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Thread: Smooci Advertiser Thread

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    Twitter Feed at smooci

    We have set up a Twitter feed which will be used as a tool to highlight the best performers, hot new girls, discounts and offers on girls, and important site updates.

    The site will post when:

    - A girl gets 3 x 5 star reviews in a row.
    - A new girl gets her first rating (a high ratings only).
    - A girl / agency offers discounts or exclusive lower rates.
    - The site offers free or discounted membership.
    - Important site updates and expansions.

    We hope this will prove to be a useful extra tool for clients, highlighting the best talent and best prices.

    Follow us here

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    Online Notifications

    We are happy to announce that we have launched our new 'online notifications' feature.

    Clients can now view the offline Escorts and set alerts to be notified when that companion next comes online. The alerts can be set for 12,24, and 48 hours, and clients will be notified by email the moment that Escort next comes online and available to be booked.

    When you places an online notification, an instant message is also sent to the escort, letting her know a client is interested in booking her, encouraging her to come online if available.

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    We are officially launching in Singapore today.

    Along with our Singapore launch we are offering Singapore clients a free one-month membership when booking in Singapore this month.

    To make a booking simply go to and click 'search'.

    Once you have made a booking simply email us with the details to and we will upgrade you to premium membership for 1 month.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MakeItOrBreak  [View Original Post]

    Welcome to SP but an obvious question is the legal aspect what due diligence have you done being a public site working in the open?

    I'm not legally trained and can't give you a hugely indeph answer, but we understand that our service treads a very fine legal line and we have spent an immense amount of time researching and working with people who are well respected in the industry in order to create something that can bring more positivity and safety to clients and companions.

    We have wanted to launch in Singapore for over a year and we spent almost a year and a half working very closely with a legal team, making numerous adjustments to our original platform in order to primarily become a fully legal service and company in the eyes of UK law. From there we are aquiring legal assistance and advice in every country we expand too, making adjustments to the service as needed.

    It's not something I am comfortable to discuss in deph with full confidence as we rely on our lawyers to handle the legal aspects (they are a well reknowned international law firm and have experience in the industry). If you have any specific questions it's best to take a look at our legal documents which I'll post here and you can email us, and we can pass on specifc questions.

    In terms of Singapore we have local legal support. We are also in communication with the IMDA (Infocomm Media Development Authority) in order to comply with their Class Licence conditions and the Internet Code of Practice (ICOP). This isn't completely fool proof as there are a lot of grey areas and a lot of what they request can be left to interpretation, (bringing our service to their attention before we even launch also means there is no going under the radar), but we will try to work to their guidelines and adapt to be accepted.

    It's important to note that we function as a directory;.

    - We are not an agency, we do not employ any escorts in Singapore.

    - Unlike our Bangkok service, we will not allow agencies to work on Smooci in Singapore and we will not affiliate with pimps or brothels in Singapore.

    - We also do not take any cut or fee from the booking fees, so Escorts on Smooci keep 100% of what they earn on a booking.

    - Companions who want to advertise on Smooci are given blank profiles to fill in and have control over their advertisments, as well as total control over where and when they work.

    - Companions must accept our terms and conditions in order to advertis and Clients are also required to accepted our terms and conditions in order to confirm a booking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmoociApp  [View Original Post]

    We welcome questions, queries, and constructive criticism from users.

    Welcome to SP but an obvious question is the legal aspect what due diligence have you done being a public site working in the open?


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    Welcome to Smooci


    We'd like to introduce the members here to which will shortly be launching in Singapore.

    Smooci is an escort booking platform, kind of like a next generation directory. Clients simply click 'request a date' and enter the details for the booking they want (location / gender / time / duration) and they will be given a results page of Escorts who meet their requirements and are online, ready to be booked in a few simple clicks.

    As well as giving the you escort profiles and live availability, you can also see a star rating of each girl. This figure is viewable after a girl has had her 3rd rating and is an average of the ratings she has received from confirmed bookings / clients.

    The booking system is very simple, you simply fill in your details and verify the booking through an SMS One Time Password. The booking is sent direct to the escort who has 10 minutes to accept the booking, with most bookings confirmed within 3 minutes. You will be informed once your date is on her way and once the booking is complete you have the opportunity to rate and review your date.

    Smooci is free to use and we don't take any fee or cut of the booking payment, with booking payments paid direct to the escort. The way we monetize is through offering a low priced premium membership option (with no rebilling) .

    Premium members get to make bookings further in advance (up to 24 hour rather than 4 hours) and get to make 1 hour bookings (with free users only able to make 2-24 hour bookings). In adition, premium members get to see if a photo has been community verified (voted accurate by confirmed clients), and read non-edited, genuine client comments on each escort (again, from clients who have had confirmed bookings with the escort).

    In adition to this, premium members also get the ability to track their dates to their door, 'uber' style. So no more waiting and wondering where your date is, or being told I'm in a taxi on the way (when you can clealy hear the shower in the background.).

    Smooci was launched in Bangkok just over a year ago and we are now starting to sign up companions in Singapore ready for our first expansion. Once we have our targeted number of companions signed up we will announce our Singapore launch date (targetted within April).

    We welcome questions, queries, and constructive criticism from users.

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    Smooci Advertiser Thread

    Thread starter.

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