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    Met Miya in AD. She is cute in person and the photos are real. She is really friendly and knows how to take care of you. Would definitely set a date again.

    Face: 8.

    Body: 7.

    Service: 8.

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    Sara. adorable Viet GFE

    I just left from meeting Sara, I don't have much to add to all of the already well deserved positive reviews. She is a super cute, fun, petite, sexy, giggly, super GFE that is absolutely adorable!

    Face: 9. 5.

    Body: 9.

    Service: 8 (I prefer PSE but if just on the basis of GFE she would be a 9).

    Attitude: 9.

    WIR: I definitely will, can't believe it took me this long to see her!

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    Kim in marina

    I saw Kim's profile and reviews.

    So thought let's try, was in marina for some work, so chitchat over whatsapp and agreed to meet within an hour at her location with no security and easy access.

    She opened the door and I saw gorgeous Kim waiting for me, looks better than pic looked a beautiful doll, sexy lips and curvy body.

    Started the deed with decent BJ, followed by some good DFK and sex in 2-3 positions, all services were on offer, finished with CIM.

    According to me.

    Looks- 9 (good curves).

    Service- 8 (everything on offer).

    Place-5 (shared accommodation, bathroom not good).

    WIR- no.

    Overall I would recommend for one time. She is good and the sex was also good. 400 for 30 minutes.

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    Gigi was great

    Gigi looked excatly of my taste & tried her without any hesitation. Easy to setup the meeting via whatsapp. She responded immedietly & send me pics & videos too. A perfect thai MILF.

    Below is the scorecard.

    Location: 6/10.

    You cannot call it a descrete but a street entrance. Went at 3 pm. So parking was not an issue.

    Room / spa: 10/10.

    The spa & looked normal when entered but the room was defenitely 5 star. Its a master bedroom of a porsche villa where the matress is on the floor elevated especially for the purpose with fairly good lighting & a single seater sofa which you can use later.

    Lady: 9/10.

    Could easily score a 10 but nobody is perfect. She is 35. Perfect MILF figure. Big boobs with long nipples. Dint care if its manmade or not but felt awsome while caresing it from behind in the shower. Very hygenic & also takes good care of you too.

    Service: 9. 5/10.

    As said before could've easily be a 10. We tried everything except anal as I am not into that. She loves DFK & DATY which was the plus point. She was really enjoying what she was doing. Was multiorgasmic & came 3 times & was carving for more. We finished around 10 min to an hour. She made me ready for round 2 within minutes but it was already time. Took another shower together & kissed good buy with a promise of meeting again soon. The sad part is she is leaving soon & won't comeback.

    Damage - 5 are.

    WIR. Defenitely once more before she leaves.

    Quote Originally Posted by Waster2  [View Original Post]
    Hi all,

    And she was in a big spa with big rooms.

    The room is good and have attached bathroom.

    Gigi 34-35 years old and looks really sexy in my taste.

    Great personality, English not so good like mine, but she can do almost anything incl anal.

    WIR: yes 100%.

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    Wicked Roger,

    Sarah is below average. My experience was underwhelming to be honest last year. Haven't given a try again with her ever since.

    Your hot Pinoy MILF pics looks great. Could you please share her contact in PM?

    Thanks in advance.

    Quote Originally Posted by WickedRoger  [View Original Post]
    Can you PM me her details please.

    And it is me or does this sound more like a puff piece for the MILF?

    Anyway a pic of a pinay MIF who looks way better than this one IMHO and loves BDSM, bondage, PVC, stockings and wears these clothes outside plus I love her heels, never shy.

    And older and not as expensive either.

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    Was in touch with Maika yesterday, but didn't work out. I presumed it was because I stuck to a certain price / time combo, and she didn't bother replying after a while. Wasn't too troubled, went ahead with Nika, reported as well.

    She texted, and I hopped over quick.

    Gentlemen. Fucking hell. This woman is built to fuck and be pounded and used, and loves every minute of it. Add on her sprinkling of performance, and turns into what I always imagined the gold standard of pse to be. She has had a booty job which is perhaps a tad botched up on one side, but nbd.

    Great appartment, I was kind of surprised when I stepped in even though I'd read how nice it was here.

    I take a while to cum after I've had a couple of drinks, which I'd had to wash the day away, and she took it as a personal fucking offense, even offering another girl at just a little bit extra to ensure I came. She did manage though, the dirty little minx. Skin soft, too easily marked by being spanked unfortunately, couldn't push it.

    She's the kind of girl that seems to crave a rough fuck, so utterly delicious.

    Girl- 10. I'm probably generous while doling out ratings, but I couldn't possibly mark her any less. Incredible attitude.

    Apartment. Also a 10.

    Damage- 10 reds for an hour and a half and two shots, though I managed just the one. Pretty sure she doesn't usually agree to this, am guessing I was lucky enough and she was free, only reason she reached out again.

    Have had quite the good luck with mr this trip, helps to RTFF and reach out to the ones that appeal to you by the reviews!!

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    Nila Tanzanian. Bait and switch

    Don't have time now to post a full detailed report now (maybe later) but thought should get it out there quick, I visited "Nila" and it was a bait and switch of another African girl that I have seen posted on MR quite regularly over the past year or so but doesn't currently have an active profile with her actual pics. She does have pics of the girl in the profile showing her in Dubai to use as verification to make you believe its her but its definitely not the same girl in the pics and recognize the girl from MR.

    I assume she will take down or change her MR profile soon so also as a reference the last 5 digits of her number are: seven ten 83.

    I will post the actual girls profile if she comes back on MR and more details if I have time as I did end up going through with it, she wasn't bad (nothing great) just frustrating.

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    Nika, a lovely little Russian angel

    Reached out for Dasha, who's had a couple of good reviews on here. Wasn't available, agency sent a list, and ended up going for Nika (

    Was honestly devastated after a long day, had to chug some coffee and wine just to keep awake. When you're craving a certain itch, you just got to go scratch it. Part of the Russian angels set up. Nice place in downtown, zero issues getting in. Coms were clean and efficient, though perhaps could have been a tad bit quicker, purely down to me clarifying that I had a bit of a time constraint.

    Page says she's 5"11, but she's definitely around 6"3, and inch taller than I am. She's a big girl. Not fat though, mind you.

    Gentleman, she's rather exquisite. Perfect GF's through and through. Lots of DFK, though she could have used a bit more tongue. Personal preference I guess. There were a couple of moments when I had her pushed against the wall, and had to lean a bit on my toes to make out with her. And this is a sentence I've never used before in my life, and highly improbable that I shall use it again often. That was a hard check on a long standing bucket list item, being with someone taller than I am. And I'm a dash under 6"2.

    While I'm rather partial to the smaller built women, she was great. Natural BS, perhaps cs. Perfect pussy, tasted absolutely great. Perfectly clean.

    Couple of positions, great OWO, lots of kisses and licking. Lots of cuddling after I was done, which was lovely even though I'm not a cuddler by any stretch of the imagination. Fluent, intelligent. Highly recommended.

    Girl - 8.5-9, though I'm definitely partial. Complete sweetheart.

    Banging- 8.

    Damage- 1 k, though I probably could have gone lower. Tipped her as well. Left a happy, happy man.

    WIR- not sure, may try someone else from the agency, or may take a shot at Maika.

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    Had an encounter with this girl about two weeks ago:

    Sumi stays in Barsha and she's not alone since I overheard other people walking around in the apt. She's young, in the beginning of her twenties with nicely man made boobs and a school girlish type of body. She seemed very uncomfortable during the act even though she did everything that we agreed upon. Communication was hard due to her lack of language skills (almost none existent) and the only hint of a smile was when we were done, almost as a sign of relief from her side. In hindsight the whole thing felt a bit awkward and will definitely not repeat.

    Place 7 / 10.

    Girl: 8 / 10.

    Sex: 6 / 10.

    Attitude: 4 / 10.

    Damage: 400 1 shot inc. Anal.

    WIR? No.

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    Was browsing through MR ads and found this one:

    She's new to MR but old in the game. Remember I met her a couple of times a year ago and in those days I found her via WeChat. She calls herself Nana now and claims she's Thai but I know for a fact that she's actually from Vietnam (a minor detail). Age is not 26, rather around 40 but she's quite well kept for her age. She's independent and lives alone in the Marina.

    Nana is very crazy, passionate when it comes to sex and wild as few. Very much PSE but with a hint of GFE. She's multi orgasmic and likes it rough, loves to be fingered until she comes hard and oh boy, she's a real squirter. Her English is OK and she has a warm personality. VFM is great and worth a visit.

    However, one thing that I didn't know was that she offered bareback for "certain" customers. Will not visit her more after knowing this even though it's probably more common among WG's than most of us think.

    Place: 9 / 10 - security never asks and parking is easy.

    Girl: 6 / 10.

    Sex: 9 / 10.

    Damage: 400/1 HR (inc. Anal).

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    Doha action?

    I know I know, wrong country, but the Qatar section is totally dead and I would image there may be someone here that might be able to help a travelling brother out?

    Is there any AMP or verifiable decent MR action in Doha?

    Any tips would be most appreciated!

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    Abu Dhabi bait and switch

    I arranged a meeting with this lady in recent days but when I arrived at her location, the door was opened by a lady who was not the woman in the photos. Bait and switch. I turned and left. Stay safe.

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    Met her yesterday.

    Staying in a nice / easy access hotel in Tecom.

    Curvy nice body, pictures in MR not fairly showing all her assets.

    Real curves, nothing fake.

    Very hygienic, that why only covered BJ and no FK (down point for me), but still she have some good BJ techniques.

    Good English, and running good conversations, also nice while negotiating on WhatsApp.

    Not a time watcher, and have welcoming attitude.

    Gave also acceptable massage with nothing special.

    Maybe will repeat if we were both in Dubai next time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rikke666  [View Original Post]
    I've tried Gigi twice now and she's a really good and passionate provider. As mentioned located at a Spa which was quite odd and a new thing for me. You just bypass the reception without paying and final payment was done after the deed. Gigi is a true Thai MILF with sexy curves and very smooth skin. She has big natural breasts but they are still firm and on top of that an appealing round ass.

    She's almost up to anything and really seems to enjoy what she's doing. When it comes to anal she's and expert without any limits, she does DFK and BBBJ is really good.

    Only con is that she keeps messing afterwards twice a day, wishing goodnight and good morning. First time it was cute but became annoying since she wouldn't stop so had to block her.

    Damage was 500 inc. Anal for an hour but stayed almost 1,5 hour.
    The Shooter's experience is similar. She enjoys her work and knows her way around a man's body. Her figure is Rubenesque with plump legs. Her breasts are large but they do have a little silicon reinforcement on the underside as an anti-sag measure. Her BJ is very skilled, going fast and slow, DT, face-rubbing, etc. She enjoys DATY. If she sits on your face, she will frig herself to cum, but no squirting LOL.

    The Shooter spotted her from the spa line-up. He is a regular at the spa, as the Viet girl Kenny (ex-Lucy's) gave a similar GFE and PSE experience (incl. BJ sandwich with Anna). When she left, the Shooter tried a Viet MILF, who was very good, she had a remarkable way of shifting her body sensually, it's hard to describe, one has to try it to understand it. Later he found out that she is 52 yo, so a GILF not a MILF LOL.

    They took down the spa sign, but it still operates as a spa and you pay dh250 at the desk, of which the girl gets dh150, and you tip her extra. If you book the girl direct, you can just pay her and she will pay reception.

    There are many restaurants nearby, with staff and customers milling around until late at night, so you will be noticed walking in.

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    South Korean Girl from MR.

    This is from my visit to Dubai in Sept. I zeroed in on a South Korean in MR, Contacted thru what's up and fixed up a incall for 1 HR 500 2 sh. Was asked to come over to her incall in M Tower in Marina. I went and messaged from a nearby coffee shop, she can done and I followed her through the back door into the building and thru the security and up into her apartment which she was sharing with a MILFish looking lady, who opened the door and went inside.

    Went into the her room pretty decent no luxury, she was super giggly and started with DFK and undressed from her hot skirt and top with absolutely no undies / bra inside, boobs were natural and yummy. She gave a super BBBJ and then started with CB and ended in missionary. Afterwards she gave me a nice massage and I left afterwards without going through the 2nd Round. She was really wild.

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