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    Deepthroat at Globe

    Can any one share which girls are doing deepthroat?

    Blowjob skills:

    Deepthroat girls:









    BAD blowjob -.

    Aurellia. Doing you a favor that she suck your dick, Bad.

    Ana. Ask's extra to lick balls, suck just the tip of the dick. Bad experience.




    Sure other girls I been with give fine blowjob. But I wrote only the one that gave me deepthroat and the one to stay away if you are looking for a goof BJ.

    Please share some more names.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MareloboMex  [View Original Post]
    I have started a separate thread that contains my journal from my recently completed 10 nights in Globe. Since the Globe forum is active I didn't want to take up 15 pages with my Journal.

    I was only supposed to have 2 nights at Globe but I got extended twice and attempted to make the most of those extra 8 nights.

    This contains my conversations and interactions with 51 different girls. 37 of them I only talked to. 14 of them I took for 22 rooms..
    MM I forgot to add that I agree with your overall views on the pluses and minuses of Globe as a club. That was very astute and well written and fair especially the bit about although 50 girls might be working only a fraction of these will be available at any one time due to the fact that many of the top girls you read about on here will be in rooms with guys and also due to the reservations system. That is true of FKK clubs everywhere but especially at Globe where a top girl could be booked for 5 hours straight! (Last time I was at Samya in Cologne one girl I liked was booked for the entire night by an old Iranian guy!) The only way around that is to approach a top girl as soon as you spot her free. You snooze you lose at Globe! - or to join her list of favorites and get her private contact details so you can book her in advance! This depends on knowing her first via sessions so it's a bit of a circular argument! Reserving a girl at the desk doesn't mean she will go with you as I have discovered! Better to know her well first and then reserve her. Because everyone who reads ISG wants to go for the Top Girls. The better approach is just go and have fun without preconditions and play it by sight. You never know which Top Girl you might get! You seem like a generous spender so I'm sure some of the girls you've bookmarked as sure repeats (Tina for example) would be happy to go with you in future too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MareloboMex  [View Original Post]
    I have started a separate thread that contains my journal from my recently completed 10 nights in Globe. Since the Globe forum is active I didn't want to take up 15 pages with my Journal.

    I was only supposed to have 2 nights at Globe but I got extended twice and attempted to make the most of those extra 8 nights.

    This contains my conversations and interactions with 51 different girls. 37 of them I only talked to. 14 of them I took for 22 rooms.

    I know each experience or night can stand on its own. But frequently interactions with girls happen over multiple days and it is intended to be understood as a Trip Report.

    I hope you find it useful or valuable. Please click the link.

    I welcome any comments.

    Thank you for an amazingly detailed and entertaining report! Must be the longest ever on ISG! It was fun to read and clearly a labour of love. Now for the negatives (IMO) - take this as honest feedback and not a personal attack please!

    1. It's very repetitive.

    2. You are hyper choosy and come across as a bit difficult and obsessive personality! You might be a great guy in real life and I've never met you but you don't come across as one in this series of long reports.

    3. You claim not enough girls for the type you are looking for (18-22) but your criteria are so over the top that I doubt any place in the world would meet your expectations outside of our dreams!

    4. Talking to a girl for 45 minutes and then not going to a room because she won't let you finger her (for example) is a terrible thing to do and shows no respect for the girl at all. It's not surprising if girls then don't want to go with you as girls talk to each other and word gets around.

    5. You seem to think of working girls as just pieces of meat their for your entertainment and not as living breathing human beings with their own rights and opinions. Maybe it's a cultural difference between Europe and the USA? I don't know. I might be a bleeding heart liberal by your POV but I think we should respect these girls. Maybe you do in real life respect these girls but it didn't come across in your report. Never heard of a girl referee to as a hustle before!

    6. Since you have found a number of girls you really like is I'd recommend repeating with them.

    7. Have you considered escorts? You can be as specific as you like then and get the girls between 18-22.

    Still thank you for the longest reports ever on ISG! Maybe a contact bar like Club Aphrodisia is more your thing? I loved the last section where you listed your Too Ever girls. Was amazed girls like Carmen were only 8! What or who is a 10 in your experience? Again thank you and don't take this response the wrong way!

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    Journal Report

    I have started a separate thread that contains my journal from my recently completed 10 nights in Globe. Since the Globe forum is active I didn't want to take up 15 pages with my Journal.

    I was only supposed to have 2 nights at globe but I got extended twice and attempted to make the most of those extra 8 nights.

    This contains my conversations and interactions with 51 different girls. 37 of them I only talked to. 14 of them I took for 22 rooms.

    I know each experience or night can stand on its own. But frequently interactions with girls happen over multiple days and it is intended to be understood a Trip Report.

    I hope you find it useful or valuable. I welcome any comments.


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    Prologue Day 1

    This is my third trip to Globe and it has been two months since my last one. As the trip gets closer I am anticipating it with excitement. In between I have enjoyed several girls at my usual club in the US.

    There are certain things I do not like about Globe, the worst being it is hard to identify the girls. I miss getting to experience true newbies. And I find the club too loud, dark and hot. I am hopeful that with it being colder in Europe the temperature will no longer be so hot in Globe.

    I did enjoy being naked and just wearing a towel. I have gained about 10 pounds since my last trip, I will try to suck my stomach and in.

    I also plan to use the hot tub, sit in the Kino and sample the food.

    On my last trip I experienced 7 girls that I liked and I want to repeat with them.








    As for pure looks in my humble opinion Clara was the most beautiful by a decent margin. And then Lidia was next although Lidia, Simina, Ines, Megan and Tina are all close in beauty with Claudia being the least beautiful by a decent margin because of her big soft tits. Just by beauty, I want to repeat with Clara first and then Lidia.

    As far as the best session that goes to Tina by a wide margin. She was sexier than all the other girls and she is the one I want a repeat with the most.

    I have been watching the Globe website and after my trip both Clara and Lidia did not work again. I guess they decided Globe wasn't for them, or Globe decided they didn't like these girls. That is kind of disappointing as I really enjoyed them.

    Ines and Claudia continued to work for a few more weeks but they have not been working in more than a month and I think they also left. In this line of work, new girls come and go all the time.

    Simina, Megan and Tina all work regularly. Tina is not working today, and I was hoping she would be.

    I have repeated with three girls Ines, Simina, and Tina. Ines's second session was not as good as her first session. Simina's second session was not as good as her first session. Tina second session was every bit as good as her first session which is one of the reasons I want to repeat with her the most.

    The only two girls I sampled before that I have the chance to repeat with today are Megan and Simina. While I would repeat with both of them, given the chance I would prefer to repeat with Megan a second time than with Simina a third time, but we will see what happens.

    The Globe Website shows 50 girls working today and of those fifty there are the 9 I am interested in;.










    Of the 7 girls I have not sampled before, my preference would be for either Aurelia, Cassandra or Skylar, primarily based on their ages on the Globe website, even though I have found that information to be frequently false.

    My plan is to session with which ever one of these girls I can find first. I have a free day today, so I plan to arrive in the afternoon and stay as long as I desire which could be all day and all night.

    The last time I did this I spent large amounts of time sitting by myself and large amounts of time talking to girls I was not interested in. I found that exhausting, but I am mentally up for the task and hoping I perform better today. I did see many girls from my previous trip that are still working at Globe who I know I do not want. I suspect those will be some of the more aggressive girls.

    The last time I spent the day at Globe I achieved 3 orgasms, and that is very rare for me. I am going try to accomplish that again. In addition to Skyn condoms, I brought some cock rings and a bullet vibrator with me to try out during the sessions.

    I enthusiastically enter Globe around 2:00 pm Seeking great sex with my fantasy type girls.

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    Day 1 Hustle Skylar

    I have learned from prior sessions that if a girl is called to dance that means she is available because she was sitting by herself. As I walk out of the locker area, I see a tall blond girl dancing on stage. She has nice small A cup tits; a flat stomach and I am certain I have not seen her before. She has a long sexy neck and large lower jaw. I think she looks like just the kind of girl that I desire, and I rate her an 8. I sit down in front of her and watch her stage set. But when she finishes with the stage set she walks right by me and starts a circle of the room. I catch up with her and ask if I can speak with her, she says sure and introduces herself as Skylar. I am thrilled as she is one of the girls that I wanted to find. I offer to get her a drink and we sit down to chat.

    She tells me that she only works 8 days a month and this is her forth time working at Globe. Globe is her first club and before Globe she was a university student. I tell her this is only my third time visiting Globe. I am surprised when she says she is 24 years old as the Globe lists her age as 20. I was hoping for younger than 24 but she really is a hot girl. She has the start of a tattoo sleeve on her left arm. She has guns tattooed on her hips. She says she really likes guns. We talk about the gun violence in the US.

    She tells me she played some tennis when she was younger. I learn she is German from Dusseldorf. She says they only have 5 German girls working in Globe because Swiss guys don't like German girls they prefer Romanian girls. I am not sure this is an accurate statement, but I don't debate it.

    Skylar has nice perky tits and I ask her to take off her top, and I am surprised to see she pierced one of her nipples. I don't like pierced nipples, but I decide to look at the bright side that one nipple is not pierced.

    Skylar asks me about the clubs in the US an says she heard we only have strip clubs. I say that is right and some girls only dance, some do hand jobs, some do blow jobs and some you can have sex with. Skylar asks if you can make enough money just by dancing. I say yes it is possible if you are really beautiful, a really good dancer, a really good hustler and really good at talking to people. But for most girls it far easier to provide extras services in addition to dancing. And many of the girls do this for some of their favorite guys who become their regulars, but they won't do it for just any guy. She is the first person in Globe I have explained this to who seems to understand it.

    Despite buying Sklyar a drink she barely touches it and is pushing to go to the room. I ask her what does she want to do with me? She replies that I should tell her as she will do whatever I want. That is a nice submissive answer. Skylar confirms that kissing her face and armpits are ok. She says no problem to finger her pussy and she will lick my balls. She sounds really good and off we go.

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    Day 1 Session 1 Skylar Menu

    It is still hot in Globe, but it is considerably cooler than I have experienced before. I am able to sit in the club with out sweating. I don't request an air-conditioned room but do turn on the fan. I ask Skylar to leave her panties on. I begin kissing her stomach and it is perfect. One of the things I love about tall girls is they have long legs and I have Skylar prop one leg up on the bed and I start to kiss her thighs. They are also perfect and her pussy smells amazing. I move up to her breasts, and they are slightly soft but still mostly firm. I can taste the metal on the pierced one which causes me to spend most of my time on the not pierced one. Normally I spend an even amount of time on each breast but in Skylar's case her left breast is far more desirable.

    Next I have her lay down on her stomach and I start at her neck and kiss my way down her back, her ass and her legs. I suck on the back of her knees and she says she likes it, but she doesn't seem that excited by it. Then I have her flip over and repeat the entire process starting by kissing her face and enjoying her neck and her armpits and this time I only give attention to her left breast. I kiss down her stomach around her panties then I pull them off and get my first look at her pussy. She is tall girl, but she has a small pussy. I lightly finger it and she is already wet.

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    Day 1 Session 1 Skylar Blow and Penetration

    I lay down to allow Skylar to work on me. She dives right down to my dick and starts licking it and sucking on it. I ask her to move down to my balls. I love watching her lick them. I grab a condom and she climbs on and starts to ride me. It feels really good and not only does she have a small pussy, but a tight pussy. She has her feet on the bed on either side of me and is bouncing up and down. It looks uncomfortable for her, and she soon tires. I try to position her, so she is kneeling instead of squatting but I finally tell Skylar to let me be on top. Her pussy is about the perfect tightness. She is not super tight, so I want to cum, but she is pretty tight so I stay hard. I set about a nice long missionary fuck. We must do this for 15 minutes. Several times I feel like cumming but resist as I am enjoying having sex with her. Finally, I ask Skylar if she prefers I finish in the condom or cum on her body? She says she is fine for me to cum on her. As I pull my dick out of her I simultanesouly pull the condom off with my right hand and slide my left index finger up her pussy and begin a rather small 7 shot ejaculation. Some of it hits Skylars chin and mouth. She seems to think it was a huge amount of sperm, but I was hoping to pump out a lot more.

    This was really good session and my streak at Globe continues with 8 fun girls in a row. My biggest criticism of Skylar is she is older than I like at 24 but her relative newness to the pay for pussy scene seems to offset that. She even told me she thinks she is tight because she hasn't been with that many guys yet. The other thing I don't like is she pierced her nipple which she said hurt and that is why she didn't do the other one.

    After the session we take a shower and I get to feel her up a little bit more. As always the question is would I repeat with her and the answer is yes.

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    Day 1 Hustle Angel

    After my session with Skylar I position myself next to the statue of the guy in the white suit with a cigar. Angel walks over first, and she is a short girl with short brunette hair. She has a fit body and I rate her a low 8. She has nice perky A cup tits and a bunch of tattoos on her stomach and back. She is noticeable as the only girl with buzz cut short hair. I ask her how long she has been working here?, and she replies 3 days. I ask if she worked someplace else before?, and she says no. I ask her what she did before this?, and she says that she actually runs a Sauna club in Germany. I say oh are you trying to get ideas. And she replies no she is the manager there, so she doesn't get to have sex, and she is horny and likes to have a different life outside of her work life, and she doesn't mind earning a little extra money while she has her fun.

    I am pretty good at catching nonsense and I call BS on this and I say there is something you are not telling me. And much to my surprise she goes into a 30-minute soliloquy about her life story. She says she was a really beautiful girl who took her beauty for granted. She was mean and rude to people and she didn't spend much time with her family. She was a language student at the university and can speak 7 languages (Spanish, French, Italian, English, German, Turkish and Greek). She also studied psychology and I tell her Globe is a great environment for psychology. She says one of her parents is Turkish and the other is American but she was raised in Germany. She had a kid at age 22 and she is now 34 years old. (note Globe website lists her age as 27). And then 3 years ago she was diagnosed with stomach cancer, and she was very lucky that the doctors caught it. She had to have chemotherapy and all of the hair fell out. When she got the cancer free diagnosis a few weeks ago she vowed to make major changes in her life.

    She feels like she got a second chance to enjoy life. She is no longer mean and bitchy. She is thankful for all the good things in her life. She has reconnected with her family. She never used to really be into sex very much, but she found once she started being a nicer person she is horny all the time and loves having sex and making guys happy. She decided she would treat herself by working in Globe and get to have sex all day with many interesting people.

    With that she offers that we should go to a room. I am really not looking for a 34-year-old mom. I decline her offer. She asks if I got turned off because of all the talking she did about her cancer and being sick? I reply no, it didn't bother me.

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    Day 1 Hustle Anemarie

    Anemarie approaches next she is a tall white girl with long thick beautiful brown hair. I rate her an 8. I ask her how old she is?, and she replies 24, same age as Globe website. I just had a 24-year-old with Skylar and I was hoping for younger girl. I learn Anemarie is from Constanta in Romania. I like both Tina and Claudia from Constanta. Anemarie has a 6-pack stomach and you can see it even when she sits down. I comment on it, and actually you can almost make out her two additional muscles to make it an 8 pack. She mentions she is into fitness and goes to the gym a lot. She suggests I get to know her fit body better in one of the rooms. I look at her tits and I say it looks like you have silicone? She responds yes, she had to as she had no tits at all before, and that I have bigger breasts than she used to. While that might be true calling attention to my guy boobs is not making me want to be with her. I thank her for her company and explain I am not ready to go to the room yet.

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    Day 1 Hustle Samara

    Samara is a short white girl with long brunette hair. I rate her an 8. She has a flat stomach and nice small A cup tits. Body wise she is exactly the kind of girl that I like. I learn she is Bulgarian from a town near the black sea. Actually, one of her parent is Bulgarian and the other is Iranian. I ask her age and she replies 27, same age as Globe website. She quickly asks about the room, but I decline.

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    Day 1 Hustle Clarissa

    I decide to relocate and move from the seat next to the statue of man in white to the Kino. They are playing porn from Hustler. The particular video has a rather ugly girl in it. I don't sit long until Clarissa walks in and joins me. She is a medium height black girl with long thick brunette hair. I rate her a 7. Her opening line is why am I sitting in here and watching a video of people having sex when I could be having sex with her? It has been an hour since my session with Skylar and I think why not?

    I ask Clarissa how old is she? And she replies 22. That is in my target range. The Globe website lists her as 24. However, I know a number of girls that Globe has ages posted that are older than they contend they are. I learn Clarissa is from the Dominican Republic and she is impressed when I say the capital is Santa Domingo. She asks when was I there?, I respond never I just like geography. I ask if she lives in Santa Domingo? And she says no her family actually lives in Ticano Switzerland. She uses the Italian pronunciation.

    Clarissa reiterates that we should go to a room. I ask if I can kiss her face, ears and armpits?, and she replies yes. I ask if I can finger her pussy?, and she replies no. Then she says it is ok if I use a condom on my fingers. I tell her I don't want that. I could skip fingering her, but I really enjoy fingering a girl. On my previous visit I turned Chloey down for the same reason. Although I did go with Lidia and Megan who did not want fingering, but those girls are both much hotter than Clarissa in my opinion. I decline Clarissa's offer, and she seems disappointed.

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    Day 1 Hustle Ruby

    After Clarissa I walk out of the Kino and see Ruby dancing on stage. She is a tall thin white girl with long blond hair and small tits. She is dressed in an all red top with a lot of sparkles on it. I like her body and think I should talk to her. I sit down to watch her stage dance. Again when it ends she walks off the stage away from me. I chase her down.

    She is lightly touchy feely sitting with me. She tells me she just started working at Globe, but she worked in Austria before this. I learn she is from an area near Brasov in Romania and she is 25 years old. The Globe website lists her as 28. When I sit close to her I can see crows' feet at her eyes, that if very unusual for a girl her age. Possibly she is older. I rate her a 7 because of this. She sits quietly with me for a while resting her head on my shoulder before asking about going to a room, which I decline.

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    Day 1 Hustle Bebe / Simina

    I relocate to a bench near the stage and Bebe walks over to me. She looks a lot like Simina and she sounds a lot like Simina using many of the same language patterns and phrases. There was no Bebe on the Globe website, but I struggle to tell if this is the same girl or a different girl and am not totally sure. I ask her if her other name is Simina?, but she gives me a confused look and does not answer the question. Her hair is a little shorter, but she could have cut it and her hair is permed instead of straight.

    She has a lot of lipstick (another thing I remember about Simina) on and she is kissing my hand. I ask if she is marking it?, and she replies yes a little, her lipstick is like a marker and she is leaving a permanent mark on my hand.

    I ask her if she has a boyfriend?, and she replies no. I say a bet a bunch of boys try to get you?, and she replies yes. I bet you reject them all? She says no she doesn't reject them all. She is used to having a lot of sex working at Globe and she needs sex when she goes back to Romania. She says she will typically hook up with guy or a couple of guys for a few days and then move on. She told me a story about one guy she slept with and he thought he was a big deal and that he owned her. The next time he called her, after they had sex, she left his place while he was sleeping in the the middle of the night and left $500 euro on his nightstand. When he called her the next day she said that she paid him for the sex he gave her. Then she refused to see him again.

    Bebe tells me she was planning to go to New York City and work as a high-end escort because she will make $2000 to $3000 for an appointment. I say maybe the real high-end girls can make that kind of money, but they don't work every day. You can get a good escort for $200-$300 for an hour in the US. She seems majorly discouraged by this information saying that is the same as Switzerland. Then she says she is glad her USA visa did not come through, she was expecting to earn much more money.

    She tells me she is 20 years old and is from Romania. She is pushing to go to the room, but I suggest we get a drink and talk a bit. She agrees. I have her take her top off, so I can look at her breasts and they look a lot like Simina's to me. I ask her about modeling, but she says she never did any modeling. She tells me she has two older brothers. While she is doing this, she starts touching my dick and tells me she wants to go to the room with me.

    I ask her if I can kiss her face, ears and armpits?, and she replies yes but she doesn't want me to sloppy lick her. I ask about fingering her pussy? And she replies yes. I ask about licking my balls? And she says yes. I respond ok let's go.

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    Day 1 Session 2 Bebe / Simina Menu

    We walk into the room and I turn on the fan, and Bebe complains that she will get a cold. I say sorry Bebe I need the fan on. She makes a frowny face. This session is not starting off well. I turn out the lights, but she says no turn the light back on. I have her stand away from the fan and start to kiss her stomach. She has a really nice perfect stomach. I kiss her thighs and then her ass. Her ass might be slightly bigger than what I remember from Simina.

    I liked licking Skylar's entire body, so I have Bebe lie down on her back and I start kissing her at her neck and kiss my way down her back all around her ass and down her thighs. I then have her flip over and start again at her head kissing her face, ears and armpits. Then I spend a good amount of time at her breasts and although they are softer then Skylars, my dick is getting hard from sucking on them. I spread Bebe's legs and lick between them and all around her pussy. She has a big pussy not sure if it is a big as I remember for Simina.

    Bebe asks me if I want to do anal with her. I say I have never done that. She asks if I want to try now, but I decline and lay down next to her so she can pleasure me.

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