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    Please share.

    Hello bro,

    Please share her contact and reference please!

    Quote Originally Posted by BoobsManiac  [View Original Post]
    Hey all,

    Just got lucky and scored this Marathi HW from Dadar.

    She is very shy and conservative like most other Marathi HW but she turned pretty much a good fuck in bed.

    Married and jolly nature she provided everything, including anal..

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    Ap contact.

    Please PM sp digit.

    Quote Originally Posted by BoobsManiac  [View Original Post]
    Had this bad food from my SP.

    Age- 22+.

    Face- 8. 5.

    Boobs- 8. Handful ones, soft 34 size.

    Skin- 8. 5..

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    SP Milo number and reference.

    Can someone please share his details?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FuckRat  [View Original Post]
    Tried this one from SP a first Time last week. SP A was prompt in response went to The mentioned place which was an Oyo room in ex pm nagar. It was an amazing experience felt like I was in a dance bar as The moment I walked in she greeted me and started dancing belly style on the songs which was coming in TV. I won't write details but overall a good experience with good DFK and wot. But her belly dancing on me had me almost cum. SP A charged 4.5 k which I think I didn't blow up The Price?
    Can you PM SP A contacts.

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    Helpful Dilli walas.

    Hello Helpful Dilliwalas.

    Can anyone help me with some real good contacts (CIS) in Mumbai?

    I know it sounds weird but Mumbai forum is not particularly helpful these days.

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    Back in Delhi, looking for help from broyhera.

    Hello brothers,

    I am back in Delhi after a year, am reaching out to you for your kind help. I need very attractive MILF contacts. I hope you will help me.

    Will try to share my old contacts if they are still active.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Blonde Russian.

    Dear all,

    Please share anyone name and cont of blonde Russian available in Delhi. Please also share your ref and right damages.


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    Please share.

    Please PM.

    Quote Originally Posted by ayushggn  [View Original Post]

    this was my 1st counter in gurgaon area. Got few snaps from the sp & chosen the attached girl. She is from siliguri-a nepali girl with bog boobs & full of enthusiasm to satisfy all your needs. Except anal she was open for everything & did a uncovered bj. Has 3 sessions till morning. Damage was of 7 k + room. If anyone interested pm me. Speaks fluent hindi so language is not a problem. Very clean, descent & equally good on bed.

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    Miss I East of K.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mechie78  [View Original Post]
    Hello Delhi boys,

    Curiosity for new tastes and looking for variety keeps every monger inspired and tread new paths.

    Same happened to me today. Conquered another fort today. Fulfilled my long lasting wish of having CIS food.

    I too was looking to taste new cuisine. Finally brought Russian Salad on to my platter.

    Thanks to Senior ISGian Brothers who gave the recipe of this food. Only thing I knew that she was a bit higher side on age (around 40). But good in service. So went ahead with blind faith..
    I was the one who had shared her contact with a few ISGians about a year back and as far as I remember I had sent you the contact. Its a fact that she is very careful and doesn't meet anyone who cannot give a proper reference. I know her very well and she will never refuse anyone with my reference. Service wise she is very very good. Anyone wanting her contact may please PM me. Will always be glad to help.


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    Request for Inde Good SP contacs. Delhi short visit.


    Just a regular reader looking for inde contacts. Got few hours to spend in Delhi near airport. Any genuine inde or good SP contact will be great help.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Contacts of Zarina and Alisha.


    Travelling to Delhi on next weekend. Can any good samaritan share the numbers of much hyped Zarina and Alisha or any other good babe. Can reciprocate for Hyderabad and Mumbai region.

    Any leads are much appreciated.



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    Pics and digits.

    Quote Originally Posted by Smart1  [View Original Post]
    Hi brothers,

    I am writing about my latest encounters and I have pictures of all the girls but I won't post them here because I feel WGs also have personal life and we should not paste their pics in public forum. However, I will send their pics to you through otjer personal means.

    (1) I wanted to meet with a sexy CIS babe. So contacted reliable SPs who keep CIS babes and hifi models. I liked pics of one babe for whom one SP quoted 15 k and 2 SPs quoted 12 k. Bargained for 9. 5 k and reached famous hotel in CP. I got too much delayed because of traffic so girls main broker took my number and started confirming whether I m actually going to them. I asked the girl whether she gives BBBJ, she said she will charge 2 k. I paid her more 2 k as I am big fan of BBBJ. Overall good experience. Main broker called me after the deed and said next time onwards I should call him directly and the rate for her he will charge as 7 k..
    Hi bro,

    Please share pics and if they are available please pm digits of Natasha and catalogue model.

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    Hola seniora. Tu amigo from Kolkata.

    I'll be in Delhi for few days. Looking for some MILF or good looking GFE chicks. Preferably A-Level. I can share contacts of ncr based cpls.

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    Possibly retiring.

    Hi bros,

    I am thinking of retiring from mongering, would like to go out in style.

    Can anyone of my brothers share digits of high end SAs or Indie's would love to try them.

    Thanks bros.

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    Am in Guwahati for work.

    Would appreciate if there are a few handy index's with contacts, damages.

    Look forward to.

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