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    A Cluster of Reviews...

    My first encounter in Toronto was Celeste, from “Cupids”.
    I’m glad I waited to write about my time in Toronto. Now I feel a bit more sober.
    Celeste is a treasure. And if I were not in San Francisco I would have seen her again by now.
    She has the look that really makes my heart thump. Tall, full figured, flawless skin, and a nice non-hard body firmness. I believe she has the largest set of breasts that I have seen on such an otherwise beautiful gal. And they are so beautiful. I feasted on every millimeter of each one! In my humble opinion, her face is prettier than on Cupid’s site! But it is her personality that really got me.
    Celeste is intelligent, honest, and warm hearted.
    This girl delivered one of the most enjoyable oral performances I have had- sitting in the chair, with her doing the “Monica Lewensky”. The curve of her back, going down to her magnificent ass, oh god, I’m getting misty just thinking about it.
    I think there was a break for a glass of wine and a smoke…but then; OH LORD, I can still feel her ass in my hand while we went at it “mish.”. I flipped her over, and, oh well, there aren’t really words.
    I don’t know if GK is an option with her. Not a requirement for me. BUT, lemme tell you; if it were something she dug, I would enjoy “exploring it with her”.
    Honestly, she is someone I would fly into town for a weekend. She is outgoing, curious and wonderful.

    L/S/A (Looks/Service/Attitude) 8.5/8 ( I think you need like a total wild freak pornstar to get 9’s and 10’s)/9
    I’m not sure a perfect “score “ would be like, but she is all I really need.
    I wish her all the best fortune. And I hope I will see her again.
    And based on the time I had in Toronto, I bet I’m back before 6 mos.
    Thank you, Helen. You made my week. I have a feeling there are more awesome sweeties at Cupid’s too…

    Next was Diana. A nice follow up to Celeste.
    Now THIS gal brings a bit more of the “freak factor”. I think she is Ukranian or Russian. One thing for sure, she is a total runway model. So, so hot. And very sophisticated, in that Euro sort of way. She is tall and thin...with beautiful skin...wonderful C-cups. The description and the photos are EXACTLY as she is. (The honesty in the sex industry, here in Toronto is impressive indeed).
    After some drinks and some “hangin’ out”, I stepped over and she took my face to hers doing this flickering thing with her tongue all over my face. Damn! I’m 46 y.o., as of 9/19 (yes, these lovely women were my Birthday gift to myself while traveling on business).
    She did the same thing with my cock. This was an “exceeded expectations” situation. I never come from oral. But she had me about as close as I have been in a while.
    Diana is the sort of woman I would do one of those “dinner dates”, or Theatre, or something special with.
    To quote another member of the board, here, “…she fucks like a weasel…”. Well, she was a bit more sultry during our time, but that kind of “friskiness” is truly her style.

    L/S/A…8.5/8.5/9 ( and the sick thing is; I am known to be a picky S.O.B. But I think this a sober, accurate (albeit subjective) score).
    Repeat?/ Recommend?...YES.

    Yeah, I HAD to see Celeste again before I left. I have NEVER done such a thing on such a short trip; Especially when I had done so much research, and had such a long “dance card”.
    But I was convinced by this point that I would be returning soon.
    Here is some of that list. It may help someone else:
    Cupid’s girls: Samantha, Rachel, Katrina
    Honey Girls: Sherry
    Hollywood: Jessica,Sloan, Ashley
    Select Company: Jenn
    Sweetbaby: Irma
    Indi.’s:Christie(“TopIndependent”), Celest, “Sexy Cookie”/”Jenn”, Fabulous Francesca, Madison, and “Slavegirl Gwen”!

    The next day, I had “brunch” with “Julia Luv”, over at her place. It’s a rather hip, nicely done apt., not far from my hotel.
    The photos are totally her, exactly. Tall, very thin. An especially nice ass for such a thin gal.
    I found her to be a wonderful hostess. But I felt a bit of nervousness. Everything is on the menu (I guess). I was having such a fun time, I forgot about the greek option.
    We played on the sofa in the living room, then moved to the bedroom.
    Her oral skills are great. She has a better than average body for her age. Toned, and well defined.
    Although this encounter was well above average (esp. compared to here in San Francisco) I think I may have been spoiled by the preceeding “acts”.


    I do recommend, especially if you like the thin types. But I doubt I’d repeat. I don’t know if the extra cost (compared to the agencies) is a good deal for me.

    Now…on to Dominique!
    I had read some rather impressive things about her on this board, and the “other one” that is here in Toronto. She was a “primary objective” of the trip. She did NOT disappoint.
    I guess she has had some “work” done recently. I do some cosmetic surgery myself, and noticed the still healing scar. (these things can take months to really settle down). Her work was very well done. Nothing looks “operated”.
    She came in and I was immediately at ease with her. I wish I could remember more specifics. She is tall, with an awesome body. Thinner in the upper body, and a bit more “ample” below the waist. EXACTLY what I like! Her lips are beautiful and full and she had her eyes done wonderfully. If you’re gonna use a lot of makeup, do it well. And I hardly noticed any other makeup. She has a strong natural beauty. I think HER makeup is simply highlighting what she already has. Not covering anything up.
    She MUST work out regularly. Her skin is flawless (no stretch marks, or cellulite). I must say, I think the photos I took show her “assets” even better. The website is accurate, just not as good as in person.
    She is a frisky gal that is a load of fun. I think I remember some fun kissing and some awesome oral. I don’t really have much to add to what has already been said. Other than I am glad I stuck to my game plan, and did not miss her. Something about her look says “middle eastern” to me. Anybody know? I’m a sucker for that tanned olive skin. And girls with a bit of muscle RULE!

    I would repeat in a minute! A bunch of times.
    She really helped make my birthday weekend special. And for that I will always remember her. I just hope she is still around when I get back.


    All in all, just for this trip, and being totally subjective; Toronto 1
    Montreal 0

    I just found the general attitude in Toronto to be more friendly and honest. There were some good times in Montreal, but it's a different game there.

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    Toronto Visit

    Was recently in Toronto. Tried the classifieds headed East Indian Lady Indira.
    Was quoted $ 80.00 for 1/2 hour, full service. Went to the appartment at the corner of Victoria Park and Finch, was met by a well endowed lady who in fact did provide a very acceptable BJ while naked and with fingers in every orface for & 80.00. There are more than one lady working in the clean appartment and I found my visit to be very satisfactory. Would recommend.# 416 499 9230.

    Cactus J

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    ASIAN Outcalls - Looking for INFO

    Hi All,

    Thank you in advance for the information. I have RTFF searching for information to the above.

    I initially saw some awesome sites on TERB.CA ( with Asian hotties, but read experiences / reviews especially from PHNINE and want to be very cautious with the "bait-n-switch".

    Can anyone make recommendation? I am attracted to Asian females that are busty and fit. Any recommends to Outcall agencies would be much appreciated!!

    Thanks all.

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    And a very good agence

    The day after I tried
    Very good phone contact, the girl proposed to me Ashley. She came just on time at my hotel. She is quite pretty and very GFE, giving me a kiss at the door (when so often escorts shake your hand!) We had a great hour (DATY, DFK, massage, BBJ ...) and I was sad to have to fly back the same day. All that for 230 CAD

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    Massage Parlor at Uptown which is must more

    After having try an escort from (Samantha, which is great except no DFK), I decided to try massage parlor. I went to Based on report on this forum, I expected a massage and HJ. But it was actually a quite decent full service, by a very nice and young Canadian/Latino girl, Trisha, for 100 CAD.

    They are located at 20, Prince Arthur Ave, just behind the Hyatt on Bloor.

    It a clean Appartment, 8th Floor (8H). It's better to call before 416 890 8187.

    The girl at the phone told me 80 CAD, but it went to 100, not a big deal. It's not first class rooms, the towel on the bed was not a clean one... But not a bad experience.

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    Eastern European escorts in Toronto

    Can anyone recommend an agency that has a lot of Eastern European girls? Or, any independents of Eastern European descent. Thanks.

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    Sex place


    Coming from Germany, I will stay in Toronto for almost 6 months.

    I am wondering if in Toronto -similarely to GErmany- it exits some sex masin or sex house where basically you have a drink, chilled out in a jacuzzi and then choose your girl for some bang bang activities.

    I understand that massage parlour exist in TOronto but am not looking for a tit massage but for a real action.

    I would prefer to avoid an escort, I really enjoy to have the possibility to choose my target among several!!


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    need help guys!!!!

    Just foind out that I will be in Toronto from Friday-Monday. I legitimately do not have time for much research. I am looking for some good escorts. Your recommendations would be appreciated. I like brunnetes with dark complections like latinas, greek and italian. Looking for GFE - DFK, DATY, BBBJ, MULTIPLE CUPS.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Kanata AMP?

    Comrads Mongers,

    I'll be out there next month and would like to par take in some AMP's in Kanata any recommendations?


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    Deep Wet,

    I would really appreciate your PMming me with Shannie's contact info as I will be in Toronto in a couple of weeks, she sure sounds like a winner!


    Cactus J

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    More about Precious

    Thanks Chick for your report.

    A few questions : who to join John? What is Precious' rate ? And does she accept FK / DFK.


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    Lovely Precious

    The surprise of my recent trip was a visit from a tiny, petite, Asian newcomer to the business by the name of Precious. And she was indeed a precious little find.

    I had actually arrived for Day 1 of my trip with a pre-booked 2 hour meeting with Brittany of Eleganza, whom I had already met some weeks ago and was anxious to repeat with. Unfortunately, John called me prior to the appointment to tell me that Brittany had cancelled all her appointments that day. John had a few other ladies working that evening, but I was not interested in seeing the ones who were on.

    About 15 minutes later, John called and said that he had hired a new Asian girl, Precious, and that she was very pretty and could meet with me for the 2 hours that Brittany was supposed to meet with me. The girl had no pics up yet, so I could only go with John's description of her (which later proved to be accurate). John said the girl was new to the business, had worked on her own but not much, and was very pretty. I told John I would see her, but for ONE hour, not two. At this point I was really horned up, but I was also somewhat skeptical and not expecting much, notwithstanding John's touting of his new recruit.

    About an hour later, Precious arrived at my door. She is about 5'1", 90-95 pounds, with medium-long dark hair, and is very lean and petite with the build of a tiny dancer. She was also very cute with a shy smile, in a pretty girl next door kind of way. I was very pleased with her appearance.

    I invited Precious into my room and we sat down to talk. This girl speaks perfect articulate English, and I believe she said she is studying to be a nurse. In less than a minute I instructed her to call John back and tell him I would keep her for 2 hours, which I did.

    Precious is half Hawaiian, Half Filipina, with full lips and a dark complexion for an Asian, and is in her early 20s (she said 22, which could be right). I found her to be quite attractive, and those looking for a petite Asian girl will be very satisfied with this girl physically. Her body type is similar to Emely of this agency, except Precious is even smaller and more petite. Breast are large A/small B but very nicely shaped. She also has a cute little ass.

    In terms of conversation, I found Precious to be somewhat shy and reserved, and I basically carried the conversation which was not a big deal since I knew she was new and probably not used to speaking to guys under these circumstances. Precious seems like a very laid back and shy girl next door type. She has a very "wholesome" look to her, which is what I like. She has one small tattoo on her hand (barely noticeable), no piercings, and is well groomed. She possibly could do a bit more with her hair, but by no means was her hair unkempt or messy.

    After some time conversing, action was initiated and Precious asked me if I would like to take a shower with her. I had taken a vigorous 30 minute shower before Precious arrived, but the thought of lathering up with this girl was appealing so I agreed. I think she is probably hygiene conscious and I figured that this would make her comfortable.

    Once we were in the shower, things heated up and Precious initiated a very nice BBBJ, which I had to stop because I did not want to lose it there. The shower then proceeded for another 10 or 15 sensual minutes, at which point activities shifted to the the bedroom.

    In the bedroom, I enjoyed FS with Precious like I have with no other lady in recent memory, and it was mainly due to her size. I generally see much taller women, like Brittany. Precious is so tiny that as we changed positions from missionary, to doggie, to sidesaddle, to cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, I found that I could flip, twirl and turn this girl with complete ease. It was like making love to a pretty little feather. Precious finally finished me with a BBBJ (no CIM).

    I enjoyed my time with this very promising newcomer and will repeat at some point. Anyone looking for a quality, petite Asian provider should put her high on the list.

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    Mixed Asian -NOW

    Tried out an Asian Incall last night.

    Was presented with a choice of Malay or Japanese or both.

    Decided on Japanese.

    Sweet, petite, but again mechanical.

    bareblow, play, petting, digit play, mish, dog, cowgirl reverse, anal.
    cost $80

    I did get a coke afterwards.

    Pic. Will scan if I can.

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    check your PM

    Quote Originally Posted by Lust For Ladies
    Any help you can provide is appreciated

    Check your PM. I have sent you a couple of links.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lust For Ladies
    I will be in Mississagua for 2 days later this month...can someone recommend an escort svc and a massage place that is fairly liberal in the svc they provide...I am hoping for full svc plus bbbj with cim (porno finish)

    Any help you can provide is appreciated
    I suggest Eva from Honeygirls. She is not on the site, but I guarentee she is the best in terms of service in Toronto.

    Any of these agencies will service the Mississauga area. - Try Eva - Try Eva, Dominique, Sherry, Roxi - Try Ashely, Bianca, Tasha, Lexus - Try Jasmine, Jenn, Michelle - Try Jessica

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