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    Risks are a part of this game.

    Over the years I have had many bad experiences.

    1. GB Road New Delhi 2014. Me and my friend went to GB Road at 9 in the night. It was mid August and quite humid so instead of going to our usual 64, because it was crowded with johnnies, we decided to give another one a try. Bad mistake. As we made our way up the staircase in this unknown kotha, we came across a thick young woman sitting on the staircase. She was okay by looks and winked at me to come up with her. As we reached upstairs, 2 more ladies sprung on us from nowhere and pushed me and my friend into a small room. She took out a knife and asked us both to handover all our belongings.

    Now, we were carrying a 1000 rs each. No phones / ID / wallet / watches. They took all the money, searched us for more, found nothing. The fun part comes now, after all this the these ladies wanted us to fuck them if we would like. Seeing that we had no money left for any other option we both picked one aunty each. None of us could cum and after about ten odd minutes or so, we quickly left the place. I had an extra 500 hidden in my socks. More than enough for a decent meal and a ride home to safety.

    If you have to go, go to 64. Period.

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    Beware of scammers!

    Hi senior members and fellow ISGians,

    I was trying to find some action in Visakhapatnam through locanto and encountered pretty fake operating scammers there:

    1. Everyone offered a advance membership which was to be mandatory for further procedures.

    2. They circulated my mobile no to other scammers to brainwash me!

    3. These guys operate mostly from Bengal and try to first buy you a membership (1080 Rs).

    4. They then will ask you to pay more (15600 Rs) to make a profile card.

    5. Then you will have to pay an security amount of 36000 Rs to meet Hi profile ladies (as they claim! Etc. The list is endless.

    6. If you stop payment at any stage. They will persuade you to pay citing reasons as the Hi profile lady is dying for your johnny and even make you to talk to a fake Hi profile lady.

    7. If you don't listen to johnny and don't pay. Their no goes off and they won't return your money.

    8. May be after a few days gap, they will call you again and offer you the same promises made earlier. Please don't fall for this!

    If you already know about this scam please ignore.

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    Please mention city.

    Nice thread. Hope it will be useful for mongers across India.

    Soft request is that please mention city name as we will be able to catch up.


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    Goregaon Girl.

    This happened with me last year. I had contacted this girl for 5 K two shot for an hour, she send her pic and she was not good looking but not bad too. And since I am not having references and contact I said whatever.

    Went to her place in Goregaon and she said why don't you do take another girl for sandwich for another 2 K never experience sandwich in life so said fine and paid 7 K.

    Now come the story, she has all restriction, no touching boobs, no removal of top I can see pussy but she will give BBJ and another girl I can finger her but cannot fck her.

    So she goes out somewhere and I play with melons of first girl and then she comes in and suck my dick and goes and again I play with melon and touch pussy and moment I get hard she again come and suck me off.

    When I told her I want to do penetration she refused and said she only give BBJ.

    So finish and left that place and decided never touch anyone from Mumbai unless have good reference about attitude and service.

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    Hi guys,

    Had the no of this SP from Andheri, called him yesterday and fixed the deal for 3 k 2 hrs 2 pops with place, was called near a hotel inn. Went there and called him, he came in a car with 3 girls, 2 of them were like maid types, so went for the third one, name Miss M (tired with this name), went to a lodge, have been there before also, gave SP the money and he vanished.

    Then came the condom boy asked for 700 for room charges, I knew this would happen as these cheap SPs do this all the time, anyways gave him the money, and now the time for VFM.

    The girl was bong, OK look wise, did some chit chat for some time and started with DFK, then CBJ (no bbbbj even after requesting), then came in missy. Rested for some time and started again with she licking my body, told her to give HJ while I was sucking her boobs, her HJ skills were quite good and made my jhonny very hard, was quite aroused and and banged her hard in doggy and then again came in missy.


    Looks= 5/10 (she was fair other wise 4/10).

    Body= 5/10 (saggy boobs).

    Service= 5/10 (+1 for HJ).

    Damage= 3 k SP + 700 room + 100 condom boy + 100 tip = 3900.

    WIR= no.

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    Bad Experiences.

    Great start and good initiative taken. I would like to narrate few old instances which were not so good for me too. I have mostly asked my friends for help.

    Got this number of a pimp who operates out of Versova from a friend on one night. Called him on and went to his place around 7 pm. My friend had already called him up to inform him that I would come and to give me some good girls. So he got me all comfortable in one of the rooms and paraded 4-5 girls. My eyes fell on the tallest bustiest girls with sprawling assets Miss and.

    So she sat down and close to me and smiled at me and kept quiet. I tried to get her into a conversation but she would just answer in "Yes" , "no" or "Hmm."

    Anyways, my eyes couldn't stop glaring at her melons. Even her dress she was wearing, was too weak to hold her melons, like I was waiting, the moment her melons fell out I would catch them and kiss them.

    She realized I was staring at them and she got up and switched off the lights and just boringly said "shuru kare?" - which means shall we start? I only hoped for the best.

    I got my pants, shirt off and she got her stuff off too. And she came to me and just stood. I immediately got busy. Starting with her melons off course!

    She told me to do whatever but not to bite (I never bit her! First sign that I chose the wrong girl.

    Then she got me on the bed and told me to put on the condom. Second sign. That I chose the wrong one.

    Then she started the usual hooker exercise, started kissing my ears, neck and went to my chest and stomach and then abruptly stops and lies down and tells me "chalo karte hain" - meaning lets start fucking.

    I was like "WTF is wrong with your attitude?

    I still went ahead and tried and after 10 minutes. Just fucking gave up. My dick wouldn't fucking cum. And that girl was just lying on the bed like the Statue of Liberty, with her legs still spread wide from and waiting for me to get back in. Girl didn't get it that I could have just bought a fuck-toy instead of doing her.

    I was pissed. I took my pants, dressed up and walked out. I told that pimp I am never coming back again.

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    KLPD and other frauds in our day to day mongering experiences

    Thread starter.

    Brothers are invited to post their experiences of their bad experiences of girls, SP, frauds, bitter mongering experiences etc to make others aware.

    Photos posted will be most welcome.

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