I was in Bahrain for a few days last week. On the first evening I was already feeling horny, so I decided to check out a PRC called Mali whose number a friend had given me, he had met her in Boomers the night before and took down her number for a future encounter. It took her a while to get back to me, but said she will come to my hotel (Diplomat Radisson). This was without agreeing a price, and she arrived about an hour later. Unfortunately the hotel would not allow her to visit without showing her passport, which she had forgotten, even despite my call to reception. So she went back for it, and returned about half an hour later. This time she was allowed to come up to my room, after a call to confirm that I was expecting a visitor. It was about 11 pm by this time so we agreed on a 1 hour visit for 500 Bd. I could have negotiated that down I'm sure, but she had persevered to get to me and I appreciated that. She was a very pretty girl, and was soon all over me, almost tearing my clothes off. Then we lay on the bed, where she kissed me all over, including applying a condom with her mouth as she started a CBJ. I had got her undressed too, and she had a really good body, with firm 38 cs up top. I checked her bra size when she went to the bathroom. She certainly wasn't fat though. She had a really good attitude, and when I returned the kissing on her body she really started to enjoy it. By the time my tongue touched her pussy she was pretty wet and well on the way, and as I started to gently finger her ass she came first time. After that of course she wanted some cock, and of course I was able to oblige. It developed onto a really good session, and she came again when I did. She really seemed to enjoy herself and wanted to stay, but I had to be up early, and didn't want to spend any more, so declined her offer. So she dressed and took her time saying goodbye, and I promised to see her again. I did ask her round on my last night, but it was too late by the time she replied and I was already asleep. I will definitely see her again when I return.