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    In your experience, if a not-w*monger rents a tourist accommodation in a big town in a Scandinavian country, then he could meet a lot of beautiful women for any purposes and without wasting absurd money?

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    According to numbeo, ukraine is very muchcheaper than its surrounding countries, due to corruption, cicil was, Risian taking the best parts of Ukraine; Crimea for military base, tourism etc, and "Donbass", where Ukraine served the Red Army nwith raw materials and heavy guns 1941-1945. Now it was then that the Red Army made a miracle; they moed as much as raw material they could, got help from future enemies US etc, but a total of 1300 factories where moved to theUral and beyond and getting supply from friend via Iran.

    1992 all expected Ukarinae to be a economic tiger, but instead fell apart and now have 7800 CHP / capita, while Russia are above 20.000 dollars a head!

    All surrounding countries have have a development like mother Russia, all except Ukraine.

    Salaries, prices are very very low, making one of the poorest countries in the world.

    But one of the nest educated people.

    And top top top beaituful girls. Even at a site as ukrainedate. They beat Colombia with like 6-3 in NHL terms, without problems. And they are like 30, while colombianas seem to be aging at that age.

    IS THIS A BLUFF. IS uKRAINE A COUNTRY WHERE YOU CAN walk on the streets and feel relaxed. If you have friends, npot being just robbed, but beaten up and in worst case scenario dead.

    Ukraine people, like Russian are for Cuba is for the US, mentally, if you get me. Patrask. Capitist that are doing the esionage US can't do it self, Sweden and Finland. We can spy and get what with a warning, US troops on Russian teritory and that would bring the heat over maxium.

    I think of working 4 weeks and living in Ukraine 4 weeks and learn the lingo and train hard, they a people with cadaver discipline, even without the doping. Kiev, Odessa, which visa; Sochi and Simferopol, but also the big / small cities in west to east northern Ukraine; Lutsk, Lviv, Rivne, Sumy etc.

    Are the nombeo correct at, this would be a paradise, though with some leathal snakes, hihi. . Just live an ordinary life, get a novia and let her boys protect You.

    In a land where there pops up 1000 10 pionter and 10,000 8-9, , being a serious site, or 2 Russiancupid+ Ukrainedate, the rest are pure scam.

    Today I saw like 5-10 Perfects going to the city and home again, but to young, like 18.

    I highly recommend The Scandinavian countries, they outbeat are / you, or is it's equal.

    Princes for sex are like 3-5-10 times higher in this rich countries, but if you have money, invite a tall, blonde to Mallorca. I would choose a danish girl, they are not feminist and wilder. Swedish and Norway girls and Finland. Are timid, in comparison.

    Hell though what I miss El Medellao.

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