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    I was in this area a while ago and there is much action going on at night. I almost couldn't believe how much action - the main street seems to be Simpson Street - in the evenings into the overnights there are many girls out (mostly Natives)...not sure about what else is going on but...there's a lot going on there.


    I have noticed an ad in the telephone book under "escorts" for the first time. This is a small border community so it's unusual for this to be here. Everyone seems to know each other etc. The Rainy Lake Hotel has exotic dancers usually on Saturday nights and possibly action to be had here as well.

    Otherwise your best bet is to head down to Duluth MN which is about a 3 hours drive into the States.

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    Belated thanks to swamp fox. Unfortunately, still haven't been to Soo, but if I ever do, I'll take advice. Fortunately, I got a little action in Mich's lower half, but not even that for some weeks now.

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    I will be traveling to Cornwall, Ontario within the next few weeks.

    Any recommendations? Street action, clubs, agencies. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Either private message me or reply in the forum.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Visited AMP east of Oshawa. Met lovely youg gal Tutti. Entrance .6 got me to nicely reno'd room.

    Tutti said "Long Time no see" Don't remeber her, but perhaps and earlier visit at another location. She rubbed my small head through my pants and asked me to get ready while she delivere the donation. Hung up my clothes, lay face up on table with .4 incentive on my stomach. Tutti came back and giggled when she saw the donation.

    She became as naked as I was and I revelled in her B cups, extended nipples and lightly haired prize. She took the incentive, lay her B cups on my little head and managed to elicit some life from him.

    Bottom line? Touching allowed everywhere, (moisture abounds) nips got longer. Digits, nipple sucking, 45 minutes stroking of shaft and orbs, light A-hole play, fantastic release with some kissing of weapon involved. Left happy. Will repeat.

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    Is there any action in Sarnia?
    I'm heading there this week on business.

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    Can anyone tell me if there is an SW action in Barrie On?


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    As an addendum to my previous post on the Soo, I just wanted to reassure my Canadien brethren that in no way do I believe that drinking beer and watching hockey is an inferior use of one's time.

    In fact I am often in awe of the way you guys can keep your focus and concentration on the game with a young, bald, moist cooter so close to your face.

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    I have had some really good times in the Soo, Ontario. A good strip club is just across the bridge called Studio 10 I believe. The girls there love American guys because the locals just drink beer and watch hockey.

    The last time I was there the touching policy was very liberal. Everyone was grabbing tits and ass, however you don't get a true lapdance as the girls aren't allowed to straddle you. The dances were $20 Canadian. With the exchange rate you are looking at about $14 a dance.

    One time I had a short haired brunette from Quebec named Josie that let me suck her nipples. After a few dances she even allowed a little exploration of the areas below the waist with my fingers. She then asked if she could come back to my room after closing for $150 CDN. She didn't stay all night, but we still had plenty of fun.

    I have also called a few of the escort agencies with great results. Cost has always been $150 CDN for the full hour. Everything is laid back. The first time I called and the lady on the phone quoted the price I asked is that just the agency fee, will I have to pay more in tips? She came right out and said "$150 for half and half, all inclusive." In Canada she can come to you and it is legal. If you pick up a SW or go to an incall place it is illegal. Technically the dancer was illegal I would guess.

    I recommend getting a room in the Soo. The prices are cheap considering the exchange. The beer packs quite a bit more punch than American beer, so consider that before crossing the bridge back to the US at 2 AM.

    Oh yeah, you get the best exchange rate at the duty free store just before the border. The only other place I have exchanged funds is the casino and the rate isn't as good.

    If you do not exchange for Canadian money they will gladly accept your US cash at the strip club at the same face value. They don't give you the exchange.

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    I would love to hear any info on Soo, Ontario, though I don't know when the next time I'll get there will be.

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    Is there anybody on this board. Let's get some info flowing around here. I will be back in the area in a month or so and will try a couple of parlours as well as an escort or two. Would love any info anywhere in Southern ON.

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    Made a trip to Kitchener and wanted to give a new report since my last one was on old experiences. I called the phoenix and they still charge 40 for the massage but the release was not included. That would now cost you 60 for a total price of 100. I think that is a little high for a HJ so I thought I would do a little research for anyone who reads this section(although it does not look like it).I tried a place on victoria called rubies. This cost me 60 but there were no extras offered at all. So a day or two later I went to a new place called the hollistic center. It is located by a gas station and a dive restaurant on victoria between Kitchener and Guelgh. There was a young attractive Russian woman there who took care of me. I got a 30 minute massage for 35 and for another 20 she was toppless and a manual release was included. After that you get a 20 minute hot tub (by yourself). Not bad for 55. I would love to hear from anyone else who can give some more info about the tri city scene.

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    Just wanted to drop a line about Kitchener. Have not been there in a while, but last time I was things were alive and well in the incall massage parlours. There is one called mystic that I know you can get up to FS with the right girl or two. Every other place I have visitied include manual release in the $40 cover. The phoenix (located by fairview mall) is my favorite. It is very nice and classy, the girls rate anywhere from 6-8 and evetone is friendly. The manager there is in mid aged but she can give the best no rush HJ I have ever had! I will be visiting again over the holidays and I hope to give a more recent update. If anyone knows of any good places in the tri city area, please drop a line. Is there any SW left?

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    I was in London, ON. last week and cruised Dundas St. east of downtown looking for sw action at several different times during the day and evening hours. I have had good luck in this area there in the past. It was like a dry well. The local strip club in this area has been closed as well.

    I resorted to the local ads since escorting is legal in Canada. Found a girl named Tori who came to my hotel. For $90 CAN., I got FS with all the trimmings. With the exchange rate, that's only $65-$70 US.

    I will be calling her on my next visit.

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    As far as Sarnia, check out Clair. She frequents the site under the Ontario/Sarnia section. At 140.00 she is a great time.

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    Horndog - thanks on the info for the region; I'll post more about my efforts (so far) later.

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