayla: the Hausdame asked me for how long, as she told me that one hour would cost 100 Euros, I agreed for one hour meeting.

    When I arrived, Ayla told me: 150 for one hour, 120 for 40 minutes and 100 for 30 minutes but finally agreed 40 minutes for my 100 Euros I already prepared.

    At the end of the meeting, when I was left to dress myself, the Hausdame came in and I asked me why I stayed only 40 minutes instead of one hour. I answered that I prepared 100 Euros and so, could not pay more. I suppose that if ever she discussed this subject with Ayla, Ayla would say that I asked for "extras sex services" with these 100 Euros.

    I realized later that apparently, by this way, the ladies kept for them the difference between the meeting price and the room price: they took the amount for 1 hour but paid back to the house only for 45 minutes.

    So now, I understood why in "her" last years, at Kamilla-Dee, we had to pay separately for the room (to the Hausdame) and for "sexy services" (to the ladies).

    About the meetings : after these "misunderstandings" about the prices, I expected for bad sessions but finally, fortunately, all of them are OK, not exceptionnal but correct.
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    2019 March: Olga

    Quote Originally Posted by Leroy1969  [View Original Post]
    I recently stayed in Berlin for 3 nights. I had 1 really poor experience, and one great experience. All local laws were followed.
    .... etc ....
    Having learned a hard lesson, I decide I wanted to go see a gal named Tracy at Ginas Tango Rosa. I was staying in Prenzlaur Berg. I make my way out there on the S Bahn, and find the place. I head inside. I am greeted by the English speaking madam, and am taken into a room. Tracy is not working today, bummer. About 12 girls are walked into the room, all except for 1 really pretty gal came over, and shook my hand. I asked everyone of them "Spreken ze English?" A Russian gal named Olga came into the room, and greeted me in English. Olga was a 6 or 7. She was in her 30's with big boobs, a nice round butt, and a little bit of a belly. I choose Olga. 50 euros for the room. +10 for French kissing, and +10 for a blow job. We get down to business. She knows her job, and does it well. She sucks dick like a champ! She has clearly pleased a cock before, and she is acting like she is into it! I think she was. Soon, she is fucking me with her tits. After a bit, we do missionary, and switch to doggy. We are having a great time together. I believe I got an "O" out of her in miss. After a bit of doggy, with some ball play, and dirty talk, she can tell, I am getting close. She asks, "do you want to cum on my tits?" Hell yeah I do! She lays on her back, and starts stroking me off. I fuck her tits some more, she dirty talks more, we switch back to HJ and I blow a nice load all over her lovely tits. She says we have time left, and asks me if I want a message. We have a great conversation while she is doing this. Lots of laughing. I told her about my experience with Danika, and we laugh our asses off. I will be going back to Ginas Tango Rosa the next time I am in Berlin. I may even try to stay closer to this place, rather than staying up in the hip neighbourhood of Prenzlaur Berg. We will see.

    No photos on GTR's web site.

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    2017 February : Tracy

    Quote Originally Posted by Ibn Buttita  [View Original Post]
    I followed up my fine experience at Aston with a hearty schnitzel lunch, and made my way to Stieglitz (an easy S1 S-Bahn ride from Schoenberg to Stieglitz Rathaus station). It was a leisurely ten-minute walk from the station to Ginas Tango Rosso, as I admired and photographed some of the Jugendstil architecture along the way in the prosperous old neighborhood. The place is on a side street off the big shops and restaurant street in the neighborhood, in what looks like a medical clinic building. I did come for treatment, so why not?

    I also came because GTR's website showed some black and Latina girls on their roster. I was after one in particular, Tracy. Sitting for the available lineup I was presented with three women, all frankly older than I had expected, so I asked the German-only speaking madam about Tracy. She told me that she was not yet in but scheduled to begin at 4:30 PM; It was 3: 30 now. She also said another black girl, Daisy, would be coming at 4, so I said I would be back in 30 minutes to see her. I went out for a cup of coffee and cake at a nearby caf and when I returned she told me that Daisy had not come in, but Tracy's ETA was still 4:30. So I went out again to kill time, dodging the rain.

    Back again at 4:30, I learned that Tracy was indeed present, and when she greeted me in the room she already knew that I was the stalker who came to GTR three times in the space of an hour for her. But she was definitely worth waiting for. Tracy had a beautiful face, deep ebony skin, and a fit body featuring an ass that jutted out like a shelf, as in that famous Kim Kardashian glass-on-the-ass photo shoot. And from Namibia, Tracy was especially exotic, and reminded me of the first time I had sex with a black girl in Germany, a Namibian too, almost ten years ago in Artemis. I opted for a 45-minute session at 80 Euros, plus 20 Euros surcharge for kissing and 20 for BBBJ.

    We started with some very sensual kissing and mutual caressing, both of us on our knees on the bed, me dipping my head from time to time to take her wonderful right nipple in my mouth (the left nipple was out of commission due to an over-eager guest's bite! As I often do I halted her attempt to have me lie down for a blow job, preferring to lick her pussy first. I had her lie back and began a thorough exploration of her inner thighs, pussy lips, and slit, all gradually becoming wetter and wetter, from my end and hers. The grip with which Tracy clasped my hand and head, and the movement of her body, assured me I was on the right track.

    Eventually I took my position on my back as Tracy bent over for a nice uncovered blow job. I enjoyed that but had to get closer to her fantastic body. Back on her back, I slid my dick inside her pussy from on top, slowly and then building up speed. Even better was Tracy riding me in reverse cowgirl, giving me full reign to run my hands over her big, round booty and squeeze those cheeks as they bounced up and down. I decided that I needed to finish with her gorgeous face in view, so she turned around to ride me as I ran my hands over her body, Tracy leaning in to kiss me and suck on my nipples (both in play for me), resulting in a satisfying cum. As I came to appreciate in the Berlin brothels, getting cleaned up and dressed was a leisurely affair, and with a nice goodbye at the door I was off to my next stop.

    Tracy's web page :
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    Diana: September 2015

    After leaving VK (http://www.internationalsexguide.inf...=1#post1778942), I visited GTR.

    At the Ubanhof Rathaus Steglitz, the most convenient exit to take should be the one mentionned "Albrechtstr M82 Marienfelde 284 Lichterfelde Sud X83 Lichtenrade" and so we continue "straight" along the "main" street (that means a bit in the right) until the place shot in the attached photo: the red arrow shows the restaurant "Felina" that is located at the beginning of Oberlinstrass while GTR is at the ground floor of Oberlinstrass 3-4.

    I started 20 minutes meeting with Diana (MILF with UAMFN) in a rather dark room; no shower was proposed (was it because of the shortness of the meeting ?) Extras for kisses cost 10 euros.

    Even the kisses were not very deep, the meeting was rather nice and as I had a 100 Euros banknote, I proposed 50 minutes more but she preferred 45 minutes and gave me back 10 Euros (that I gave as tips, at the end of the meeting). I wondered if the way to share money between the House and the lady was "standardized" and so 50 minutes were not planned to be shared ?

    During the missionnary position, the kisses were more "committed".

    After this "hard" action, Diana gave me a good massage (she had worked in a SPA).

    Diana would go home soon (before October if I remember well).

    Diana's web page :
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    Tracy: November 2014

    Quote Originally Posted by Ibrahimovic  [View Original Post]
    A pretty decent line-up of maybe 8 women (including one older, mature lady) was presented to me at Ginas Tango Rosa on a Monday afternoon. I would have picked sexy, tattooed German girl Angel. But apparently she only entered the room during the line-up to get something she'd left in there and wasn't available. So I went with Tracy from Namibia. She's quite pretty, small tits and a very large and firm booty. Maybe a bit disproportionate but should be a treat for anyone who loves a big behind. She was surprisingly welcoming and sweet despite that I picked the twenty minutes option. I think she's got a genuinely nice personality and she was keen on pleasing.

    GTR's web page:
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    Tracy: October 2014

    After reading a few positive reports, I decided to try Gina's Tango Rosa for the first time. The brothel is in a side street not far from Rathaus Steglitz, and has two reserved parking spaces outside. I was met by a friendly Hausdame and shown to a well-furnished room. The line up was good and I was tempted to try the big-tits Magda, but chose Tracy.

    The pictures on the website give a good impression of her. Black skin, nicely-formed breasts with big nipples and a firm, round arse. I paid 110 Euros for 45 minutes with kissing and CIM.

    When we were both naked, we started with kissing while we were both kneeling on the bed. Just light kissing with no tongue. I kissed my way down to her tits and sucked and nibbled on her stiff nipples whilst groping her arse.

    After a while, I lay on my back and she started giving me a nice, slow blowjob. I had a great view of my dick sliding between her full, black lips.

    I wanted to be more active and said I wanted to lick her. Smiling, Tracy swung round into a 69 position and planted that gorgeous black arse on my face. Now I could eat her tasty hairless pussy while she continued to pleasure me with her mouth. She was clearly enjoying herself too and got very wet. The close-up view of her little arse hole was too good to resist, and my tongue wandered upwards to lick round her rosette and push in as deep as I could. No complaints from Tracy.

    I continued to alternate between pussy and arse licking until Tracy's oral efforts were rewarded and I shot a load of cum in her mouth whilst my tongue was stuck up her arse.

    There was time for some cuddling and a nice chat before the 45 minutes were up.

    A good session, and I will certainly visit again to try out some of the other girls.

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    Ella: 10/2014

    Quote Originally Posted by Rocketboy0  [View Original Post]
    RB went to Ginas Tango Rose in Steglitz and had a 45 min session with very attractive Ella, quite pleasant if not earth-moving, and a reasonable Eur 100. The place has been redecorated and has a nice atmosphere. Worth checking out

    GTR's web page:
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    Magda: 09/2014

    Quote Originally Posted by Ibrahimovic  [View Original Post]
    Ginas Tango Rosa:

    Conveniently enough this place has got the daily schedule of girls on their website. So I was going there with three different possible girls in my mind that had attractive looking photos. One of them were free, Polish Magda. She is blonde and on the bigger side but has a good looking face and huge natural, perfect tits. I went for half an hour with BBBJ and I got very horny with Magda. She smells good, it's heavenly to touch her breasts and she gives good blowjob. Quite an experience to fuck her doggy

    GTR's web page :
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