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    Quote Originally Posted by HungryStud101  [View Original Post]
    I just want to say, thanks for the great reporting TP. I read them and I appreciate it.
    I agree too, all reports are well explained and in details. Great writing skills.

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    Kat at Diamonds

    After my nice afternoon session with Asian Coco I met up with a couple of friends for Diner & to plan one of our upcoming road trips. When I got back to my hotel I checked online to see who was around. I noticed Kat was booked on & after a quick call Dana set things up for me.

    Kat arrived at my Hotel and greeted me in a very friendly but in a nervous manner. We talked for a while then began kissing before settling on the bed. We did a lot of DFK as we massaged each others body. Kat then moved down to begin a BBBJ and BLS. After a few minutes Kat informed me that she had a couple of condoms in her purse whenever I was ready. I told her to hold off on them as I like a lot of foreplay and we were just getting started. Kat then moved up on top of me and we did more DFK as she rubbed her body against mine.

    I had Kat flip over on her back then I kissed and licked my way down her body and began DATY. While I started out soft and slow it was soon evident she likes it another way. Kat began moaning loudly then she began to bounce all over the place. At times she was squirming & moving her pelvis up & down quickly and at other times she lifted her ass a good 8-10" off the bed and pushed her wetness against my tongue. I got the message so I reached in and wrapped my arms around her thighs and went at her hard and fast. It was like trying to ride a bucking bronco. I let her have her fun then I moved up and we did more DFK.

    Next Kat moved down for more BBBJ for a while before she moved up and sat on me as she rubbed herself against me. Then Kat propped one leg up in sort of a squatting position. She then reached down and rubbed the head of my the Dick against her clit. She looked like she was in some sort of sexual frenzy and moaned softly as she used my Dick to rub one out. It was also getting to me so I told her it was time for the main event. Kat informed me that she only uses condoms to make sure there was no misunderstanding. I told her " no problem. Get your Purse".

    After suiting up Kat began CG and then I suggested Doggy. I stood on the floor at the side of the bed and she quickly moved into position telling me Doggy was her favorite. We both enjoyed that position for a while. It was getting close to the time so I had her flip over for some Mish so we could do more DFK as I popped.

    As there were only a few minutes left Kat quickly washed & we briefly talked while she dressed. As she was walking out the door Kat turned and said "Thank you for such a nice time" , then she clasped her hands together in front of her face bowing her head & saying " Thank You" again. Then she was gone and then I missed her.

    This session with Kat turned out to be more interesting than I thought it would. First of all from her photos on the site I thought she would be more of the glamorous type with a Dancers body. Kat looks more like the Soccer mom type with a tall soft slim body & is facially average. In fact the whole session seemed like picking up a Soccer mom who had a lot of built up sexual tension. She was visibly nervous at first but as soon as we started kissing the flood gates burst open and she was all over me. The only problem was that at my age I'm only a 1/2 HR guy (honestly more like 20 min. Lately). In hindsight I should have booked her for the hour so I could have at least enjoyed her company a while longer. She is at the top of my repeat list.

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    Asian Cat House #1-Coco once again

    Date: 1-21-19.

    Name: Coco.

    City: NF Canada Address: Off Lundys Lane near KFC.

    Appointment Type: Incall Duration of Encounter: 30 minutes.

    Activities: Kissing, BBBJ, DATY, 69, K9 , Mish BBBJCIMNSW.

    Age: 24 Ethnic Background: Asian.

    Smoking Status: I Couldn't Tell.

    Physical Description: Around 5 ft+ tall with average body & nice soft see cup tits. They looked too good to be real but they were so soft. I spent a lot of time on this visit massaging & sucking on them and they are real! Facially very cute.

    I sent a text to the # in the listing and asked what girls were working today. The reply was Joyce, Jennifer, & Coco. I texted back that I would see the new girl Joyce and headed to the house.

    At the house Coco answered the door and I told her I was there to see Joyce. Coco doesn't understand very much English so she called Jennifer to talk to me. Jennifer said "Joyce go back to China". I asked if there was another girl there and she told me wait as she went into one of the bedrooms. A few minutes later she came out with another girl who looked like she just woke up dressed in sexy black lingerie. She was a little heavier than Coco and not as pretty but she was interesting so I said OK. Jennifer led me to a different Bedroom and told me to wait. A few minutes later Jennifer came back in the room and said Selena no Fucky today just Sucky. I told her to forget it then and told her to send Coco in instead.

    Coco entered the room and we kissed and massaged each other for awhile before getting on the bed. Coco moved down and began a BBBJ as I massaged her big soft tits. After a few minutes she moved around and we did some 69. Her BBBJ was starting to get me close so I had her move up and I did DATY for a while. After Coco popped she reached for a condom but then noticed I was a little soft so she bent down and did more BBBJ while cupping my balls until I was up to full strength.

    Coco applied the condom and we did Doggy for some time as I reached under her to massage her big titties. I then had her turn over and I got on top of her so I could kiss her and suck on her tities as I fucked her. When I began to get close I stood at the edge of the bed and removed the condom. Coco moved over & she wiped my Dick with a wet wipe before taking it in her mouth. Just like my last time with her, she massaged my balls as she sucked my Dick. This time the BBBJ was even more intense with her mouth making loud slurping noises as she sucked away on my Dick until I popped. When My body stopped jerking Coco removed her mouth from around my Dick and spit into the waste basket. She then cleaned me with wet wipes and told me to wait while she left to brush her teeth. When she returned Coco gave me a nice long back massage.

    As with my two previous sessions with her I had a very nice time again and from her moans and dripping wet pussy it looks like she did also.

    Damage was 100 CND (about 70 USD) . On the way out I slipped her another 20 CND at the door. Just as I was leaving Jennifer came over and told me to come back tomorrow and Selena would be ready to Fuck then. I told maybe but I ended up seeing someone else instead.

    Recommendation: Yes.

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    I just want to say, thanks for the great reporting TP. I read them and I appreciate it.

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    Asian Cat House #2 - Kelly

    Saw this listing -

    At her incall Kelly was NOT the girl in the photos. Kelly had a similar body but only be cup tits not the the's as listed. Her face was sort of plain but her slender petite body looked good so I stayed.

    After the 120 donation we got on the bed and Kelly moved down for a BBBJ that got me up. Just barely. She used her hand and only took a few inches in her mouth and sucked with very little movement. I moved her over on her back and started to kiss her tits but she she started giggling and pushing my face away. I then moved down and tried to lick her pussy but she starting squirming. That's when I realized this was not going to be a GFE that I usually got at this house. I opened her thighs apart wider and I pushed my face in her pussy and licked her pussy fast and hard. She stopped squirming and I licked her clit until she became wet. Kelly then said " Sex Now " as she reached for a condom. I told her I wanted more BJ so knelt on the bed and she bent her head down to suck my dick. It started out OK with her massaging my balls but soon she just stopped moving her head & just sucked. I told her to put on the condom and to move over for doggy.

    As I moved behind her my Dick wasn't that hard yet and I had trouble getting it in her. Kelly reached back and guided me to her pussy as I tried to get inside her. After a few attempts with only the head of my dick in her I was beginning to think I wasn't going to get hard enough to fuck her. When my Dick finally pushed into her all the way I felt this wave of pleasure come over me. Her pussy was so warm and snug. It felt so good that I actually looked down to see if the condom had slipped off. It was still on and my Dick was now rock hard. I grabbed her hips & fucked her hard and fast. Kelly was now pushing back at me & saying " you fuck machine" over and over. As I started to get close I reached down to grab her titties but then SHIT I got a leg cramp. I tried to straighten my leg but it was so bad that I needed to jump off the bed and walk if off. Kelly thought I just wanted to do doggy differently so she scooted her body over so her Ass was hanging over the edge of the bed. I had managed to stop the cramp so I moved behind her and I began to fuck her fast & deep. Again her snug warm and now very wet pussy felt so good on my Dick. Kelly then began pushing back on me again but this time she reached back every once in a while to rub my balls. I wanted this feeling to last so I slowed down and pulled her hips tightly against me so my Dick went deep into her pussy. Kelly soon began grinding herself against me and she again reached back to massage my balls.

    I let Kelly have her fun then I had her move up on the bed on her back. As I moved over on top of her she quickly reached down and guided my Dick into her. I then lifted her legs up slightly & I fucked her with slow deep strokes. Kelly soon began to rub her hands up and down my back from my shoulders to my Ass as I fucked her. Her pussy felt so damn good and I was getting close & it seems so was Kelly. She lifted her legs up higher wrapping them around me and began rubbing my back very hard and fast. Kelly tried to grind her pussy into me but I like to take long slow deep stokes when I finish so I had to pull my hips away from her body some as I fucked her until I popped.

    As I remained on top of her filling the bag more with every twitch of my Dick Kelly wrapped her arms tightly around me. When I finally raised myself up slightly Kelly looked up at me and then she raised her hand up and gave me a thumbs up. She then asked me how old I was. I told her I didn't want to scare her and asked her how old she was. She replied 25 and then asked me how old I was again. When I told her she opened her eyes very wide said she didn't believe me. As I moved to get off of her I told her I didn't want to scare her & then I massaged one of her titties telling her "this is what keeps me young". Kelly then removed the condom and told me to wait there. She went to the bathroom & returned with a warm wash cloth to clean me up. When I started to get up to get dressed Kelly told me she wanted to give me a massage. I turned over and she covered my Ass with a blanket & gave me a nice back massage for close to 10 minutes. Not sure why she covered my Ass because she reached under the blanket to massage my Ass every once in a while.

    All in all this was a weird session. Kelly was a dead fish during the foreplay and her BBBJ was one of the worst I ever had. On the other hand her pussy felt so good and she was a really nice tap. I also enjoyed the massage. As good as the fucking was I don't think I will be seeing her again. While I was leaving she asked if I could come back to see her soon. I told her I was going away for the holidays. At the door I leaned in to give her a kiss but she only gave me a quick peck.

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    Asian Cat House #1-Coco Again

    City: NF Canada. On a side street Not far from the KFC on Lundy's Lane.

    Hair Length and Color: Dark shoulder length.

    Physical Description: Around 5 ft+ tall with average body & nice soft see cup tits. They looked too good to be real but they were so soft. I spent a lot of time on this visit massaging & sucking on them and they are real! Facially very cute. Age: She was really 24.

    I texted Yoyo for an early AM visit and was told she was available. When I got there Coco opened the door and told me Yoyo was not there. Then Coco said try me. She didn't recognize from the week before maybe because the place is dimly lit? I told her I really wanted to see Yoyo and she hugged my arm and again said try me. I did have a good time with her last week so I agreed.

    In the room turned on ceiling light telling Coco it was too dark. Then the I paid the 100 donation and we undressed & began kissing while standing. After a few minutes of kissing and massaging her Ass & soft titties I had Coco sit on the edge of the Bed and had her give me a BBBJ. As Coco sucked my Dick she lightly ran her fingers up across my balls. She did a really good job of sucking with lot of deep slurping suction. I let her suck me that way for quite a while and was close to popping but I wanted to fuck her so I had her move up on the bed.

    After more kissing I licked and sucked her big soft titties & rubbed her pussy. I then moved down and licked her pussy. Coco began to moan so I lifted one of her legs up by pushing on the back of her thighs to get better access to her meaty pussy. Then I used my tongue to part her labia and lick her clit. After a few minutes she was dripping but I was really enjoying eating her out so I continued. I then flicked her clit with the tip of my tongue and every so often I sucked on her pussy lips. Coco's body jerked upward every time I sucked her labia. After she popped I moved up and we kissed some more. I then massaged and sucked her tits as she rubbed my shoulders.

    Next Coco moved down and I enjoyed another BBBJ from her. When I was ready to go I had her apply a Durex and started some edge of the bed Doggy. Coco was soon moaning and pushing back against me so I grabbed & lifted her ankles to fuck her wheel Barrow style. Some times I would just lean back and stand still while I looked down to watch her fuck me. At other times I would grab her hips and fuck her fast & deep. Occasionally I would lean forward and reach down to play with big soft titties as I fucked her pussy at a downward angle. With Coco really into and making so much noise I was having a lot of fun and was close to popping when the doorbell rang. Coco pulled away and got up telling me wait and saying sorry as she went to answer the door. Normally I would be pissed but Coco's pussy felt so good so I looked at it as an opportunity to allow me to calm down so I could fuck her even longer.

    When Coco returned she again said sorry. I then asked her if I could finish in her mouth. She said yes and sat on the edge of the bed and reached over to remove the condom. While I did calm down some my Dick was still rock hard so I told her to wait and I gently pushed her on her back and reached down to pull her legs up and toward me. As I leaned in Coco guided my Dick into her pussy. Most girls usually lean their head back as I Fuck them this way but as I pushed my Dick deep into her pussy Coco Lifted her head up tucking her chin into her chest to watch my Dick going in and out of her pussy. I then leaned back a little lifting her legs even higher to give her a better view. That also gave me a better view of watching her pussy lips spreading open as I slowly & deeply pushed my Dick into her. I was able to Fuck her for quite a while this way.

    For reason Coco's pussy felt warmer and even more snug on my Dick as I remembered from fucking her the week before. With the combination of Coco making a lot of OHH OHH noises while watching her take my Dick into her pussy and her warm we pussy hugging my Dick I was almost there. I pulled my Dick out of her pussy and as Coco sat up I tried to pull the condom off but my fingers just slipped off. The condom was covered with a thick film of Coco's slippery cum. As I was trying to roll it off Coco grabbed some tissue and removed the condom. She then bent her head down and started to firmly suck my Dick. It felt so good but I wasn't ready to pop yet! Maybe I wasn't as close as I thought or maybe it was the time needed to remove the condom? It didn't really matter to Coco as she continued Sucking my Dick with a deep slurping firm suction. After a couple of minutes I felt things stirring so I reached down and placed my hands on her shoulders to steady myself. As wave after wave of ecstasy shot thru my Dick Coco never let up and she continued sucking firm & deep until she emptied my balls. When I finally pulled my Dick out of her mouth Coco then leaned over and spit into some tissue. That's not a problem for me as once it leaves my body I don't care where my cum goes, except for the time some girl spit in on my stomach.

    As I said in my other review of her, when you text the # in the listing ask what girls are available today to make sure Coco is the one that is actually there. There is someone else doing the texting. While I have seen Yoyo's listing for a few weeks I not even sure if there is even a Yoyo at all? Also PHOTOS ARE FAKE!

    Recommendation: Yes.

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    Asian Cat House #2

    Date: 11-20-19.

    Name: Shirley.

    Phone: 437-244-1917.

    Address: Not far from Tim Horton's on Stanley Ave.

    Age: She was actually 22 - Physical Description: Facially cute & attractive. About 5'3" with very toned tanned athletic body. Small A Cup tits with extremely long dark nipples that had to be about an inch long!!

    I saw a listing for a Malaysian named Monica and after a few texts I went to the address given which I had been to a few times previously. After ringing the bell I was let in by a cute petite girl who was not Malaysian. I asked her name and she replied ShueLee. She looked good so instead of asking for Monica I took the bird in hand and let her lead me to her room.

    In the room I gave her the 120 Canadian Donation and leaned in to kiss her. She turned her head. I told her the listing said kissing but she looked puzzled. As she took out her phone to show me the listing I remembered this was not Monica. I told her never mind and then quickly tried to change the subject by asking where she was from & how old she was. She didn't speak very much English so she took out her phone and motioned for me to speak into it. I repeated my questions & also asked what her name was again. She then read the translation & spoke into her phone. It said her name was Shirley and she was 22 yo from Taiwan.

    I undressed & Shirley motioned for me to get on the bed and she joined me. She began kissing my nipples as she massaged my Dick. I motioned for her to remove her clothes which she did. She had very little tits but her dark nipples hung down about an inch. Shirley went back to licking my nipples then she moved down to lick my balls & Dick with the tip of her tongue. After teasing me for a while she began to suck my Dick. She gave me a nice BBBJ with some ball licking every so often. I tried reaching in to massage her tits but I couldn't feel much.

    Next I pulled her up and motioned for her to move next to me. I kissed her neck and rubbed her pussy before moving down to suck on her nipples. As I sucked one in my mouth they stretched out even longer. Shirley began making moaning sounds so I moved down to lick her pussy. Soon she was moaning louder as my tongue was teasing her tiny clit. I licked and twirled my tongue on her clit until she juices began to flow.

    I moved up and told her I wanted to do doggy and she applied a condom.

    The bed was very low to the floor so I couldn't do any edge of the bed Doggy that I like so I moved behind her. I began Fucking her on a downward angle and she let out a series of very loud groans. Her pussy was so warm and tight that it wasn't long before I began to feel stirrings. I wanted the nice feeling of her snug pussy on my Dick to last longer so I reached down and pulled her hips up against me so I could get deeper. At the same time I slowed down just to grind into her pussy hard for a while. That helped me calm down some. Then I had her turn over so I could get on top. Again I tried to slow down but Shirley wasn't having any of that. She wrapped her arms around my back and began bucking her hips into me faster than I was fucking her. I only lasted a short time before I popped.

    Except for the no kissing it was fun fucking this Girl. I never asked about Monica so I don't know if there is another girl there or the listing was just a bait & switch. The person I texted knew English so I suspect there is a handler that books the calls.

    Recommendation: Yes.

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    Asian Cat House #1 - Coco


    Address: Not far from the KFC on Lundy's Lane. Duration of Encounter: 30 minutes.

    Activities: Lots of kissing, BBBJ, BLS, DATY, CG, Doggy, Mish.

    Hair Length and Color: Dark shoulder length.

    Age: Actually 24.

    Physical Description: Around 5 ft tall with average body & nice soft see cup tits. They looked too good to be real but they were so soft that I couldn't tell. Facially very cute.

    I saw a listing for Emily on LEO's list and after a few texts I headed to the address I know quite well. After ringing the bell the door was opened to let me in. Behind the door was someone I saw last year. At that time her name was Jennifer. She gave me a hug and wanted me to follow her to a room. I told her I was here for the other girl so she yelled out Coco and took me to Coco's room.

    Coco was cute facially and had a nice petite body on her. I paid the Donation and we began kissing for while. Coco then removed her clothes and I did the same. We got on the bed and we softly kissed while she massaged my Dick. I began to massage her big soft titties then I moved down to lick & suck on her nipples & massage her pussy. Coco began running her fingers thru my hair so I moved down to lick her pussy. As with most Asians she was not completely shaved so I lifted her legs up slightly so I could avoid getting a mouth full of hair while I ate her pussy. Coco began to make soft Oh Oh noises as I licked her pussy. After she became very wet I moved up and sucked on her big titties for awhile before I moved over on my back. Coco moved on top of me and began sucking my nipples while she massaged my Dick. Then she moved down and did a nice BBBJ & BLS until I was ready to go.

    Coco applied the cover and squatted over me before lowering herself slowly onto my Dick. She bounced up & down for a while but there wasn't enough movement so I told her I wanted to do Doggy at the edge of the bed. This time I remembered to remove my socks as on my last visit my stocking feet kept sliding on the laminate floor.

    I started slow until I heard Coco making more soft Oh Oh sounds then I fucked her hard & fast. When I was getting close I flipped her over so I could kiss her while I popped. The only problem was that she made a lot of Oh Oh sounds while I fucked her. Her soft moist lips were now hard and dry. I was thinking of getting up to give her a drink of the Ice Tea I had brought with me but I was past the point of no return so I just stayed put and popped. Even with the dry lips at the end this was a great GFE for me.

    I will Recommend Coco but I suggest you ask for Coco when you text. When I told Coco I had a session with Jennifer last year she said you mean Emilie? Last years Jennifer is now Emilie, which is the girl I originally texted. Also when I left I checked my texts and found this. Today 3 girls Coco and yoyo Emilie working. It seems someone else is handling the bookings for these girls??

    Lastly - photos in the listings are FAKE! You will NOT be getting the girl shown in the photos!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedNose1  [View Original Post]

    Good comms. $100 for 1/2 hour. By text they direct you to a private house about 1.5 miles from falls in a residential area. The house is all bedrooms. I think they all can be Happy or Anna depending upon who is free. Typical Asian house, shoes off, strip, wash dick. She strips, hat goes on, she answers phone 3 times, she answers door, CBJ fo 90 seconds, change hat, lube tunnel, squat on dick 1 minute, flip for mish. Overall a great value and super easy. Would repeat if I knew I would get a different girl.
    I must be lucky have been there several times only once had the rush rush answer phone thing happen. When I said no. My time she put down the phone and slowed it down.

    Once I went at it with an older lady actually fell asleep she woke me up and said time to go as another "client" showed up. Checking time I had been there for three hours almost on a Saturday night. 11 till 2. Sometimes you have to be a little assertive with the Asians to get good service. I have frequent flyer points there I think. LOL.

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    Redd in the Falls

    A few weeks ago I was looking for some early morning nookie when I came across her listing. Redd was just down the street so after a few quick texts I grabbed a shower & headed over to her Hotel.

    Redd was very friendly and outgoing so after a few minutes of chatting I slipped her the 120 CND donation (about 85 US) and we started with DFK. After a few minutes we headed to the bed where Redd sucked my dick & balls. It was Ok but nothing great. Then I licked her pussy & fingered her until she popped hard.

    After that some more DFK before she applied a cover we did doggy. Redd buried her face in the pillow so I grabbed her hips and fucked her hard & deep. Next I had her on her back holding one leg up to get in deeper as I fucked her. I was fucking her so hard and fast that her head was pushed into the pillow up against the headboard. Redd was making muffled sounds and she reached up to hold me. Even though I pushing her head into the headboard every time I pumped my Dick into her she wasn't complaining so I rode her hard & fast until I finally popped.

    Not a bad way to start the day.

    Phone: 905-321-6451.

    URL (Profile or Bio Page): /35886048/ Redd.

    City: NF Canada. Lundy's lane Hotel.

    Appointment Type: Incall - 30 minutes.

    Activities: DFK, BBBJ, Lots of DATY & Digits, Doggy & Mish.

    Age: 39.

    Smoking Status: I Couldn't Tell.

    Ethnic Background: White / Caucasian.

    Physical Description: MILF type East European with blue eyes. She has an average body. Pics in listing are accurate.

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    GFE Experiance

    Visited Joice 2nd time what a great find.

    Advertised on leolist she is half Chinese and half Japanese.

    It is usual house with few girls.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 20190928_151743.jpg‎   20190928_151747.jpg‎   20190928_1.jpg‎  

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    Temptations GFE expanded menu?

    Quote Originally Posted by BananaBoi  [View Original Post]
    Don't bother going to the Niagara Falls massage places. Those are pure tourist traps.

    If you're looking for more than dances in Niagara Falls, Temptations is a very reputable agency who have been around for some time.
    Visiting nest week ans would appreciate info on GFE ladies in Niagara.

    Thanks CM.

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    Happy & Anna

    Good comms. $100 for 1/2 hour. By text they direct you to a private house about 1.5 miles from falls in a residential area. The house is all bedrooms. I think they all can be Happy or Anna depending upon who is free. Typical Asian house, shoes off, strip, wash dick. She strips, hat goes on, she answers phone 3 times, she answers door, CBJ fo 90 seconds, change hat, lube tunnel, squat on dick 1 minute, flip for mish. Overall a great value and super easy. Would repeat if I knew I would get a different girl.

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    Advertises frequently. Does outcall for $200, shows up on time with good comms. Either great photographer or I'm blind, she is at least 50 pounds larger in real life. Claims to be a greek freek. No BJ because her jaw locks up. No CIM, NO CIF, NO RIM. Lots of drama and too much talking. Claims mish is hard due to position of her vagina, yeah, its under 50 pounds of gunt. This is a good one to skip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ali2014  [View Original Post]
    EHeading to Niagra next week and would like to check this place out. Can someone provide a phone# or address please?

    Can be found on leolist, the ladies change every few weeks and sometimes an app is needed (google translator works well). Don't go by the pics typical Asian ad.

    Always have a good to great time there and always get your moneys worth.

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