I'm trying to convince myself that everything was going to be good I headed out again on Sunday night to Carolinas That and the old Hypnotique had always been my go to spots.

I arrived a little bit later hoping to have a little better luck inside. However, when there were several parking spots in front of the building my hopes were dashed. Went inside I did see one girl chatting with an apparent local friend at the bar but other than that nada. Just a bunch of locals sitting down in the couches watching TV and talking amongst themselves. I nursed a beer as long as I could but nothing developed. Maybe one or two girls emerged but they were not very high on the desirability scale. At least in my books. So much for Carolinas that night.

Well on to Plan be. Back to Empire. It was a little later in the evening by this time and the parking lot was pretty filled. This old white gringo decided to go and run the gauntlet through the gathering of the locals in the doorway. No problems. Once inside it almost looked like an old high school dance. Chicas gathered in little groups in different parts of the bar and the guys were separately grouped together. For the most part the talent was not the greatest.

This has to be the biggest and widest bar that I have ever seen.

The bartender had what appeared to be a shuffleboard type of stick in order to reach across the bar and recover empty glasses or bottles and shoved filled drinks to the customers. The unfortunate part was that a lot of the butts on the girls were even wider. Yikes. Not what I look forward.

I did notice one very attractive dark skinned girl there who really caught my eye.

Tall slender and very nice looking. Unfortunately I was too slow.

I decided to hang around for a little while longer and eventually a very cute Paisa caught my attention. While she did not have the perfect overall qualities I would hope to find she has an incrediblly captivating face. Very very pretty. I'm dating myself here but she reminded me if Mary Ann from Gillian's island. Had she not been in the thicker side she had the potential to be way up in my numerical scale. In spite of the fact that BBJ was not going to happen I did get a cowboy ride that really made up fir it. She moved in a way that really got me going. Likely will repeat but still looking for the right one. Several more days to hunt.

One good thing about Empire is that if there's nothing else going on they do seem to have a porn channel going all the time. Unfortunately if you are if average size you might feel a little insecure.