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Thread: Siliguri

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    13-May-24 Sexcapade Journal #2

    I reached City Mall around 6 PM on a sultry evening. I was stopping over in Siliguri for a night, and was out to explore the erotic offerings of the city. I decided to first get a lay of the land by walking around the basement, ground, and first floors with multiple saloons. The ground floor is the one you walk into after entering through the gate of the mall. I stumbled upon a cute and petite therapist on the corridor of the first floor. She works at Sunshine Saloon, the second shop to your left when you get to the first floor via the stairs. She took me in and quoted INR 1,000 for 30 minutes of massage. The saloons have these tiny wooden chambers built inside which signal that there's possibility for more. I paid her "Madam" over UPI who had just come out from servicing a client. I was taken to one of the tiny chambers and asked to change into my underwear. I gladly stripped and lay down on the bed. The therapist soon joined me and started with a dry massage, it was pretty relaxing and we got chatting. She goes by the name Riya, and turned out to be a married Assamese Bengali from Dibrugarh. She had a very positive vibe about her and was keen to serve. Asked her for extras and she quoted INR 2,500 for a bare back blowjob, body to body massage, and full service. The forum here thankfully had helped me get an anchor for prices in Siliguri, and the quote seemed in the right range. Made the additional UPI payment and she came back with protection. The action started with B2 be massage which wasn't doing anything for me, so I just pulled her in and started enjoying her ample breasts. That got me hard, and sensing this, she lay me down once more, and starting licking my nipples. What followed was one of the best blowjobs I have had. She worked my dick with her tongue, lovingly sucked my balls, and even licked my perineum. Had to stop her as I was almost on the verge, so she put on the condom and moved into woman on top. Her pussy was tight and her pumping was very skilled. I was done in 20 seconds and fully relaxed.

    I thanked her for her high quality service. She herself expressed that she believes in serving her customers dedicatedly, as they are spending their hard earned money for relaxation and it is her duty to help them deeply unwind. Service providers with such a mindset are a gem to discover. I took her number to ensure I visit only if she's on duty.

    Tip: Your sex time is part of the overall massage time (in my case 30 minutes) you buy at the counter, so better to pop the question early, not waste too much time in massage, and get to the actual act.

    Face: 8/10 (cute and erotic in my judgment).

    Body: 7/10 (curvy, soft, smooth skin).

    GFE: 10/10.

    Service: 10/10.

    BBBJ: Yes.

    Damages: INR 1 K + 2. 5 K.

    WIR: Absolutely yes next time am in Siliguri.

    Hit me up in DM if anyone needs her number.

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    13-May-24 Sexcapade Journal #1

    I recently enjoyed a stopover at Siliguri for a night with a research outing exploring the erotic underbelly of the city. Read through the Siliguri forum and decided to explore 2 types of experiences. Brothels and massage parlors. Started off by heading to Khalpara with the help of Google Maps. Left all my cards, valuables, and ID at the hotel and only carried INR 1,500 in cash as brothels are known to be high risk. Did a walkthrough of Vivekananda Road to get a lay of the land and identified a slim, cute bird who quoted INR 300 for a shot. The rate seemed like a hook and she took me to her place in a decrepit house where many sex workers live with their kids and work together. The room was the typical tiny room with a wash area on one side, with a "matter-of-fact" and "get it over with" vibe. She brought in her pimp, a 40 something lady. They together did a thorough search of my person and collected my wallet. The pimp collected INR 1200 and the sex worker collected INR 200 additionally as her tip, leaving me with INR 100 to comfortably get back to my hotel. I knew this was standard modus operandi so let it play out peacefully. Finally, the doors closed and with the lights on, she pulled down her pants and asked me to get on top so she can get me hard. What followed was again very functional, with she stroking my junk with the least bit of skill and affection imaginable. This wasn't much help in getting hard obviously and eventually I grabbed her ass and started playing with it, knowing pretty well what works for me. Her boobs were off limits as she was breastfeeding and so was a blowjob. She eventually put on a condom and asked me to get right to it. I also wanted to get it over with, as I was there more to see the Khalpara lifestyle from within than to enjoy a fantastic banging session. But when I found out that fucking is hurting her because of some rash downstairs, I decided to quit. Not worth getting an infection. I gladly packed up, felt nostalgic about seeing the interiors of a low end brothel room after so long, and walked out into the sunset.

    Damage: INR 1,400.

    Body: 7/10.

    Sex Quality: 1/10.

    WIR: If I can find the hidden gems.

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    Will be visiting siliguri for 1 night and want to explore dance bars or orchestra bars. Can you someone suggest someplace to have some sleazy fun and what should I expect there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shojib20  [View Original Post]
    What is the current SPA and SP situation in Siliguri?

    Anyone have any experience in recent days?
    Its ok, if ones regular and has build sort of rapport with spa owners. Royal (where lady go for makeup) at sangha sevoke road. B2 b and BJ offered depends upon chicks mood. One time release its ok.

    Hope it helps.

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    Siliguri connect

    Friends I am Senior forum member from Mumbai traveling to Siliguri soon. Do share details of any indipendent profile Or SP who has such connect. If you visit Mumbai you will be taken care well.

    Enjoy Mongering.


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    Back in Siliguri


    I am travelling to Siliguri after many years. Nice the see mongering scene is still alive though not much to offer now a days. Curious to know how online sources are useful locally in Siliguri? Tinder, bumble, SA, AFF. Any one with useful info can start a thread.


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    Anyone has SP Bibek's no who provides nepali birds. Anyone tried his WG's do let me know.

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    Recent visit to a Spa in CC

    Visited CC Recently.

    Went to 3rd floor. After roaming a while found a spa named Red hot stone.

    Saw 3-4 girls.

    Paid 1.2 k for 1 HR.

    Chose a NE girl, aged 23-24.

    Went inside a room, the had a attached shower.

    But there was no disposal.

    Smoked up inside with her, after having a chitchat she started her job (massaging).

    Asked her for extras.

    She replied only Handjob and BJ and S.

    After convincing her she agreed but quoted 5 k.

    Brought down to 3 k and she agreed.

    After, she opened her clothes fingered her for a while and she was in mood now.

    Gave a nice BJ for a while and was ready to make up the scene, she didn't have protection and wanted it raw but I carried few with me so used one and the scene started.

    Had fun. After that she helped me in taking shower.

    Damage:4. 2 k it was a bit more 3 k is fair.

    Pussy: 8/10.

    Booby: 9/10.

    Fair enough / had makeup on.

    Gave her number and wanted me to visit again.

    Her name starts with S.

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    Looking for SP, Girls in Siliguri

    I found this is SA have anyone tried?

    Please reply or message me if anyone has genuine contacts in Siliguri.

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    Just 1 post?

    Can you please tell me in what way you are a senior member? This is your first post and there is no active contribution to the forum. Not sure how you are senior? Are you a senior citizen around 90 years and you think that way you are senior and everyone will share all contacts wherever you go?

    First understand that you are a Newbie with zero contribution. People here are not fools to believe you unless you validate your point.

    These people should be neglected by serious mongers.

    Beware of such people.

    Quote Originally Posted by SoloYolo21  [View Original Post]
    Hey bro,

    I am Senior forum member stationed in Siliguri. Do help with genuine DP number Or preferably independent girls. If you visit Mumbai / Pune you will be taken care well.

    Do text me.

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    Sp / indies in Siliguri

    Hey bro,

    I am Senior forum member stationed in Siliguri. Do help with genuine DP number Or preferably independent girls. If you visit Mumbai / Pune you will be taken care well.

    Do text me.

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    Pizza Topping spa

    Went to the pizza topping spa as reported by MidtownGuy bro. For some reason, they have scratched SPA from the banner and it only says saloon. Thanks to MidtownGuy's report else I wouldn't have entered.

    The girl at the counter said 2.5 k, which I brought to 1 k and as there is no shower so opted for dry. There were 2 therapists inside, one dusky but tall another fair but short. I was allotted the dusky one which I didn't mind. They have tiny compartments with no door and also the other therapist outside was watching videos on the phone which was irritating. The massage was decent but I left without asking for extras nor did the girl ask anything. The setup guarantees FS but my mood was spoiled by the noise and overall setup so left without any action. Can be a good option if you are looking for a quick release.

    WIR: no mostly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MidtownGuy  [View Original Post]
    I was in Siliguri for a week for work. Went through the forum posts which indicates that things have gone dry. However, I was hungry and took a chance in one of the evenings.
    Damn, when I went I felt those are just normal saloons and didn't enquire any further. Need to pay a visit soon.

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    Kudos on a remarkably well written FR. Glad you had a good time. Wish to visit Siliguri and Namchi one day soon.

    Quote Originally Posted by MidtownGuy  [View Original Post]
    I was in Siliguri for a week for work. Went through the forum posts which indicates that things have gone dry. However, I was hungry and took a chance in one of the evenings.

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    FR2 - Emm Bazaar. Not so great experience

    After a great experience the previous night (read previous FR), I decided to revisit emm bazaar the next evening. I already went through a long, tiring and stressful day and wanted to destress. I reached the place a bit late. Wanted to try a different saloon this time. Anyhow the one I had visited last evening was closed for the day. Went to a nail salon on 2nd floor. They didn't have massage service.

    Walked into another salon which was empty and one lady was sitting on sofa. Walked in. She asked me to sit down and discuss. This place gives massage. I asked for NE therapist. She said those girls don't provide great massage. Either she herself would give the massage or another local girl. This therapist was a dusky MILF. Looked attractive and curvy. But I could notice a large belly under the salwar. So I asked for the other girl. She called her the other one. Although she was a local she had some NE facial features on face. She was slim too. So chose her.

    This saloon also had a cabin with open top. However it has a non-lockable sliding door. Was given a towel which did not look clean. Went naked after taking permission from therapist.

    Massage started. Nothing particular to remember. In less than 5 minutes she popped the extra question. Was ready for FS with BBBJ. No DFK. Price was decided swiftly. She undressed with trouser hanging on one leg (which by now I understand is the SOP). Lifted her salwar and bra. I asked her to get rid of it. She refused citing emergency dressup requirement.

    Started with BBBJ which felt good. Started sucking balls. Felt better. Then she started licking the perenium. I was ecstatic. Was rock hard by now. Put the condom and asked her to come on top. She did wot for a few minutes. In the meantime I could hear 2-3 girls chatting in the reception area. That kind of made me a bit uncomfortable. Then she lied down on me while was inside her and started getting up and down. Somehow the position didn't work for me and I went soft. I asked her to stop. Sucked her boobs for a few minutes. Tried kissing her but she did not yield. Asked her to blow me again. She took off the condom and obliged. Took some time to harden again but was up again. Put on a fresh condom and went missionary. Few strokes and went soft again. She was disappointed and asked 'kya ho gaya'. I didn't have any concrete answer.

    I thought may be it was the combination or tiring day, uncomfortable chatter from outside and the mild disappointment of therapist keeping her salwar and not kissing. Asked her to give me BJ+HJ and make me cum. She started with BBBJ again. I remained soft. The she switched to licking the perenium again while stroking me. It seemed to work and I started getting hard again. This time she almost reached the anus. I lifted up my ass with non-verbal invitation to rim. She did not do it though. I also didn't ask as it wasn't part of the deal. She kept stroking vigorously. I asked her for PIV again (old condom was still usable). But she refused. Said '[Non-English text deleted by Admin]'. She kept licking the perenium and stroked more vigorously till I came. Then she left and I started dressing up. She went out and I could here group laughter from all the girls. I was the most probable subject of the joke.

    While leaving the saw 4 girls sitting on the sofa including my therapist. I moved out without stopping to notice them in detail. The receptionist was outside talking on phone. She had leaned over the railing. She smiled kindly and said 'fir se zaroor aiyyega'. For a microsecond I wanted to dry hump her large ass and grope her for boobs from behind. She was looking more attractive now. I smiled back at her and nodded.

    Journey back to my place was filled with some sadness owing to poor performance.

    Spa name. Didn't notice. It's on left side as one enters the mall. Either level 0 or 1.

    Damages - 1 counter+ 2. 5 inside.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was edited to remove text not in English. While I encourage contributions from all volunteers, the Forum is an English-only website. Please do not post reports in any language other than English. If you wish to post text in any language other than English, then please include a full English translation.Thanks!

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