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    Here is the PDF List.

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    Cuenca Report

    First it is Winter and Cold.

    At this Altitude it does not take much to get drunk. The later you get to these places the more drunk the locals are.

    Not a good time to go. You want to go early and get out early and safe.

    I came in on a Saturday, checked in. First stop the Chongos in the area they call LOS Tanques (Tanks), (San Sebastian).

    I did not need to show a Passport, I used my U.S. Passport card. I assume your drivers license will do.

    There are six places open, mostly at 1 pm, two at 11 am. It was the late afternoon. Most places were crowded.

    Pool Dance Chongo / Pole Dancer are closed. They did not pay their permit fees; or the bribes. Maybe they will at some time, or another will open in the same place.

    I heard the best place is Oasis, but it was too crowded to find out. Saturday night I checked out the Piramide Club at 8 pm. Cover is $5, but when he said the chicas to not arrived until after 9 pm, I asked how much the chicas cost, the door guy said $70. So, I left.

    Sunday is a dead day, so I went on bus tour.

    Monday being a slow day I went to the Hot Springs in Banos.

    Tuesday I had planned to go early to Oasis. I thought it opened at 11 am. I got there at 12:15. It opened at 1 pm.

    So, I checked out the other places that where open, El Mirador had two chicas at the time, Chicas Chicas had about 8 chicas and maybe 15 guys. It reminded me of High School Dance, all the girls on one side and the boys on the other. Not much that I liked.

    So, I waited for Oasis to open at 1 pm.

    I am glad I did. Funny how I can get a chica with the same as the last one I had. Poula. Guess what, she was a 9 or so. She most likely she goes to the night clubs and asks $70. I paid $10 and $15 for BBBJ and DATY. Well worth it. Sorry, no photos, but she wanted my phone number. Funny I am going home in two days.

    Here are photos starting at the bottom going up the hill on Alfonzo Andrade to Casa Santiago Montalvan.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 1-Paramide Night Club.jpg‎   2-Los Tanques-Pool Dancer or Pole Dancer.jpg‎   3-Los Tanques -Street View.jpg‎   4-Los Tanques-El Mirador.jpg‎   5-Los Tanques-El Mirador.jpg‎  

    6-Los Tanques-El Mirador.jpg‎   8-Los Tanques-Club Chicas, Chicas.jpg‎   9-Los Tanques-El Candi- Casa del Placer.jpg‎   11-Los Tanques-Club Oasis.jpg‎   13-Los Tanques-Night Club El Trebol.jpg‎  

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