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    A decade or so back, Zabbar was the most active town in terms of prositution outside Cottonera in the south of Malta.

    We have to leave Tal-Hawli out as technically that makes part of Birgu or Bormla and not Zabbar.

    Most active areas for street walkers where Garden Road, the street which leads from Zabbar to Fgura and the street that leads from the round about at one end of Garden road to near Maxims Pastizzeria. Beside these two streets an other active spot was the entrance to a quite secluded area by the bastions very well known for illegal waste dumping and drug abuse. This place is very close to the tyre repair shop at the outskirts of Zabbar also close to Garden Road.

    Several known faces where seen during the years doing their rounds in the places mentioned above. Mostly crackhorse and smack junkies both females and transexuals. Every now and than what we used to refer to on this forum many years ago as a 'gem' would pop up. But really and truely this happened rarely, maybe once every 1 to 2 years.

    Prices were always cheap as you would expect from street walking addict hookers. From the unforgetable 5 Maltese pounds to the now standard 20 Euros. Bargaining with addicts though is always very easy and fruitful.

    The last time I came across someone street walking these areas was around 2015, after I had received a tip, I directed myself to Garden road where as advised I came across two pornstar looking girls. As we say colloquially dressed as if they were going to Paceville. When I pulled up near them they both came to my window but unfortunately they were according to me both under-age, not more than 14/15 years old. When asked both said to be 18, but again I didn't risk it, so I regretfully decided to pass this one.

    My most memorably pick up from these areas happened around 2005/2006. Truly a case of a one off 'gem' as we used to say. I still remember that her name or what she told me her name was, was Miriam. She was maybe 40/41 years old, blue eyes, and at that time she really impressed me because she was totally covered in tattoos, something very rare for women in Malta at that time. She even had labia piercings and a tattooed pube, proper pornstar material IMHO! She took me to a house near the old Bobby's tattoo parlour in Tarxien. I remember spending a long time that night in that house with her and also giving her a shit load of Maltese pounds for this. I searched for her endlessly after that night but to no avail, she was never seen or heared of again in our circles. A true case of one off 'gem'.

    Moving to hookers working from home. I had only two experiences of the kind in Zabbar. Both happened in the very same area, near the very well know Silvia Bazaar shop. But at least 5 years in between. The most recent one around 2015 was with the TS known as Adriana and a TS friend of hers who I don't remember the name. But I'll stop here as IIRC forum rules state that reporting detailed TS encounters is prohibited.

    The other episode was with a very good looking blonde, around 2010, same are near Silvia Bazaar. She was very clean, good looking and her service was excellent, prices good as well. But I remember she really put me a bit off because she used to work as if she was doing the errands. I remember she was wearing a pyjama and slippers and no make up when I went to her house. Undressed and in bed on the other hand, she was quite remarkable.

    I'd like to know if there is activity at the moment in Zabbar and of what kind.

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    Town Lady

    Once there was a town hooker but I haven't heard of her lately. Any news?

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    Better known as Zabbar.

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    Cittą Hompesch

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