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    It's hard writing while intoxicated.

    This is the report from my day after donation on the first day. And for those that have been reading my reports my Chocolate Massage Chica. Participator Are one of the same. I saw a basically blended the stories in together. I actually hate writing; but I will do it when I'm high.

    On the day after the Haitian the first night, I called in one of my regulars. She had been it time out for about eight months including the Covid. In the past she's been a solid 7 1/2 however, she was Soliciting me for business and asking 2500. Last time our agreement was 1500 with a tip. She walked away with 2000 and a gift. She was a bench Player trying to renegotiate her contract.

    She's Dominican. Colombian, and has a nice ass. I remember first seeing her and being captivated by her shape. Bench players do not get to Renegotiate their contract. After she agreed to 1500 for me; I then told her I would introduce her to my friend, and if she's good he may give her 2000. She came but my partner became occupied. I end up taking her into my room to do her myself.

    Once in the room my little man just wouldn't respond. It wasn't her fault she was doing her job it was all me. She was patient and even gave BBBJ but I lost our connection. I was just about to give up. I was going to tell her ok; just stop. I will give you 1000 pesos. Give me about one hour, come back, and I'll give you another 2000 to finish the job.

    Finally I got an erection and I was able to put a half but determined erection inside of her. I found my rhythm enough to get a good one off. And she was throwing it back on me like she was supposed to. I gave her the 2000 pesos but I was so afraid this was a sign of bad news. I don't want a DAAR (Dick ain't acting right) vacation. When I was finished she asked me did my friend still want some?

    The next day My Haitian veteran came through. She's the longest lasting player on my team. As soon as she walked in the door I got an erection. Her hair wasn't done. She was dressed like she was going to work. Her Small breasts and big lips were less desirable compared to Dominican standards. However, her body is raw. Chicas get ass shots just to mimic ass features.

    In the room she squirted all over the bed. I was prepared this time. I had a lot of towels all over the bed and my maid on call. 2000 pesos and I brought her son a couple of items for his birthday.

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    Weekend's blues

    Well it's Saturday and curfew is two hours early than the weekdays. I better plan my day well. The girl from the group of the first night came. Let's call her playground. Her body is truly a playground. She came with the dress I gave her and hair made up looking like a fucking chocolate dime. She maybe took 50 photos. We put one in the air play some pool then I took her in the room. I told her I'm going to play in her playground extra today because she's looking beautiful.

    After the damage was done, I gave her 2000 and another dress. Then I told her she's too pretty to be sitting around in my room with me. She should be outside enjoying this beautiful day making the men smile and the women frown. That was her que. She said something back and went to the refrigerator poured her a glass of vodka and orange juice and relaxed on my couch.

    I then realize; I really don't like much company after I bust one unless she's staying the night. But I ain't Trippin, I just rolled up another one and let her have her time. After all, she did replace three of my starting players and she's getting better. I am thinking franchise.

    She left about 45 minutes prior to curfew.

    Moss camel toe from yesterday was blowing up my phone. She came at 5:55. I asked her wasn't she afraid of the curfew? She replied no.

    In the room she did something unimaginable. She gave me a BBBJ and I exploded in her mouth. I tried to resist because I'm paying her 2000 pesos. But it was so good I just said fuck it! You can have it! She drained me. Gentlemen she drained me! I cried like a *****.

    Afterwords, she had someone come and pick her up who was able to drive after hours. So gentlemen now you know. Most chicas have contact moto guys. There are a lot of guys that are allowed to move around after curfew. They can bring you food, a chica, or anything else the average person can't get after curfew.

    This curfew thing is for the birds. Having to be in the house at 5 o'clock on the weekends is a challenge. I don't think I'll do another weekend here during curfew. I found myself waking up 1:30 in the morning and not being able to go to sleep until the sun comes up.

    It's Sunday and there's a lot of traffic in Boca Chica. The beach had some very beautiful women there today. I mean there was something special about this day. Even my man was saying how beautiful the women were today. I really seen some straight up killers.

    I was in the Ole shopping and guess Who I see at the pizzeria. It was my TrackStar and her Novio. As I observe them closer, I notice she was pouting like a little child not having her way. I have seen signs of that attitude in her when she doesn't get her way. He was trying to nullify her attitude with passiveness. On his end he has to deal with her pouting. On my end I have to deal with her jealousy. I have to constantly remind her, I'm single. She has the boyfriend. I want to ask him. Does she destroy you like she destroys me in the bedroom?

    Camel toe kept calling me. She's leaving back to San Pedro today. I told her all I have is 1000 pesos can she just give me some chupa. Claro. It took about three minutes and another minute of pure sensual torture. My team does not need thousand peso chica. Hell, I know a few. What I can use is a Chica that will let me bust one in her mouth and can finish me off in less than five minutes for un mil. (1000 peso).

    I told her she needs to hurry back to San Pedro. My other Amiga with benefits cannot eat because you're getting all the work. On top of that her sex game is better than my old headhunter.

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    Boca $200?

    J chica came through with a friend. Two Haitians in their upper 20's. Both of them had phat Haitians ass. You could tell they still had A few more good years of youthful life. I will give them both a 6 in looks and 7 in body. Jay's girl was dark complected and her amiga was a lighter shade of brown.

    I had two high ranking sessions that day. So I'm operating on fumes. On looks alone, these two Haitians look like they can fuck. They were built like they could take dick and you had to put in work. Jay has repeated with his chica on three occasions, so I knew she's was thoroughbred.

    I left them playing pool and smoking my body was just sleepy. The friend was constantly in the corner talking to what might have been a boyfriend. It was cool with me now I have an excuse to leave her alone.

    2:30 in the morning and she jumps in my bed with her G string on wearing my T-shirt. Yes t-shirt and her panties on. Fully erect nipples, So obvious you would have thought they glowed in the dark. I'm saying to myself "damn if this goes down, I hope I have energy for her". We finally get around to the price. Can you believe she told me doscientos. $200! I was so drunk and high I heard the word DOS and thought she meant dos mil. When it finally dawned on me; I asked her how much was that in pesos? That's when she said no - not pesos dos cientos US. Am I being punked? Is nephew Tommy in my restroom Orchestrating this joke.

    She goes on to tell me how she needs $200 for her house. I told her there's no way in the hell I will give $200 to any chica for one night. If it wasn't so late I would have woked up J. She said OK 100 and you give me a tip if I'm good. Wow she's serious! My dick went limp. I told her look mommy I've had sex with two girls today. There's no way I will be able to perform like I want. I gave each girl 2000 pesos. I'll be damn if I pay a third girl over 5000 pesos for another session. We will talk tomorrow good night. If you want you can sleep on the couch. I went to sleep with her phat ass rubbing against me. I did not have to remind my dick about her $200 request. He went to sleep and did not wake up again until she left.

    The next day she was asking me how much will I give her. I told her I will give her 2500 to 3000 but that's only because she needs it but it won't be this morning (Friday). I need to save my energy and prepare for her all night. She agreed to come back on Saturday. I figured I will be with her all night with my energy intact and give her the 3000.

    I know it's higher than my average payment of 2000 pesos. I like her. She likes to smoke and I like a smoking partner. When she got out of the bed she walked around the house cleaning up. From the dishes, to the bathroom, then mopping the whole house; all in her t-shirt and panties And wow her friend slept. Before they left, she texted me asking me can I give her something. I'm glad I didn't have my phone on me.

    I asked Jay how much did he give this girl and he told me 2000 pesos. When I told him how much she asked me for he laughed his ass off for the rest of the day.

    It's Friday my man's last night here. I thought he wanted to thug out but Jay was done. We still had two sets of Chicas calling us wanting to come back over. Along with a few more trying to put their bids in. Jay wanted to chill on the beach and get a pedicure. He couldn't take another session. He had five good sessions. I understood but I needed to get mine in for the day. Watching that Haitian walk around in T-shirts and ponies; I need to get some fast sexual relief.

    Around 530 pm I left J in the room in search for a new conquest. I wasn't on the block a good 10 minutes. This tall slender dark skin Dominican walks past me with her camel toe bussing out of her spandex. My man and I were just conversing earlier about the visually abundance of camel toes here in the DR. This deep dark skin Dominicana was about 5'7 140.2000 pesos was her asking price. Told her I will give her 1500 and if there's no problems 2000 pesos. Mami tu chupa bueno? Your BBBJ good. "No s si me dices cuando termine si estoy bien". I don't know you tell me if it's good. Excellent response vamos.

    BBBJ Excellent. She had a nice fat twat. Reminded me of the last dark skin chica I had. Body 8 1/2 session 8. Man I love this country.

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    Boca continuation

    Later on that afternoon; I found a young Dominicana with her sister from the Capital. I actually saw them yesterday. I turned around on my motor scooter but the scenery right for me to approach them. Besides they were walking holding hands. It was just my luck to run into them the next day.

    This young Dark Dominicana was all chocolate, a fun size, and right up my alley. 22 about 5'2 135 pounds. With a captivating jiggly ass.

    The average person may give her looks a four. But she had some large breasts and a nice fat ass I couldn't resist. Come to find out the other friend was her sister.

    Her sister was thick Brown tone complexion with a huge nice ass that almost overshadowed her extra weight. Maybe about 55 and 170 pounds. I wish my boy the was here he would have took one for the team. Actual the more I thought about a combo; the more I thought I could get past the sisters extra weight. I mean her ass was plumb and she walked around showing it off but she ain't her little sister.

    Her sister agreed for 2000 pesos. Initially she had asked for 3000. She told me she could stay all night and I told her it wasn't necessary. I let her choose. She chose to leave early. Kool. When we got in the room she laid on the bed open her legs wide and use both hands to spread her self open. (of course I coached her) All of a sudden that little man on the boat popped his head out of hiding. Call me gay but I had to kiss him. (Man on the boat get it). I worked her and she deserves the 2000 pesos. Body 8 session 8.

    They left at about 5 o'clock. Of course the group from last night was calling. However, my man J had one of his veteran chicas coming through to spend the night.
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    1000 words

    The bubble butt dark skin Dominican and the TrackStar.
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    Boca beat goes on

    They came in about 530 and stayed till 645.15 minutes prior to curfew. I'm trying to get them out however my man Jay wants to keep her all night. I convinced him to let her go but it wasn't easy.

    The next day we had another group come through around 11:30. She was the birthday girl I had last time and a friend. We smoked, played pool, dance and drink a little. Took them in the room knocked them off by 1:30.2000 peso.

    530 we had another group of friends come through. It's the chicas from yesterday they want to repeat. They kept calling to come over earlier like 3 o'clock. Jay and I like to Move around solo. We like them coming a couple hours before curfew. We shot some pool, smoked a little, danced a little and drink a little. By 645 they were out.

    Touch bases with my TrackStar. She came over about 230. I gave her a nice speaker. Told her I was happy for her. My only request is for her to make love to me again. We went in the room and it was history. I love watching her natural six pack in action. I tried to give her 2425 pesos. That was every last bit of change left in my pocket. Had I had more; I probably would have gave it. She refused and said it wasn't for money. Uhh ok. So I gave her two packs of hair that she knows I was selling. It was valued at "5000" pesos. I gave her 500 pesos and told her to go to the salon and get it put in. She loved it and in my mind I paid her something. I'm not getting into that free shit again. Body 9 sex 9.

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    My first session was a Haitian fresh from Haiti. She couldn't speak any Spanish or English. Her Aunt brought her to me to meet. She wasn't nothing to write home about but you can tell she was young in the game. About 5'8 160 pounds brown skin She was 18 years old. Looking at her ID I almost forgot what year we are 18 year olds born in. Seeing that someone was born in 2002 throws me off. Her cousin told me just pay her whatever I want because anything can help. I'll give her a good six months and she is going to be struggling on the streets. When she got to my room she immediately said she wanted to spend the night. Calm down mommy let's wait and see. Then she tried to tongue kiss me. That's a No no.

    I consider myself a patient man. But I tell you it was a fight trying to get her legs open. I did get her to get her rhythm but our positions were limited. I will admit; I fill of my condom. I let her spend the night but I think she stole my small speaker. Oh well 1500, I gave her a pair of shoes, and a cheap dress. No repeats.

    I always say the good thing about losing a star player is gaining another one. Newbies if you are reading this listen closely. Don't dwell on one chica so much. She can be replaced 100 times over. That's what I love about this country. The availability of constant 18 - 28 stimuli. There is no shortage of young available Chicas ready and willing to do business.

    I'm talking to this Chica on tinder. After the Smalltalk I cut to the chase. How much do you want to visit. She stays about 10 km from my location. She started beating around the Bush. Finally after going back-and-forth she said 3500. I then muted her for 24 hours. I actually thought I deleted her.

    She finally contacted me after the mute was over. She wanted to settle with 2000 pesos. Listen up newbies at this point in negotiations you request added features. Example, I told her I could pay 2000 it's a little higher than my normal but no problem. Is your chupa bueno? Con condom o sin. Is your BBBJ good? Do you give it with condom or without. Now that we are trying to make the deal finalize, I'm going to add her participation in a BJ. She responded that her head was excellent. I said OK but if you tell me tell me leeche papi I'm only going to give 1500.

    My boy Gee just came into town. I ask her does she have a friend and she sent me a photo. She gave me a picture of a friend before so I guess they are road dogs. Her friend was a little darker. Her picture was So so. Told her I'll give her 1500 for her friend with possible upgrades.

    They arrived and I am mediately wanted her friend. Nice bubble butt and beautiful golden brown skin. I am mediately told my man Jay I'm glad Gogo isn't here. When he asked why I said " because I'm about to give you the lighter one and take the chocolate".

    These chica were all right. I must say even though they're slinging pussy like a SW. They don't get the mileage those other Rental Cars get. They came through and wanted to smoke and play pool. They took pictures all over the penthouse. They were relaxed and very easy-going. We let them play their music and they got in their zone.

    My girl was a cross between my five favorite Chica. She had the body, skills, and attitude that had me captivated. To think I our deal was 1500 pesos. Of course I gave her 2000. Body 8 1/2 session 8 1/2.

    Her friend was a monster for my man Jay. Jay was a little nonchalant at first. I told her that Jay likes his women aggressive and fun. She smiled replied OK, then walked up to Jay, touched his lip and told him not to speak. Got on her knees zip down his pants and started giving him head right there. Mommy mommy what are you doing I said. Jay looked at me and said yo the shut the fuck up. I like this chica! The rest was history.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrEnternational  [View Original Post]
    I am definitely a Yankee then. Because I take my stuff with ice. The only warm drinks I like are chocolate and tea; and these days have been taking the chocolate cold.
    I learned drinking scotch in Scotland, cognac / Armagnac in France and Grappa in Italy. I do what I learned from them but whatever works for you. In fact, I like my gin and tonic, with a couple of ice cubes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrEnternational  [View Original Post]
    I hope they convinced you to come out to Asia!
    They told me how you host them. I said I bet you he didn't let you sleep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrownMan1  [View Original Post]
    Guess who I run into Juan Dolio. Yep her and her friend we're at the store and their company was in the room. You're in an all exclusive resort in JD. She had her friend shoot me her new number. The message is in Spanish but it's basically saying how much she missed me. I told her I did not want to bother her if she was busy. She said she's going to tell her boyfriend she has to go tomorrow so she can come and be with me.
    So now, you are her "hijo"? LOL!!

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    Same here

    Quote Originally Posted by Manizales911  [View Original Post]
    I've always done this myself with my Grand Marnier, with an ice cold beer on the side.
    Alot of people love Grand Marnier but don't know its a Cognac. Its just comes premixed with orange liqueur for an additional. It too needs to have the flavor released so you can enjoy the burat of taste while getting nice or f**ked up. LOL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrownMan1  [View Original Post]
    Let me tell you about this guy. I met Sawassdee The other day. He got acquainted with Chris H who introduced us.
    I hope they convinced you to come out to Asia!

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    Hall of Famer

    Nooo effin way! Of all places. An exclusive resort!

    BWAHAHA. That's the whole reason he took her there -to get her away from the local yocals. And BOOM!

    And once again Ray Allen for the 3 at the buzzer! Swish!

    Only you bro! The best part about DR, it could be one of us too!! Good times are to be had in Shangri La.

    As always, good stuff bro.

    Quote Originally Posted by GrownMan1  [View Original Post]
    Guess who I run into Juan Dolio. Yep her and her friend we're at the store and their company was in the room. You're in an all exclusive resort in JD. She had her friend shoot me her new number. The message is in Spanish but it's basically saying how much she missed me. I told her I did not want to bother her if she was busy. She said she's going to tell her boyfriend she has to go tomorrow so she can come and be with me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sawassdee  [View Original Post]
    roll the glass of cognac around the lid of a hot cup of water in order to release the full flavor before serving it to you.
    I've always done this myself with my Grand Marnier, with an ice cold beer on the side.

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    Much love for you bro.

    Quote Originally Posted by GrownMan1  [View Original Post]
    Let me tell you about this guy. I met Sawassdee The other day. He got acquainted with Chris H who introduced us. He was just getting his good rhythm. Dancing around the ring like Ali. He was jabbing, moving, and enjoying the fruits of his hard work. This Colombian vet was floating like a butterfly with his bags in his hand jumping from Boca Chica to the capital. Giving exhibition bouts to chicas In both areas. Having a no-show it's not expected but prepared for. He's not licking his wounds. He has a Plan be. If that doesn't work Play from the muscle and adapt to What's available. All of this under new curfew enforcement. Float like a butterfly and move like a G. Poetry in motion enjoying his vacation. Do your thang young man do your thang!
    Good to be in great company like yourself. Also Chris H. , and some other cats I've met in and out of the forum. You my brother are doing the damn thing out here like a king. Like I said to you earlier. Save a little of that gold I've seen you housing and finding for us regular guys. LOL. Much appreciation for the work you put into this forum and the willingness to spread the love and info outside of this forum to the area newbies. I know we did'nt get that drink yet (you and me both in full swing) but I assure you it will happen. I'm a beach lover and I will be back for this cut of paradise. Much appreciation and love for you bro. You are definitely that example of Living the sweet life.

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