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    New to Canada and Hamilton- any options in City

    Hello friends,

    I am new to Canada and Hamilton. Could any please suggest any options available in Hamilton except the main stream agencies.


    Feel free to PM me.


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    Tried backpages for escorts in Hamilton but some hit and misses.

    Jade a Vietnamese Canadian when visiting is the real deal with accurate pictures.

    However, Katie, caramel skinned, was rude and a waste of time not at all like her photos.

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    Cougars at Liquid Kitty

    Anyone want to share Liquid Kitty experience? I'm into cougar and heard this is place for picking up cougar and matured women.

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    Met Lacey in Hamilton

    Hey the scene on Hamilton Burlington seems to be really good, met this pure white Canadian provider, BBW she was all that and a bag of chips, more over she did everything she said she was going to do and more.

    She swallowed, we got 3 pops off and she orgasmed like nothing I have seen, if that was fake I dunno what never seen no woman turn fire red and slime like that. She also says she does anal but we never got there.

    Look for Lacey in Hamilton on back page, is 150 can for the hour but when I was done I gave her a 50 . Yea it was that good, and took that fuck a trouper, be careful she easily bruises, but she was cool about it.

    And trust me she didn't let a drop spill.

    Good conditions too was able to shower before and after, she bathed me before! Wow i will be definitely be back to Canada for him.

    PM me for contact details. Recommended!

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    Visiting Hamilton

    Hi guys,

    Visiting Hamilton from Aug 21 - 25 woud like some action either hotel action or strip clubs.

    Hope someone can give me some more current help.


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    If you are cleanish and somewhat interested in actually picking up women on your own accord. For a young man the best places to go are in "Hess" (hess village), located on and immediately off of Hess Street in central west hamilton (remember they consider the lake to be NORTH Hamilton). This area is very lively during the summer months, lots of easy drunk girls but don't expect to find any prostitutes at going rates anywhere (you'd be talking about paying ridiculous amounts to get normal girls to sleep with you).

    Nothing goes on at any bar typically on days other than Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. The city is dead the rest of the week (like most North American cities).

    The other alternatives for younger guys:

    Club Seventy Seven / Dirty Dogs (Two dance bars attached to one another) One is a dark dance floor where you can get a girl drunk and do whatever [seventy-seven], the other is much better lit but country/cowboy themed the girls dance on the bar and ride a mechanical bull. They only open the door connecting the two on some nights, either Thursday or Saturday I believe and after a certain time. This is located on Catherine Street, slightly North and East of Hess Village, about 5 minutes drive from Hamilton Strip which is a strip club.

    -Philthy McNasties

    This is a sports bar that opens a dancefloor downstairs. On club nights it can be very busy with a young crowd, but somewhat different from Hess Village is that the girls tend to not be university students, so they are much more open to suggestion. This is located on Hamilton Mountain.

    -London Tap House

    This is a three story medium sized dance bar with some lounge settings, and an upstairs patio. On certain nights the ratio can be very in your favour, because they usually let ladies in free but charge men $9 cover. It's not as stuffy as other bars. I'm not sure but I believe that you can smoke on the upstairs patio, making this and Gown & Gavel in Hess Village the only places you can smoke in the city.

    If you are from the older set then there's a 'cougar bar' called Tailgate Charlie's with another bar downstairs called Liquid Kitty. Basically full of 30+ year old women that are interested in sex. If you approach one on a sex for money basis I wouldn't be surprised if this actually turned them on. But be aware this is a bar/nightclub not a brothel. Tailgate Charlie's/Liquid Kitty is located on John Street near the YMCA.

    Barton street in the North is home to a strip club called Hamilton Strip, there are a fair number of massage parlours around where you can get perhaps a handjob but probably not so much more. Really all the paid sex action involves calling numbers in the phone book and checking websites. As far as I know they are charge typical North American rates. $250 for an hour probably wearing a condom with an attractive girl. Avoid street walkers, they are both probably STD ridden, drug addicted, and Hamilton has a pretty well funded police department (maybe undercover cops). Although a few of them have been caught in brothels in the news recently.

    There is a nearby place called Burlington about a 10 minute drive North on Highway 403, which is a slightly upscale suburb of both Toronto and Hamilton at the same time. Here there is a better strip club called "Solid Gold", and a suburban dance bar called Zubar. I wouldn't recommend Burlington if you intend to pay for sex, it is probably more expensive than Hamilton.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: I would suggest that the author or another Forum Member consider posting a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here for more information.

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    Try Barton Street, places around a strip club called Hamilton strip tend to have full service everything.

    The phone book is pretty good (literally the yellow pages), they tend to have websites where you can see the quality of girls. Typically the most you'll get at a massage parlour is probably just an expensive handjob. For escorts stay away from the street walkers (major drug problems in Hamilton).

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    Hamilton SW?

    Senior Monger in USA will be making a drive through Hamilton soon. Basically going from Windsor to Niagra a couple times. Looking for advice on inexpensive places for relaxation. Better yet advice on locations for SW activity anywhere on the trip.

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    Street Action

    I am surprised at the amount of street action in Hamilton being nobody has posted in a year. I had to fly blind being no one here has listed where the action is.

    Come on guys help us out.

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    Visiting Hamilton : arround the 25 july, need 411

    I am going to be in Hamilton with my job for a day or 2 and need some 411 on where to go on foot or Taxi, Massage, streetwalkers. Any 411 is appreciated. Please PM me for any details or digits.

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    LEO refuses to take statements from MP worker, gets in deep shit

    HAMILTON (AM900 CHML) - Another Hamilton police officer has pleaded guilty to charges laid under the Police Services Act.

    Constable Rick Mowers was charged with neglect of duty and discreditable conduct for not taking the proper statements from a woman in a domestic violence case.

    He told her he was once of a customer of hers at an illegal massage parlor.

    Mowers has apologized to the woman.

    He's been fined 16 hours pay and ordered to undergo counselling.

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    This isn't worth hijacking a thread, ESPECIALLY when alot is going on in Hamilton that isn't being reported. I sighted my reference and I'll let others make up their own minds.

    Happy New Year everyone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by warpig2000
    dave, its not black and white and this isn't europe we are talking about. canada's laws on prostitution are evolving.
    actually the current law is quite clear. outcall 100% legal, ads 100% legal, incalls 100% illegal, street soliciting 100% illegal. **** 100% illegal. period.

    yes new laws are proposed - do make street hookers legal will never be done since huge public outcry and a major problem in most cities. many think it should be a more serious indictable offense, not just the current summary offense. sexworker groups are fighting for the right to be a public nuisance which hurts changes of any changes.

    what is needed is changes on bawdy house (incalls) to allow at least to some extent like in most of europe. agency law is also needing reform since living off the avils is 100% illegal. but rarely enforcement against agencies since they only sell time not sex. incall law rarely enforced unless complaints.

    the current law is very clear. enforcement is not clear and varies widely. for example in victoria le regularly visits the incalls to be sure properly licensed but ignores the bawdy house law.

    we need reform for private consenting adult incalls. and striker laws against street soliciting to get rid of the public nuisance issue and the street hookers off the streets for their own safely.

    i don't know how you can say the is unclear. you don't need a law degree to read it.

    my extensive summary at i know how to read the law and have been active in monitoring cases and reports for the last decade!

    dave in phoenix
    promoting intimacy and positive consenting adult sexuality

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    dave, its not black and white and this isn't europe we are talking about.

    canada's laws on prostitution are evolving. a report from a canadian department of justice workgroup that examined canada's prostitution laws can be found at :

    apparently, the crown is concerned about **** girls, street prostitution, and is vaccilating on incalls. naturally, some want to be draconian, others call for 'social programs' to help sexworkers move on to other professions, and some human rights types want to decriminalize altogether. its a very interesting document- and hardly light reading.

    naturally, as both of us are yanks and neither are lawyers, it would be interesting to get some comentary from actual canadian legal proffesionals here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by warpig2000
    technically the exchange of money for sex in such a case is a grey area...
    actually its not grey, but most of your other comments are good.

    prostitution has never been illegal in canada, there is no grey area and its laws are similar to most of europe.

    as you correctly pointed out, bawdy houses (incalls) , and "living off the avails" are illegal (so agencies never sell sex only time).

    and public solicitation on the streets or in the lobby of a hotel is illegal. but nothing wrong with solicitation by phone, e-mail, websites,, newspaper ads etc.

    and you correctly point out enforcement varies.

    i had an interesting time a year ago detained by immigration at the victoria b.c. airport for 1.5 hours teaching them canadian laws since someone it seems falsely planted my name in the immigration records they thought i lived in fla searched my laptop and found all my candian sex links and boards on my laptop. it was interesting but no problem after i taught them canadian laws. story at

    but more related to different enforcement - in victoria b.c. all the major agencies have incalls. the police visit a few times a year to be sure everyone has an escort license ($200/yr as i recall ) and no one is ****d. they could care less about bawdy.

    in most of canada bawdy is not enforced unless their are neigborhood complaints or other real crime such as drugs or ****d workers.

    for a comprehensive review of canadian prostitutiton laws i offer:

    i also have made many trips to hamilton and niagara falls and return again in a few days for 12 days. will try and post reports here to see if some interest in these cities since looks quite dead other than reports from my good friend mr bill in the niagara falls section

    i have extensive reports from other trips at

    dave in phoenix
    promoting intimacy and positive consenting adult sexuality

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