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    Any MPs?

    Quote Originally Posted by Donnylad  [View Original Post]
    Just got back from a trip to Canada. Spent 1 night in Banff. I did notice a few women hanging around street corners in the quieter areas of Banff ave and in parallel streets a block or 2 north of there. A few during the day and one in particular at night. Looked like they could have been SW but unsure. Seems unlikely for various reasons but thought I would mention in. Nothing on forum about it before.

    I'm headed up that way for the weekend. Did you try any MPs that you would recommend? Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Namssa  [View Original Post]
    Quick note to advise that there is now an AM in Red Deer. Check BP
    What's Asian micro? Is a kind of MP?

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    Lethbridge seems always on my way

    Hey all,

    I travel around and through Lethbridge during the fall, October and November. I noticed that all of the posts were from 8 years ago. Anybody recently involved in this area?

    Always thought I would find more, but never made prep time, so here I am prepping. Any info is good info.

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    Banff SW scene?

    Just got back from a trip to Canada. Spent 1 night in Banff. I did notice a few women hanging around street corners in the quieter areas of Banff ave and in parallel streets a block or 2 north of there. A few during the day and one in particular at night. Looked like they could have been SW but unsure. Seems unlikely for various reasons but thought I would mention in. Nothing on forum about it before.


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    New Red Deer MP

    Just an FYI that there is a new MP in Road for a total of 3 now.

    Located downtown 1 block West of GT. I don't see a name out there yet though.

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    Asian Micro In Red Deer. Sweet!

    Quick note to advise that there is now an AM in Red Deer. Check BP

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    Gentle Touch Update

    Just a quick update to let people know that Gentle Touch has moved from the front of the building (downtown facing main street) to the rear of the building, offering more privacy for entering and leaving. There are nooks and crannies for criminals to hide in the back, so be careful when going in that you keep an eye out and your funding secure. Better safe than sorry.

    Contact information for Gentle Touch (remember they are around back now).

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    A Visitor's Guide on Red Deer- MP's, Indie Girls, Escorts & SW's

    Red Deer MP's.

    Currently there are 2 MP's in Red Deer, Gentle Touch and Vovo.

    Gentle Touch moved over a year ago and is now located downtown and with only one entrance, facing onto the main street. Because the entrance in very exposed, if you are at all skittish about being seen, you well be even more so after you see this location. The girls that work at GT come mostly from some MP's in Edmonton and 1 or 2 from Calgary and they work for 3 days on and then 3 other girls take over. They change the girls out every so often, but I am sure the good girls stay.

    Another MP in Red Deer is VOVO Massage, located in a mall pretty much right across the street from where GT used to be located on the North side of the city. They are an Asian MP and they really do give massages there, but you can get more, if your game is good. They are skittish and if you don't give off the right vibe, you just get a massage. If you give the right kind of vibe, you can add a HJ or FS, for extra cost of course. Lots of guys have been turned away with nothing, myself included, but I only tried to attend once. I have had reports of nice massages with varying degrees of extras as indicated above.

    There is also a R&T available in Road, located downtown. I am not going to say too much about this place, but if you are a respected member and are coming here, feel free to PM or email me and I will give you more details. The lady that works there is somewhat paranoid about LE, but again, if you have game, you can get a decent HJ there, perhaps more.


    Red Deer Indie SP's.

    Red Deer is fortunate to be located exactly in the middle between Edmonton and Calgary. It makes it possible to have Indie SP's from each city travelling to the other to stop over for a day. Because of location and the economy, this has let to an influx of the travelling SP's that we had not seen previously.

    Following is a list of traveling indie girls that have been in Red Deer at least once in the past year. There are a few that have been here up to once a month.

    A lot of these girls can be found on various forums, Craig's List, Kijiji, or word of mouth.

    Touring Red Deer Indie Girls (37)

    Alley Allure.

    Ashley Sweet.

    Ava Jones (Fav)

    Babeeboo / Renee (Fav)


    Billie Blake.

    Calgary Jenn.





    Foxy West.


    Heidi Heiss (Fav)

    Jackie James.

    Jessica Prabbit.

    Jamie Lane.

    Jordan James.

    Khandi Kane.



    Ms. Emily Marie (Fav)


    Nikita (Fav)


    Rachelle (Fav)

    Sandy Lane.

    Sunshine TS.


    Sexy Carmelia.

    Sensual Melly.

    Tenacious Tawnya.

    Tiffany Banxx.

    Vivian Saint.

    Vanessa Kelly.

    Victoria Jolie.

    Zira Blaze.

    Living In Red Deer & Central Alberta Indie Girls* (17)



    Bella (AS)



    Eden (AS)





    Ms. Kitten.

    Ms. Meadow / Shilow.


    Samantha Dee.

    Samantha D.

    Sandra (AS)

    Sarah Rae.

    *There are probably at least another 10 or more girls that I do not know about that live in Red Deer and are SP's. I find more probably weekly.

    Also, there are about 8-10 regular SW girls and another few that come and go.


    Red Deer Escort Agencies*

    *Everything listed below is my personal opinion regarding escort agencies in Red Deer. You are free to believe or ignore my thoughts at your personal discretion.

    Red Deer probably has about 14 or 15 escort agencies total and they are all pretty much the same in their business practices. Not sure of the numbers exactly, but these 15 escort agencies are owned by probably about 4 groups / persons and The H A is involved in at least 1 group of agencies. Each group controls 3-5 agencies total with different phone numbers, so you can call say 3-5 different phone numbers and you could get the same receptionist and she will likely give you descriptions for the same girls each time, but different names. They are out call only, so they go to either to your home or a room that you rent at the 'No Tell Motel'. Very risky with these agencies, IMHO.

    They advertise in the phone book, local paper and on Craig's List. On CL you can see the same names and phone numbers repeated over and over again, day after day on there which is a good clue of an agency posting to make it look like the girls are independant. On CL, there are a few that are flagging each other's ads and the indie girl's ads, two agencies use CL a great deal and are most involved in the flagging.

    Without getting into details, the escort agency girls are known for up selling services, poor VFM, ripoffs, and sometimes drinking and drugs. There are 2 girts that work at the escort agencies that do provide good VFM and seem to be fair to the clients. However, their names escape me at the moment and they may have gone indie or possibly have moved on in life. If I remember their names or any information on them, I will post it in this thread.

    There are 2 escort agencies that are on a certain Western based review forum known as 'The Baby Cow' board that post in the Red Deer section.

    One of them, I will call AB is in my opinion everything that is bad & wrong with local escort agencies and almost all of what is listed above. They also use underhanded tactics to try to make the traveling indie girls not want to come here. I would suggest pretty much anything else except for SW, rather than using this particular agency. Even the a bottle of whiskey, the inter-webs and some personal efforts will yield more satisfaction and a lot cheaper than the above.

    The second one, I will call AS is brand new to Red Deer, started late September. 2010 and they advise they have a new way of thinking about escorts. They say they are about good VFM, looking after the client and providing a great experience for the client. Their think a great experience for the customer will keep them coming back. Pricing is pretty much in line with the standard here for this type of service. The owner is pretty new to the industry and I am sure they will have to deal with some growing pains along the way. I have not seen any reviews yet of this agency so it remains to be seen as to if their actions live up to their claims. Again, if I have anything of value to add, I will post it in this thread.

    In general, you I cannot recommend the Escort agencies in Red Deer, with the the possible exception of the agency known as AS. Better to see a local or travelling indie girl or one of the MP's here or even travel to Edmonton or Calgary for some fun.


    Red Deer Street Scene.

    This is an area that I will touch on briefly because it is not really an area of interest for the board. Red Deer has a small stroll in the downtown that has been active for a few years now and is really a hit & miss deal. One day there may be a few girls out, next day there may be only one, then you could go 3-4 days with nothing out, so really hit and miss but I think that is in any city. There are probably around 10 'regular' SW that live in Red Deer and then other's that come and go each day. Personally, I do not partake of the SW girls, but I like to observe them as I travel through the downtown. I hear information from guys that do use SW that the pricing is fairly standard and services the same.

    The usual disclaimer regarding LE, drugs, STD's, pimps, violence, ripoffs etc. Will all apply here. If you thought CL was bad, I think this is a step down and I do not suggest or recommend that you use the services of these girls.

    The stroll is basically a 3 block long part of the downtown going South on 50th Ave, for 3 1/2 blocks after crossing the river the 4 lane road turns a bit to the right. Continue straight on the narrow 2 lane road South on 50th Ave. To 52nd St, this is where the stroll starts. Continue South on 50th Ave. And keep an eye out both left and right and if you are into the SW scene, you will know what to look for there. The next 3 blocks will be your prime area of interest, ending at 49th St. Where the BOM & TD bank are located. There are a few other locations around town where girls offer their services as well, but again, very hit and miss.


    Stings and Busts on the Stroll.

    There was a major drug & SW bust in Red Deer earlier this year, a 3 month operation, June, July, August mainly, that ended in a big bust. 31 people charged with 70 offences as a result of residents concerns. Of the 70 charges. 48 were from drug or criminal activities and some weapons seized. There were 10 girls and 11 guys charged with 'communication for the purpose of prostitution' and 7 John's had their vehicles seized in the bust.

    There was about 100 grams of cocaine seized in total during the drug busts. Crack cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy were also recovered. Store owners and the public were the ones that complained of activities in the downtown area. Since the busts, there has been very little and sporadic activity for SW in the downtown stroll.

    All the more reason not to use SW, IMHO. Make good use of the Indie SP's, MP's and the one decent escort agency in the city.


    Another Sting.

    Had a friend report that there was a sting in operation about mid November. I had posted about it on here, but when the forum crashed a while ago, it got deleted and I did not repost until now.

    Seems that at the North end of the stroll, that there were some UC ladies, wired and looking for "customers". LE was in a parking lot across the street in a car and an UC Larry Edwards on the bench looking like a bum. I remember about that time driving by, seeing the girls and the bum and thinking, for a reason that I cannot say, that the bum looked odd to me, but I did not put it together. Indeed, my friend advises that it took him a couple of passes to figure out what was happening.


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    Red Deer - Kitten

    Kitten and I had exchanged quite a few PM's and emails for many weeks, getting to know each other and attempting to set up a rendezvous. Our schedules seem to be tailor made to not meet up, lol. After quite a long warm up time I was recently able to meet with Kitten.

    Kitten arrived at my location looking very nicely dressed, pretty and a killer smile. I invited her in and she gave me a nice little kiss and hug once the door had closed. Kitten went to the bathroom to “freshen up”, and just a moment or two later the object of my desire was back in a very sexy lingerie set that I had seen previously. With the sexy, sheer stockings, she was a very nice little package. Kitten is a petite, 5' 1” I believe, curvy girl with a nicely toned body. She works out regularly and it shows as she is very fit.

    After getting to know each other with a bit, Kitten pulled me toward the bed and lay down wearing her sexy attire in a seductive pose and said, “I feel kind of naked with you having all your clothes on”. Well, I did not want her to feel uncomfortable, so I began to disrobe and soon I was standing there with considerably less than she was wearing. She pulled me to her and over the next few minutes we became a lot more familiar with each other.

    To say that Kitten is a very pretty, sexy, perky and enthusiastic girl is stating the obvious. She is upbeat, full of energy, talkative and a good sense of humour. Likes to kiss, and be kissed (especially in certain areas), is open to suggestions and has quite a few of her own. She is not shy, especially if the connection is good.

    The LFK was good and BBBJ was nicely done and with much energy. Kitten was always in motion, and was never short with positions and suggestions of positions. She took the lead and after one position was enjoyed, Kitten was onto the next. She was a treat to look at, especially in some of the positions. She is attractive, a bit of a tease, nicely toned and petite.

    We used up the allotted time and a bit more and she is not a clock watcher, thanks Kitten. She has a lot of energy, and likes to keep mixing it up and has a keen sense of humour. Will repeat, but with very much conflicting schedules it may be some time.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: I would suggest that the author or another Forum Member consider posting a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here for more information.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Llttf
    I did not realise they had moved. thanks for the info, I almost went there the other night. Have you any other suggestions for escorts or massages in the Red deer area.
    There seems to be a fair amount of Indy girls stopping in Red Deer, but you have to know where to look for them.

    Hint: The Baby Cow.

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    Red Deer - VOVO Massage

    Vovo Massage opened up in Red Deer late last summer. They are located at the Alladin Plaza, basically across the street from where Gentle Touch was located before they moved downtown. Watch for the "OPEN" sign, and you go in to a waiting area, put on slippers and she will be there is a few minutes and if you pass, she will take you to a massage room.

    This is an asian massage studio with a couple reports of FS and HJ with happy endings. Also some reports of massage only or massage with HJ for about $$. 6. Sometimes there are a couple girls working there. This place seems to be pretty paranoid about LE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Namssa
    Just to let you know that Gentle Touch is open again in Red Deer, downtown on 50th St. just West of the Gov. of Canada building (old post office) location.
    I did not realise they had moved. thanks for the info, I almost went there the other night. Have you any other suggestions for escorts or massages in the Red deer area.

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    Red Deer - Gentle Touch

    Just to let you know that Gentle Touch is open again in Red Deer, downtown on 50th St. just West of the Gov. of Canada building (old post office) location.

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    Grand Prairie?

    Where can a guy get some in Grand Prairie? Is there a stroll there?

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    Greetings from Lethbridge

    Good afternoon from the windy city of Lethbridge. Sure there is "stuff" going on, guess it would depend on what your looking for. Personally, i am involved in the BDSM community but i know there is also a swingers community and a few others. If you let me know what your looking for, i can make the necessary inquiries and forward the information to you.


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