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Thread: International travel and Covid 19

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    Stuck in California 30 minutes from Tijuana but won't risk crossing the border. 74 % positivity reading in Tijuana. Meaning 3 out of 4 people testing are Covid positive. As someone in the high risk category it doesn't make sense right now. Hoping the Omicron wave dies down or some kind of miracle / treatment happens.

    If you ask me COVID is the new Aids. I said it two years ago that it will wreck havoc on the mongering world "duh! I wish the outcome was different. SURE it's available even now but it ain't the same.

    Hoping for a Hail Mary pass down by the 1 yard line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Univelton  [View Original Post]
    What is happening in your respective locations? Do not hesitate to share your insights and experiences.
    Here in Melbourne, we seem to have just about reached our Omicron peak. Mask wearing is mandatory indoors (eg supermarkets), sports events like Aus Open tennis have limited crowds. Interesting that our hot summer weather doesn't seem to have slowed the spread.

    Talk for months here from our federal govt (about to face an election) that we must live with Covid, and no more lockdowns or restrictions on businesses. But then Omicron came along and pretty much scuppered that (and State govts make the calls on lockdowns and restrictions here), and the emphasis went to getting booster shots ASAP. Rapid Antigen Tests are in high demand, with long queues outside chemists whenever they get stock. Due to high numbers of infections amongst workers, there have been shortages recently of some products in supermarkets (like fresh chicken) but it's far from a serious situation.

    Re international travel, if I wanted to visit the EU currently I would be required to get tested before each flight. I'm not prepared to risk being stranded in a foreign city after a positive test, and having to self-isolate in a hotel, never mind any hospital expenses that may be necessary. No problems showing proof of vaccination (triple-vacced) which I imagine may be required for some time, or wearing maks on planes, but not making travel plans until the pre-flight testing requirements are lifted.

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    COVID 19 over as a pandemic but as endemic

    Quote Originally Posted by ShoesAndSocks  [View Original Post]
    Pfizer CEO reckons things will be back to "near-normal" within the next few months.

    Do we dare believe him and start making travel plans?
    For me, now the question is whether the COVID 19 pandemic is almost over. News trending now is that the UK (its constituent states) have decided to remove all restrictions for instance mask and public gathering mandates, France, Germany, Spain, . Almost the EU are all loosening COVID-19 restrictions. And the World Health Organization has recommended the end of travel restrictions.

    We have to live with it as endemic from now. Then back to normal.

    What is happening in your respective locations? Do not hesitate to share your insights and experiences.

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    Pfizer CEO reckons things will be back to "near-normal" within the next few months.

    Do we dare believe him and start making travel plans?

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    Covid Travel Odds and Ends Part 54

    Sorry for not posting in this forum for almost a month!

    Money a little tight? Consider a cheaper vacation for 2022:

    The benefits of traveling in "shoulder season:

    Denmark dropping restrictions:

    Ireland dropping restrictions:

    The conflict between certain airlines and 5 G:

    When will tourism truly return to normal?

    Tired of Covid tests? Travel to these locations:

    Travel insurance soon needed for Belize:

    On a personal note, I'm getting plans together for travel in April and June (details forthcoming in the future). Here's hoping many of you are already on the road and enjoying your mongering adventures (and misadventures).

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    Covid Travel Odds and Ends Part 53

    Booming tourism in the Dominican Republic:

    Morocco tourism at a standstill:

    On a personal note, Happy New Year to all, especially those of you who regularly feed ISG with trip reports, pictures, and funny on-the-road stories. Stay safe, sane, and healthy, and may your mongering adventures in 2022 greatly surpass those of 2021.

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    Covid Travel Odds and Ends Part 52

    How are European Union nations adjusting for the Covid omicron variant?

    How can you keep more of your money in your pocket as you travel in 2022?

    Planning on visiting Istanbul? Eat this!

    Updated entry requirements for nations around the world:

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    Covid Travel Odds and Ends Part 51

    How is the Covid Omicron variant affecting restrictions in Europe?

    Anger in South Korea:

    Nearly eight dozen countries at "Very High" Covid risk per CDC:

    Your United States passport will cost more:

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    Covid Travel Odds and Ends Part 50

    Get ready to pay another fee and fill out more paperwork:

    Booming tourism in Dubai:

    Americans gun-shy about traveling right now:

    Covid situation still favorable in Mexico:

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    Covid Travel Odds and Ends Part 49

    Covid situation massively improved in Mexico:

    Covid situation rapidly deteriorating in Europe:

    Cambodia improves requirements for vaccinated tourists:

    Myanmar (Burma) looks to reopen:

    On a personal note, I'm back from Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Germany, and am hoping to have trip reports for Geneva, Zurich, and Berlin posted here on ISG in those forums very soon. It was nice to see people enjoying themselves at museums and restaurants in the aforementioned countries. If it wasn't for all of the facemasks and having to show my CDC Covid vax card and passport to get into restaurants and museums, you'd think nothing was going on, Covid-wise. But that was before Covid started roaring back in Europe, as discussed in one of the links above.

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    Last Post For Awhile

    Just writing to let you all know that I won't be posting in this forum again until probably November, as I'll be traveling in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Germany for much of October.

    Thanks to all of you who have expressed appreciation for the many links that I've posted in this forum. Hopefully, I've helped at least one of you with the information that I've passed along.

    Stay safe and stay healthy. Happy mongering to all of you as we close out 2021 and roll into 2022. Please look for my Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Germany reports in the appropriate forums in November.

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    Covid Travel Odds and Ends Part 48

    Vietnam opens an island for tourism:

    Portions of Thailand to be reopened:

    Unvaccinated Americans not welcome in France:

    United Kingdom Prime Minister gives middle finger to more lockdowns:

    Steady vaccination progress in Japan:

    American? These 7 European nations just made it harder to visit:

    Which airlines will not let you wear a cloth facemask on board?

    Travel to United Kingdom just got easier for Americans:

    Vaccine passports coming to the Netherlands:

    Switzerland tightens entry restrictions:

    Full details regarding Switzerland COVID certificate for bars, museums, and restaurants:

    Latest COVID "stoplight map" for Mexico:

    On a personal note, apologies for not posting for over a week. Work got hectic and I was busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest.

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    Covid Travel Odds and Ends Part 47

    Updated country COVID entry requirements:

    Will Qantas allow you on board if you're not vaccinated?

    Exciting new travel option for Vietnam:

    Canada adjusts requirements for entry:

    More information regarding entry into Canada:

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    Covid Travel Odds and Ends Part 46

    Going on a cruise? Here's some news:

    Which countries in Europe recently followed European Union suggestion?

    Conditions improving in Sweden:

    Mixed messages from the Philippines:

    Cuba aims to open in mid-November:

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    Covid Travel Odds and Ends Part 45

    COVID situation improving in Mexico:

    COVID testing proving challenging for Americans:

    Denmark tightens restrictions on certain Americans:

    Spain adjusts entry requirements for Americans:

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