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    Fundamentals of mongering.

    You can't always make everybody happy, but sometimes things have a way of working out for the best.
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    Zubachistkva Barabashka

    With the exchange rate sitting around 65 rubles per dollar last month, making a dent in sponsorship funding wasn't even possible.

    Maximum investment is my advice. You can't take it with you.
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    Missing Natasha

    1 - Natasha, ready to rumble.

    2 - Slinging her hair back so she can properly blow me.

    3 - "Come to Papa, honey!

    4 - "Get your ass down here!

    5 - Gag reflex after some deep throat. Look at the joy on her face!

    6 - Time to get the condom.

    7 - Natasha mounting me.

    8 - More cowgirl action.

    9 - Natasha cumming while beating my chest. Crazy moment.

    10 - Doggy time.

    Visit the Volgograd thread for more pics. Thank you.
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    Dasha: Gymnastic Firecracker

    I simply can't imagine any greater privilege than life has given me, tasting the nectar of wildflowers grown in mother Russia.

    I'll repeat my plea to the membership, please take the path less traveled, and visit the provinces.

    If you can, you really should give your full support to people that have so much to give.
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    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

    Found Аlya on Mamba and gave it a try. Service is not bad, 7/10.
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    Thanks for the link, but you should post this link in the "Classified Ads", it's really not for the photo section.

    Interesting location. In the shadow of Christ the Savior.

    Do the girls in your salon offer "Intime" service? Or is it only massazh?

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    Marmelad7. Ru / real girls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SammyHot  [View Original Post]
    Awesome. If I am not wrong these are VLC snaps. So can we have the privilege to watch the video too (Big grin).


    Too bad we can't upload videos here. Hehe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XDaniil  [View Original Post]
    More pics which I couldn't upload in the Volgograd thread.
    Awesome. If I am not wrong these are VLC snaps. So can we have the privilege to watch the video too (Big grin).



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    More of Marina

    More pics which I couldn't upload in the Volgograd thread.
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    Report in Volgograd thread.
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    Report in Volgograd thread.
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    Mamba MILF Vika

    Report in Volgograd thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cruiser D  [View Original Post]
    The end of the FSU as a pussy goldmine for socially awkward and/or Western age limited guys? Probably
    You're free to go back to the US and chase fat milfs bloated with self-ego and rudeness. Here in Italy the Nazi Feminism took the power. Or you can fuck again in Piter, who cares about the rest? Life is short, and sometimes beautiful.
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    I just spent 1200 rubles (about $35) for a breakfast that would have cost me maybe $15 at most in downtown Washington DC. Poon is not the only fucking expensive thing in Russia.

    Moscow is not the place for the weak of heart or the weak of wallet but it has it's rewards. I'm about to board my flight toward home. Report to follow.

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