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    ganon, #14

    Look … here is the best that Señor Meat and I can do for you …… short of taking you by the hand and delivering you to the front of the *****house door. Whoa … I may have hit on something here. Ask Señor Meat to just take you to #14. You should be kind enough to offer to buy him a girl and the US$20 air conditioned room though!

    On your map, go to what is marked as Estatua de Monseñor Lezcano (the map is not accurate though … the statue is not in the middle of the intersection. The statue is on the south side of the east-west street, about 10 meters east of the intersection. From the intersection go one block north (al lago), one block west (abajo) and then ½ block north …… or, the 2nd or 3rd house on your left (with the #14 over the entry). It has been so long since I was last there that my directions might be incorrect by one block. If these directions are not correct, then it is two blocks west and ½ block north. Also, I don’t trust the map as I am not positive the first or second block to the west (where you turn north for ½ block) is actually a through street to your left. In other words, when you turn right (north) at the first or second block, there may not be the option of a left turn because I don’t remember the street going through to the south.

    Does this help … or merely confuse you more. As Señor Meat so eloquently stated … Claudia’s is the *****house exactly one block north of Vale Todo. This is Nicaragua man …… these are damn good directions for a country with no street names or numbers. Hell … the address for El Arbole didn’t use to even have a tree at that locale (you would appreciate this comment if you had formerly lived in Nicaragua)!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ganon
    Please I tried the directions looking for Claudia but to my disappointment I was no success. I found a map to Managua and have just put in the area where it is near. If someone could be so kinds as to put a red star or similar where the Claudia's is. Also if someon has a phone number that is working for there, I tried an old one from the online Nuevo Diario but it is also to no avail.
    I, personally, can't explain the directions better, but read "Nogueras" past posts about the address.

    Take a taxi and tell him "Vale Todo en Monsenor Lezcano." Get out of the taxi; walk .5 blocks abajo (to the end of the block where it is a residential street and not toward the Shell gas station turn right or a lago; walk that entire block; cross the semi-busy street; on the left-hand side (al sur side) approximately the third house with the #14 written in big letters above the door is "Claudias or Casa 14."

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    It is attached now.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ganon
    Please I tried the directions looking for Claudia but to my disappointment I was no success. I found a map to Managua and have just put in the area where it is near. If someone could be so kinds as to put a red star or similar where the Claudia's is. Also if someon has a phone number that is working for there, I tried an old one from the online Nuevo Diario but it is also to no avail.
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    Please I tried the directions looking for Claudia but to my disappointment I was no success. I found a map to Managua and have just put in the area where it is near. If someone could be so kinds as to put a red star or similar where the Claudia's is. Also if someon has a phone number that is working for there, I tried an old one from the online Nuevo Diario but it is also to no avail.

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    Please I tried the directions looking for Claudia but to my disappointment I was no success. I found a map to Managua and have just put in the area where it is near. If someone could be so kinds as to put a red star or similar where the Claudia's is. Also if someon has a phone number that is working for there, I tried an old one from the online Nuevo Diario but it is also to no avail.

    I think I have attach picture but am not sure. I have to wait to see first this message is posted, and if it not there the picture then I will try again.

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    Never mind. I found the number

    They just dont answer the phone. Thanks.

    I have read most of Gran Pollos reports.

    Any Additional Suggestions OR Updates?

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    Guide to Managua Mongering

    Every location has been mongered by myself over the past 8-months and miles of Meat Loaf have been laid within the sex-worker community.

    As the second-poorest country in the Western Hemisphere everyone is in need of money, but without a strong commercial base jobs are few and scarce. Consequently, girls from all walks of life embark upon the Managua brothels to earn a few Cordobas. And of course, I always helped a damsel in distress.

    Managua’s Pay-Out Structure for brothels is typically 50% for the owner and 50% for the girl. Numerically this equates to US $4 for 30-minutes of sex payable to the girl! Unlike many countries where girls drink beer alongside the client running their bill high and receiving a commission for this activity, Nicaragua frowns upon this style by always keeping their girls sober. This means the girls are bored after sitting around for 8 – 12 hours per day watching male customers drink and choose someone for a US $4 payday. On the other hand, Chicas Nicas will ask for a soda valued at US $0. 50 and cigarettes valued at US $0. 75 per pack.

    Club Fenix (location: Rotondo Cristo Rey):

    Open 24-hours per day, 7-days per week with air conditioning and good pricing makes this the best location in Managua! Within this dimly lit skinny-shotgun commercial building are approximately 10 girls wearing lingerie while viewing 6 big screen televisions broadcasting 6 different pornographic movies. For those who like to enjoy adult beverages this location is expensive by charging C $4 per12-oz. Beer or US $2. Hence, locals don’t frequent this location to get drunk, but do score the goods: Everyone knows of Club Fenix as being the "top-flight" location for girls and ambiance, but expensive due to beer prices. Approximately 6 huge rooms are available, all with aire conditioning and 6-foot long mirrors along every wall and above the bed. Experience proves that those who flash C$ 2, 000 (US $100) get to turn this location into their personal disco with music selection and girls messaging your body while quinching your thirst. Prices for love-making, regardless of language skills, are C$ 200 for 30-minutes. Lastly, this location is never jammed-pack with people but does receive lots of trickle traffic. This location never gets loud, roudy, or ignorant.

    Club Ladies, aka "Rahim" (location: Puente Lareynaga, 2 cuadras abajo, 3. 5 cuadras al sur):

    Open from 9 a. M. Until 9 p. M. This place features truly warm-people. Everyone is kind, gentle and respectful. In time, you’ll become part of the family and recieve first-choice phone calls from the owner, while his wife tries to overcharge. Beer is C$ 2 per 12-ounce and Rum is C$ 130. Although it is located in the middle of a residential-block everyone respects it. Never is the music loud nor does nonsense happen. One big-screen television plays pornographic movies of your choice within this outdoor compound. Lots of space is available for walking, mingling with other customers, and viewing the girls. Approximately 10 girls work daily with new recruits arriving weekely. Prices for love are C$ 150 for 30-minutes or C$ 500 for 2-hours. My discounted rate is C$ 500 (US $27) for 2-girls, 1-hour (threesome; ) or 2-girls, 1-hour; or 1-girl, 2-hours. Girls are free to leave if you pay the owner C$ 500.

    Carribean Morena (location: Puente Eden, 4 al Sur):

    Managua has a fascination with people from the Atlantic Coast since they are of African-desent. Hence, this location offers women of African-desent who possess a Carribean flavor while speaking English and Spanish. Prices for love are rather expensive at C$ 400 (US$ 22) per hour, but beer costs C$ 2. The location is small, seperated into a bar area and lounge area that plays music from a portable radio. To socialize with foreigners this is a good location: Their advertisements tout, "We Speak English. " Everyone is cool including the owner. Lots of African girls with lots of meat. For those that crave "Chocolate" this is the best place. Hours of Operation: 11 a. M. Until 3 a. M. Approximately 5 rooms are located on the second-floor and boast nice elegance.

    Cocteleria de Ciudad Jardin (location: la Calle Prinicpal de Cd. Jardin, la Cocteleria, . 5 cuadra a lago, tona banner & white chair outside): Open 24-hours per day with Sunday closing at 8 p. M. C$ 200 (US $11) per hour needs not be explained! Non-Spanish Speakers get hit for US $50 – 100 on the credit card, if you allow it. Nonetheless, the price makes it a great location. Juke Box available. Approximately 7 girls are available during daylight hours until midnight. Never a loud or drunken atmosphere and always a nice place to visit. The married owners are cool, but know your prices. Rooms are comfortable and comprise a total of 4.

    Salvadorena #1 (location: Carretera Norte, cerca la planta de Coca Cola, 1 cudra arriba) or (location: la Pista Lareynaga. 3 abajo del rotondo Bello Horizonte, 7 cuadras a lago):

    Opens at 3 p. M. Until 2 a. M. This Place is Huge! Outdoors within a Spanish-style patio with over 100 tables for clients to choose from. Although 20 girls are working, don’t expect to see too many of them since this place is huge. Beer costs C$ 30 for a liter (30-ounces.) Girls are working for C$ 130 (US $8) per 30-minutes.

    Salvadorena #2 (location: el Puente la Reynagaga, 3 cuadras al sur):

    Opens at 3 p. M. Until 2 a. M. Get drunk, play the juke box, and get some lovin’ is this location’s purpose. Beer costs C$ 30 for a liter (30-ounces.) Girls are working for C$ 130 (US $8) per 30-minutes. This is a very popular place known throughout town, but keep in mind the sole purpose is cheap beer with about 20 girls to view and choose from as they tend your table. Not that much space is available although lots of activity viewing the girls compared to Salvadorena #1. Approximately 6 cheap-ass rooms are available.

    Salvadorena #3 (location: Arriba Carretera Norte.).

    Good Time (location: el Puente la Reynagaga, 3 cuadras al sur, el vecino de Salvadorena #2 y Cuento Club): Opens at 11 a. M. Until 5 a. M.

    Nice atmosphere tiled in bamboo and partially exposed to the sun or moon. Beer is cheap valued at C$ 13 for 12-ounces and girls charge C$ 230 for 30-minutes. About 20 girls work and the owner has experience in the USA. Big screen television plays music video controlled by a disc-jockey or one can choose the juke-box. This location is gaining popularity and receiving lots of traffic by clients and girls. About 5 rooms are available, but expansion is occurring as I type. The business-model has changed and now he’s pursuing a more elegant atmosphere including the rooms.

    Cuento Club Time (location: el Puente la Reynagaga, 3 cuadras al sur, el vecino de Salvadorena #2 y Cuento Club) Opens at 5 p. M. Until 4 a. M. They charge a US $0. 50 cover and C$ 30 per 12-ounce beer. This is a strip-club with few clients. The girls are starving due to a lack-of-customers. You can leave with one for C$200 per evening. The rooms are nice and aire conditioned valued at C$ 500 per hour.

    Location: 1 Cuadra al Sur, . 5 Cuadra Arriba de Salvadorena #1. Two places exist alongside one another. Older women can be found here.

    Vale Todo (location: Colonia Monsenzor Lezcano)

    Cover charge US $3. Expensive place quoting US $100 for sex. The girls are starving due to a lack-of-customers. Beer cost US $2 each. "Clip-Joint" not worth typing about.

    Casa 14 or Claudias (location: 1 cuadra a lago de Vale Todo, 1 cuadra abajo, . 5 cuadra a lago, and the house says #14): Opens at 9 a. M. Until 8 p. M. Approximately 6 girls work here and charge C$ 300 for 300-minutes. Beer costs C$ 25 per 12-ounces.


    This is a real dive and not worth going except to view naked dancers.

    . 5 Cuadra a Lago de Polocanco

    This place is great and never has any clients. C$ 150 can get you laid in the VIP section. Rooms are available upstairs.

    Gloria (location: Puente el Eden, 6 – 8 cuadras abajo, 2 – 3 cuadras a lago.) They actually have the courage to call this place "Hostel Gloria. " Sure, when you enter their are two sides to building: One side are the rooms and the other side are the girls and alcohol. The side with women is small, tight, and compact. Simply grab your table and you’re done. Beer costs C$ 30 for 12-ouces and the girls ask for a C$ 50 drink as well. About 10 girls work here and hardly any make any money ‘cause nobody really goes here to drink. Music is played via juke box at your expense.

    Azul (location: la Pista Nicarao): This small place is another drinking spot with 10 girls working. C$ 130 per 30-minutes. Juke box is available.

    Location: 10 Cuadras al Sur desde la Migracion.

    27 de Mayo (location: 4 cuadras arriba de La Plaza Inter) In America Latina there is no need to have dark, dingy, and grimy strip clubs, yet this one exists. Not being able to view makes this place really suck to me.

    3 "Hostels: " (location: la discoteca Pelin on Pista Lareynaga, 1 cuadra abajo, 3 or 5 cuadras a lago)(location: el Salvadorena #1, 1 cuadra abajo, 2 or 3 cuadras al sur) On this block are 3 "hostels. " You will find SW in front of the hostel doors and inside sitting on the sofa. SW that work on Carretera Norte and in-front of Salvadorena #1 use these locations. C$30 room rate per hour.

    El Tio: (location: Carretera Norte; la iglesia Santa Ana, 1 cuadra arriba, 1 cuadra al sur)

    This location has a wide variety of women from mature to young neighborhood girls. Don’t expect too much ambience since this is truly a neighborhood spot. Hours are 2 p. M. Until midnight and priced at C $140 per 30-minute session.

    Avenida 35 (location: Semasforo Linda Vista; cerca la guitarra y Munich Restaurant): Cheap beer, cheap women, and the stinch of drunkeness equates to dirty women in my opinion and therefore I will not discuss this location anymore.
    Volcan 1
    Volcan 2

    Carretera Masaya (location: Carretera Masaya): Street-hooker central. Purchasing "street action" in Managua is foolish and unnecessary. Yeah, they look good in tight clothes, but they’re on the street. This is Managua and not the USA. Prostitution is everywhere within controlled environments that respect you for being a client and not a trick. Remember, the controlled environments have invested into their businesses thinking of the future while the street-walkers are thinking "this trick. "

    Carretera Norte in-front of the Presidential Palace and other government buildings. Street-walkers are found on this street during the daytime. Usually about 10 women.

    Auto Hotels / Motels (locations: throughout the city) In my opinion, why use a hotel when you can rent an apartment. Maybe you’re married or live with your lady, but apartments cost US $150 per month and a bed costs US $150.

    Advice: Managua is a safe-city and lots-of-fun if you have money for your girls. Simply put the word out, through the flashing of C$ 500 bills (US $27, ) that you have money and are willing to help someone in need. The girls will beat your door down; blow your cell phone up; bring female friends; and attempt to milk you. In my opinion, the best "worker" is one that is starving, has no clients, and looks to me as her meal ticket. But eventually, they all get greedy and take kindness for weakness and get fired, abandoned, and destitute. Once again, the notion of being the big spender is foolish, but the hope that you will be their big spender is priceless!


    Meat Loaf

    EDITOR'S NOTE: I certainly hope that the author or somebody else will post a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here for more information.

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    Telefono por Casa Real o El Conquistador ?

    Anyone kknow there telefone #'s I Tried the nuber for El conquistador : the one on their website is KWAZY (786-xxx-xxxx) the one is PAginasAmarillas is a wrong number. Seems someone else has that number know at a much smaller hotel.

    Also the nuber for Casa Real is also wrong any suggestions?

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    Layover in Managua

    I have a short layover in MGA, staying at the Camino Real by the airport for 1 night.

    Does anyone have any recommendations?
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    Coming to MGA this fri - have plane tix, need hotel

    Coming to MGA this fri - have plane tix, need hotel

    Does anyone have phone numbers for CAsa Real or El Conquistador ?

    I tried the numbers PAginasAmarillas, but the phone numbers are not valid.

    Can anyone suggest a chica-freindly hotel. Near Caserra MAtaya, that has AC is cheap and safe and quiet ?

    Thank You

    Any other suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noguera
    Let's try this one more time. Where/what is Rahim? Meat ... you said it is a nickname. For where? Which casa?
    After 5 years of exisistence, Rahim en el barrio Lareynaga is closed!

    After about 10 days of neighborhood action, I went out yesterday afternoon when the market, CBOT, closed only to find Rahim closed. F***! Damn!
    Well, good thing I'm up 'cause I established "legendary" Managua status at that location por la ciudad (through the city.)

    Por eso (therefore,) I went to few city restaurants / bars. Chido.

    "Goodtime" has really expanded and stocks about 15 - 20 chavas (girls!)
    Mas par mi: More for mi if you fellas' don't start checking that place out.
    Otra vez (again,) read my wisdom. I have a built-in "Gringo Detection System" being a fellow-Gringo. My buddy hired an employee from there for $3,000 Cordobas, payabel every Friday in 4 portions ($US 75.) The owner who has Texas-experience added a periodic dance show.

    Rahim has changed locations with Grand Opening within September 2007.

    ¡Viva Managua!

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    Does Every Chica Nica offer P4P?

    Some "squares" believe that their female significant other has not, does not, nor would she exchange p*ssy for payment (P4P) and I contend everyone needs faith, especially when facing tough realities.

    So, I’m working within my office and a neighborhood "non-pro" girl stops by to visit. This is customary and invited. We talked while I worked and I heard the topic of money leave her mouth. Something in the realm of doctor’s visit and needing 100 Cordobas (US $5. 50.) Of course, after months of residing in Nicaragua I’m tired, worn-out, of people asking for money all the time and have taken a stiff "No Tolerance" policy!

    As customary I went for the goods and she gave them to me. Not really wanting to make lust, but rather make money, I had zero stamina for the session and called it quits after about 15 minutes of effort. Not knowing if she had intended to re-ask me for the 100 Cordo after my orgasm or if she was just mentioning it in passing, but I suppose a price tag was attached. Nonetheless, I gave her $0.

    In conclusion, does every Chica Nica offer P4P? I say yes, especially when real-life expenses arise. And for those "squares" they’re paying through the nose and being rationed on the p*ssy portion of thier P4P.

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    Need Managua Hotel Info

    Myself and wingman will be visiting Managua for the first time in about 2 weeks. We need information on a few decent hotels:

    Would like to find a hotel that would be: inexpensive; safe; clean; private bath; AC; and nica friendly without any extra fees to bring a gal back to your room.

    Our budget would be in the $ 20.00 per night range, and we would want separate rooms. A swimming pool would be a nice, but not necessary.

    Recommendations please ?????

    Thanks, Steve

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    It's Been A Long Time

    Although I’m a long and strong 32 years old it’s been a long-time since I’ve has to work for the "kitty kat. " The last time was September 2006 when I resided in Mexico City and spent 1-month romancing my then girlfriend, Irma. Prior to that effort I can’t remember such a laborious feat.

    Then: Irma "non-pro, " age 34, and Meat Loaf dated for a month attending various restaurants, futbol matches, and cultural events. One evening Irma and I were walking around el Parque Mexicano getting amorous. Being the great salesperson I am, I was able to convince her that spending the night at my house was in her best interest due to crime. She agreed.

    So we started out conversing on the sofa and her disclosing jealous tendencies. (In one ear and out the other.) In a show of strength I carried back into the bedroom for my trophy to awarded due to the long work I had endured for 1-month. Of course, she started bullshitin’! I utilized my sales tactics, but kept getting the run around when it came to getting down. Then finally, about 30 minutes before I was to permanently dismiss her, my voiced: " I want some pus*y! Give-up the pus*y and stop bullshitin’! We gonna’ f*ck, now pull them pants down! " Like always, she was turned-on by my emotional displace of truly wanting her and gave up the goods. We laid in bed for the next 2 days f*ckin’.

    Now: I have this 21-year old "non-pro" deep brown neighbor who’s grown an attraction for me. I can’t blame her. Anyway, she’s been coming to my house, but always with her sister or friend present to facilitate cock-blocking. Last week, I told her I wanted to have sex with her and let’s start bangin’. She resisted, played hard-to-get, and other games constantly thwarting my physical efforts, but the mental imagery has been planted within her mind. For the past few days it’s been more and more of me telling her that I want to bone and need some good meat like she has. Well, yesterday she stopped by and got kind of frisky dry-humping, grabbing Meat Loaf, passionate kissing. So reciprocate by pulling those pants down. She didn’t mind and let me penetrate that "Sweet Meat! " But only for a few strokes and then stopped. She took a bite from the Meat Loaf, but didn’t eat her entire meal. She provided me with a beverage of dry breast milk and hair pie.

    Having already experienced her sweet nectar it’s just a matter of time before I plant seeds with no expectation of reaping what will be sowed. But the moral of this detail is how hard I’m having to work and patience required with a youth playing "coochie games. " I too play games, but they’re called "Cock Tales. " So I’ll knock-it out the box sometime this week and report the details of exercise of effort.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: I certainly hope that the author or somebody else will post a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here for more information.

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    Cheapest Price Paid Ever

    I was Cd. Jardin a while ago ago at that place with the Tona banner on the street, la cocteleria. See $200 for 1-hour. Feeling pretty buzzed I began walking from Cd. Jardin to Bello Horizonte so I could sober-up for more adult beverage consumption and to get non-pro action.

    As I got near the street where Migracion is, I noticed a chica crossing the street by herself. Despite the constant rejection that's given my Chica Nicas when approached on the street, I spoke anyway. "Vos que haces al fueda soltera. Hay cabrones. " (Translation: Hey you, what are doing outside all by yourself. There are some bad guys around.) She replied, "Trabajando. " (Transalation: Working.) I almost sh*t myself; my ears perked up like a hunting dog; andmy mind went to instant monger mode. I told her to come over towards me. She was walking in the direction of "that other" brothel located about 10 blocks al sur from Migracion, but I knew she wasn't going there to work, but to catch SW action.

    She approached and we talked. She looked about 21 years old due to her skinny frame. I told her I wanted some action, but only had see $40 on me. Of course, I was holding more, but one can't change a stack of see $500s. She thought about it for about4 seconds and said ok. Wow, I was thrown-aback. Never in my whole life have I ever gotten a prostitute for US $2. Yeah, I converted the price real quick 'cause it got me more excited about her acceptance.

    Since we were both on foot we needed a location outside or within a hotel, but no hotels exist in this area. Little did I know that she's a real outdoor pro 'cause we walked to the Shell gas station on la calle principal de Cd. Jardin. Immediately entering the parking lot one attendant shouted to her "no, no, you have to ask the manager. " Damn, I aint gonna' pay him was my silent response. She knew what she was doing and I don't know when she was going to do him, the manager, but he told her to go behind the shed near the moving trucks. Wow, what great service for US $2.

    She began to give me BBBJ, but my excitement would allow me to finish. She stayed on the meat loaf for a good 15 minutes while maintaining a squatting position. I tried to ram the Meat Loaf down her throat, but I couldn't concentrate due to my voyeuristic tendencies. So, I took out a condom from my wallet and told her I want her "flor de mujer. " (Transalation: A woman's flower.) Hence, she pulled down her blue jeans and I penetrated from the back while we both stood-up. For balance she held onto the chain link fence which further protected the shed from "ladrones. " (Translation: Thieves.)

    Her womb was so tender, young, and skinny. She didn't have that pelvic area meat I'm accustomed to from women with kids so I knew this was some "fresh meat. " I banger her for about 10 minutes and called it off. Hell, she had worked for 30 minutes at the price of US $2. We pulled our pants up and went our separate ways.

    To this day I'm searching for a womb similar to hers: skinny, tight, and small. Some refer to this style as "All Pussy, " cause there is no flesh stopping you from hitting all that pussy. " US $2.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: I certainly hope that the author or somebody else will post a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here for more information.

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