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Thread: Rants, Raves and stupid shit in Bombay

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonic5  [View Original Post]
    If you can't share then why'd you post here?
    I don't think I need your permission to post my FR here. It's my choice with whom I can share or not, nobody else decides that. Thank you!

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    Absolutely agree

    Quote Originally Posted by SimpleGuy85  [View Original Post]

    This is a general post but needs to be shared. For those who don't find it useful kindly ignore.

    I had recently shared an FR about a Bong girl from Bangalore. In the FR I had mentioned that the girl had moved out, moreover I mentioned it was a SP who had fixed the deed for me. However, I have received 26 messages seeking her direct connect. I have tried to be patient and replied to each one clarifying not having her details. Some asked for details of SP which I have shared.

    However, as a senior one rule most of us follow is checking the posts of a fellow member before sharing details. We check for members contributions and not necessarily Sharing connections but other inputs as well. It's a food for thought for fellow members to be patient, to read FRs before sending DMs and understand if a person doesn't reply immediately it's ok. Sending 3 copy paste messages over 2 days isn't going to solicit a response.

    Thank you.
    Absolutely agree with you. Who has time to reply to so many contact collectors and SP / pimps.

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    Rants, Raves and stupid shit in Bombay

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