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    MAISON CLOSE: Sweet Dalia escort

    Do you know Dalia? She is a very sweet and sensual girl who knows what you need at every moment.

    Her favorite practice is the GFE: With it you will have a unique feeling of girlfriend.
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    Fénix. Brazilian chocolate skin

    She is an attractive and sensual woman who knows what has to be done in bed. Right now I'm with her talking about what kind of postures she loves and what makes her crazy.

    Do you want to know?
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    Maison Close. Erika horny and fiery

    Do you know that Nordic and Eastern women are passionate even if they do not seem so? Yes, they know what each man needs and what they want in each moment. Passionate and wild, Erika loves to have sex and enjoy it.

    You have to know her.
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    Kariny. Cuban escort who wants to know insectable knights

    Tall and slender, of a great guy and spectacular body, Kariny is a brazilian escort who is eager to meet gentlemen who go the March and want to have sex.

    With golden and dark skin, she is a spectacular woman who loves to practice erotic massages and have a good time in the shower.

    Do you want to have a good time with her?
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    MAISON CLOSE. Alice sexy colombian women

    Hi all.

    Do you know Alice? She is a Colombian escort that you can know very well in Barcelona. So if you're there you can enjoy a good French or an endless sex show.

    You dare?
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    Maison close

    Are you one of those who like something more than traditional sex? Well, Maison Close can enjoy a good session of erotic sado, and in which you can give free rein to your imagination and play with a beautiful woman.

    You fancy?

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    MAISON CLOSE. Paulina: sexy and wild escort

    Paulina knows what each man needs just by looking at him, and what she loves is giving them the best sex, because she loves to practice it.

    It has a curves that falls in love, and some tits that are perfect to play with them. Fiery and wild, she is a lioness in bed that can leave you breathless with her complete French with her erotic shower.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SannyLove143  [View Original Post]
    Hi, can someone give insight into the prices at this place?

    Single girl and duo is what I am looking at.

    Hello SannyLove143. The price may vary depending on the service, but it can go around € 180 for one hour.

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    MAISON CLOSE. Luci a very seductive and horny escort

    Luci is an impressive woman with a very defined body, in which any man would love to get lost in him.

    Passionate and dedicated, Luci is a Colombian escort who knows what she has to do in each moment. By the way, he loves to give erotic massages.
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    Hi, can someone give insight into the prices at this place?

    Single girl and duo is what I am looking at.


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    MAISON CLOSE. Janet: expert in sexual fantasies

    Have you ever practiced the white kiss, or have you fulfilled any of your sexual fantasies?

    Well, Janet is an expert in sexual fantasies and in GFE. It has a body of scandal, because it has a very redondito chest that lends itself to be touched. Your ass and curves will fall in love with you and will make you want more and more to meet her.
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    MAISON CLOSE. Krystal: wild and horny Russian

    Do you know that Russian escorts are the most passionate in bed? Well, we introduce you to Krystal, a girl who comes from cold Russia.

    He loves Barcelona and the gentlemen in it, and that's why he loves to practice wilder sex with them. She is a Russian escort with perfect measurements and all her tattoos will excite you so much that you will want to know her.
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    Saray: Woman with XXL tits

    Saray is a Venezuelan woman who takes bread and dips, and loves to seduce men.

    It has a spectacular body, because with its XXL big tits and its narrow waist, you can enjoy it with sex and make mischief in bed.

    She is dark and has perfect lips to fulfill your fantasies, and with her big tits she always guarantees a spectacular Cuban.
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    MAISON CLOSE. Natalia: sexy latina escort

    Hi guys,

    Do you want to meet a woman with perfect breasts and body? This Colombian escort is what you need for this weekend, her name is Natalia.

    She is 20 years old and is able to make you enjoy with just a couple of caricatures. It has almost perfect measurements and, the best thing is that he loves to show them off.

    Thanks to his experience and his passion for sex, you can enjoy with Natalia a good erotic shower and will tempt you with pleasure with your French, or your Greek.
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    Vera: tigress that will leave you speechless

    Hi guys,

    If you are reading this is because you want to meet new escort that are able to fulfill all your fantasies. And surely Vera is the ideal girl to do it.

    Vera is a Russian girl who is all fire and passion. With her 33 years you can enjoy the experience of a mature escort. Fulfill your fantasies and fetishes and have a great time.

    The best? Has one of the best asses in Barcelona and, that is why, he loves to practice a good Greek, combined with his GFE and find the climax of his partner with deep throat.
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