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    More of the average.

    Alright, so the trip is already in its 3rd day and I am still to find the "great" experience.

    Given the somewhat average South east Asia experience, I thought let me try CIS. Contacted the below profile -.

    Interestingly she was in a hotel that's walking distance (like <100 metres) from my hotel so it was tempting. Went there knowing that the girl will be taller than me and perhaps not slim. When I met her in the room, I did not like the face and the built was "big". Very tall but big built. She is russian and started off by good DFK trying to be really nice to me.

    To be honest, there was nothing which was below par in terms of service but just that I was not attracted to her. Got 2 BJ's and 2 CIM (I just was not interested in any action) and got a really decent massage in between.

    She was nice to talk to. So if you are into big ladies, she will be a treat.

    I like them young, petite and cute so this one was not my type.

    Damage - 800 for an hour.

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    Mrs Mia Yogi

    I had tried to see Mia when she was here on a previous occasion but it never really worked out as her communication was a little abrupt, I forgot about her until I saw Fields review and figured she was worth the try with his recommendation. She wasn't my first choice but she was the only one replying and available in the next hour so figured to give her a chance finally.

    Fields report (as usual) was spot on, agree with all ratings and comments and second what he said. Since I don't really have a ton to add have fully quoted his report below for re-reading.

    I will say though that if you like variety I would definitely recommend her to try at least once for the yoga tricks, that was definitely something new and fun that I have not really had anything close to before which was hot and I really enjoyed. I would most likely repeat to, maybe not while she is still here but likely on future visit if she comes back as I wasn't able to make it thru all the tricks Field mentioned as she started the circus off with great 15 min BJ with lots of DT which I had to stop her.

    Quote Originally Posted by FieldDay  [View Original Post]
    Easy parking outside, walked straight in. There is no security and the lifts are easy to find so I had some semblance of looking like I belonged / knew where I was going. Anyway -.

    Looks: 6.5 - not a stunner. Quite short, perkyish boobs, nice arse if a few stretch marks, reasonable face. I'm guessing she is late 20's. Slightly less hot than the pics. She was wearing a tight little blue skirt and high heels when I arrived. Definitely still fuckable.

    Performance: 8.5. She seemed a bit shy when I walked in. There was a slightly formal handshake and an awkward kiss on the cheek. She was however perfectly friendly and I went off to shower. Not dissatisfied with my lot. She had certainly perked up when I reappeared. She was wearing the same heels but with a black crotchless catsuit, complete with gloves and gaps for her tits to be played with. Fucking awesome. She was now also pretty energetic and flung herself on the bed, giving me the fuck me eyes. This was more like it. BBBJ was really good. Lots of eye contact, pse faces. Quick and really deep. I don't often cum from just a BJ but I could definitely have blown my load right down her throat had I not checked myself. Note to DavidRim. I'm pretty sure she could handle a long slow deepthroat. Maybe another one for your roster. Anyway, the yoga thing is not mere puffery. When it came to putting a condom on, she did a masterful downward dog over my face while putting the rubber on with her mouth. The sight of her pussy really had me throbbing and she dutifully rode me in reverse cowgirl as I asked. Mish was quite special..

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    One of my favourite clans in JLT has a new girl, Julia:

    Shown in the advert with Angela. Which I definitely don't recommend. See my separate report.

    Looks: 6. 5. Cute face and tiny tiny body. Looks quite young. Slightly bucked teeth maybe but all good.

    Performance: 6. 5-7. Weird kissing. No chemistry but lots of tongue, ok BBBJ. Maybe a bit toothy. See above. No DT but generally a good effort. Took a very good smashing in the usual positions and was happy to have me stand over her and finish with a nice facial. Good eye contact with mouth wide open and tongue out for the final act. Very memorable. She's a nice girl and English is passable. Has only been here 3 weeks.

    Place: 6. 5 - worryingly the security has tightened and my rat run doors through the basement now all need a security pass. Fortunately there were enough people coming and going to facilitate opportunistic tailgating.

    Summary. Worth seeing but probably only if you need variety and have seen some of the better girls (EMA, Maika, Sarah, Mina, Lucy). 4 reds for the half hour.


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    Tina Tecom

    Cute little Taiwanese girl. Accurate pictures. Little cuter in real life. I tend to be nervous about the ones advertising at only 500 for FS, and expect them to be fake pics, so I was pleasantly surprised.

    Handler wasn't super quick to respond to messages, but got it organised at reasonably short notice.

    Had a busy day lined up, so went for 30 minutes at 300.

    Security in the building required registration, guard was a bit of a dick, but what ever. I was getting some and he wasn't!

    She's in what looks to be a shared apartment in Tecom, didn't see the other girl (s) operating.

    Face: very cute, 8.

    Body: super tight, although some light stretch marks on very skinny thighs and bum, 7.

    Boobs: still only small be's with some minor augmentations, but super perky nips and felt great, 7.

    BBBJ: she managed about 80% on DT and was pushing hard to take all she could. Dedicated effort, 8.

    Hopped on top for cowgirl with one leg up for a great view. Just how I like it. Super tight, as you usually expect from such a tiny unit. Worked my way thru the usual positions, finished doggy with an amazing view of that ass.

    Overall performance: 7.5, not my best experience, but certainly above average, and the view helped!

    WIR: not sure, price is right for a quick one, so maybe when it suits. Have now ticked Taiwan off my list!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SamiHeart143  [View Original Post]
    I see. I'm also planning to meet her next week. How was the anal sex experience. She is very serious and gets angry easily over whatsapp. Did you it went with you.
    I didn't try anal with her, even though I initially wanted to.

    She didn't get angry with me when I contacted her, but was borderline snappy.

    But I get why. These ladies get contacted by a lot of men and most of them waste their time, try to fish for pics / vids, or make an appointment but never show up.

    While talking to her when we met she told me how roughly 40-60% of guys who book flake and don't show up without warning or reason. That day she had 4 bookings, and only 2 showed up including me. I can imagine it can be frustrating.

    That being said if I was genuinely interested in booking and the provider was bitchy, angry, or had attitude I would definitely change my mind.

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    The start ain't good this time.

    So after a week in Delhi, I am back in Dubai. I thought MR fun would continue but I forgot the mean reversion: the.

    So I landed around 11 and I was chatting with a couple of contacts and decided to try something new from a provider who I have tried earlier (than tried and tested)!

    She said above is a new girl and she is great bla bla. It was pretty late (almost 1 am) and finding the apartment from basement parking was not fun at all. After at least 20 minutes I registered with security and went to apartment. In parallel she told me that the girl is busy and I will need to wait. Ah well.

    I said I prefer to wait in apartment so here I am in apartment in a room, all alone, waiting for the girl for almost 20 minutes. Risky but given I had been with one of the girls from this provider twice earlier, I thought its ok.

    She tried to sell me a couple of other girls but I was adamant on the new one. Finally she arrived and round 1 was uneventful as I went for vanilla given I wanted a release. The girl was cute enough to lie next to me but she almost slept. And there was no initiation from her side for at least 20 minutes. I was tired as well. When I asked her to start for round 2, there was a knock on the door and the girl was audacious enough to tell me my time was up. Clearly it was only 40-45 minutes tops and I told her to get on the job and get me released. Which she did but only with hand because I had not washed (ah well, yeah that's my fault as well given bathroom was not attached to the room).

    Anyways, sort of a poor experience.

    Next day (=today), I wanted to try Oriana (I had my eye on her on my last trip and a positive FR got me excited).

    So I fix with her and take a taxi only to reach and be told that she is out to pharmacy buying protection. Ok, I am not stupid to believe that. She said it will be 30 minutes and while I scolded her, I managed to walk for 40 minutes just to finish my daily steps target LOL.

    She was not ready even after that and so I bailed out as I was sweating.

    Finally, I wanted to sort my Pakistani itch, so was chatting with the provider below -.

    Good comms and everything and I was expecting a girl in 40 minutes which turned an hour. And the girl said she is in lobby but she was at some other place and after another 15 minutes she arrived. Now to my surprise, the girl was really good looking and I was hooked. 1000 upfront and good round 1 but she wanted to hurry in round 2 so eventually did not manage it. She said I should call her directly and she will spend 2 hours next time. May be the investment will pay out good returns but I was happy to be with a really cute Paki girl. I mean she was really cute for what I have seen in Dubai.

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    Viet Sarah, Still Crazy, Still Sexy as Hell

    Originally one of Maika's stable but they fell out in the summer. Sarah had to move out and took a while to re-establish herself with new MR add and accommodation. Seen her a few times over the last month. She's now based in a pussy filled hotel in Tecom. It's not as plush as the old JLT flat but absolutely no security check. Dropped he price to 600 for an hour, anal extra (it used to be 300 extra).

    First was frantic, quick and hot. Usual OWO with face fucking as soon as I'm in the door followed by hot sex in multiple positions then a finish down her throat for CIM. Then Disappointing as she messed about but was avoiding a second shot.

    Texted her a couple of weeks later to say I wanted to see her again but only for 2 shots. She says I'm too big for two fucks and she'll die if she does but offers me her and a friend for 300 extra. Friend looks cute and I say yes. I'm to fuck Sarah first the the friend and I know they won't be into each other. I get there a bit early and slight change of plan as I'm sent to the friend (Nana) first and then Sarah will come for me. This was taking a duo to a new level of non interactive. She's tiny, cute and very friendly. Very passable OWO followed by sex. Cowgirl was great but soo tight. She was gloriously wet. Finished in doggy and she took more of a pounding than I had feared given how small she was. Great fun but felt very much like finishing the starter and looking forward to the main course. Nana was cute but I prefer dirty and sexy looking.

    Sarah then comes. She's super glammed up hair, makeup and nails but in a hotel bathrobe and slippers. I drag enough clothes on to be decent and go to her room with her and OMFG what followed was the horniest best sex of my life. Porn star OWO and DT for ages since she was fresh and I was on round 2. She then looks up and says 'you want to fuck my ass?' No extra money looked for she's just being horny. Rubber on, lubed up and in I go, her kneeling on the bed and me standing. With Asians I always have to go super slow to start with given I'm in proportion to me 194 height. She takes it all but I can see it's really straining her and my choice is either to pound away and hurt her or to change. I'm not into hurting girls so I change holes and we fuck in so many positions all over the room. Finished in Mish with her moving brilliantly in sync with me and coming all over me. We collapse onto the bed for a good fifteen minutes, both shattered.

    Sarah then takes me to the shower and joins me. She's washing my cock and ass when I start to get hard again and suddenly she is on her knees and I'm down her throat. This was the girl who couldn't do two shots! After a few minutes I stopped he as there was just no way I was going to do a third shot so soon. We dried up and cuddled a bit more then off I stagger, a good 20 minutes over the hour I had booked.

    So you never know exactly what you are going to get but it's always sexy.


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    Looking for a reliable (Asian) Anal provider.

    Last few encounters have been fun but looking to scratch an itch I've not managed to for a while. Have usually enjoyed some backdoor action with EE girls but I met a superb looking Korean in civvie life who got me interested. No joy there but tempted when I'm back in a few weeks.

    This lady caught my eye

    She seems genuine; lots of IG photos and a few reviews. Any experiences or alternative suggestions?

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    Visit to my usual Viet Contact

    Met this girl 2 weeks back in Marina's apartment. She is managed by my old contact. He recommended her.

    The girl is the same as in pics and has a pretty face and sexy body. She was open to trying different positions, but not very keen on DFK.

    Anyway, overall for 3 reds it was value for money kind of experience. I have been visiting this Viet place for last 2 yrs for the same price. And it is good.


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    Second visit. Helen

    I met her back in Aug 2019, but after that, she went back home for 2 months. She came back yesterday and dropped me a message.

    Met her this afternoon. Long story short, she is a gem of a girl. Originally found by WantMore.

    Attitude - 9.

    Apartment - 9.

    Girl. Same as in pics with nice boobs.

    Perfect GFE. Treat her with respect and she will give you an awesome time.

    I paid her the same as last time in 4 reds.


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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackLighter  [View Original Post]
    Lindsay. British MILF:

    I met Lindsay a year ago, but completely forgot to post this. After a lacklustre experience with an Asian girl who could barely speak English I wanted to find someone I can at least communicate with. Lindsay came across as dirty and open minded on her ad, so I went ahead and contacted her. She was friendly, flirtatious, and professional..
    I see. I'm also planning to meet her next week. How was the anal sex experience. She is very serious and gets angry easily over whatsapp. Did you it went with you.

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    Lindsay. British MILF

    Lindsay. British MILF:

    I met Lindsay a year ago, but completely forgot to post this. After a lacklustre experience with an Asian girl who could barely speak English I wanted to find someone I can at least communicate with. Lindsay came across as dirty and open minded on her ad, so I went ahead and contacted her. She was friendly, flirtatious, and professional.

    Place - 7.

    She stays in a hotel apartment in Marina. I was lucky with parking and no one asked me for ID when I headed up.

    She greeted me at the door in heels and lingerie as requested. Her place looks like a regular lived in 1 bedroom apartment, which I did not mind at all. It was cozy and comfortable.

    Looks - 5.5.

    Her pictures on MR are accurate. I thought her curvy physique added to the authenticity of the MILF experience.

    But I have to admit I was disappointed with her face. Now I'm NOT saying she is ugly, because she isn't, but I wouldn't say she is pretty either. Unfortunately for me an attractive face is very important.

    Overall Experience & Performance - 9.

    This is where Lindsay truly excels!

    We sat down, had a glass of wine and talked for some time. I don't like rushing into fucking and enjoy taking my time. She was warm, talkative, and funny. Having a conversation with her is a delight, and I can totally see myself spending the night chatting away over drinks.

    Her BJ skills are superb as well. I think its the best I've ever had! For a 40+ year she is quite tight. Usually it can take me a while to orgasm, but with her it was a breeze!

    Damage - 1500/ hrs.

    I noticed her rates have increased since I last saw her, so take that into consideration.



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    Quote Originally Posted by FieldDay  [View Original Post]
    This is a perfect example of picking up clues on adverts. It is quite easy to tell these are likely to be related and legitimate. The adverts were all very similar. Two of the videos are clearly shot in the same JBR apartment. Local numbers are advertised and when you add them on WhatsApp, they have the same status showing the 'opening hours'. It's not an agency. Because the numbers are different and I was communicating directly with the girl but it's clearly a very well coordinated set up.
    Nice one mate, I too had picked out the same 3 over the weekend and made the same observations and same sort of communication. But yes you're right, clearly a well organised crew with ad templates and videos.

    Ended up choosing Amelie, but backed out as I got a much better offer elsewhere from a sweetheart SB that's a sure thing.

    Might have to revisit when I'm back down in the marina.

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    Equal only to my love of Asian girls, is my relatively recent love affair with Latinas. I love their look and they are generally fiery in bed. I have always had great chemistry with them. It was therefore with intrigue that I found the following adverts on massage republic and thought they warranted further investigation:

    This is a perfect example of picking up clues on adverts. It is quite easy to tell these are likely to be related and legitimate. The adverts were all very similar. Two of the videos are clearly shot in the same JBR apartment. Local numbers are advertised and when you add them on WhatsApp, they have the same status showing the 'opening hours'. It's not an agency. Because the numbers are different and I was communicating directly with the girl but it's clearly a very well coordinated set up.

    I didn't fancy Polly that much so text Amelie. She responded immediately with a full set of pics, and answered questions as to service and price. Quoted 700 for 30 minutes 1 shot and covered BJ. With BBBJ - 1100! Errr. No thanks. I tried Oriana instead.

    Oriana's pictures were the best of the lot. Seemed like a perfect Latina. I didn't expect a different price given the set up but when she came back with 700 30 minutes covered or 800 with no cover I was sold. Yesterdays field trip went something like this:

    Communication was great. Oriana followed the same texting formula as Amelie. Pics, services etc. They clearly have a play book. Very pro. She was very careful to tell me in advance how to access the building without scrutiny. Full marks.

    Looks: 8. 5. She is right up my street. Tight midriff and big curvy firm Latina arse and big fake tits. Both are surgically enhanced and not very well done. I really quite like this lack of perfection though. She is a lovely girl and it would be doing her a disservice to refer to her as 'trashy' but I like my WG to have a bit of a dirty edge and she has that in spades. Some won't like it and will deduct points. Pretty face and dark skin, fake filled lips, big hoop earrings. If you search Latina porn in my dictionary, this is what comes up. The photoshopped pics are a veneer. She is less perfect than that but like I said, that suits me very well. I have fucked many a more beautiful Brazilian and Colombian when in Spain (for less than 400 dirhams.) but for whatever reason we don't get many here that don't charge 1500-2000 plus. And what's the point when a viet girl will give you such good service for 400-500. She claimed she was 22 but I would put her as late 20's. She is from Medellin in Columbia. She is here for 10 days. Previously in muscat. Seems she is part of a well oiled machine.

    Performance: 8. 5 - she is very friendly. Instantly chatty and her English is passable with an attractive accent. Showered and came back to her wearing a thin dressing gown which hugged her curves. She slipped this off to reveal bright yellow lingerie. A lovely contrast against her tanned skin. French kissing and she turned around to rub her big arse against my cock, which was already throbbing and ready to be sucked. She duly obliged, laying me down on the bed and going at me. Lots of eye contact (she even winked at me. !) deep throating, ball sucking, tip licking and wanking me off while giving me dirty eyes. It was at this point that I noticed the enormous mirror above the bed. Nice touch. Condom on (which was thin and ribbed / pimpled. A good sign) she sat astride me and rode me expertly before allowing me to hold her arse and fuck her as hard as I could. We fucked in missionary and then with her legs over my shoulders with me holding that gorgeous backside in my hands. She kept looking at me and speaking Spanish. I'm pretty sure she called me a 'bastardo' for fucking her so hard. But she was enjoying it. Finished in doggy. That arse was too much for me and she had angled her body down and arse up, making herself really tight. All the while reaching back and stroking my balls and egging me on. Just thinking about it now, I want to go back and do it again.

    Place: 8. 5 - big two bed in JBR. Parking in the basement no questions asked. Intercom with the apartment number for the lifts. She sent pics of the entrances so I knew where I was going. The place was quiet and private and clean towel and bathroom. Full marks for discretion. And the mirror above the bed.

    I would recommend if you like Latinas and don't mind the obvious surgical scars and imperfections. Like I said, I like dirty looking girls and she fits the bill. Services were all provided as promised. I'm sure things like CIM could be discussed but no doubt an extra charge. If you like latinas then might be worth a shot. Especially seeing as it's a difficult itch to scratch here without needlessly burning through cash.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mawgan  [View Original Post]
    Indeed, good tips OP. For me, I check reviews; unless I've a very good reason to try someone without a review I won't. Check to see if multiple reviews have all fine from someone with just one review; always a warning sign. I also use tineye for image lookups. Then don't allow yourself into the room without seeing the occupant; stand back from the door and don't be afraid to walk away. I also sent have materially more cash than I need and no ID, nice watch. Maybe I'm paranoid, but read a lot of scams here and there seem to be more these days.
    Definitely one of the most important. Don't walk in unless you can see inside! Good point.

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