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    There are currently two Gold threads. I started this one when there was no other, but subsequently Admin renamed the Haus Panthera thread as Acapulco Gold. It would seem sensible to use that thread from now on, and effectively to close this thread.


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    I never tip, my tip is to repeat, girls don't upsell me, I think I don't have the face nor manners for, but I prefer to pay more expensive for real beauties, rather than 40 or 50 for a GND. I don't mind to pay 280 CHF for a top beauty who makes me dream and kiss me like for a honeymoon. I prefer to have only one high level room, than some average. I really like to feel desire as soon I see a girl on first sight. I think I will keep on enjoying Globe casting, where I can dream at the moment.

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    I visited the club again in December and February. Still the same, they did some nice renovation works but the food stays acapulco style, so not really good.

    Two girls: Dea, small Romanian girl, very pretty face but some pregnancy marks. The first time was good, she was fresh and enthusiastic. The service was good, not the better I had but she wanted to please. No problem for DFK. Second time she was more professional in a bad way and I had the bad feeling she was trying to scam me. Actually she tried to upsell a good friend of mine and I read on German forums that some morons were happily paying her imaginary extras and tipping her. Good example of a girl who was spoilt by ball-less customers. Kind of guys who go in a budget club with a Porsche and say: wow it's so cheap, I can pay a little more and ruin everything for the poor guy who has to spent every penny to be able to come from time to time. Hey guys, go to Switzerland and let me my nice Romanian girls.

    Vicky, has been in the job for more than 10 years in LR, Globe in Zurich. She must be in her late 30's now. Her face is a little tired sometimes but she has a model body. Tall, slim, long legs, nice boobs. Good service, no cheating with time and money, very recommended.

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    Polyamorist Yes, several girls were circulating but they weren't on my possible list, so you are right that several girls were up and down the corridors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Optimist  [View Original Post]
    I preferred the layout to Living Room in that it was more possible to circulate, but the club had a more static feel as most girls were static on their own couches leaving very few options for male guests (much like a red carpet club).
    Not quite true. I was seduced by Franceska and Shila in the corridor at different times. Yes, the black girls here make a welcome change from the Romanians and they are full of beans. More nationalities must be encouraged.

    Didn't notice what you said about "associates" showing up, but horrible if true.

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    Exploratory Visit

    I went today from about 17.00 to 19.30 and was pleasantly surprised.

    Entry of 30 was good, but the food was not. . There seemed only to be one serving, and when it was gone, that was it. I missed it and had to leave from hunger. And what sort of establishment serves white sliced bread!.

    I preferred the layout to Living Room in that it was more possible to circulate, but the club had a more static feel as most girls were static on their own couches leaving very few options for male guests (much like a red carpet club). The roof terrace was a nice addition. The condition of the premises was generally very good.

    The lineup was better than expected, with maybe six slim pretty girls. However many girls were late 20 or 30's and not pretty at all (normally I prefer girls in their 30's) and most were overweight (which many guests prefer).

    About thirty five girls which was a surprise for a Thursday afternoon. About twenty male guests, plus two who appeared to be "associates" of a couple of girls. The usual fat with a smug vibe from them.

    Several girls were frequently hunting in the kino.

    I left without zimmering (as I had an appointment elsewhere), but will go back again probably to try some of my choices as for me, they were above the choices for me at LR and GT.

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    No, LR lineup is better.

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    Going to visit Friday

    This place is close to my hotel in Dusseldorf.

    A poster said this place has as good a line up as LR, is that true?

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    Acapulco Gold, Robert Zapp Strasse, Ratingen

    This building was formerly Haus Panthers, and discussion of Gold up to now has been under that thread.

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