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    Need help in Chennai


    I will be in Chennai for few hours. I appreciate if someone kindly suggest some MP near airport. My pm is open.


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    Quote Originally Posted by MoodMan  [View Original Post]

    I'm confused.

    Few months ago, people had posted her photo and we're going crazy about how the experience with her was, as if it was the best sex of their life.

    Was it good or bad? I'm super confused.
    Seems to be wrong picture attached, with that actress picture girl he had good experience, the OP confirmed it with the actual girl picture he had bad experience few days after.

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    Refer my last post

    Quote Originally Posted by MoodMan  [View Original Post]

    I'm confused.

    Few months ago, people had posted her photo and we're going crazy about how the experience with her was, as if it was the best sex of their life.

    Was it good or bad? I'm super confused.
    The pic Mavic posted was a very good experience. But the pic that I posted in my latest post was a very bad one. For pics kindly refer to my post.

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    How are you friends.

    Dear all,

    Its been long time I logged into ISG. Slow action is going on in life but nothing worth I can talk at the moment. Hope legends are alive and fucking juicy pussies.

    I still the remember the days meeting with Rajoodudes, Gio Casonova, sudhakar sir, deshraj. Fucking paddy & kavya, devi and so many juicy & yummy pussies.

    Among the great seniors I can only see recent post from Rajoodudes. Buddy, If you are around, please make a shout or send a message!

    Take care guys!

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    Experience after a Long Gap

    Called regular SP and fixed the deed a day before. I was the first to meet the Girl in the morning. I went bit early and was asked to wait for some time. After that one guy called me and took to the place. It was residential area near famous university at P. Theri. Went inside the girl just had the bath and was fresh. She was a Bengali Girl Short and dusky but had nice assets. Stretch marks here and there was a turn off.

    Before starting the deed I told if the sesygoes good I shall go for second one. She was very cooperative, communication was bit difficult as her Hindi was also difficult to understand.

    I told her we shall go very slow, she removed her clothes and sat on the COT only with Bra. She asked me also to undress and started with Hugging and lots of kisses. Went down and smelled her pussy. It was fresh and started licking it. I could see she was enjoying it and was holding my hand tightly. Removed her bra and me also fully undressed. Her Boobs were quite big and nice sight to see. Licked the boob's for some time and couldn't control. Put on condom for first insertion she made small expression and I came out in a minute which I anticipated already.

    Called SP went for second session. This time it was very cool we started to chat for almost 10 mins and had some connection. She started to strike my tool but it was nowhere showing sign of coming back. I started my own way to bring it back by kissing her, Boobs and caressed her from backside and stroked my tool between her assistant. My tool was up instantly now and put on cover started again. Started with regular position for quite long time, I was happy that I took full control in second round. Asked her to come on top. She got tired after few minutes and finally from Back side I had to finish. It was Good time spent and came out very Happy.

    Cost - 2000+1500+300 tips.

    Face - 7.


    Cat - 7.

    Overall -7.

    Her stay here was short termay leave in few day. Only the stretch marks were Draw back.

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    Action after long time

    I was not in action since 3 years. Now want to try someone here. I tried to contact my old contacts but not a single no is working. Having only music SP no but don't want to spend too much. Can anyone help me for good indes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rakeshsurya  [View Original Post]

    Has anyone seen the insta MILF gkavxxx17.

    Is she available in business.

    Has anyone contacted her?
    Hi, there is no account with the name, is it deleted?

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    [Personal message deleted by Admin]



    Please communicate personal messages via the PM System

    The Open Forum is generally intended for the posting of information that is of interest to all readers.

    Please use the Forum's Private Message system to exchange personal information and make personal plans.

    Thank You

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    Any feedback

    Got this from an SP in Adyar charging 10 k / night. Has anybody tried her?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 172233701_264494848703491_5681197694518113812_n.jpg‎  

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    Getting back from dating world to Mongering

    After I saw about Dating app experience shared in this forum, I Subscribed famous apps Tinder, Okc, Woo and got premium subscribe for last two. I could make genuine friends, but not really ones I was searching inside for Casual meet. But still I was happy. One of tinder Friend become very close and we shared many sexting also. Suddenly one day after a month she informed me that she went for dating and charged money for that. It was a huge disappointment for me. It made me to rethink about what is real and practical.

    So switched to Mongering and called my known SP and I will post the session had with Bangla girl this week.

    It comes in my next post. Please wait tomorrow. Else story become too long.

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    Clear inbox

    Quote Originally Posted by Pilot7777  [View Original Post]
    Tried one for 4 k OMR near radiance. Completely different from the photo. Must be in mid 30's. Had a big ass and average boobs. She was okay for anything. The only benefit with these afro are that they are fully cooperative and not mechanical. Best for those who like ass worship.

    She also had another friend staying with her and they were open for 3 some too.
    Hey bro,

    Trying to PM you, your inbox is full. Please clear your inbox.

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    Was it good or bad?

    Quote Originally Posted by MavericKing  [View Original Post]
    Nowhere he mentioned its an actress. Anyway attaching her pic. Please be careful not to waste your hard earned money on such chicks.

    I'm confused.

    Few months ago, people had posted her photo and we're going crazy about how the experience with her was, as if it was the best sex of their life.

    Was it good or bad? I'm super confused.

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    [Email address deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited to remove email addresses in the text. Please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jatayu  [View Original Post]
    I was desperately horny and was looking up locanto for any leads. I glanced over multiple ads for spa nearby and finally ended up contacting one via whatsapp (lucky day) and immediately was given a voice call. I told her I was looking for full service and she obliged and asked me to come over nearby a super market besides KFC. I called them up again and was guided into a shady building and with no signs whatsoever. I was asked to sit in the reception and was able to notice that they had camera setup over the supermarket and can see everything going on 360 degrees of that place. I tried bargaining but johnny was in a rush. I ended up paying 4. 5 at the reception and was told tips again needs to be provided inside. I was led to a dim lit room and then entered this MILF, might be in her early thirties. She came over in a white saree and was coughing a bit when she entered. I was scared but who cares I am already knee deep in the river, I might as well go full monty. I cuddled her standing and made her to ly down and we undressed each other. We laid on the bed for a while cuddling each other and me going to town on her perky areolas. After a while asked her for BJ and she obliged but for CBJ. I am a chronic fapper and I was never easy to cum early. It takes me way longer sometimes hours to release. So I was able to switch multiple positions. Started with miss followed by WOT then by Doggy and then finally miss with her legs raised and supported by my upper body. This went on for 30 minutes and I wasn't going to release that day. She was adamant she never lets a man out without cummin and she tried her best to beat me off but only in vain. I asked her to stop as little jhonny has started to turn blue and tipped her everything I had in wallet and walked out a happy man..
    Yo jatayu,

    Trying to PM you. Your inbox is full. Please clear your inbox brother.

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    Hi bro

    Kindly provide pointers to the hotel name and spa name.


    Quote Originally Posted by MaddyBluess  [View Original Post]
    Was staying in a 5 star hotel at Velachery for 3 nights. Checked out at 6 pm & my flight is not until midnight. So thought of killing time in the spa. Booked a 90 minutes deep tissue. Assigned a NE therapist. Face down, good massage with high pressure all all over the legs. Moved up, pulled down the disposable & gave a good bum massage. Thought, extras are definitely available. Pulled the disposable back up & worked on upper back. Turned around, good massage, very good pressure in the groin area, rubbed my tool several times over the disposable. In the last 15 minutes, she asked if there is any specific area I would like her to focus, I asked what's on the menu. She acted as if she didn't understand the question. I pointed back to rub the inner thighs & groin area. She started massaging with good pressure around the tool & I was fully erect. Was expecting her to pull the disposable down & finish off. But, she didn't. After 5 minutes, I pulled the disposable down & asked her to massage without any interference. She continued to massage the groin area with my tool fully erect. I waited for 5 more minutes & asked her to give me a HJ for which she said No. I was confused that she gave me a good bum massage on her own without asking, amazing groin massage without asking, continued the massage with me fully naked & erect. However, she won't give a HJ. I asked her to continue the massage around the groin & checked if it is ok, if I shagged off.

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