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Thread: Ixtapa

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    Quote Originally Posted by AkHunter02  [View Original Post]
    We are a mature couple looking for a guy to play with my wife while we are there.
    Is there a question in there?

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    American couple visiting

    We are a mature couple looking for a guy to play with my wife while we are there.

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    Visited Estectica Loba.

    Paid them a visit. Prices have come up a little. 500 peso for the house and 1000 peso for the girl. I'm sure I could have talked her down, but all in all, much cheaper than the clubs. Always seems safe too. The girls aren't all that attractive, but it does the job.

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    Headed to Zih soon.

    I'm headed to Zih in a couple weeks. Any recommendations for F / S? I've been to estectica lobo. Not bad but the girls aren't great.

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    Talking to myself.

    Quote Originally Posted by Schuffles  [View Original Post]
    Spending a week in Ixtapa. Is Estetica Lobo still open? Is it relatively safe? I was going to head over there, but hate to waste the trip.
    I field this one guys. Yes, still open.

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    Estetica Lobo.

    Is Estetica Lobo still open? Is it safe? In town for the week looking to drop by.

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    Estetica Lobo.

    Spending a week in Ixtapa. Is Estetica Lobo still open? Is it relatively safe? I was going to head over there, but hate to waste the trip.

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    Beach Massage.

    Here is my experience with beach cabanas offering massage. Jimixtapa reported in an earlier thread about Playa laRopa places offering happy endings. I've never gone to any of the places on La Ropa, so I can't comment on that. I've tried a few places on Madiera with no hint of a happy ending. Most of my massages are on Playa Palmar, which is the main beach in Ixtapa where all the big hotels are. I won't give any names or particular cabanas because the girls change frequently enough that it won't benefit you anyway. I've had luck at both the north and south ends of the beach. So here are a few tips that have helped me. First, learn some Spanish-the more the better. There is a great guide to Spanish phrases elsewhere in the Mexico forum. It will be helpful at strip clubs and massage parlors also. Most of the girls are not at all fluent in English. The typical vocabulary consists of "massage friend?" "Turn over" and "finished" When you find a girl you like, ask her "es desnuda OK? Con toalla" Is nude with a towel ok? If the answer is no, you don't have a chance with that girl of anything other than a massage.

    Second, go late in the afternoon, timed so that you will have some time alone as the only customer. You may get hints for action today or later. Some of the girls see people in their hotel or condo, either during the day while working or at night. If you ask for their phone number you will get it if they are willing to see you. Many girls can't get out at night for various reasons, but will be happy to see you on their day off.

    If you are out walking on the beach and see a girl in her white uniform walking down the beach, she is most likely headed to or from an outcall. Strike up a conversation about massage services and see where it goes. This is how I met one of my favorites. It takes a little while to gain the trust of these girls, but IMHO it is worth the time investment.

    Good luck out there.

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    Massage parlors.

    There is a good post from a few years ago that describes Estetica Lobo pretty well. You just never know quality or quantity when you go. Prices are about 800 MXP depending on the girl. Bring your own condom or you can buy one from the bartender. Always take small bills to these places because there is never any change. That advice actually is good for anywhere you go here.

    Next is Hotel Costa Azul, just off the Plaza Kioto roundabout. Information from past posts is pretty accurate, but last year the name was changed to Hotel Neptune. Seems that is really the only change. The two hotties from last year are no longer there. I stopped by a few weeks ago about 3 pm. You usually have to hit the buzzer 2-3 times before the guy comes to the front door. Anyway, I can't report on this years seņoritas because none were on the property. He offered me a drink, and when he said a half hour, I declined, as this is Mexico, and everything is late. So, off to.

    No name massage. It probably has a name, it just isn't highly visible. Anyway, this is a little place just down the street from the basketball court, heading towards Madiera Beach. Usually two or three girls. Two massage beds, screened off by some sheets. Close quarters. You can get your nails done too! HJ finish only, not FS. 500 pesos including tip. Decent massage and ending.

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    Zihua strip clubs.

    I've been coming here for several years, but have never actually been in any of the strip clubs. Just not a strip club guy. I do know a little bit about what has changed in the last year from knowledgeable, trusted sources. As posted before, Copacabana and Gato Pardo have both closed. The two remaining clubs, Kisses and Jaguars remain open. I have it on good authority that one of the girls who used to work the massage casas on the beach in Ixtapa is now a dancer there. She is just gorgeous. Trouble is, she is a he, so be careful. Others who have reported on these two locations have more knowledge of what goes on inside.

    As to the murder outside the new show bar in the Ixtapa shopping plaza, there really hasn't been much public information since the incident. The place is closed, and will not reopen. A little off topic is the casino around the corner where pretty girls could be seen roaming around. It is also closed for good, so cross that one off your list.

    Other updates coming on other places soon.

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    40-20 Show Bar

    Since you live there, what can you tell us about this place which is where the guy from California hooked up with a sex worker who ripped him off then a guy from the bar shot him to death in a nearby parking lot.

    Quote Originally Posted by JimiXTapa  [View Original Post]
    To me it beats all the big locations because it will never be overbuilt, or zooed out. Paradice found! Oh yeah, the fishing is great here! It's located 150 miles north of Acapulco on the Pacific coast, and only 15 minutes from the airport to Zihuatanejo, nice!

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    I wonder what his handle was?


    According to Mexico News Daily, witnesses told local media Bradley was being chased by gunmen when he was shot with a 9-mm handgun about 4 am Thursday in the hotel zone of the Pacific Coast city in the state of Guerrero. His body had lain in a parking lot for four hours before police received a report of the killing, according to the Mexico News Daily report.

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    Great time in Z.

    We had our trip to Z Nov 1 2017, what a blast. We hit up kisses and almost left because they tried to get 100 peso cover charge on my wife plus mine. She didn't want to pay so we walked but they caved and let us in. We saw a beauty dancing and negotiated to take her home for both my wife and I, 750 p for leave fee 2000 p for the girl. We taxied back to our place and to a skinny dip in the pool then hit the room. I thought it was great but the next day my wife says I hogged the girl and did not share, too much too drink. I regret that part but it was a great experience. I will share more next time.

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    Estetica Lobo

    This spot is still operating. Any taxi can take you there. There were 5 girls there on Wed, ranging from 5-7 maybe. Excellent service from the girl that I picked, Angie. Not sure if there is much else in action in Ixtapa, I didn't have much time to explore further.

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    Zihuatanejo for Bi-woman

    My wife and I are going to Zihuatanejo later this year and she is looking to try a Bi experience maybe a threesome of me her and an escort. Anyone one have insight on how to approach this in a strip club?

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