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    Pink massage, should not go during the winter

    Went to Pink a few days ago for a massage after dinner. 3 to choose and I choose Dallas. Leading to a room it was so cold. Was offer a shower, I did not want to take because it was cold and the facility looks bad. When Dallas apply the lotion, feels like freezing col. I lost interest and just want to leave after about 10 minutes although I paid 160 for the hour. Total wast.

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    Grace at Diamonds Escorts

    A while back Kasey (the owner of diamonds) warned me away from another girl I called to inquire about (she was not a GFE.) and suggested Grace would be more my type. Grace wasn't on that night so I had to wait until my next trip to the Falls to see her. Last week I was in the falls and Grace was booked on, so I went for it. Kasey was right.

    Grace and I hit it off immediately and I had a nice GFE session from start to end. We started with a lot of kissing and rolling around on the bed. Grace then moved down for some BBBJ for a while and then I switched over to DATY (which she told me later was the thing she liked best & it really got her going). From there it was more kissing while humping and rubbing again each other until I told her I couldn't wait any longer.

    Grace applied the cover and I had her move around for some K9 , (which she told me later was her second favorite thing after the DATY). I kinda figured that out at the time with her moaning and pushing back into me as I did her. We spent a long time doing Doggy with slight variations of angles, depth and speed. She made the most noise when I grabbed her ankles and did her hard & fast wheel barrel style. After she had her fun I switched to some edge of the bed Mish for awhile. Finally I had her move up on the bed for Mish so I could hold her body next to mine as I popped.

    There are no pics of Grace on Diamonds site so I am not going to describe her appearance in detail. This best I'm going to do is tell you she is a cute horny little Soccer Mom who likes to have a good time. Kinda like me, except for the short Soccer Mom Type.

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    Grace from Diamond

    Had a great meeting with Grace. This board provides good information for newbies here. Was in Niagara fall recently for a few days. After disappointed visit with Allure massage, Called diamond and Grace was available for incall. Set up time with Grace was easy. Got to the hotel on time and go to the room as instructed. Knock the door, the door immediately open and was greeted by Grace with a worm huge and genuine kiss feels like a true girl friend. Paid first and was offered a shower. As I just had a shower before the meeting, we move to the bed and starting another round of the kiss while Grace starting to take off the clothes. When we get naked, Grace immediately goes down to give me a BBBJ when I was standing by the bed. As Grace knew I liked the BBBJ, She gave me a long time of BBBJ for may be 15 to 20 minutes until I nearly blowout. We finished in mish shortly.

    I did gave Grace a good tip as I am very happy with her services.



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    Octavia at Diamonds

    While in the Falls a little over a week ago I found the lineup at the agencies to be lacking. It was only late afternoon so I was told to check back later. I headed out to grab a bite to eat and then spent a few hours at a local Stripclub. Returning to my hotel I checked the agencies sites and noticed Octavia booked on. Octavia had peaked my interest when she first started out but since then there were two reviews for her, one good and one very bad! The good review was by someone I know personally so I decided to take a chance.

    Octavia arrived early and after hugs and kisses we chatted about the game plan. Octavia informed she was up for almost anything except for any very rough play like me choking her! I told her I didn't do that. After chatting some more for a while we undressed and settled on the bed and began kissing. Octavia then moved down for a BBBJ which was OK but nothing special. I decided to get her into the mood so I had Octavia move up and we kissed again for a while before I explored her body with my lips. She became responsive when I reached her nipples so reached down and started digits which made her moan more. I then moved down for DATY and after letting her have her fun I requested 69. Her BBBJ was much better and she mixed it up with some egg sucking this time. During DATY I threw in some Ass Play which she seemed to enjoy. I just barely got a finger in her tight butthole.

    Octavia then applied a cover and began CG. After a few minutes I wasn't really feeling it so I suggested some edge of the bed Doggy. Octavia soon began to moan loudly but while she was tight enough, again I wasn't feeling much at all. I looked down and noticed the cover stretched very tightly over my the*ck. When I tried loosening it up Octavia turned her head around to see what was going on. I asked her if I could replace it with another one I brought with me. She said OK. I then returned to Doggy and everything was as it should be. Octavia again started moaning loudly and we spent a great deal of time doing different variations of Doggy. Sometimes I grabbed her ankles and did a wheel barrel technique and other times I just held on to her hips and went at her fast and deep. When Octavia got close she started going at me like a bucking bronco. She was going faster than I was so I just stood still and let her control the action. When she quieted down I had her move up on the bed and began Mish. Octavia had given many options for my finish but her warm P*ssy felt so good that I just stayed put and popped.

    We kissed a little more before Octavia got out of the bed to wash up. It was then she noticed the clock and she said " Wow. I can't believe the 1/2 HR went by that fast ". We then quickly washed up and dressed just in the nick of time before the driver arrived. Overall I had a real nice time with Octavia. At 5 foot and 105 lbs she is indeed a tiny petite spinner. We seemed to hit it off with each other and as we were washing she told me the Doggy was her Favorite. As I said earlier she has few restrictions & after Doggy Octavia gave me a few options for my finish which included COF, COB, CIM, and Greek. She also added there would be NO up-sell charge, including the Greek for any of those. I'm not sure if that applies to everyone but if you treat her right I imagine that would be the case. Best to ask her to be sure. I'm usually a 1/2 HR guy but as I'm writing this I think I probably should have extended for the hour, especially with all of her other options to explore. I'll just have to wait until next time to see how tight her butt hole is around my Cock.

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    Selene at Diamonds Escorts

    A few weeks back I booked a "new girl" on Diamonds site named Selene. When Selene arrived I introduced myself and she extended her hand for me to shake. Instead of shaking her hand I gave her a hug but when I leaned in for a kiss she turned her face sideways. I decided we needed to have the "talk" before things went further. I politely asked her what her restrictions were telling her I didn't want any awkward moments later on. Selene looked at me and said " OK. Here's what we are going to do. You are going to give me the money first and then we can talk about the service" I told her that wasn't going to happen. She then got a little huffy and raised her voice saying " I don't do Bareback and no Greek" . I told her I wasn't looking for either of those and informed her that I was looking for a GFE that included kissing, DATY, & BBBJ along with covered sex. Selene said that would be fine. I handed her the 160 CND for a 1/2 HR and she went to the washroom to freshen up.

    When Selene returned to the room I hugged her and again leaned in for a soft kiss. She then stuck her tongue in my mouth. We got on the bed and she began a BBBJ. After a few minutes I moved her over for some DATY and digit which got her going. Things were going nicely but I needed some more attention so I asked her if we can do some 69. She informed she doesn't do 69. After an awkward pause of us staring at each other I told her this was the reason I asked up front. She said "sorry". I then informed her that she needed to do more BBBJ to get me ready, which she did.

    Selene applied the cover and we did some CG before moving onto some edge of the bed Doggy. She soon began making grunting sounds so I grabbed her hips and went deeper and faster. Selene was now making loud grunts and she reached in with her hand to help herself out. The problem was that Selene has long pointy finger nails which were now jabbing my balls. I pulled back slightly and didn't go as deep. At first it was fine but then she began began rubbing her self harder & faster and the jabbing started again. I didn't want to break the mood so I had her move up on the bed for Mish, before she castrated me.

    Mish was a lot better and after a few minutes Selene wrapped her legs around me. I then reached down and lifted one of her legs up slightly for deeper entry. She must have liked that also because she soon reached down and pulled her leg up even farther up and at the same time turned her body to allow me to go deeper. My be*lls were now slapping her Ass but no fingernails this time to kill the mood. We did Mish for a few more minutes until I popped.

    After washing up we talked for a short time until the driver arrived. This time our conversation was a little more civil and we even joked around some. Selene told me that she used to work for Diamond years ago and attended the parties but we didn't remember meeting each other. I'm thinking it might have been before I started this hobby in 2005. Overall things turned out Ok even after our rough start. I figure she didn't know me and I didn't know her so we were both somewhat cautious at first. Her bio is mostly accurate on the site but after doing the math I think she fudged a little on the age thing??

    She did everything I asked but it just a fuckfest! No real connection. I can get that cheaper from an Indy. I won't be seeing her again.

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    LeoList Asians in NF

    Hair Length and Color: Black hair shoulder length.

    Age: 31. Ethnic Background: Asian.

    Physical Description: Photos in the listing are fake as hell but she is probably the best looking Asian I have seen with a very nice body.

    Height: 5'4 ". Weight: 120 lbs.

    Very nice firm either large be's or small see's & She was actually shaved.

    I was looking for a cheap 1/2 HR call to take the edge off before going to a strip club. (Same price as a 5 song lap dance at the club).

    I texted "Jessica" and was given the incall house address. When I arrived the door was opened with the girl behind the door telling me to come in. I walked in and the door was closed behind me. That is when I turned and saw a cute asian girl with a very hot slender body. I asked her name and she said it was Coco. I had texted a Jessica but I just kept my mouth shut and followed her to her room in the back. The room was lit with a small dim lamp and I told Coco I couldn't see anything until my dark transition eyeglasses lighted up. She turned on the ceiling light.

    I paid the fee and we undressed. After a few light kisses she told me to get on the bed and began a nice BBBJ. I always seem to get great BJ's from Asians. After a few minutes I had her move around for some 69 so I could lick her pussy while she sucked my dick. After getting me hard as a rock her phone rang and Coco sat up while answering it. This allowed me to jamb my tongue far up in her sweet tasting pussy while she talked on the phone for about a minute. Coco then reached down and applied a condom. I told her I wanted to do Doggy on the edge of the bed first so we got off the bed & moved into position.

    Coco's warm wet pussy was snug around my dick as I held onto her ass and pulled her pussy over my dick over & over. She was soon grabbing the sheets and making those cute wimpering sounds as I fucked her. Next I had her move up and I got on top for Mish. Most Asians usually apply some lube for sex but her pussy was so warm and dripping that I had no problem gliding right in. I took turns kissing her lips and her nipples as I slowly fucked her. Normally I like it hard & fast but I wanted to take my time & savor her warm wet pussy hugging my dick. I only lasted a few more minutes before I popped.

    I rolled off her and stayed on the bed to catch my breath as Coco left to wash up. When she returned she cleaned me up. I was ready to leave but she told me to lie back and relax while she massaged me. I enjoyed the 5 minute massage.

    I will recommend Coco but be warned there are other girls working in the house sometimes and you may have to make sure you are getting coco. I went back a few weeks later but only one girl was working and it was not Coco. I asked her about Coco and was told she was not there that day. The girl was named Jennifer and while not as hot as Coco she had a nice body so I stayed for the Matinee. That story to follow sometime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AzureDrake  [View Original Post]
    Hi TP,

    Thanks for your input.

    Do you know anything about Nicole or Brandy? Both seem interesting but esp with Brandy it's hard to know if she's a GFE type.
    Nicole was let go from Diamonds because of giving bad service more than a few times. She is now with Temptations.

    Not sure about Brandy.

    Top GFE at Diamonds is Jewel. Megan at Temptations is another GFE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AzureDrake  [View Original Post]
    6. 12.2018.
    And now for a question. What kind of experience you have on sites like Xfinder? Esp looking at this gal

    No reviews but I guess no bad reviews either. Do you tend to stick with agencies or how is the independent marker around here?
    Tried messaging the girl behind the link. Got a message saying the usual, horny girl wanting to fulfill all my dreams. Yada yada. Didn't address any of my question but mentioned wanting to verify me. OK, I guess that's reasonable. Seeing if she's independent worker.

    Name, password, email. OK. Credit card information. Woa there gal. If your alarms aren't ringing at this point, you deserve to be scammed. I really should've seen it already from the generic message I got, but hey. I backed down early enough.

    Sooooo, I guess the independent marker is a no no. Going to stick with the agencies.

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    Actually I have been playing the leolist roulette wheel a lot lately.

    Last Agency lady I saw was Dawn from diamonds she was a lot of fun.

    Would recommend her.

    Whenever I see an agency lady and their phone sounds off more than once I ask them to silence it way too annoying. Same with indies they usually comply.

    My experience with the phone sounding off more than once is that they have someone doing it to rush or interfere with our time and of course the agency is sometimes trying to let them know they are booked back to back which happens way too much. Expected from the indies but agencies very uncool of them.

    Will say that both the local agencies diamonds and temptations do both pay attention to the services we get so if you ever do run into a problem with the Lady let them know and they will offer to make it up somehow.

    Also want to mention Nicole might not be a good one to see right now she just jumped ship to another agency after a bad review got back to Diamonds mngmnt.

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    6. 12.2018.

    Saw Lauren. The one mentioned few posts back. DiamondEscorts is easy enough to set up. Rang them after work and asked for Lauren. They said to call back in a few cause I have long distance number. Sure thing. Set up the time, no verification calls or anything. I guess they don't have that kind of problem here that clients aren't where they ordered them to be.

    Got a knock five minutes before and see Lauren. In this case I think I can use the word "lithe". Her height really makes her seem so. Friendly gal, down to earth. We chatted some to relax a little. Didn't really set the limits, just talked about stuff. Did a decent BBBJ and bit of deepthroat when I encouraged her a little. Not too bad.

    Took one hour but popped around 45 minutes. That was my bad. Lauren seemed to enjoy it, didn't find any limits with kissing, fingering or DATY. A real GFE.

    Would recommend. Just that her driver kept sending her messages and she had this annoying rap song as message sound. My only complaint.

    And now for a question. What kind of experience you have on sites like Xfinder? Esp looking at this gal

    No reviews but I guess no bad reviews either. Do you tend to stick with agencies or how is the independent marker around here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AzureDrake  [View Original Post]
    Hi TP,

    Thanks for your input.

    Do you know anything about Nicole or Brandy? Both seem interesting but esp with Brandy it's hard to know if she's a GFE type.
    Can't help with Brandy but have seen Nicole, my experience was a bit of chit chat first, she asks what you are looking for and lets you know her limits probably if you let her. I got infatuated with her slenderness and just did a DATY session while she played slap and tickle with my meat near the end I had her pop on the safe and did straight up missionary very snug and welcoming kitty. Pretty sure she did mention only CBJ while I was munching didn't pay much attention to her chatting while I was eating. LOL.

    Would recommend her.

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    Hi TP,

    Thanks for your input.

    Do you know anything about Nicole or Brandy? Both seem interesting but esp with Brandy it's hard to know if she's a GFE type.

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    Svetlana. One Weird HOT BABE

    Date: 11-22-18.

    Name: Svetlana.

    Phone: see site.

    Email Address: see site.

    URL / Website:

    City: NF Just 5 Min from the US Border.

    Address: Lundys Lane.

    Hair Length and Color: Platinum blonde She had it up.

    Age: 25.

    Smoking Status: I Couldn't Tell.

    Ethnic Background: White / Caucasian.

    Physical Description: 5' 8" , 119 lbs, 34 DD x 24 x 32 , green eyes. Very facially attractive. She told she was Slovenian, Very hot sexy body.

    The Rest of the Story: I had heard from a friend and read elsewhere that Svetlana wasn't a GFE but I figured her with her body & face it was worth a chance! Also it was reported that she only goes one round in the ring so I went for the the 1/2 HR.

    Svetlana arrived early and I gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek (she turned her head when I leaned in). She then headed to the washroom for quite a while before emerging wearing a string Bikini. Svetlana told me to get on the bed and then she proceeded to turn off the power strip for the TV, Fridge, & Micro. She then turned off the wall heater and almost all the lights in the room. I stopped her as she was about to turn off the last light on the wall sconce telling her I wasn't about to do this in complete darkness. She said fine and removed her hand from the switch.

    Svetlana walked over to the bed and sat on my pelvic area. She then began to rub against my Dick for a short time before removing her top. I reached up and put my hands on her large Tits, Svetlana then put her hands on top of mine and slowly pulled my hands down to her waist. Her scratchy bikini bottom wasn't doing doing anything for me so after a minute she removed her bottom. When I started to get hard I began to get a little concerned that her motion might cause an early connection but then she reached down and positioned my Dick so she could rub her pussy back and forth along my length.

    Svetlana then moved down and teased me by lightly scrapping the head of my Dick with her teeth as she looked up at me. She then opened her mouth to take me in further but she held my Dick between her teeth making a mock biting motion & letting out a laugh as she looked up at me. For the next 30 seconds she did a toothy BBBJ mainly on the head of my Dick. Svetlana then sat up saying it was getting cold. She went to the back wall and turned on the heater and made a quick stop in the washroom before returning. I suggested some 69 and she agreed. She began to get into bed but then she turned and went over to turn out the last wall light. There was a faint light in the room from the washroom light so I didn't object this time. Svetlana Began a much better BBBJ as I licked her pussy, for about 30 seconds before she reached back and began to rub her Pussy in a wiping motion for about 30 seconds. Then she began to rub her butt hole in the same motion again for about 30 seconds. I then did DATY but a short time later she moved off of me and again began the toothy BJ.

    I decided to go for the main event and Svetlna applied the cover. She then began CG and soon she was softly moaning as she moved herself up and down on my Dick. I reached back and held onto her firm Ass. Svetlana was really getting into it so I decided to try for the Tits again. This time she quickly grabbed the sides of my hands and began to rub her Tits hard. With her hands in the way I wasn't feeling very much but Svetlana was now making grunting noises as she sped up the pace. I then told her I wanted to do doggy and she moved to the side of the bed while I stood on the floor. It was then that I noticed Svetlana didn't do a very good job putting on the cover. It was less than 2" down. I quickly rolled it down more and moved in to position behind Svetlana. When I entered her hot wet pussy Svetlana let out a moan. I grabbed her hips and pulled her onto me over and over. Svetlana starting making more of her small grunting noises so I held onto her Ass and went at her hard & Fast. She let go of the sheets and put her face down on the bed and at the same time reached back to give herself a little help with her fingers. Everything was going great and then she starting doing weird stuff!

    Svetlana began to turn sideways and she reached in and held my the*ck between her thumb & fingers as I thrust in and out of her. Not really wanting a finger job I suggested we do some Mish and she moved up on the bed and I got on top of her. The Mish felt great and Svetlana was now making more grunting moans but then she reached in and started her holding my Dick again. I told her lets go back to Doggy but after a minute or so she started squirming and then she moved off of me and took out her phone as she knelt upright on the bed. Svetlana then asked me if I wanted to extend to the hour. I looked at my watch and informed we had 8 min. Left. She again asked me if I wanted to extend to the hour. At this point I didn't yell but I sternly said to her in a raised voice " IF YOU WOULD JUST STOP MESSING AROUND AND LET ME FUCK YOU I WOULD BE ABLE TO CUM! " Svetlana quietly said alright and I had her move over for Mish. This time when her grunting started she kept her hands to herself and I had a very nice time Fucking a hot babe with a warm & wet pussy snugly wrapped around my Dick.

    We washed up together and in the light I finally got to see what a great body she has. Svetlana took a long time washing up and I know we went over the time but it didn't seem to bother her. After we dressed I was walking her to the door when Svetlana turned and said in her sexy accent " you give me feedback" . I looked at her and said "WHAT?" . She repeated herself. I then replied " I don't know about that " then I glanced over at the bed then back toward her and continued " it wasn't that great!" Svetlana quickly replied " OH it's only the first time for us" I so badly wanted to tell her. THE FIRST AND LAST! But I clenched my jaw and just smiled at her as I opened the door for her to leave.

    After she left I was a little pissed off not because of the weird stuff that went down but I kept thinking how good it felt the first time around with doggy and the last time with Mish. I wanted more of that! I really don't regret seeing her but I don't think I could put up with that crap again! If you are looking to do a very attractive babe with a hot body but don't mind the wacky antics on her part then she's the one for you.

    I'm giving her a Recommended just for how fucking hot she is.
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    Christina. Diamonds Escorts Guest

    I was meeting some of the gang for Pizza & Wings Tuesday evening and had a few hours to kill after checking in my hotel in the falls. The Diamond's site showed 3 girls on, one I had seen previously and wasn't interested in seeing again along with 2 other girls that didn't appeal to me either. Two of my favorite sweethearts, Jewel & Dawn were coming on later but the timing didn't work for me. Then Svetlana's name popped up on the site. I called Kasey but she said Svetlana couldn't make it to me on time. I asked about the guest and Kasey said she was a 20 YO named Christina that has been with Diamonds for a couple of years. I couldn't recall ever hearing about her before. It would be a tight squeeze but she was able to make it to on time for a 1/2 HR call. I told Kasey to send her over. After I hung up the phone I realized I in my hast I never asked any other details about her.

    Twenty minutes later there was a knock of my door. I took a deep breath and opened the door. There stood a very cute petite hard bodied 20 YO GND type with a big smile on her face. Not sure whose smile was bigger, her's or Mine! After a few introductory hugs & kisses we discussed her restrictions, no Greek & No CIM. We were good to go. I asked her why I hadn't heard of her before. She replied she is a student and wants to keep a low profile so she only books on as a guest.

    After a quick trip to freshen up she returned and we began with soft passionate kissing for awhile before settling on the bed. A lot more kissing and fondling ensued. When I began licking her shaved pussy Christina became very responsive. She is a moaner! We then did some 69 for a while and her oral skills proved to be a double treat for me. I heard her say a few times " that feels so good" . I thought the same thing but didn't say anything about it out loud. She then applied the condom or attempted to. In her haste she put it on backwards. I helped her out and we were ready to go. We had a little difficulty getting started as she is a bit snug but she finally guided me in.

    Her CG was OK. She kept moving around trying to get the right angle and motion. I suggested we switch to some standing Doggy near the edge of the bed. Again a connection problem but a little lube soon got things going. After a while she began a few soft moans & leaned over onto the bed. She then slowly raised one knee onto the edge of the bed and then the other, with me all the while continuing to fuck her Doggy style. Next I had her turn over for edge of the bed Mish and then later I had her move up on the bed for regular Mish so we can kiss during the finish. It appears that happened together unless she decided to do her Kegels just then! We stayed together and kissed for a while.

    We cleaned up together and then talked more as we dressed. Christina is very bubbly and outgoing and laughed a lot during our conversation. Our time was soon ending but when she went to get her bag on the bed she noticed she forgot something. Her sexy black under garments were on top of her bag. She quickly undressed allowing me one last look at her fair skinned sexy petite hard body before putting all her clothes back on just in time to meet the driver. I soon left myself and met up with the guys.
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    Lauren from Diamonds Escorts

    URL / Website:

    City: NF Canada -JUST 5 min from the border.

    Hair Length and Color: Thick wavy red hair down past her shoulders.

    Age: 24.

    Smoking Status: Smoker.

    Ethnic Background: White / Caucasian.

    Physical Description: Tall thin girl with a solid tight hard body. Girl next door type.

    Height 5'-7".

    Weight: 115.

    Measurements: 32 B-24-31 with eraser tip nipples.

    Hair: Dark Red.

    Eyes: Hazel.

    Ethnicity: Caucasian.

    Breasts: Natural.

    Tattoos: Some.

    Piercings: None.

    The Rest of the Story: I was told Lauren just returned to the agency after a 5 yr break and that she was a little shy when I booked her. When she arrived I gave her a hug & a light kiss and talked to her for a few minutes to get her to relax. We kissed some more and when she put her arms tightly around me I suggested we get undressed and take to the bed.

    We kissed for a while then I moved my hand between her legs & at the same time I started to lightly lick & suck on her tits. Lauren let out a moan & her nipples became hard and very erect. At the same time she started rubbing her pussy against my hand. I moved down and began DATY. Lauren has very large labia so I alternated between licking and sucking on her meaty lips. She moaned and her body jerked every time my tongue hit her spot. I let her have her fun then I asked for a BJ. Lauren moved down and did a so so BJ at 1st. I say so so because she held on to my dick half way up. After a few minutes though she moved her hand and started to suck deeper. We did some 69 after that and then I asked for the cover.

    Lauren jumped on for CG and sank all the way down as I leaned up to suck on her hard eraser tip nipples some more. She started moaning again so I grabbed her petite ass and tried moving in & out of her but she is a grinder. Her pushing down hard gave me little movement which in turn wasn't doing much for me. I suggested doggy & had her move to the edge of the bed as I stood on the floor. With her long legs this position allowed the right elevation for a good connection. Lauren reached out and grabbed the sheets at first but then she just put put her head down on the bed. Her long dark red hair was spread out covering her face and muffling the moans coming from her. On my end I was getting a nice view of her meaty lips holding onto my dick on the out stokes. She was a very snug fit so it also felt good.

    I wanted to see her face as I fucked her so I had her turn over on her back and pressed her long legs down against her body as I moved my dick in & out with long strokes. Sounded good in my head but with the upwards angle of her pussy caused by her long legs raised up against her body along with me taking too long of a stroke at times caused me to pop out too many times. I had her move up on the bed for Mish and got on top of her. After a few minutes Lauren raised her legs and began pushing back against my dick as I pushed into her. When she started pushing harder and even faster than I was pumping I knew she was close. I reached down lifting her legs more and held onto her ass as I pushed in deeper and went at hard and fast. She popped but it took me a minute longer to get there. We kissed some more as I was still inside her.

    Overall I had a nice time with Lauren. It was just light kissing but that was my choice as I told her I didn't want DFK. She told me she was up for anything except BBBFS & Greek.

    Recommendation: Yes.
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