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    Delhi Contacts

    I do have access to one VFM sheet which contains contacts but seems to be missing some like Malachi etc.

    Also I wanted to check if someone could help me with contacts in Delhi preferably milfs who are lactating.

    I already have Neha Noida's contact but am looking for a better alternative.


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    Kolkata Contact


    I will be in Kolkata for few days. Can you please help me with good indi contacts, preferably healthy figures. I can reciprocate with few of my contacts in Kolkata and also in other cities.

    Cheers friends.

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    Still have her contact details

    Is she still active and do you have her contact details?

    Can you share with me if possible?

    Quote Originally Posted by Komang  [View Original Post]
    Met this girl few days before in Mumbai. Now she is in Pune but there she is with SP. She will be coming back to Mumbai soon.

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    Please share Neha contact and reference

    Hi Guys.

    Could anyone please share her contact. Looks nice. Would revert with contacts as well.


    Quote Originally Posted by Vicky98  [View Original Post]
    Banged Neha from SA after a long wait. She is as described in previous FRs. Seems she gained a little more weight in correct places because of which she looks more sexy and fleshy nowadays. She was horny for so many days because of lockdown and I banged her nicely. Her attitude is good and you need to be a little patient with her. She opens up slowly. Sucked her large boobies and big nipples to my heart's content. Never saw such big huge 36 DD tits for a 21 years old student girl. Did 4 shots nicely and kissed her juicy lips to my Heart's content. She also loves hard sex. Overall yummy girl who satisfied me nicely. Must have for those who love young student profile. Total damage- 10 k for full day.

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    Help with Kolkata Indies

    Will be in Kolkata during weekend and instead of going for SP stuff, trying to find some good indi. Planning to take on Saturday night and if I click with the girl, wouldn't mind repeating her next night too. Okay stretching budget a bit if I can get a nice GFE one.

    Thanks in advance.

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    VFM Mumbai

    Hello people,

    Can someone please share any good VFM contacts in Mumbai. Need to get laid before the cases shoot up again.

    Can share a SP and some indie contacts.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Macron  [View Original Post]
    So as I had mentioned that I would try Zeenat so got the chance to taste her.

    The reason being is that when I was in Lucknow few months back, I had tasted a young lactating housewife, for which I had written a FR also. But Zeenat is more beautiful and hot looking than Lucknow housewife.

    So, coming straight to topic, messaged her and asked her for the meet. She agreed. I had specifically asked her to wear a burqa and come, so to get the feel of fucking Muslim chick. Picked her up from a place near Bandra.

    She arrived as expected in a burqa. I always go crazy when I see burqa clad Muslim girls. She was having mesmerising eyes and those eyes were so beautiful and sexy.

    I soon took her inside the place and we began initial conversation. By the way she brought her child also as it was small baby of 5 months old or so and she told that she will first feed the baby so that it sleeps and then we can enjoy. I said ok.

    Now when she removed her burqa, I got stunned. Really fair, as all Muslim chicks are usually, with a perfect figure. I was stunned. She asked me what are you starting at? I asked her how do you maintain such a nice figure after your delivery? I mean the stomach was flat and she didn't show any extra flabs either. She said, she gets compliments from everyone, so it's natural and she is fit and it's also hereditary. She also said, majority girls in her community eat healthy and go on nice diet to maintain good figure and beauty.

    So after talks she went to another room to feed the baby. I was in another room, and I was preparing myself how to start the deed. I was a bit nervous and excited also. Firstly I was thinking in a few moments her boobs with milk will be in my mouth. About sex, I already sprayed a delay spray to prepare myself and took 0. 25 MG of Viagra before the act I. E around 20 minutes or so before..
    Wow, what an excellent review, I was fascinated.

    While I was reading I was imagining it all, definitely housewives will always be the best, I hope one day to find a lactating woman and enjoy her breasts like you did.

    In the photo you put up, she looks beautiful, I hope to be able to meet her soon.

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    Hey guys,

    Can someone please PM me the below contacts with ref please.

    Miss Nuri.

    Miss Vani.

    And mrs Shilpa.



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    Reeju help

    Quote Originally Posted by Baniye1998  [View Original Post]
    Hello mongers,

    Well I have already posted the same FR on New Delhi forum. But since she is a very VFM bird (given the service), I thought I should post it here too.

    Hello folks,

    Wish you all a safe and happy mongering life.

    I wish to share an experience of mine with this bird provided by an SP in Ghaziabad. I have visited her 2 times now. First one, was about a year ago and recently second time.
    Greetings, folks! Can some kind soul please share Reeju's details with me? Thanks!

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    VFM Excel-sheet and Lucknow / Kanpur Indies

    I came across many posts on this and other sub-forums referring to VFM excel sheet. How and where to unearth this supposedly Most Valuable Treasure.

    I am looking for:

    Best GFE,

    Average features would do and.

    I can make peace with below average but acceptable looks.

    Only Indies who are doing it on their own choice in Lucknow or Kanpur (No MP or SP, these are not my thing, concluded after having been through the route).

    If VFM sheet has anyone confirming to above in Lko / Knp, I would be glad to have this Sheet shared with me.

    I do have 8-9 MP, 2 SP contacts to contribute.

    See my previous posts for my contribution towards forum / my credibility.

    PM is active, thanks to all.

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    I found this old FR pretty hot and tried messaging you. But it looks like your inbox or storage has maxed out and won't accept any new message.

    Quote Originally Posted by PosterBoy77  [View Original Post]
    Tried this MILF few weeks back.

    When the SP Rohini sent these pictures, could not resist. Reached the den after 2 hours drive from Noida. (Gosh, does Noida has any good VFM food at all). As entered the room, she was already in her birth suit. Big boobs and big ass is what I could see. You get a high when you see long and text black nipples. I loved sucking the melons. I wanted to eat her ass, but then she pushed me on the bed. Started playing with my dick. She started rimming as well. Ohh I was in heaven. She had some magic with her hands. Then she laid beside me and started kissing me while playing with my dick. She slowly rubbed her clits on my Johnny. Soon it became very fast. In a few minutes I could feel the juices flowing out of her warm pussy. After catching her breath, she shoved Johnny inside her and started riding me in cowgirl. I asked her to turn around and do reverse cowgirl. Ohh boy, you should have seen her fat ass bumping my Johnny. After sometime for her into doggy. Started banging her hard and fast. Once tried shoving my Johnny inside her back hole as well. Though it went inside with few strokes. She was in severe pain. She said we will do it next time with oil. So back to the glory hole. I loved every bit of the session. Afternoon about 20 minutes came inside her. . Thoug I was dead tired, Joined her in the shower. She gave another round of BBJ. Cummed on her erect nipples. What fun it was.

    Here is the score cards;.

    Face; 5.

    Boobs; 7 big but the erect long nipples are the best.

    BBBJ; 6.

    Pussy; 5.

    Bum; 7 that's what MILfs are for.


    WIR; yes.

    Damage: 2 k for 1 FS and 1 BJ.

    Definitely VFM.

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    Chennai availability?

    Anyone try in Chennai?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PokeMe  [View Original Post]
    Met miss K from Delhi. Absolutely stunning and gorgeous girl. Very young and energetic. Model like face and figure. I took her for LT, because she comes at a lower price. I am lucky to enjoy beautiful girls at lower cost.

    Age- below 25.

    Looks- model like.

    Figure- perfect with no extra fat.

    Attitude- awesome.

    Sex- except anal or CIM, gave me full access.

    Boobs- medium, with perfect softness.

    Pussy- tight like a virgin, I think she is not used properly so I enjoyed her tight hole.

    Damage- 6000 for 3 shots after good negotiation.
    All those asking for her contact. It seems she has not been reviewed by anyone else apart from this FR. I doubt anyone would be able to taste her.

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    Don't get your hopes too high about this one, as I have tried contacting seniors on the forum myself. Got no response in return.

    Quote Originally Posted by MumbaiNew  [View Original Post]
    I have trying really hard to get contact details of Zeenat (lactating girl in Mumbai who operates in Bandra) but no luck.

    Please someone help me.

    I have a fantasy for beautiful lactating ladies and heard a lot about Zeenat. I also heard about Akansha and Nimmi.

    Please help me out here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarantula  [View Original Post]
    Aarti a pleasure to fuck anytime!
    Any pointers on her? Is she still available?

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