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    hey guys i will be heading here in December with the family and will try to get away to practice the hobby, can sombody tell me what the deal is here in Ensenada, is it legal, its my first time in mexico, also are there any incall places, how are the prices, for how long, any help that can be given will be greatly appreciated


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    Another frickin year and another year of Ensenada Events.

    Tio Rocky's up to his old tricks and way out off control, as if that really matters south of the border.

    This year we plan on covering everything possible and we plan on doing it with an attitude as always.

    The 2003 Calendar of Events is up and running for Ensenada.

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    Was in Ensenada about a month ago. We checked all the strip clubs out, and it seems all the girls were offering it up for a price. The best place to go however, is "Anthony's"!! they had the best looking girls, it was a little more pricey than T.J. but well worth every penny(peso).
    Good luck, BIGGUY

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