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    Review - Devyn @ Select Company

    It would be fittingly familiar if snow was to fall just before New Year's Eve. The absent winter coat of snow leaves Toronto waiting and waiting and waiting. We have had a rather warm season so far, and I must admit I am not looking forward to it getting any colder then it is already. A fine year of hobbying is now almost over. So as a present to you all, I decided to TOFTT one last time for 2006.

    Lea suggested Devyn to me, and I did not question her choice. I had plans for the evening so I only booked for 2 hours. Devyn arrived dressed pretty casually. She is a robust young women that is slightly bigger then her stats suggest on the site. Not fat by any means, but certainly not slim. Her light complextion is highlighted by her big brown eyes, and warm smile. Devyn is pretty new to the industry, but certainly knows what she is doing once you get things started. She is not the type to initiate, but once comfortable, Devyn knows her way around the bedroom. She enjoys a good conversation and has a great sense of humor. This Toronto native enjoys what she is doing, and welcomes a straightforward session with not one minute of discomfort. She is modest about her massage skills, but I highly suggest a little sensual touching. She offers everything for a true GFE (DFK, BBBJ, DATY, DIGITS, FS). I am going to keep this review short, because I am on my way out. I recommend this young lady to those that enjoy a down to earth chocolate treat. Keep in mind she has only been in the industry for a few weeks, so excuse any rookie misconceptions. Hope you enjoyed the review, and as always happy hunting!!

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    Review - Miranda @ Select Company

    with the inevitable cold finally upon us, the temperature dial on the hvac finally moved into the red area. the steady murmur of the vents provided an envelope of warmth as i sat on the sofa overlooking downtown toronto. i was caught in the bedroom while changing a skipping cd and sunddenly paused to hear for that distant familiar knock. i scurried to the door and peered through the peep hole only to find that my present for the evening was a little bit early. i quickly opened the door letting miranda slip in with an innocent expression only to once again say under my breath, "thank you lea."

    while hanging her coat up in the closet, i silently made reference to the sofa gesturing for her to have a seat. i made the call into the agency notifying lea that i would like to extend the date to the previously agreed upon amount and duration. lea was charming as usual and made me smile while i was looking right at miranda. i passed her the phone and business was taken care of along with a quick flick to vibrate only to ensure we wouldn't be bothered during our session.

    miranda is a young bubbley brunnette who is pretty new to the business and is still in awe of her nightly adventures in what we like to call our hobby. conversation with miranda is light hearted and fun. she loves to learn, and absorbs pretty much everything you tell her. she certainly knows how to enjoy my sometimes sarcastic humour, but also appreciates a serious complex discussion on anything from social behaviour to personal life anecdotes. the pictures of miranda are pretty accurate. they do not however, accentuate her sun kissed natural tan, i mean this girl has flawless skin. not only is her tan natural, but she boasts a very nice bust along with a cute face. she is not slim, but very tonned and certainly knows how to use her curves, especially in the way she dresses. with only a few more visits to her orthodontist, miranda's vibrant smile is only a reminder of how young and sweet she really is. as we gravitated toward each other on the bed, subtle flirting turned into passionate teasing. something about her just makes you want to go gentle and take it slow, perhaps to enjoy instead of rush, or maybe that's just me. lol

    as we drowned in the sea of blankets and melted to the words of some brazilian jazz, i chalked this session as another well selected true girl friend experience (dfk, daty, digits, bbbj, fs). massages were also exchanged, but that is only good for the multiple hour bookers. i highly recommend miranda, and can't wait to repeat. hope you enjoyed the review, and as always happy hunting!!

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    Zanzibar never really agreed to me. Tried it on different occasions and never was able to have a good time. While the ladies were nice and friendly, the surcharge to go up the stairs (for dances) and the Bouncer being very present (so no touchy feely possible) ruined the experience.

    Brassrail was much better. Hahaha. My god the memories in this place. Best time was in the afternoons, some kinky ladies and only 1 bouncer at the door.

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    Oh Dear

    Brass Rail - Zanzibar !!!!

    Now that takes me back to my youth - it has been a long time.

    Took a stroll up Yonge a few months back when on a visit.

    Seeing both I was tempted to stop in for old times sake but didn't as I wasn't in the mood for serious shots and beers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Play1k
    1st time at toronto.
    Hi, can I know any good club/pub at downtown toronto
    There is also the old standby "Zanzibar" on Youge south of College. You might like it although it can be hit or miss and they do cater to tourists. Getting take-out there is doable but you probably have to drop a lot of coin. Unfortunately, the best clubs are on the outskirts of the city. Have a good trip!

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    strip club, wonder whether the customers could take a girl from toronto's strip club ? how is the market rate ?


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    Downtown Toronto

    Not sure of any swingers place in Toronto.

    I assume that by "Downtown" you refer to younge Street between King and Bloor?

    I used to like the Brassrail Tavern (strip club) very much in the past but that was before the new Smoking By LAw changed the whole club around.

    Haven't been to Toronto since 2000 so maybe things have Changed since then.

    I also used to love that seedy place @ Yonge & Eglinton called "Cheaters" is it still open?

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    1st time at toronto.

    Hi, can I know any good club/pub at downtown toronto , or any swinger place ?


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    A while back I was looking to book with Liane ( I think her name and Website has changed). Unfortunately she was booked, however she suggested Haley

    I E-mailed Haley and got a response back with in 12 hours. We exchanged info, and agreed to a Sauga Hotel.

    She called about one hour before to confirm and I asked her if we could push it back an hour as the plane was late coming in and wanted to grab a bite to eat. Haley was cool about it in fact I think she also was running a bit late.

    When she did arrive she was on time and called again to let me know she would be at my door in 10 min. When I opened the door I was very surprised because her web site pic’s really don’t do her any favors in fact I find the website to be a bit bothersome to navigate. Not to mention who ever took the pics used a shitty cam or maybe they wanted the pics to look like that?

    Haley was taller then I would have thought maybe 5”7 and was tiny just as I expected 110lbs. We did the transaction, and I poured a glass of red wine. We talked for about 15-20 min to get to know one another. Haley is not FOB, from what I remember she was born in Canada, and there is not a language issue at all.

    Once we where ready she excused her self to the bathroom and I made my way over to the bed. When she came out she was in a catholic school girls outfit with fishnet stockings. She came over to the bed and started to LFK then DFK.
    We eventually got undressed and she preceded to lick every inch of my body. She put a cover on and I got a CBJ that I would rate 8.5/10. I’m about 8.5inches and from what I have been told that’s a little bigger then average. She made a good effort to take it all but I think it might have been a little too much.

    We went through the gauntlet of Mish, CG, Doggy back to CG because I was enjoying the site of her 32-34 A cup boobies and nice nipples in my face!. I also like the fact she was lubed to begin and dripping wet during and was a moaner. There was a point where she said “ oh no……not again” and a gush of fluid rolled down my shaft and nuts. I finished inside her in Mish and we came to a sweaty collapse in each other arms.

    Looks-8.5 cute face, looks like a high school cutie

    Body-7.5 small boobies but great nipples, A cup, tight and toned.

    Attitude-9 friendly overall, good conversation.

    Service-8.5 Had a great time, she seemed into me, or just really like what she does

    Repeat- Yes

    Damage, 60 min that ended up being more like 120 min $300.00 for a Mississauga hotel

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    Review - Harmony

    If I wanted winter this warm I would have gone to Vancouver and enjoyed it there. I feel bad for neglecting my gloves and scarfs as they sit quietly on the chair begging to be used. The streets have never been so clean on a January evening. The snowplow guys are sitting there having a vacation while we wait and wait and wait.

    To kick the year off right, I decided to treat myself to a lady that perhaps I wouldn't normally have the chance to see. I heard great things about her, and noticed that she was once again in town. The travelling SP is of a different breed. They not only have the looks but the service to back up their travelling services. So instead of going out west and sampling the pacific poon, this hobbyist was lucky enough to book Harmony during her trip to Toronto.

    I was greeted at the door by a tall slim athletic beauty that floored me with her eyes. Her gentle smile lured me in as I knew I was in for a treat. She is a sweet blonde hottie that is tanned from head to toe. With some beautiful tattoos engraved in her skin, there is a sweet warm glow that begs for contact as you hold her in your arms. She has soft kissable lips that are only a preview of how delicious the rest of her body really is. Harmony gives an excellent massage, with enough teasing and passion for you to want to reciprocate the feelings she is giving you. Take your time, and enjoy the taste of this west coast treat. Harmony will provide a true GFE (LFK, DATY, BBBJ, FS) to the respectful and clean gentleman of our fine city. I highly recommend this young naughty energetic gem for those that want the best from the west. I can't wait to see her again. She is only in town for a short while so hurry up and book or you'll just have to wait like the rest for this beauty from the west.

    Hope you enjoyed my first review of the year, happy hunting!!

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    Executive Dreams

    Quote Originally Posted by Guinnessmonster
    Just weighing in with my favourite Asian incall. Her name is Judy and she is part of Executive Dreams. Here's the website:

    They do incalls at Yonge and Eglinton and have a very nice clean apartment that 4 or 5 girls work out of. Judy is a hot little Asian treat. She is not the 25 years old that some website have her listed at. I believe she is early 30s but she has a knockout body with very large breasts for an Asian. She has definitely had a baby but her body is pretty firm with curves in all the right places. She gives a great BBBJ and offers a variety of positions. I am a regular with her so I'm not sure if this affects the service I get. She is presently on vacation but is supposed to be back at work later this week. There is another busty mixed Asian girl there called Shylynn whose pictures look great but have not had the chance to meet her yet. Has anybody else out there?

    Also looking for some opinions on other members favourite Asian incalls or massage places in the GTA since I can't seem to get enough of them!


    Newbie here. Have a thing for Asian as well. Has anyone else heard of or tried Judy @ Executive Dreams? Would like to enquire about the whole "setting-up the appointment" procedure. I understand that there is a delicate balance between being discrete but also getting the "menu" items as advertised.

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    Careful here...

    Quote Originally Posted by Margaya
    Are they still around?

    Also can smeone else shed any light on numerous Korean/Chinese message parlours offering full service for $100.

    What is involved, how is service and what to watch for?
    The saying if it is too good to be true, then it probably isn't applies here as well. Be careful of the $100 offers as most are B&S. You will pay about $220-240 Cdn for FS in Toronto, slightly less in Montreal, maybe a little more in BC. In Toronto you will find excellent Eastern Europeans, mostly Russian girls, with awesome service. Read PHNINE's reveiws; he is well a respected poster and contributor with an excellent handle on the scene. Use the agencies of the women he has reviewed here and you will be just fine. Exquisite, Select, HoneyGirls are just a couple great places to start.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John ATW
    After having try an escort from (Samantha, which is great except no DFK), I decided to try massage parlor. I went to Based on report on this forum, I expected a massage and HJ. But it was actually a quite decent full service, by a very nice and young Canadian/Latino girl, Trisha, for 100 CAD.

    They are located at 20, Prince Arthur Ave, just behind the Hyatt on Bloor.

    It a clean Appartment, 8th Floor (8H). It's better to call before 416 890 8187.

    The girl at the phone told me 80 CAD, but it went to 100, not a big deal. It's not first class rooms, the towel on the bed was not a clean one... But not a bad experience.
    Are they still around?

    Also can smeone else shed any light on numerous Korean/Chinese message parlours offering full service for $100.

    What is involved, how is service and what to watch for?

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    Maria @ Select

    I, too, have seen Maria on more than once occassion, and I second Phnine's review. Her BBBJ is awesome, she would be a true GFE, but she is reluctant to DFK. Although this is usually a part of my activity, it did not impact my time with her. Would recommend; would (and have) repeat.

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    Review - Maria @ Select Company

    Our Rosy cheeks shine brightly as holiday joy fills each home throughout Toronto. The bottom of bottles are seen as grandpa's cough syrup gets passed from hand to hand. We gather in crowds regardless of family or not and celebrate this happy time of year. I slipped away from holiday festivities, and checked into my suite at the Windsor Arms. The Butler left an assortment of chocolate truffles by the telephone as I set my watch and ring on the table. A dim glow came from the Christmas lights in the tree outside my window. I turned down the holiday music previously left playing by the maid and threw my coat on the freshly pressed duvet cover. It was time to make the call...

    Lea has a gentle voice, and a sexy giggle. I always enjoy my banter with Select's phone girl. She assured me that Maria was the perfect choice for my hobbying needs that night. So without a moment of hesitation, Maria was on her way.

    I love an educated women. A women that can speak her mind and not be fearful of voicing an opinion is intimidating to many, but cherished by some. Maria boasts an articulate personality. Her sophisticated charm is coupled with a sensible logic garnering an unique attractiveness I don't see in many. With an athletic body to rival any gym regular, Maria stands 5'5" with a silent confidence. Conversation is easy with Maria. Her Slovak/Ukrainian background is but only a minute accent to her already unique attractiveness. She believes in reciprocating good treatment with the company she is with. Her ability to seduce and read what a client wants is one that sets her apart from most. A sensual classic GFE (LFK, DATY, BBBJ, FS) can be expected from this sexy ambitious woman. Four hours went by fairly quickly, and Lea was once again right with her Selection. I recommend you book a session before the holiday herd jams the booking lines.

    Hope you enjoyed the review, and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! BTW, her breast enhancement is done well, and is in proportion to her body.

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