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    Hey super,

    Sarnia has one agency that lists in the Y-pages. It is ok. You mention street action in Port huron? Where, and how recently?



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    Was in Sudbury last Thursday evening, Saw 4 WSW between the Lido Hotel and the Comfort in but sitting in front of the Lido. I'd say they were in the 6-7 range.

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    Belleville Ontario

    I saw this one in Missoula Montana last winter and saw on another site she is visiting in Belleville this month. Here is my report.

    Dana Erotic Gem, sites are and Outcall/Incall. I tend to like my SP's thinner (she's voluptuous) but Montana doesn't offer much and a rate of $1/2 I couldn't pass it up. Cute face, good personality, DFK, plus gave an excellent BBBJ. Greek was also offered for another 1/2. On a scale of 1 - 10 for looks + experience, I rate her a 7. If I go back to Montana and there aren't any hotties I'll see her again.

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    Still pining for the Soooo ... 2 weeks and counting til I get in that region....

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    How about some talk about the Soooooo .... Anyone know how the club and SW action is up there? I'll be there soooooonnnn.

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    My cousin and I went to Sarnia on Sat. to party and check out the "action". Started out @ Riverport tavern. The action was slow but it was agood time to talk up the girls and get some info. Apparently, prostitution is illegal in Sarnia as opposed to Windsor.I asked what the s.w. scene was like and was told by several people that it was non-existant!(bummer!) I asked a couple of dancers about extras and couldn't get a straight answer. One girl that used to dance in Niagara Falls(a real fox) told me to get a paper called The London Free Press because it would list local independents. Went back to hotel room (Drawbridge Inn). From there walked to 7-11 to get the paper. It seemed like a long walk(had a few) but I did get the paper. There was not a single escort listing in the paper! Checked the Yellow Pages and found only 1 listing under escorts. Backed away from it because of a possible sting. Bottom Line-Fuck Sarnia! The action would have been alot better across the bridge in Port Huron (s.w. wise, anyways). Yes, everything is pretty reasonable in Sarnia because of the favorable exchange rate-But if there is no action- what's the point???

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    Sarnia (Ontario)

    I stayed a few days in Port Huron for business reasons and drove to Sarnia on a Sunday afternoon. I passed by "Studio 11" located at the intersection of East St. and Ontario St. but they only go open at 6 PM.
    Sarnia itself seems to be a pretty quiet place.


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    Would love to find some information on escorts who would come out to Sarnia. Have had some success finding girls from the Riverport that might be available for 'extras' but it is a hit or miss thing. HINT: ask the ladies where they have danced and if they've danced in Niagra Falls at a club called 'SEDUCTIONS' they may be more inclined to work outside; same story if you check canbest and this site for other high-milage canadian clubs.

    willing to share 411 backchannel:

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    hello. i can see there is no traffic here but i thought i would ask about possibilities for thunder bay. i will be passing through soon.

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