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    Amy at 39 Tope Street, South Melbourne

    One afternoon after work, I wandered up to Tope Street, South Melbourne where there are three brothels in a row. I'd been to all three before and knew the deal. All Asian and all very hit and miss. Nevertheless, I was bored and just wanted to see the situation. I went into the middle one first and all the girls were busy at 4. 30 pm, so I went next door to 39. This is an all Korean place. The young papasan yelled out for the girls to come out. Four girls in lingerie came out, said Hello, and quickly disappeared. Three were really young and beautiful. Almost doll like and I would have rated them an 8. One was a bit older and probably a 5, but gave me a naughty smile. Beautiful K-pop girls are not normally my thing as there's too much attitude and silly rules to deal with. I knew the score, so wasn't going to be disappointed as I was already expecting the worst. I chose Amy, a stunning girl around 24 years of age.

    Once in the room, everything was mechanical and rehearsed to within an inch of its life. Absolutely no kissing, no pussy touching, no DATY and just light nipple sucking. She wouldn't even sit on me in case the sweat on my skin entered her diamond studded, gilded pussy. So pretty much all I could do was stare at her beautiful body. Normally I can't get hard, let alone cum in these sorts of situations. However, her CBJ was very good and I got hard very quickly. Then onto mish, followed by doggie. I sneakily touched her ass hole and she got quite vocal about that. Staring at lovely ass got me over the line.

    Now I was really relaxed about the whole thing. If I made a fuss and became irate, I wouldn't have cum. But I accepted my fate and went with it. It wasn't an unpleasant fuck.

    WIR? NO WAY. I like plenty of DFK, DATY and a more relaxed attitude from my girls. The cost was $130 for 30 minutes. I guess if you live or work nearby and wanted a release before going home to the missus, then these beautiful K-girls will get you over the line in a robotic way. But for older mongers like me who need a bit more passion, then there are plenty of better options.

    I must say that for a brothel, this place was absolutely spotless. Newly renovated and not a towel out of place. The hygiene standards of the girls would be impeccable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TakeCareYou  [View Original Post]
    Sasha is a stunning Chinese girl working at Romantics. I've seen her twice and have not been disappointed. Sasha is tall and has long flowing hair. She wears a body hugging see-through evening dress and has a great slim body and a good attitude. I've booked her for the half hour service which cost $125. Great value with this girl and at $125 it sure beats the RnTs services around Melbourne.
    Nice report TCY. Does she provide BBBJ? I've always had good service at Romantics. Sure beats The Main Course since they jacked up their prices and only have old hags there now.

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    Sasha at Romantics Brunswick.

    Sasha is a stunning Chinese girl working at Romantics. I've seen her twice and have not been disappointed. Sasha is tall and has long flowing hair. She wears a body hugging see-through evening dress and has a great slim body and a good attitude. I've booked her for the half hour service which cost $125. Great value with this girl and at $125 it sure beats the RnTs services around Melbourne.

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    Hong Kong Miko at Scarlett Lady. Clifton Hill.

    Went to this establishment again mid-afternoon and decided on Miko a 23 Y. O girl from Hong Kong with a killer body. Miko had a firm body with a firm curvey butt and flat stomach and mid-sized boobs. Miko was nice but a little disconnected. She immediatley wanted to lay me down on the bed, wack a condom on and commence some ordinary oral. But I wasn't having any of that. I initiated some standing up kissing, licking and sucking and then offered to massage her back and front to experience and enjoy her gorgeous body. She let me play "down there" which was soft and moist but she wanted extra for DATY. No thanks. Next was the usual three positons (her on top, me on top and doggy.) Doggy was magnificent with the sight of her trim and taunt butt and her firm and shapely back all on view for me to enjoy. Finished with a cuddle and a hand-job to end the seesion. Miko speaks very little English and was a bit disconnected and not very affectionate but still a worthwhile session. So if you're into firm bodies with no body fat, asian and no conversation Miko is the girl for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RnTug  [View Original Post]
    Edging Fanatic, I agree 100% with Brauninc. Fantastic report and fantastic effort to go to so many places in 1 night, legend.

    Glad you liked my suggestion of Rainbow Dolls. There is a great fuck works there called Vivian, really turns it on, does the lot for $100. Not sure what days she works but just ring and ask, give her a go you will not regret it.
    Thank you! That's an outstanding tip about Vivian and I intend to try her out as soon as possible.


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    Scarlett Lady. Clifton Hill.

    Decided it was time to re-visit an old favourite so went to Scarlett Lady in Clifton Hill early this (Friday) afternoon. Was ushered into the introductions room and I noticed they have a small white-board with the ladies name and the country they come from. I've never seen this before at any brothel. Anyway was introduced to 3 ladies all nice and selected a girl called Happy from Taiwan.

    Happy was er um. Happy, slim with nice white skin and good sized boobs.

    In the room I tried to initiate some standing-up kissing and cuddling but Happy quickly moved me onto the bed and put a condom on. I asked for BBBJ but that was refused. What followed was a rushed blow job with too much hand action. She must have been in a hurry. The situation was off to a bad start. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. So I decided I had to rescue the situation and be more assertive. I told Happy (in a firm voice) to slow down about 5 or 6 times and gradually she got the message and slowed down to a more sensual pace. I then grabbed both her hands so she could only use her mouth. He he. The sight of her mouth working on me got me going. Things started to get better. I asked her to lick my balls and surprisingly she was willing to do that at least. She did a good job actually. Sex was in the usual 3 positions. Her on top, me on top and doggy. Happy was making too much noise and I had to repeatedly tell her to quieten down Why do some girls make so much noise? We all know the groans, moans and sighs are fake anyway. They do nothing for me. I actually told Happy that if she quietened down I would come quicker but this was to no avail!

    Anyway I gave her a good workout because at 59 years of age it's hard to come quick. Finally finished with a selfie hand job while she licked my balls again. That did the trick.

    All in all a good session that needed a bit of rescuing at the beginning. Would be happy to see her again but be prepared to not let her run the show and move at your own pace. Use the full 30 minutes. $120 was well spent but no tip for Happy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brauninc  [View Original Post]
    Great brothel reports, thanks.
    Edging Fanatic, I agree 100% with Brauninc. Fantastic report and fantastic effort to go to so many places in 1 night, legend.

    Glad you liked my suggestion of Rainbow Dolls. There is a great fuck works there called Vivian, really turns it on, does the lot for $100. Not sure what days she works but just ring and ask, give her a go you will not regret it.

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    Edging fantastic.

    Great brothel reports, thanks.

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    EF's Adventure in Sunshine.

    After some contemplation about which area to cover next, I decided on Sunshine and the surrounding area. The promise of young, hot Asian girls at bargain prices was too tempting to resist. The savings between $100 and $120 for 30 minutes can really add up when multiple sessions are taken. The added fact that I have no experience in the West made this an easy choice.

    My initial thought was to try Nana Plaza as it was mentioned in the archive at the ISG forums. However, thanks to RnTug's excellent suggestion, I changed the plan, opting to visit Rainbow Dolls first.

    I finished work at 10 pm on a dark Sunday night and went on google to find a strip club in the Sunshine area as a starter for the night. To my disappointment it appears there are no strip clubs in the area (most likely due to the proximity to the CBD / South Melbourne clubs). Due to it being late (10 pm), I decided against going to a CBD club such as Kittens, fearing some of the brothels may be closing in a few hours.

    It took me an hour to get from the east side to Rainbow Dolls in Sunshine North. It's quite an industrial area and Google said this brothel was "permanently closed". I went anyway and lo and behold it was actually open for business. Its a fairly anonymous looking building with a small unlit sign. The waiting Room was fairly large and had a Playboy magazine from the 80's with original Atari ads!

    I was introduced to two girls, Tiffany and Lina (or Nina). Tiffany was a bit on the anorexic side so I wasn't interested. Lina was a pretty, dark haired girl with nice legs. She wore a silky white long man's shirt with just undies underneath so I couldn't get a good read on her body quality. She was only in the room for a brief second and didn't fully come in. Since it was already 11 pm and I was keen to get a start, I booked her for 30 minutes / $100 (good value!) The mamasan came into the room (with a handheld eftpos device!) To collect payment and told me to go upstairs to room 1. This is my first experience with being sent to a room on my own and not being taken up in a brothel. The room was fairly large with the usual bump-your-head-bar shower. After showering I realised there was no towel in the room but luckily Lina came in with a torn rag of a towel. Nina undressed and I was delighted with a 10/10 body. Nice small boobs, lovely soft roundy and bouncy ass and silky skin. She was about 23 and from China. The experience was split into two parts: first half was really good, the second half was upsetting. She got down to business with nipples sucking and started uncovered licking of my dick. I asked for a condom as I always do and she thought I wanted to start fucking, but I said no, suck it first. She proceeded with slightly toothy covered BJ and then wanted me to get on top. I said no, you on top and then I gave her one hell of a workout riding my dick. To her credit she was very energetic and perhaps should have paced herself better. For about twenty minutes I kept her on top with my finger playing with her ass hole. Eventually I got the tip of the finger in but after a few seconds she flicked my hand away. She worked up a great sweet which I was loving. She then started getting frustrated and wanted me to cum. She was saying "cum" aggressively. I didn't really like that and we changed into doggy. After a few minutes of energetic doggy she again angrily said "cum! We finished with missionary and as I was laying there breathing hard and she showered, I reflected on the experience. She had a great body with a lovely bouncy soft ass and a beautiful toned stomach. I really enjoyed fucking her and getting her sweaty. But her anger at the end kind of ruined it and I can't really recommend unless you're a quick cummer or like aggressive women. All up a mixed bag of a session. I gave some negative feedback to the mamasan on the way out.

    On to Hot Gossip brothel nearby and it's already 20 past midnight. Loud music coming from the front and I was shown into a "waiting room" by the tranny mamasan. The waiting room was really a tool room with welding equipment all around. I was introduced to 4 ladies, the first an old and fat Aussie, the second an old Asian whose selling technique involved grabbing my balls quite hard, she also offered anal and uncovered BJ, then another old Asian and finally a truly elderly European lady who said something like "the best kebabs are made with old meat" and extolled the virtues of her Spanish boob job. I declined and couldn't get out of there quickly enough but on my way out did see a punter take a young Asian girl to a room. I couldn't understand how they could be charging more than Rainbow Dolls ($115 for 30 minutes at Hot Gossip vs $100 for 30 minutes at Rainbow Dolls) for this kind of quality.

    I then wasted some time trying to find Nana Plaza on Ballarat road, Braybrook. Obviously this was hard to find as the massage shops were closed and unlit as it was 1 am. If you're like me and you're confused about whether these are brothels or massage shops: they are massage shops. And thus shut quite early (my own fault for not reading the forums more carefully!

    Its 1:30 am and I decide to return to Rainbow Dolls to finish off the night there. To my disappointment, they are already shut (they close at midnight on Sundays).

    I consider whether to try The Cherry Tree Garden which shuts at 2 am or going to Romantics as the sure fire option.

    Easy decision to go to Romantics considering the time of night. Got there at 1:50 am and was introduced to Coco, a died-blonde Asian girl. Booked her for 30 min /$125. She's average height, slim, small-medium boobs, probably 30 years old or 28 or so from China. Her body is tattooed and probably a 7/10. After the shower she sprayed both our mouths with mouth wash and started DFK'ing with moaning. It felt a bit mechanical. Then she started licking my dick and was surprised when I asked for a condom. She's apparently a BJ specialist and spent a long time sucking my dick, licking my balls and perineum and then putting my balls in her mouth one at a time. I quite enjoyed that part. Then she continued sucking my dick vigorously and it got a bit toothy so I pulled her on top and we started fucking while DFK'ing. I started playing with her ass hole which was nice. She didn't let me put the tip of the finger in. After a while she said "you're wasting time" and wanted me to get on top. I didn't really like that as I was the paying customer. I got on top and she did this thing with her index finger and thumb around my dick to make it feel tighter while I was fucking her pussy. She said "faster" and it was obvious she was rushing me to cum. What is it with these girls and their impatience tonight? We finished there and after I went out I asked the papasan to meet the other girls and he said they're finished for tonight (it was 2:35 am). I gave him some negative feedback as well.

    It seemed that the last two girls were happy to take your money for 30 minutes of service, but expected to only have sex for 5 to 10 minutes and then reacted angrily, as if you're breaching an unwritten agreement.

    In order to provide great service, what they really need to do is create the illusion that they're loving you fucking them. By wanting it to end, they destroy that illusion and have an unhappy customer.

    Now I was wondering where can I get a third session at this late hour. A search for 24 hour brothels turned up Scarlet Lady Asian brothel in Clifton Hill. This wasn't too far to drive but I got stopped by the cops who were doing routine checks due to the late hour (3 am). After that short delay, I arrived at Scarlet Lady which is right next to McDonald's. I was introduced to Miko, a shortish slim young 25 ish Asian with nice small boobs in a sexy dress. Her English was so bad that we had to resort to sign language. And a girl called Happy, who seemed friendly but wasn't pretty and was a bit too skinny. I picked Miko for 30 min /$120. For a change the shower didn't have the head basher bar, but was really dark. The intro was in the actual room, so I just stayed in there. Miko had a nice slim body, a bit dark, and was actually less pretty up close, a bit of a "farmer" face. She had a slight case of bad breath. She went straight for the covered BJ, no obligatory nipple sucking or anything. This was enjoyable but was the world's shortest BJ as she seemed to be in a hurry to ride my dick. Some vigorous up and down squatting by her and then I settled into methodical thorough fucking with her on top. After a while she wanted to change into missionary. I thoroughly fucked her in this position, but could tell she was in pain. I don't enjoy causing pain while fucking so tried to not penetrate too deeply. Then we changed to doggy and I noticed her back was covered with those cupping circles. Not really a turn on. Changed to side fucking and then finished in missionary. Not once did she complain or try to rush me. All up a decent session but I wasn't super attracted to her and would have appreciated something more than a 5 second BJ. Asked the friendly papasan if any other girls available and he said no but then changed his mind and introduce me to a tall 40 ish Asian girl which I passed on.

    I had $120 left and wanted to see if I could get one last fuck. It was 4:15 am.

    Arrived at Oriental Angels in Blackburn at 4:45 am. You enter through a garage opening and it looks like a house inside. Greeted at the door by an Asian girl in long pyjamas. At first I thought they're closed and I woke her up. But then she said "it's just me". I accepted as I didn't think I was going to do much better at this time and it was almost time to go home.

    She had the whole cutesy Asian girl thing going with the cutesy little girl voice and hair etc. Maybe the pyjamas were part of the whole act. Her name was Coco (of course) and she might have been 30 with plenty of makeup to make her seem younger.

    The room was fairly nice with one of those open showers. I paid $120 for 30 minutes. Once she undressed I could see she had one of those flat boyish Asian bums which I'm not thrilled about, but her small conical boobs were nice. She did a nice rubbing of her boobs routine on my dick and straddled me and dry pulled my dick very softly which was very nice. She then embarked on a covered BJ with her pussy rubbing against my ankle. After a while she switched around so that she was leaning on my stomach and facing my feet and kept sucking my dick giving me a nice view in the mirror. She gave good focus to the head of my dick and was only a tiny bit toothy. This was quite a long BJ.

    She then said she didn't want to go on top but I insisted. Her pussy was quite tight and she had a petite frame. She was going up and down on my dick but only about half my dick was inside her. As she was so tight I didn't try to shove it all in and I was quite enjoying it, gently brushing her stomach, boobs and legs with hands. After the robust fucking I had earlier in the evening, I was content with gentler fucking to close off the night. We then switched to missionary and she was in a bit of pain and after a while finished with doggy. She was extra tight in doggy which was quite pleasurable. We finished up and that's it for tonight.

    All up $460 for 4 sessions, it was a mixed bag with a couple of "cum now" impatient girls and two nicer girls. I'm not sure if it's my lack of knowledge or if the options in the west seem a bit limited but I couldn't find that many good brothels in the Sunshine area.

    Rainbow Girls definitely has lots of potential and I certainly intend to go back. The difference between $100 and $120 per hour almost gives you a free punt if you're doing 4 sessions. The girl I had there had an A++ body, just a shame about the service.

    All up a pretty good night!


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    Quote Originally Posted by DanTheMan  [View Original Post]
    People are doing this in Melbourne too. Then the idiots tip the girls for their 'great service".

    The world is infested with dixkheads.
    Could not agree more Dan, the punting world is full of dickheads with more money than sense.

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    Korean girl Mimi at 10 Graham Rd.

    Hi boys,

    There was a nice and pretty Korean girl (a little chubby with very smooth and so white skin, around 22 Y. O) maned Mimi (or similar) working at Fantasy Dreams, 10 Graham Rd, for long time, recently I've been there and I've been told that Mimi not working there anymore.

    If anybody have any new about her or her new place, please advice me, so much appreciated.


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    Dandenong South Asian brothel field report.

    This was a Sunday and I got up very early for work (I rarely work on Sundays). At around 4 pm work was done and I decided to drive down to Dandenong South to check out the brothel scene there after reading CodeName47's excellent report. I was planning to check out Red Lantern, Moon Club and Blue Krystal (and hopefully feast on 3-4 girls that evening). I wanted to warm up at a strip club, but to my dismay none of the Dandenong clubs (Sin City and Club Shoop) would open until 8 pm. I changed the plan and decided to got to a few brothels first and then try the strip clubs.

    The area is industrial with factories and panel shops etc and was really a ghost town on a Sunday afternoon. The perfect place for a budding Asian brothel hub! It's very easy to get around between these if you have a car, but If you're a tourist and don't have a car you can probably Uber here and it's a short walk from brothel to brothel.

    First time at Red Lantern in Dandenong South, and I spent it with Kimi see from Shanghai, China. She was in a lovely white dress that accentuated her beautiful slim waist. She was so pretty and really petite, just the way I like them.

    The intro was the same as other places (brief handshake and no conversation, which suits me fine). There were about 6 girls and other than Kimi, they didn't quite turn me on.

    Paid $120 for 30 minutes and after waiting a while for the room she took me in, smiling the whole time. The room was nicer than the usual fair at Asian brothels in my experience.

    After the shower she dried me off (which was a nice touch) and onto the bed. Started with a nice cat bath and then she took my balls in her mouth (this was really nice and doesn't usually happen). Then a nice covered blowjob and I had to pull her on top as I felt the cum starting to boil in my balls.

    She lubed her pussy and rubbed it with the head of my dick (nice touch), and then started riding me. She was so tight as she is really petite. Kept her on top for most of the session (even though she suggested once for me to be on top, as they all do). Played with her ass hole a bit and she seemed to enjoy it, but asked me to stop after a while when I started getting adventurous, wanting to put a tip of a finger inside.

    The whole time I was looking into her pretty face and had great eye contact. After a while she started getting sweaty (I love it when my hands are grabbing their sweaty butt or hips). The time was running out, so I flipped her into doggy to finish. Lovely view of her nice ass hole and pussy.

    Showered and said bye. Her English wasn't great but that doesn't bother me. Great smooth skin, small body. She is short, with dark hair, small natural boobs (perfect size for me). Age probably around 22.

    Overall, it was one of the best fucks of my hobby career. I will surely see her again.

    On the way out I saw Nanako which had a delicious ass. I will have to try her next time.

    On to Moon Club, which is just a 2 minute drive down the road. A bit more shabby on the outside and the bed was really hard! It felt like just wood with a very thin mattress. The intros were similar to the other place and I picked blonde Ayumi which was billed as Japanese. This was not a good session. I won't go into too many details as I don't want to dwell on the negative. I will just say it's best to avoid this girl and possibly even this establishment.

    On to the Sin City strip club. This very different to Kittens in South Melbourne. There is only one girl dancing on the stage, and just 4 tables in front. The girls take you into the lap dance room for $50. I got a good dance from a dark haired Aussie girl with nice small boobs and tattoos. She kept her face close to mine and I could taste her sweet breath. It really made me want to fuck her, so that put me in the mood for the next session.

    Next came Blue Crystal. This is very close to Red Lantern and you can't miss it at night as the whole building is lit up in blue. In the intros there a few mature ladies and a couple of younger ones. I considered one of them but decided to pass as she was quite tall and had a slightly masculine face.

    I decided to go back to Red Lantern and hopefully see Nanako.

    I had to wait a while for Korean Nanako K as she is justifiably a very popular girl. Short, with beautiful long dark hair, and medium boobs, about 22 years old. There was another patron wanting to book her and we had to "compete" by who would pay upfront first. I paid $100 for 20 minutes. In hindsight a longer booking would've better to enjoy this beauty.

    In the room Nanako didn't disappoint. A perfect 10/10 dream body and beautiful face. She wasn't as warm or friendly as Kimi was before her. I didn't mind too much as her body was so gorgeous.

    She spent some time sucking my nipples as they all do for some reason. Doesn't do that much for me. Good covered blowjob with some ball licking. Then got on top with nice moaning. I kept her on the for most of the session. Enjoying running my hands over her perfect body. She didn't like me touching her ass hole which was a bit disappointing, and she didn't break a sweat which was also a bit disappointing. She rushed me a bit near the end, but that's OK as it was a 20 minutes session. Finished with doggy with a great view of her arching her back and moaning. Lovey and a perfect fuck. I would love to see her again.

    I was still feeling horny and it was 1 am so I drove to Club Hallam in Hallam. They had special this month for $100 for 30 minutes which sounded good. The place looks quite nice on the outside and a nice website. The intro were 3 girls. Two a bit old and the third not pretty in my view so I passed.

    All up a pretty good day with total cost being $450.

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    Le Boudoir--Gabrielle

    During a brief stop in Melbourne, I made the rounds. I checked out The Main Course and Westside X. Neither of them had any appeal for me and I made an exit. After doing some more research, I settled on a visit to LE Boudoir at 81 Rokeby St. The place is on a quiet street. I was greeted by a receptionist who sounded Filipina. After a brief discussion, she had three women come out in succession: a pleasant GFE type called Gabrielle, a dark, curly-haired woman with dominatrix inclinations called Ruby, and a slender, model-material blonde named Giselle. I went with Gabrielle.

    After a health-check and shower, we got off to a slow, seductive start. She was sweet and tasty as I went down on her for a long time. After she came, I continued foreplay then put on a wrapper. We enjoyed many positions together starting with cowgirl, missionary, doggy, 69, back to missionary, standing doggie and finishing with doggie. She had a good sense of humor, was clear in her communications, and I found her easy to be with. Cost was $235 for 45 minutes. It was a little out of the way for me and I needed to take a cab home. Still, it was worth it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mach3  [View Original Post]
    Been there a couple of times. What happens is similar to pole dancing, but the women (mostly in their 40's) would come and sit on you lap and you can fondle them. They also do blow jobs to some of the punters right in the middle of their dance routine. It's only $20 and you can use that $20 as credit for a 30 min or more session within 7 days of the show. It's not my kind of thing so won't be going again.
    Back in the 70's & 80's when I was in the Army in Sydney, I often went to places in the city where this sort of thing was happening. Girls would dance on stage, people from the audience would be picked out, up they go, and get at HJ for all to see. Got picked out once and I was rapt, but actually found it hard to perform with all those fellow perverts watching me, got there in the end though to a round of applause.

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    Lucy Moonclub.

    Sex worker's name: Lucy.

    Name of Agency or Parlour (if any): Moon Club.

    Estimated Age: 21 - 25.

    Estimated Ethnic Group: Asian origin.

    Nationality (Leave blank if Australian): Malaysia.

    Body shape: Slim.

    Estimated Body Size: 6 to 8.

    Estimated Breast Size: AA to be (Small to Average).

    Enhanced breasts?: No.

    Overall Performance: Pretty good.

    It is quite a while punting local after my Bali trip. Since the next trip can be no closer than another 4 months, I wanted to try my all-time favorite Rowville. Don't know what happened to this place. Can't find better qualities like before. Feels like entering oriental orchid. While returning home, wanted to try the Moon club, Blue Krystal, Red lantern.

    Previously I had a wonderful session with Layla few months back. After that calling several times but no luck.

    During intro.

    Around 6 girls came for intro. As usual, this place is one of the best Asian parlor when it comes to introduction. They are very much trying to introduce. Taking efforts despite having the language barrier. You can immediately feel like this is not like another pussy cats stage intro. I hate that. Anyway, I love the girls <size 8. The papasan came to suggest me another girl, but I preferred Lucy.

    In the room.

    She came in the room. Once in the room, she is very playful. Requested for shower. I had a good shower and she helped drying me. Asked me to lay down, and started cat bath. Her tongue skills one of the best I ever had. I am almost fully erected. Followed by a CBJ, I can feel her teeth. Did not enjoy the CBJ much. She asked to start with cow girl. She tried that, after few minutes tried the missionary and finished. She is very tight.

    After the session.

    Immediately after cleaning, she offered a massage. I am wondered, even 20 minutes included massage? Though it is really not a massage but that definitely relaxed me.

    All in all, good value for money. If you love a B cup, slim body, silky skin, small and cute tits. Very good tongue play.

    Only one thing missed is passionate kissing. Will see her next week for sure.

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