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    FR for MP in Amritsar. First contribution.

    Quote Originally Posted by Navab25  [View Original Post]
    Anybody has contact in Amritsar.
    I was really tired as I was backpacking in Amritsar and was roaming around taking pictures. I booked a spa that did not look shady at all. I also paid a lot of money which I later realised because I was a total newbie to this. I have only had massages abroad on holiday with no hanky panky, because it was primarily to relax. But this spot charged me 2.5 k for a full body and I told them I need them to massage my feet really well. The masseuse was a Thai girl and she was unhappy that I did not wear the dispo and wanted a foot massage first. She wanted to sell me HJ and B2B for 2.5 k but I denied as quoted the price on entry itself, Direct huh. I was not in mood for such a time that day but turns out the place looked nice from outside but was shady inside. The girl did a nice foot massage and massage the whole body but was was disinterested after I said NO to extras. I asked her for an outcall for a friend, and she said NO. I joked with her though and she was playful. It was just I had to travel the very next day so I needed relaxation more than a naked girl. On my research before I left I found there are many places there which are into FS as well.

    I am also bad at negotiation in such matters and realize that usually 1.5 k is a decent price for 1 HR massage.

    Lots to learn here. I also know about Lucknow and Agra MPs but It feels because of my lack of awareness on what they should be paid I have paid higher (If you have advice on this, please do share). Have fun pals.

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    Anybody has contact in Amritsar.

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    FR in Ludhiana 11

    Couple of days back received sms regarding inaugural offer at a spa near hero bakery chowk, offering massage at counter charge of 999. Seemed like a good deal so decided to avail and went to the place in the evening on weekday. Was given option of NE or NI, chose NI. Entered the room. To my satisfaction, the door was solid, had a lock and there were no peepholes on it, so chances of extras seemed likely. Stripped down and put on display. After a while the therapist Ms. Z entered. Was a chubby lass, but very well endowed for which Johny has a weakness. Started with dry massage. Ms Z was friendly and kept the mood light and after 10 minutes of namesake massage popped the question of extras. Offered HJ with TA, B2 B,HJ. When prodded further offered FS also, luckily had a condom on my person, so asked for FS, for which she demanded 6 k, negotiated and brought her down to 4 k, and then started with the deed. She was proactive, started with kisses, ear nibbling, biting and kissing the neck, chest and making her way downwards to Johny. Put the see on and gave an average CBJ. Also offered DATY, but I refused, but fingered her till she became wet. Started with WOT. It was great as I feasted on her humongous boobs and could not get enough of them. Then switched position to missionary. Came sometimes afterwards. After that took a warm shower and left fully relaxed. It was a good spa experience after a long time.

    Report card.

    Damages- 1 k (counter charges) + 4 k (FS).

    Face - 6/10.

    Body type. Chubby.

    Boobs- 10/10 , am a sucker for BBW (pun intended).

    Pussy- 8/10.

    Attitude - 9. 5/10 (was friendly and proactive).

    WIR. Yes.


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    Spas popping up everywhere.

    Many spas have popped up recently in Ludhiana. Few of them around S Nagar. Most offer HJ but FS is selective. But NT spa in Market does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RajLudhiana  [View Original Post]
    Please could you recommend someone.
    There are many spas offering extras, look them up on Justdial.

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    Looking for short time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Odessey911  [View Original Post]
    This weekend again Johny was looking for some action. Contacted the regular sp s, but did not like the birds they had on offer. Then pinged a spa therapist over WA, who had shown interest in outside meeting for FS. She reverted stating she was available for night and was looking for freelance work as tips from extra services had started drying up after recent LE raid on spas. Booked a couple friendly hotel through MMT and checked in without any hassles. In the room first took a shower together and feasted on her assets while getting a HJ in return. Once on the bed, requested for a relaxing massage first before starting the actual deed. Got a relaxing 30 minute massage and then started with the deed. Took 3 shots in the night and one shot in the morning. Overall good experience.

    Report card.

    Looks 6. 5/10..
    Please could you recommend someone.

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    Contact in Ludhiana

    I am in Ludhiana for 3-4 days. Can anyone please help with SP or MP contact here for FS.

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    Pointers needed.

    Hello dear mongers,

    I am new to this place.

    I keep traveling to Ludhiana and today is one such day.

    Will be grateful if someone can guide with respect to any spa providing extras and FS (if on cards).

    Have read the previous FRs but updated pointers are always welcome.

    Will post the FR here.


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    FR in Ludhiana 10

    Past few months had been quite hectic due to work schedule so was not able monger. But this weekend was wide open and johny was looking for action so contacted the regular SP. He sent over pics of 2 birds. One was average build but other one was buxom. Since Johny has a weakness for curves so selected the latter and fixed the deed for night. Booked a couple friendly hotel online and checked in with the bird and had a fun night. On the plus side the bird looked as advertised, was co operative and pro active. The only downside was that she was too much of a chatterbox (not to my liking). Took 4 shots, 3 at night and one in the morning before she left. A very satisfying experience after long time.

    Score card.

    Face - 7/10.

    Boobs - 9/10 (have a fondness for BBW).

    DFK - 8/10.

    BBJ - 8/10.

    Attitude - 9. 5/10.

    Total damage - 15 k plus hotel charges.

    WIR. Maybe (as sp has usually good collection).

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    Hello brothers,

    I am visiting Jalandhar on 15 can someone lease share some contact or MP for short time fun please.

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    Hello fellow mongers.

    New to this forum. Need help in having new contacts in Amritsar or Ludhiana. Will share my contacts too.



    It appears from your post that you don't quite understand the Forum's Private Message service.

    To use the Forum's Private Message service, both you and the Forum Member you are trying to contact must be either a subscriber or a Senior Member.

    For more information, please read:

    If you cannot afford $20 dollars to buy a subscription, then perhaps you can convince another forum member to purchase a subscription for you.


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    Anything new

    Hi guys!

    Anything new in Ludhiana. Any leads for any indie for confirmed FS in spa are welcome. Or any other info also.

    My PM is active. Will be going this weekend to LDH and willing to try new stuff.



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    New here. Just came from US for a week long visit to Jalandhar. All old friends have moved on so have no contacts. Any pointers for Jalandhar will be great help. I know asking for a favor but will return the favor if anyone ever travels to New York.

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    MP report Ludhiana

    Hi guys.

    Its me Vikram back. This report is around 10 days old, couldn't write due to work pressures.

    Went to this spa close to a popular chowk in the weekend. It is a salon cum spa and I was offered choice of NI or NE. I went for NI and incame a plump girl. Lets call her miss are. Massage started and all the while she was giving hints of extras. Took massage for about half an hour and then asked for the menu.

    B2 b was at a staggering 4 k and no FS. Kept negotiating and brought her down to 2 k for b2 b. Off went the clothes and her huge natural melons came into sight. Mauled them to my hearts content, fingered her and she came twice in 20 minutes. She herself insisted for FS but I didn; t had the protection with me so contented with b2 b.

    Overall a nice experience. Will repeat the spa but not the girl as too many fish.

    Looks 6/10.

    Boobs 10/10.

    Thighs 8/10.

    Overall - 8/10.

    Damages - 2 k + 1. 5 k counter charges.



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    Quote Originally Posted by HarryS1975  [View Original Post]
    Been a member here for about 2 years, the site has been quite helpful.

    Got in touch with SP are at Ludhiana. He is a bit expensive but has good stuff on offer. Was given two choices, chose the one who looked mysterious. Checked tminto a couple friendly hotel and the girl arrived about an hour late. Was tall and slim, just as I wished and looked same as the pic.

    Was a bit mechanical and uptight initially but perhaps the booze did the trick. Everything flowed smoothly after that.

    Face- 10/10.

    Body- 10/10.

    DFK- 8/10.

    CBJ- 8/10.

    Deed- 9/10.

    Damages. Demand 12 k for 2 shots, negotiated to 9 k.

    WIR. Surely.
    Nice to see Ludhiana forum being active again. SP are has nice collection mostly.

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