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Thread: Grownman's Boom Boom room

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    Last night

    While they were in the bathroom negotiating; I made a move on her friend. I took her in the room with me. I told her I would give her the thousand pesos that my friend didn't give her. But she better be good. She said she was going to fuck me better than her amiga and she should know. She purposely walked in the room on us twice. Girl had a snapper and knew it! I don't know what the hell is wrong with Nick. I gave her 1000 pesos and a dress. We exchange numbers. I can always use a 1000 peso snapper on the team and she knows to bring a friend.

    That's 3000 pesos and two young chicas in an hour time frame. You know it must be my last night here. My birthday is around the corner and I'm putting in work!

    Later that evening met up with Gogo and my man E. He was telling us how he just found the girls riding through the boroughs of Andrs. Gogo was enjoying his time away from his main lady. He bought me a Cuba libre. It's a rarity but is my birthday week. We chilled in front of the piano bar one of Gogo's chill spots. I dapped them up and I was out.

    My linebacker has an appointment and she knows this is my last night. On top of that my birthday is just two days away.

    LB has something special for me!

    I Don't know what that special could be.

    She already gave top grade pussy.

    I'm Feeling good off Cuba libre!

    I was in Grownman zone. I called up LB; told her meet me in 15 she was there in 10. Damn she almost beat me to my room!

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    Can you guess whose who

    Faces are blurred to protect the innocent. Not really guys keep taking my photos back to the female.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 702F4B98-9D31-4CB9-9F02-B1DD8614809B.jpg‎   B68B33D9-1FDE-4DAF-8813-74B8500F8931.jpg‎   46E0B662-B070-4E8D-880F-A86B649B113E.jpg‎   402ED156-AAA3-4E6F-BB16-B023958A9189.jpg‎  

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    Yeah Grownman, that was a hard one to walk away from. I walk in and Grownman and Nick answered the door smiling, and from behind them walks a fine girl in just a towel. Another girl starts grinding her ass on me and the little shy sleeper was just sitting there. Weed was everywhere and one of the bedrooms was already in fuck rotation. I looked at the weed and fought that temptation but the young girl grinding her ass on my dick was going to be difficult. One of the hotel employees knows my main girl so that determined my decision to just abort.

    I even thought about getting a couple numbers but after Grownman and his crew goes through them, these girls are going to be through for the remaining evening, plus I don't want them then. By the way, Happy birthday Grownman.

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    I checked in Villa capri the next day and immediately recalled my back up 18-year-old from earlier. Her TrackStar body, energy, and attitude is always welcomed. A thousand pesos and I gave her a gift.

    Later that night I caught a fresh Haitiana. 6 ft 220 pounds. She reminded me of the girl from the movie "Belly". Of course far from a beauty queen. She was intimidating to a lot of the white tourist but was the best choice I made. Complete GFE. She could not Tell me how much she wanted. Let's just make love and you can pay me what you want. Minus the looks she she secured her position as being one of the best ever. 2000 pesos and a dress.

    The next day for bidden fruit came through. I swear I've never seen this chica prior to meeting her. However since then I have ran into her constantly in BC. She's usually in the company of her novio. She came at 10 in the morning and left at five in the evening. She loves it when I act like I am really jealous of her and her boyfriend. It actually makes her pussy wet. I'm going to have to soon stop getting this free pussy. She had me straight for the whole night so I thought.

    Damn inspiring Tout asked me if I wanted a girl. Man you canít introduce me to a chica. What the hell I need you to introduce me to a chica for. You are not my friend you don't know what I like. I have beautiful girl for you just wait here. Of course I left. I went back to my room and two minutes later there's a knock at the door. What the fuck how did you know where I live. He went to the local casa and brought three bad ass Venezuelans. Man these chicas were dimes. 2000 pesos for 1 hour. I would have jumped head first except I hadn't gave them an interview. All three of them showed promise but the sexiest one stood out and gave me that look. I had to turn down the offer but I told him I will go to the casa and if I pick her I would look out for him.

    I hadn't had a Venezuelan since they started migrating to DR. I've been to the Casa my last trip and wasn't really impress. The chicas were a lot thicker overall. But this time it was a different story. I was just in time to see the lineup. Another guy was making this choice. Paco is the name of the casa and it really has some dimes.

    I called up the pretty one that came to my room. I wanted to give her an interview. Mami su sexo buena. Si amor. Que haces? Total. Chupa bien. Chupa sin condom? No amor chupa con condom. To make a long story short I had to make a decision. This beautiful chica 2000 peso sex with a CBJ. Or I can go to my whatsapp. My linebacker from last night is begging to come back. Her BBBJ is Supreme and the sexy is four out of 5 stars.

    Figure I would let the current chica marinate on the idea that I would not session with her because she told me CBJ. Besides I need my full energy for her beautiful ass. My for bidden fruit drained me and has me fucking on fumes. I will come and get her tomorrow afternoon she ain't going nowhere.

    Called back of my linebacker told her because she's so good I'm going to repeat but she is pissing off a lot of my other amigas. I really wanted to hold my linebacker until my very last night. She's worthy of being the last one for the road. World class performance! Did I say she swallows. She took every little bit of juice I have left. All I can say was why the hell was I even thinking about someone else. Gave her 1500 pesos and another dress.

    It's my last day before I leave. My plan was going up to the casa to get my Venezuelan snack. My man he wanted to go to the Su on Wednesday and Gogo was down for the ride. I started to do it to extend my vacation however E is terrible with time. I told Gogo we are not falling for that shit will be leaving this place at 5 o'clock in the evening. Even though we planned at leaving at 12 pm. He is one of those type of guys that don't sit still. If he says he'll be back in five minutes that could be 45 minutes to an hour. We cool because I know not to rely on him when it comes to traveling staying in a timeframe. However he has an entourage females all over. He bought about four chicas from Andres to the room.

    All four of them were sexy in their own right. They were hood bario chicas. Between the ages of 19 and 21. E told me he got one just for you. 19-year-old no kids with braces. Oh she was so sexy! Whole body was at the peak of her youth. These hood chicas wanted to drink smoke weed. My type of Chicas. We had to had purchased at lease 10 jumbo Presidentes. And a half ounce of weed. Gogo stop through and had to get the hell on. Too much temptation.

    I had a damn good session with the young 19 year old. I gave her 2000 pesos and dress. My man Nick got another one and gave her 700 pesos. The deal was 1000 pesos. Nick was drunk And couldn't finish the job. He actually went to his money back. The chica was upset because her amiga told her I gave her 2000. Nick really wanted the one I have and was willing to session with her but she told him 2000 peso was her price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Parkinsons  [View Original Post]
    Haha LMAO Grownman you have the gift for story telling.

    Good to see you enjoyed Juan Dolio. I like it as a wifed-up spot.
    JD is an excellent wifed- up spot. It nice beach 🏖 and decent eating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrownMan1  [View Original Post]
    She just slowly chewed her gum and took dick. I stroke her with the same rhythm she was chewing. Shit was funny! If she chewed faster I stroked faster. If she slowed down I slowed down.
    Haha LMAO Grownman you have the gift for story telling.

    Good to see you enjoyed Juan Dolio. I like it as a wifed-up spot.

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    Came back to Boca I hung out with Gogo at his new pad. Nice relaxing and affordable. Cannot wait to he has to go to Tampa for a few weeks. I'm going to steal the key.

    Later that night in BC; I was negotiating with the chica that told me she was a BBBJ professional. Dark skin very nice body however she is constantly working the strip. I told her my apartment is in JD and I would not be driving back tonight. She offered me to come to her hotel. I can leave when I get ready. No mommy you don't have anything for me to smoke in your home. I like to be in my zone. I don't want to feel like I am on Backpage.

    Her girlfriend showed up she also is from San Pedro.

    This girl has a 9 body with a 4 face. I seen her round. You cannot miss her sexy ass. One of the sexiest on the block. Her face is just not that desirable.

    It was too late for me to go shopping and JD so I was about to take Miss chupa professional with me. Then One of my road dog overheard her bragging about her skills. He asked me could he have her. Damn man I haven't even tested this car and you want to drive it. I do have an alternative with her friend. And she can come tomorrow which is what she was initially asking.

    Where in the car headed to JD. I ask her did she submit she said a little. She says she prefers coke. No mommy I don't do Coke but I'm not mad at you. She ask me can we get some for her in JD. She promised me when she's on the Coke she can fuck all night.

    We rode around and found some late at night. It costed 500 pesos. We went back to my place and she immediately took off her clothes. This chica has been blessed with a shape. She told me more chicas prefer cocaine than marijuana. My experience is just the opposite. I've only had a few chicas push the cocaine agenda.

    So I'm rolling up mine doing my thing and she is nose deep in hers. I take it into the room and she gives me an World class BBBJ. I'm wearing this pussy out and after about 15 minutes she stops. She wants to go hit the coke again. We go at it again for 15 minutes she stops and repeats. She does it again. Fuck that mami you won't have me up all night. It's four clock in the morning I have yet to get my first nut.

    Is it something about using cocaine that makes people invite you to it. That very same night she asked me four times did I want to try it. Her performance was good. She can get a repeat. We negotiated for 1500 pesos which was upgradable. She walked out 4 hours later with 2000 pesos and a dress.

    The next day just toke a break. Decided I was going back to Villa capri for the rest of my trip. Going to keep my apartment key because I have it until Thursday.

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    That area is Guale, no gringos there. Grownman showed his business pedigree. Even though we were in the bario and the girls were looking great he never budged of his price for the hair. I would have been giving discounts and lining up pussy. Hit Zona Colonial and Gascue also that day before dropping Hollywood of at Carib tours.

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    It was Thursday and a Dominican holiday both beaches were packed. BC and JD. That means it was going to be a lot of activities at night. Figured I would go to JD and pick me up a local. I've been doing repeats so much I hadn't had a chance to fit something new since my first day.

    Chilling with the guys in Boca Chica having fun but its time for something in JD.

    My man's old lady wants to introduce me to her daughter who is a police officer. No children 28. I passed. I don't have the patience for that shit.

    My philosophy is when a chica comes to my room she is either coming to sell something or buy something. If you're selling something I need to know the price before you walk pass the front door. And if you're buying I need to see that you have money for your purchase.

    Getting ready to leave and head out to JD. Ran into my first leg of the mile relay. She's working now I was so happy for her. She was just about to get off and wanted to come all night. Damn! A bird in the hand. Vamos.

    After she left my man took me to the gym for workout. Damn that little city has some tight bodies in there. Just the motivation I fucking needed. These weights suck but the scenery overrides it.

    Every corner we hit I was seeing nice country phat ass chicas. And they are hungry. However they can get very jealous and possessive. I never jumped the gun. I pretended like I wasn't interested in meeting any Chicas. Why rush it?

    I'm here for a few days. To add my man Novia warned me to watch out because these chicas can get out of hand.

    Had my friend from San Pedro come through. Hadn't dealt with her in three years and finally made contact. She works I have to work around her schedule. I met her on Tagged. We chilled out at JD beach.

    Sex was excellent. She didn't give an BJ but it was kool. She made up in performance. No yelling or screaming. She just slowly chewed her gum and took dick. I stroke her with the same rhythm she was chewing. Shit was funny! If she chewed faster I stroked faster. If she slowed down I slowed down. After we finished I gave her 2000 thousand pesos. Man she was happy. I'm thinking; now I know last time I gave her 2000 pesos why is she so happy.

    Gogo came in today and our Cuba Road dog Hollywood. I sat at the piano bar with Gogo. Had to break the monotony needed something new. Figured I would pull something from the JD bars.

    Then Gogo dumps off a chica on me. I don't know if it's because he knew I like her, or because he knew his novia was about the pop up at any second. And would beat a ***** ass. I told her my room was in Juan Dolio. Buses stop running at 9:30 pm and it 12 am. 1500 pesos with a 500 possible upgrade. She earned the whole 2000 and a dress. I later found out she cuffed another one. Damn! I could have repeatedly with her.

    Next morning Gogo Hollywood and I went to the Capital with one of Gogo's blast from the past. We hung out on her block while I made a few hair sales. Gogo couldn't sit his ass still. He loved posting up in the area. After seeing us arrive The neighborhood chicas when in the house and started changing clothes to look more presentable to us. I definitely will post back up there again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldKool  [View Original Post]
    I have a friend who has hooked up with a Boca Chica cutie. He is looking for a decent place to stay. I would like to provide the option of Juan Dollo and Boca. Your suggestions would be greatly apreciated.
    I would say Boca Chica if she's a little familiar with the area. Because you have your access to bars and places gringo frequents. But if she's a non-pro and unfamiliar with the area I would take up to JD. It's not cool taking a non-pro around a bunch of prostitutes. As men we don't see it but they try to make the non-pro feel uncomfortable with dirty looks.

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    Need ome advice

    I have a friend who has hooked up with a Boca Chica cutie. He is looking for a decent place to stay. I would like to provide the option of Juan Dollo and Boca. Your suggestions would be greatly apreciated.

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    I think I'm going to switch it up tomorrow. Boca Chica is cool because I know what to expect, but I need A different twist. The Chica selection here is nothing compared to the Sue.

    I decided I was going to give Juan Dolio A few days. Had my man hook up me a place for 500 pesos a day. One bedroom fully furnished about a half a mile to the beach. I don't have Wi-Fi but that will be cool because I put three Gigabytes of Internet on my unlocked phone. I figured I can work BC, San Pedro from this area as well as JD.

    There is a Casa owned by a Chinese guy around the corner. The chicas go for 1500 to 2000. That's a decent back up plan that I hopefully will not need.

    Forbidden fruit came this morning. Boyfriend has gone to the capital now she wants my attention. To make matters worse she On her cycle as of this morning. Damn this is the reason why I pay chicas. If you are not here for a session; I would rather not your company. Can you believe she wanted to dry hump and cuddle.

    Got rid of her ass and brought in a Second leg chica from my stable. She promised me she would let me record her squirting. Wasn't much but it was worth putting on video. We smoked a half a joint BBBJ no questions. 1000 pesos clean up and she was leaving Lickity split. Just how I like it!

    Arrived in Juan Dolio a set up in my apartment. Finally got a chance to meet a girl from Dominican Cupid. She came from San Pedro's but she was interested in selling hair for me. I could have session with her; I wasn't really impressed enough to push the issue. We talked about coming to San Pedro and letting her sell some hair for me but I'm not. I only deal business would chicas I sleep with. Or at least one of my partners chicas. She showed no signs of trying to stay the night or giving a session. I was a gentleman and gave her 200 pesos for the ride back.

    Had to call up my San Pedro phat pussy. I hit this raw and it's good. She was At my place in 20 minutes. She told me she couldn't give me any chupa because she had an infection in her mouth. Kool so does my wallet. She tried but was complaining the session was hurting her. Man I used to dig deep in her no problems. Now everything hurts. I was still able to finish but not in my normal ground and pounding fashion. 1000 pesos and I put her on the bus.

    Next morning My marathon runner came from BC. Gave her a $20 pocketbook and 1000. And she gave me the work out that very few can provide. That was After a 20 minute full body massage that I train her to do. I was so happy she had to leave later on. She just wouldn't stop. She told me I can freaky freaky The other girls one time it's more for her. That's why she's been on the team for over four years.

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    I normally do not start my vacation with a new Chica. Most of the time it's best to start off with someone who you know is going to get the job done. I got a new Massage girl with a fat ass. I had her on my to do list for a couple of trips just never got around. Nice soft ass, excellent BBBJ, and a pretty good session but she ran a little bit. I like massage chicas because there sessions come with a half decent massage. Massage and good sex for 2000 pesos and a dress. She wanted to stay but I like to sleep wanted to sleep alone.

    Next morning my forbidden fruit came over. The session drain my energy. Or maybe it was her constant need for attention. I'm glad she has a boyfriend and can't get away for a long time. Two dresses and 400 pesos for something to eat.

    It was Tuesday night I didn't even go to the block. This is Boca Chica after all. Called my 18-year-old TrackStar. She's a iron horse. Had to slow her down with the BBBJ. She was sucking with compassion however, it was so fast her teeth was hurting my Johnston. She is a saddle rider. Her favorite position is grabbing my neck and riding me on her tippy toes. 1500 pesos and she was out the door within 30 minutes. I love her youth, energy, and slender tone body.

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    It worked

    I arrived in Miami a little early about 842. Walked right up to the mobile passport only one person in front of me. Since I had my bags to total process took about eight minutes. There was no need for TSA pre-check. I was the only one in line in the whole airport. By 902 I was boarding my plane for my home destination. My gamble worked.

    I normally don't like traveling in the morning but I must admit. If you are returning from out of the country with a connecting flight early in the morning is your advantage. I mean even walking from the 25 toD 60 I still had time to spare. I even stopped and got a donut.

    By 915 I was sitting in my assigned seat happy because I didn't want to be in Miami until 3:37 pm this afternoon.

    My original ticket cost me some Sky miles points and $111. From Miami to my home destination cost me another $80 and 10 Insurance for me to leave the airport seven hours early. The original ticket was 420 at the last minute. For a savings of $239.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 9C0744E1-8C43-427E-B1F8-CD4167DD62F2.jpg‎   7315E99B-F5DC-4DAB-A412-F0C8E77B7C3E.jpg‎  

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    The gamble

    Wish me luck. I'm trying to sneak through Miami airport. My flight leaves at 3 PM in Miami I arrive at 8:30 am. American airline would not allow me to book an earlier flight in connection with my Dominican flight. I booked another flight from Miami to my destination at 9:50 am. It was a $90 gamble. But I'm saving seven hours of waiting. If anything goes wrong I miss my flight.

    I have my mobile passport and I have my luggage with me. I don't know what the traffics going to be like but I hope I can make this flight.

    American airline was packed I tried to sneak in the first class line but they were actually checking the list this time. There were about 50 people ahead of me.

    I just went to the first kiosk that was open forget the line. Oh yeah I forgot I have my own baggage I don't have to wait in that line. I printed my tickets and I was out. 10 minutes or less. I saved about another 30 minutes.

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