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Thread: Berlin, Salon Deluxe (Deluxe)

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    2017 February : Perla

    "Day 3 late afternoon"

    Quote Originally Posted by IbnButtita  [View Original Post]
    My brothel route next took me back into parts more central, north on the U9 to Charlottenburg, and one stop west to Uhlandstrasse. Salon Delux is on that side street just north off Kurfuerstendamm. It has a fancy name for a place with a very nondescript entrance next to a gated driveway, but very comfortable once inside the venue, which is reached by elevator.

    In doing my research this place had appealed to me for a few of the girls on their site, a Latina in particular. I was in luck in that she was one of the girls available in the lineup (I do recall the other two being attractive too). Perla, from Brazil, may not be 22 years old as stated on their website, but no matter, she fulfilled and exceeded all my expectations for a Brazilian.

    Perla looked devastatingly sexy in a black lingerie bodice, stockings and garters standing out against her rich brown skin, and adorning an insanely curvy body. From the moment we met, Perla looked after my every need, pampering e and speaking soothingly, always with her great smile. She did not speak English so we muddled through with a polyglot mix of Deutsch, Spanish, and Portuguese, whichever my memory and horniness-clouded brain would dredge up. That's the thing about Brazilian women, though, they have an uncanny ability to communicate sexually; they probably have the world's highest sex IQ.

    Things began at the foot of the bed as we stood and came together for a passionate kiss, Perla's big, soft lips meeting mine, as she reached down to stroke my cock, then suddenly attached her mouth to my neck and bathed it with her hot, wet tongue. She pulled her lingerie down to reveal a set of big, ripe breasts which I immediately grabbed and took to my mouth one after the next, licking and sucking her erect nipples. My hands, with her encouragement, went down to her uncovered pussy and ass, and Perla was soon on her knees, with my dick in her mouth.

    I needed something to keep my own mouth busy so I got us onto the bed and in some language called for a 69, and she quickly got into position to let me lick her smooth inner thighs and slurp at her meaty labia and slick slit, puckering around her clit. She meanwhile lavished my penis with attention, not to mention her tongue and lips.

    My dick could hardly restrain itself from cumming but I had other plans for him, getting Perla onto her back and with condom in place burying my little dude into her wet pussy, and pumping her with breaks to bend in for a kiss and the suck of a nipple. I needed to involve her ass more handling so we went at it in doggy and then with her prone, and switched to cowgirl for more access to Perla's tits and her kiss. Recalling how well she sucked me I asked to finish in her mouth and Perla enthusiastically and energetically obliged.

    If the other girls at Salon Delux are anything like Perla in their service (they seem to be good looking too), it heightens what a place this brothel is, and what a superb deal. For my 45 minute session I paid 80, with 10 each for kissing and uncovered blowjob. And for a cum in mouth finish, 25 extra. Given the prime (one could even say tourist-trap) location by K'damm, this can't be beat. And neither could Perla. She fussed over me as I went to the shower, got dressed, and got my things together, giving me a warm embrace as parted ways. By then I had decided that the next day I would be back.

    "Day 4 afternoon"

    Quote Originally Posted by IbnButtita  [View Original Post]
    The next move was to get back to Salon Delux to resume things with Perla. Opting for the flexibility of not setting a specific time for an appointment, this meant I assumed the risk of missing her. To my good fortune she was available when I returned, after 2 PM, and Perla was as welcoming as the previous day. Continuing the coffee theme from earlier that morning with Chantal, after I showered I sat down, towel around my waist, in the armchair in the room (next to the faux fireplace), as Perla brought me the milchkaffee I had requested. As I brought the cup to my lips to drink, Perla kneeled down, parted my towel, and put her own lips to the head of my penis to begin a fine blowjob for the best cuppa joe I ever had.

    Cup drained, though not yet my balls, we kissed passionately, her soft lips a pleasure here too, and the release of her heavy, round breasts from her black lingerie beckoned my own lips to her nipples. Our first session went for forty-five minutes. I then renewed for an hour, and then again for another forty-five minutes. I had calculated the opportunity cost of hours not spent at Artemis, my next spot, but reasoned that I would be unlikely to find a comparable session or woman there (I turned out to be wrong about that), plus I had the entire night to spend at the FKK. But for this afternoon I would luxuriate in the pleasures that only a fine Brazilian woman can bestow.

    She pampered me with intermittent massages and we took our time with breathers between the sessions to make it a thoroughly relaxing afternoon. Relaxing when it wasn't passionate, in the kissing, extended 69-ing, and her vigorous riding. I pumped her with gusto in doggy and prone, but today I let Perla twice take me over the edge with streams of cum shot into her accommodating mouth. I was sorry to eventually leave, but all things have to come to an end, but not before indelible memories of sensual, sexy Perla were formed.

    Perla's web page :
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    Berlin, Salon Deluxe (Deluxe)

    Starting post

    Web site:

    Uhlandstrasse 27.

    10719 Berlin.

    030 - 887 11 120.

    Existing posts
    2015, November: Joy
    Quote Originally Posted by Diet Coke  [View Original Post]
    .. etc ...
    Easy to reach from Uhlandsrasse Ubahn stop or bus 109 from Zoo. Gartens. Stopped yesterday afternoon. Rang massage and 3 floors up. Joy answered the door. I was shown 4 girls. Chose Joy, pic on website. 60 for 30, and offered BJ for 10 more and 10 for kissing. Chose 70 with BG, OW. Some hugging standing after I had undressed and she topless. Then nice massage while on stomach. At flip, no massage almost just straight to BJ. Had a bit of massage her breasts and sucking nipples first. Managed FIV during BJ. Finished quickly and a bit of cuddle. Said time up. Maybe 20-25 minutes. Joy said from Thailand and in Germany 10 years. Claimed to be 27 years. Showered, dressed, and left.

    2015, October : Yves
    Quote Originally Posted by Nooky Ninja  [View Original Post]
    Ninja make visit to kind of new apartment bordello, Salon de Luxe

    Was old Severitas but changed. Fixed up and no dungeon. Corner KuDamm and Uhlandstr-good location. Saw Yves busty with ballet body, nice time. Good prices-kiss, BBBJ, 45 min 100 Eur. Then Ninja went cross street to BMW and then Tesla showroom to see cars he never buy.

    2015, March : Henrik83's experience
    Quote Originally Posted by Henrik83  [View Original Post]
    Landed in Berlin Friday night. After a long day at work and a stressful flight I knew sex would be bad, but I still needed to relieve some tension. Stayed in a hotel near Ku-damm so I first went to Salon deluxe on Uhlandstrasse. Lineup consisted of 1 blond and 1 brunette, both unfuckable so I went to the next closest establishment. Europasalon is a small brothel on Nollendorfplass where you sometimes can find a gem. And maybe someone had because all girls were busy when I showed up so I gave up.
    ... etc ...

    2014, July : Sonja
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