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    I've Been Busy F*ckin'

    Hey fellas and gals:

    It's been a while, 1. 5 months, since I've posted anything, but didn't want to leave you guys hangin', unless you too have a meat loaf.

    My house is relatively huge and every girl that comes to my house for "in-house delivery" gets impressed. They even volunteer to become my roommates without my solicitation. I'm happy with this rental.

    For about the past month I've been having 3-somes (me and 2 girls) in my house. The girls either spend the night, spend the day, or stay for a few hours. I've developed a reputation on my block for always having new girls and several at a time. It seems the girls get impressed when a man is a "mujeriago (lady's man.)" My cellphone is at capacity regarding the directory and I seem to have this scent of sexuality permeating from my stature. Honestly, there is no Nica I can't have: Then again it pays to pay!

    I've stocked my stables with several home delivery pieces of ass. I've also developed a following of female admirers that seem to know my whereabouts and presence at all times: Screaming my name from taxis, motorcycles, buses, and other forms of transportation has become commonplace.

    I've compiled about 40 nude pictures of my conquests- friends- and will post in the near future.

    What ever happened to "Grand Pollo? " Return to the board, buddy.

    This is just a quick note and will post again when needed.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Brazil Lover
    Interesting article about a former 'beauty queen' working it in Managua.

    Anyone ever been to this place? Salvadoreņo?
    That chica they are interviewing is Hot! Not bad at all for a Nica. However in watching the video I get the feeling that she was really enjoying herself and some of the bad stuff she talked about was more so her being a Drama Queen more so then anything else.

    However it is a place I would check out on my next visit to Managua as I am sure that almost any cabbie will know where it is.

    I also don't care about the area being "bad" as that is all about how you carry yourself.


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    Beauty Queens in the brothels?

    Interesting article about a former 'beauty queen' working it in Managua.

    Anyone ever been to this place? Salvadoreņo?,,2248808,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=12

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    i arrived in managua yesterday. i have been here a few other times visiting my ex-girlfriend but we would always go to the resorts, so i have limited experience in the city and no experience mongering.

    well, when i checked in at the gate yesterday i saw a cutie pie and one of her relatives waiting to board the same flight. i went and sat next to her and started up a converstation. she said that she was from managua but she lives in new york. i told her that i could tell where she lived by what she was wearing. typical nyc back alley knockoffs. jeans, coach shoes and purse, prada glasses. i told her that i would be visiting her in nyc but not until next summer. i asked if she had a boyfriend and she said yes, so it would not be wise for me to go to nyc just to visit her. when we exited the plane in managua i have her my information and told her to contact me if she changed her mind.

    my new non-pro internet blind date was waiting to pick me up at the airport. when i exited customs and walked up to greet her, her 4 year-old son somehow pulled her to the ground. now she is no small girl standing at about 5 feet 7 inches, but her son`s nickname is gordo. other people who were waiting for loved-ones came over to see if she was okay. i helped her up and we went to car. her knee is still swollen from what her little monster did.

    i was riding shotgun and he was in the back seat. for some reason he hit me in my head. i reached back and knocked the shit out of him without saying a word. we arrived at the house where the maid was waiting to take control of the little monster. but he was pissed about something so he starts beating the shit out of the maid. i could not believe my eyes. i went and picked him up, took him in the room and threw him onto the bed. it took all i had not to give him an ass whoopin. i closed the door and he put on his crying act. his mother and the maid started to feel sorry for him and wanted to enter the room. i asked if they were crazy and told them to just let him cry. shit, i can`t tell who is the adult and who is the kid in this house. then the maid went into the kitchen and got a baby bottle of milk. i asked who it was for. my god ladies, the boy is 4 years old. why the fuck are you giving him a bottle? that must be the reason his teeth are rotting. because when the maid put him to sleep tonight she gave him a bottle of milk to sleep with. not only that but he still wears [CodeWord131]. what fucking idiots. anyway, the delivery person brought his food and the maid set it up. i could not believe they were actually going to let him eat. but she got him out of the bed and my new chica and i went into the bedroom.

    we layed on the bed for about two seconds before getting hot and heavy. i stood up and sat her on the edge of the bed. before even taking my shirt off i undid my pants and directed her head with my hand. it wasnīt the best but it was an okay effort. i went to ramble in my bag to get my condom on deck. i took off all of my clothes then got on the bed to help her take hers off. i directed her hand to her clit. she stroked it so fast until she was about to cum. whooaaa tonto. slow down. i had to stop her. we commenced to doing some serious fucking in this hotbox. the a/c does keep this room cooler than it would otherwise be, but still. we looked like we had just run a marathon when all was said and done. and just in time too. the maid had finished preparing a dish of chicken, beans, and rice and i was famished. after eating we got right back in the bed for round two then i fell off into a nap.

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    My Day, Pt.2

    After I wrote the previous post I returned to my neighborhood watering hole and met some new chavos (guys.) Feeling charged with more money than time I bought a bottle of rum and got my drink on listening to salsa. (Soy un salsero grandote: I'm a big salsa fan.) After half-a-bottle the new chavos I met and myself changed locations to a new wh*rehouse. There we molested some rookies with free finger fucking and hand jobs. Hey, these broads were so hungry for money that they pulled my loaf from my pants; kissed him; an dbegan jacking-me-off. Not bad for the price of one beer and popularity!

    Those new chavos called it the night and left for home. I left for another brothel.

    Seeing the same wh*respects from the first post, I fucked one of them. (Since my return to Nicaragua two weeks ago I've fucked 5 females. Even in the USA I'd fuck 5. 10 "respectable" girls per month.) My ex-sex-employee was getting fucked by someone else, with my knowledge, so I fucked her co-worker. Fellas: Don't get confused thinking your favorite wh*re has feelings for you.

    My dick was tired from last night's endeavor so I bought some more viagra. I don't need it, like most of you old Gringos, but it sure does help!

    I bought 2 hours of tmie from this Black girl. Nice skin. Pretty face. Good dick-in-the-mouth skills, but poor handjob skills while she sicked the loaf. I fucked her mediocre. I shot a load! I would go fucked her tomorrow, but I have to get back to work and can't ***** anymore. Plus, I spent too much money over the past two days.

    The pussy was good. I offered the wh*re a sex-employee job, but she was too stupid to realize the benefits. She was more concerned with the relationship I have with my ex-sex-employee. Dumb, broke ass b*tch. I like my wh*res broke with little opportunities, but please have some intelligence!

    There are two other employees I'll fuck, but I'm not sure when. My ex-sex-employee went home with someone else, supposedly. I'm gonna' call her right now and see. She said that she'll start working for me this Saturday. She knows I'll fuck other broads: I expect all females to fuck other guys regardless of relationship status.


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    Chicas Nicas and Food

    Don't do it!

    I'm taking a break as I change mongering locations for this afternoon just to write this post. For those whom have Nicaragua experience you may have noticed that everyone always asks for food: Give me a gift of food is the translation (areglarme una comida.) Don't do it!

    So my ex-sex-employee asked me for a "tip" so she could buy breakfast this morning after I just paid that b*tch more money than she's made over the past seven days. Of course, I said no using the famous Latin American saying, "No tengo dinero. "

    During our time together she had told me what other girls were wh*ring at that location so I was excited to visit them and began drinking beer at 6:30 a. M. After 2 liters of beer and conversing with my Gringo neighbor I arrived at the location approximately noon.

    Drinking 3 12-ounce beers and listening "wh*respeak" I began getting tired and left. But of course, for the last hour of my adult beverage endulgance was laced with food conversations and requests. Feeling sorry for the wh*res, I felt that 50 Cordobas was not a lot of money to "tip" my ex-sex-employee for food.

    Being the fool that I rarely am, I gave her 50 Cordobas to buy herself something to eat since the wh*res had not eaten all day. (Understand: I work everyday so that I may buy my food. What are the wh*res doing with their occupational income. After all, I have never found anyone to volunteer my grocery budget in any country or city so why do Chicas Nicas from all walks of life think I, you, should buy them something to eat-- buy their groceries? Fuck those b*tches! )

    So I go to the neighborhood bodega (corner store) and find these b*tches walking into the store behind me. Listening to their order, my ex-employee buys 4 drinks valued at 10 Cordobas each and no (0) food. 4 fuckin' soft drinks!

    This has happened time-and-time again where Chicas Nicas ask for food; you give them the money for food; and they walk away never buying food. It's the same thing as street peddlers using pity and your genorosity to your detriment. I never give them bums shit and I never, or at least I should never give these Chicas Nicas caca either.

    Lesson: Never give a Chica Nica money for food! Never buy a Chica Nica food. Let the b*tch pay for her own existence just as I; you; your parents; your siblings; and the remaining members of society do whom are not freeloaders!

    Hell, they need to loose that kangaroo pouch most of them carry around anyway!

    EDITOR'S NOTE: I would suggest that the author or another Forum Member consider posting a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here for more information.

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    Back in the Sack

    After traveling around the USA over the holidays I had acquired a plethora of love juice that just wasn't getting relieved manually. Therefore, I was more than eager to resume my Latin American life.

    Sitting around all day yesterday watching the 2008 USA presidential campaign had me contemplating which lucky lady would receive the "Meat Loaf. " And for insurance I bought 100mg of sidinifil for US $4.

    The first cantina I went to was strictly for beer, but I was on the prowl for a new recipient. I put three wh*res on my "to do list" for a later date. The second cantina was where I found one of my "usual wh*respects" of whom I have been having dreams of crushing her anally as I often did during 2007. She sucked my dick like a champ and almost deep-throated the entire loaf! Feeling those teeth going up-and-down on my shaft felt great! I think I'll just make her my dick sucker after that performance yesterday.

    I had bought time from this young wh*re before not knowing she was on the rag. So as a concelation (mispelled) she gave me tons of ass-hole which I fell in lust with. (It's great watching girls squirm and moan as I shove all of this loaf, especially sidinifil induced, into their third eye.) To prevent this from happening again I would call this girl first to guarantee she wasn't bleeding.

    Nonetheless, I found her working at one of the cantinas I attend and bought some time with her. We started fucking vaginally after a good blow-job although I was strictly focused on that asshole. So she gave me some asshole. She gave me so much asshole, despite her trying to squirm away, that I exited her cylinder with mucho brown sludge covering the magnum condom I'd brought back from the USA. (It was funny watching her trying to use the bathroom after that anal reaming. I also inserted her new tampon after she showered.)

    After calling my last sex-employee to no avail before starting my mongering tour, I stumbled across that chubby chick at my third cantina. She was so delighted to see me as she recalled all of that money I lavished her with before my departure. So we fucked. So I brought her back to my home and we fucked all night. (After a few months of her sex-employee services I became bored with the pussy and started loosing interest. Hence, I don't know if she'll be able to maintain my interest this time as my sex-employee. But as I say, one-piece of pussy in the bed is better than five fingers on your side.)

    This girl isn't fat, but solid. She has a lots of meat. Meat for days. You can touch ever crevice of her body and squeeze a firm handful. Her color, face, and hair is sexy! She's also a good assistant (secretary.)

    With the dollar loosing value worldwide the price of pussy has also increased. The days of old pricing are gone on virtually everything with pussy being no exception.

    I rented a 3-bedroom house which is being renovated for February residency. This means I'll have to stock my home with 2 live-in pieces of pussy for the second and third bedrooms and a piece of live-in pussy to share my bed. As part of the separation of duty strategy, I'll hire a maid to cook and clean daily for 8-hours so that my live-in wh*res won't get confused on their daily duties.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobertInMiami
    Got a tip on a strip joint directly across from the entrance to the Masaya Volcano, and tried to find it on Sunday but it was closed.

    Went back last night and tried again. Sure enough there is a place called Dina's Night Club, which is lit up with a Neon Flor de Cana sign which reads "Sopas Dina's No. 2".

    This is a nice place with comfortable seating, and chicas in the 6's to 8's range. Beers for customers for Cords 35 and for the chicas Cords 53. Hard liquor for the chicas was Cords 90. The price for the chicas and the room were cords 900, roughly US$50.
    Yes indeed, this place doeth seem to exist. I go to check it out two or three days ago and it was open. You can sit inside or you can sit outside and take the sun. The Toņa is C$/17. Many family go there and there is even a green pool that people can swim in. After a while I notice that there are about four or five little casas to one side. I imagine that those are the rent places if you want to take a nica. I received a menu for food and order a cerveza from this old homely woman. I noticed some other wimmin inside. After short time, one came out and asked if I wanted "otras cosas". I declinced, she was short, pudgy, droopy, nothing to get "excited" about. It was in the afternoon, so perhaps at night there are more of the options. I cannot imagine $50 U. S. D. That is robbery of the highway.

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    Santa Claus?

    Quote Originally Posted by J Europe
    You will know when you hit Fenix .... Santa Claus that is on top of the building.

    Dear Jon,

    I don't remeber the Santa Claus, but I was MORE interested in the view inside.

    Anyway, Santa did have some nice present inside.

    Merry Xmas to all !

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    Aren't there like 3-4 Santa's all lit-up like Christmas along the length of the roof? The Santa's are there year-around. Very festive!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Water Boy
    Are you sure you were at THE chongo called club fenix? Even you have GPS coordinates, directions and a map, It is VERY EASY to get lost in MGA.
    You will know when you hit Fenix as they have all kinds of Cowboy things hanging up on walls outside when i say Cowboy things i am talking about saddles, ropes etc. Of couse my personal favorite is Santa Claus that is on top of the building.


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    $24 cover

    Quote Originally Posted by Travel Fun
    Hello forum members. I was looking forward to trying out the Fenix club on my current trip in Nicaragua, but yesterday (Wednesday the 12th) afternoon the butt head at the door thought he had some kind of gringo sucker and told me it was $24 US for entrada. I have never heard of that in all of the threads on this forum.
    I visited Club Fenix 2x/day for a week. Never heard of such a thing. And several gringos came and went in there.

    Are you sure you were at THE chongo called club fenix? Even you have GPS coordinates, directions and a map, It is VERY EASY to get lost in MGA.

    I believe that the taxistas have a referral network going. They drive you to some overpriced stripclub that they "highly recommend" the strip club gives them a kickback.

    You were probably taken to the wrong place and told it was club fenix.

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    Revised MGA Top Chongo List

    Revised suggestions, I forgot to add Claudias

    Read My Trip Report posted on 10/28/2007 for phone #'s and addresses.
    I have visited all of the below on more than one occasion

    Recommended Chongos:

    Club Fenix
    Good Times

    All three offer attractive ladies, cheap prices and security.

    You'll definetly need the security if you flash a thick wad of C500 notes, as Don MeatLoaf suggested.

    MeatLoaf - are you trying to get these poor guys killed?

    For location and phone numbers, follow this link to my trip report:

    Over And Out

    Water Boy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Travel Fun
    Hello forum members. I was looking forward to trying out the Fenix club on my current trip in Nicaragua, but yesterday (Wednesday the 12th) afternoon the butt head at the door thought he had some kind of gringo sucker and told me it was $24 US for entrada. I have never heard of that in all of the threads on this forum.

    He had a smirk that pissed me off, so I just turned around and left. This was about 3 PM yesterday. I probably should have asked for the manager, but didn't feel like a confrontation.

    I also visited Good Times earlier, but there were only three women in there and none of them was my type. There is a lot of construction going on. Maybe it will be in better shape in a few months.

    If anyone knows the owners of Fenix, please let them know that they lost my business yesterday because of the punk at the door thinking he could rip me off.

    It turned out okay for me because when I got back to Grenada I hooked up with a woman off the street. See my report in Other Areas.
    Are you sure he said $24 US? Maybe you mis-understood: There is no cover charge for any Nicaraguan bar! Did the guy have the metal detector in his hand? If not, he wasn't the doorman. 30-minutes is $200 cordoba.

    GoodTimes starts at about 5 p. M. For wh*res galore. It opens at 11 a. M. He's expanding the club and making the rooms very nice. I need to collect my commission from the owner for bringing him you Gringos customers.

    Whenever you guys visit this area, you need to visit all three brothels which are located next door to each other. In total, you will come across about 50 working girls starting at 5 p. M. Earlier this year I came close to purchasing a Managua brothel, but the deal fell through. I saw the accounting books, talked with the staff, and other managerial responsibilities. I think that during 2008, I will open my bar / brothel in Managua, if for nothing more than to recruit new chicas and drink within my desired ambiance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Water Boy
    Best Chongos I Have Visited Are:
    Club Fenix
    Good Times
    El Savaldoreano #2 (Havent visited there, so I am relying on Meat Loaf's expert opinion)

    You'll have a good time and cheaply too.
    What's up "Water Boy?"

    Although I use to really enjoy drinking at that average priced watering hole with 20 hookers for $7 called, El Salvadoreano #2, I don't really recommend the rooms. The girls that work at this place do so for free: The employees of this franchise have a work schedule from 3 p. M. Until close (2 a. M.) strictly for prostitution earnings. What makes it outrageous is that these girls actually serve as waitresses for the franchise.

    I had a bad customer service experience which is why I'm so adamant and don't recommend any readers of my posts visit this locale for the simple reason that I don't want them to earn anymore money than the local populace already contributes to their coffers. The enterprise consist of: Azul, Salvadoreno #1, Salvadoreno #2, Salvadoreno #3. And all have filthy rooms where the girls must bring their own sheets. The rooms are furnished with a twin-size bed within a closet for a room.

    But then again a liter of beer is only $1. 50 and some pussy is $7 for 30-minutes and the juke box is $0. 15, so that's nothing financially. Sometimes a man just has to let his pride go by the wayside.

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