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    Miss be

    Met the Bodo chick miss be finally after multiple failed plans, courtesy LoneWolf for the lead that was shared a few months back. She was finally not working or busy with some other engagement and finally decided to meet her last weekend which was for a short time. The place was decided to be an Oyo near Wireless. We checked in and then started talking about random stuff as I knew her other friends. She has got a model like body although her voice is really hoarse and that spoils the mood at times, also she looks much older if one looks at her face. But her body is buttery smooth and really milky. One can just keep on caressing her non-stop. And she's also fond of showing off her navel by wearing clothes that reveal it well, it's actually really deep and was somehow a turn on for me.

    We eventually got down to our birthday suits and she came close for DFK but I felt that her mouth smelt odd and I didn't feel like kissing much. She gave me a namesake BJ and then I put on the cover and got on top of her in missionary. The pumping started and she started moving her legs which allowed me to go deeper inside her, gradually increased the thrust and finally released.

    The initial conversation was 6 k for 2 but because of the foul smelling mouth tought of just keeping it to one and settle for 3 k which Miss be refused and according to her I needed to pay her 6 k regardless of the number of shots. Finally convinced her for another session where I banged her in doggy through that pink wide pussy and that's how I ended up spending 6 k over the weekend. After that I helped her with some house hunting and eventually dropped her at 6 mile.

    Damage: 6 k for 2 + hotel.

    Overall: 7/10.

    Body: 10/10.

    Face: 6/10.

    Bbj: 3/10 namesake.

    Pussy: 9/10 pink but loose.

    Boobs: 6/10 small.

    WIR: I think she needs to improve her oral hygiene after which I can consider her otherwise it's a no.

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    FR on Miss G and request for leads

    Met a new MILF in the city who's name goes by the holy script. She stays near Zoo road tiniali and was introduced by a mutual connection. I met her at another indies place. Age wise she would be 30 ish but is a VFM indie. Came over in a nighty that day and looked like a typical Assamese HW. We talked for a while and exchanged number and then started undressing. She has a soft body which I enjoy more than the firm ones (P.S. - Manju has a really fo body which I don't prefer). Then she took the Johnny in her mouth and did the job to get it to it's full form. Laid her in bed with her legs spread out, put on the latex and entered her in missionary with slow thrusts while kissing her softly. If anyone is fond of fucking housewives then she is a perfect fantasy fulfilment, had her marriage necklace on which was dangling to and fro while thrusting inside her. Released in the cover and eventually pulled out. She rushed inside the bathroom and freshened up, informed that she has her own contacts on offer too and was also willing to host at her own place.

    Overall - 8/10.

    Face - 7/10 matured.

    Body - 7/10.

    Ass - 7/10 I like bubbly ones and need more time with her to confirm.

    Bbj - 8/10.

    DFK - 7/10.

    She fulfilled a fantasy of fucking a raw housewife for me so I might meet her again.

    Also I am looking for college chicks or housewives who offer anal, let me know if there are any leads.
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    Ghy MP scene

    Fellow mongers,

    I've been visiting MPs in Guwahati for quite some time now. I came back from Bangalore in August.

    Since I didn't have any contacts in Ghy, I visited many MPs and with trial and error, finalized 2 MP for me which I frequently visit.

    Now, I want to try new MPs or Indies but I don't want to repeat the same trial and error as it costs me too much.

    My DM is active. I'm open to reciprocate and also if anyone wants to join for mongering together, I'm open to that also.

    Hope to keep the fire burning in Guwahati, so that more WGs from neighboring states come to Guwahati making it a mongering heaven.



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    Need help

    Can someone share good indie / MILF contact?

    I can help you in Bangalore and have some good SP contact from ghy.

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    PM can be sent only by those who have subscription. Please check first by clicking on the user ID.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kmaan  [View Original Post]
    Can you please PM me the details of this place? Will be very grateful.

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    Please PM details

    Quote Originally Posted by Adimanav1993  [View Original Post]
    Went to another one, opp. Motor showroom in PB area of the city.

    One blonde Khasi girl, slim figure with big Ones and a cute smile my choice. Took the upper room, changed and waited.

    Asked for the deed, everything on the menu, charges reasonable.

    Took a peek at her bags, firm and soft, unzipped her shirt and squashed my face against them for a fill. Wonderful.

    Laid her down and took to the southern peninsular region, hirsute and clean, silky legs. Dialed 69 for a while and then took her down for a ride.

    After a good ride, asked her to bend over mountain style and stroked my beak in to her perfectly for a good while (My favourite).

    Totally cooperative and liberal in position taking, a good sport.

    Will try her every once in a while.

    Had a good time.
    Can you please PM me the details of this place? Will be very grateful.

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    Help needed

    Quote Originally Posted by Adimanav1993  [View Original Post]
    InOut ZooJonali.

    Be Addicted!
    After many years I login here. Please suggest some inde over this place.

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    Contact please

    Quote Originally Posted by LoneWolf15  [View Original Post]
    Drill date - 14th Aug.

    This time wanted to spend more time and in a slightly better place. So picked her from her hotel and went to Palacio. Decent place for paid action. Post making payment reached room around 12:30 pm. Ordered a juice for her and spoke about her shoot plans and some casual staff. Juice came and she started having it and we kept chatting. After she finished I went to the washroom to freshen up and then she followed. After she came out post taking off her lipstick, I pulled her in my arms, kissed and put my tongue in her mouth. She is tall and hence standing DFK is awesome with her. It was a long passionate DFK and she gave her everything. Then we removed clothes and shifted to the bed in undies. The DFK continued and I removed her bra and started squeezing her boobies. She put her hand inside my jockey and started caressing johnny and friends. While DFKing asked her if she likes me and she said yes and johnny got happy. The foreplay continued for some more time with both of us bitting each other's nips when our lips were not sealed. Then I went down but her pussy was unshaved. So skipped DATY this time but fingered her and squeezed boobies with other hand. She started moaning after some time and got up from her lying position and started DFKing me as she came. Not a flood queen but my fingers were generously drenched. Then wiped my fingers with her towel and asked her to give BBBJ. This continue for 5-6 minutes and Johnny was in pole position. So put invisible on and entered her in missionary. Fav position with amateur chicas, tongue in mouth & johnny in pussy. Slow passionate drill for 6-7 minutes and the way she was hugging me was out of the world exp. Then shifted to WOT but wasn't enjoying as she just wanted to lie on my chest and I had to do all the thrust from beneath. So shifted to doggie and boy I was hissing something..
    I have tried to DM you but your inbox is full. Planning a trip to Guwahati and will be very grateful if you can share her contact details. TIA.

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    At last found in and out

    Quote Originally Posted by Adimanav1993  [View Original Post]
    InOut ZooJonali.

    Be Addicted!
    Today when I was in zoo tiniali by accidentally found the in and out building. But due to shortage of time couldn't visit it. Planning for tomorrow.

    Bro will you suggest any SP over there. It will be really very het for me. Thanks a lot.

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    I have found one but not sure

    Quote Originally Posted by Adimanav1993  [View Original Post]
    Weekend getaway.

    Was roaming around the city. When I come across one in BB Road. Old, light green shabby looking building, 1st floor.

    Entered, one Punjabi beauty welcomes me (Blue eyes, hypnotize!

    Asked rates and selected her.

    She takes me in, asks to change. Sweet looking, little chit chat. She was drunk, and smelling of booze big time, totally drunk she was.

    Asked her to get us some booze. She did!

    Drank to our fill for some time. Started caressing her. She gave in and cooperated. Some fooling around, beautiful boobs, devoured them to my fill and undressed.

    And then the deed. Hardcore, multiple poses. Looked like she enjoyed it!.

    Tipped the owner. Will repeat.

    Damages: 1.5 K counter, 2 K to the girl.
    Is it on be baruah. Or the MP name may be e. L. e.

    I have tried one lady over dear. The experience is average only. But did not found any Punjabi SP. Will you suggest any hint if possible.

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    PM not working

    Received your PM but cannot reply to you as it is showing error due to either you not permitting messages in inbox or not having subscription and in the process I am wasting my time.

    Quote Originally Posted by NinjaGeek  [View Original Post]
    Does anyone know any MP or SP in Dibrugarh. Even without FS will do. Any idea. Are there any individual or private indie in Dibrugarh.

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    Any good Indie

    Can someone assist with good indie contact? Or is there any MP near airport?

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    New leads?

    Any trans or she in Guwahati?

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    Hints: Icon

    No its not.

    Its *Mehendi* Spa.

    Quote Originally Posted by RokoIndia  [View Original Post]

    Since its holiday time, I have a plan to visit this MP. Is it the I. Stl. Spa bro. Please share some more hints.

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    Regarding the name of this MP

    Quote Originally Posted by Adimanav1993  [View Original Post]
    This one, right under the Ulubari bridge, in the premises of some AV Restaurant. Modest premises, kind looking tribal owner woman. Selected one dark slim Assamese girl, not a looker, but sure a good deal.

    Got in, changed, girl entered.

    Asked the rates. Immediately got to action. Kissed French for a long time. Made me pre cum, that.

    Undressed, soft, big b, ate them up and fingered her pussy along with.

    Major was rock hard and ready for action.

    Ripped her pants down and stroked her multiple times in cradle and spooning.

    Totally cooperative, just be kind and gentle with her.

    Damages: 1 K counter, 1.5 K to the girl.

    Since its holiday time, I have a plan to visit this MP. Is it the I. Stl. Spa bro. Please share some more hints.

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