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    March 2010

    I am heading to Ixtapa in March, was hoping to get some current information. Also would like to know how Chica friendly some of the resorts are. Does it take just a little cash to the right person or not.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Bob II
    Kisses and Jaguar were the best strip clubs, but the girls are outrageously expensive. They charge 1,500 pesos at least to take a girl in the back room.
    I was quoted less at Jaguar:

    Door fee $10 ($100 Pesos)
    Beer $3
    Lap dance $15
    Lady drink $15
    BJ in back room $80
    FS in back room $100

    8 to 1 exchange rate on site. 10 to 1 or better elsewhere.
    Open 9:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.
    Taxi from Ixtapa $5.

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    Zihuatanejo / Ixtapa update Feb. 2008

    Hola bendechos! I just spent a pleasant hour or so at the Estetica El Lobo in Zihuatanejo. I also journeyed past the *****house downtown near Kyoto Circle yesterday just to see if it was still there, it is and painted a garish color now (purple I think). Either way it's easy to find, go to the Kyoto Circle/Square thingy and go north one block on the main drive as noted in the other reports, it's on your left and well marked with with signs.

    El Lobo was a tiny bit more difficult to find just because no one gave clear directions in the earlier report(s). Here's my best shot: coming into Zihuat from the Ixtapa area (traveling south from Ixtapa) the buses pull into Zihuat off the highway at the area where the green PEMEX station is directly across the street on the east side of the highway. The bus travels southwest along a little one-way road with shops, mostly repair shops and hardware shops, along your right. It will go under a pedestrian overpass - get off the bus as close to this as you can. Travel 2 blocks further from the ped overpass and you'll see the big ESTETICA LOBOS banner on the corner of a building on your right. Turn right at that corner and Estetica Lobo is down the hill at the end of the block on your right. As earlier reported, it's a bit north (toward Ixtapa) from the Kisses and other girly nightclubs.

    Estetica Lobo is open noon to 9pm mon - sat (closed sunday). I walked up and the sliding door to the office was closed and locked, but there was a little buzzer to the right of the sliding glass doors. I pressed that and a guy came out through a door in the metal fence to the right of the sliding glass door, and asked me if I wanted a massage. Oh boy did I want a massage, but not from him. I said yes, he said the price was $250 pesos (about $25 US) and said they had two girls on duty. I looked and one was in her early twenties and so/so, nothing special, the other was younger and cute. Small tits and a bit of a belly, but nice legs and a cute face, in a Catholic Schoolgirl short skirt and white top. I'd guess she was only a few days over 18 at best. I asked the guy if he knew which gave a better blowjob and he suddenly lost the ability to comprehend english. Oh well. I gave the dude $300 pesos and asked for change, he made a very feeble attempt to find change and then shrugged his shoulders. Oh well. For me, the charge was now $30 for the massage I realized. Next time bring exact change I told myself. The girl motioned for me to go to room 3. I went in and waited. Room 3 was sparse, just a table with a small mattress and pillow, and a small shower stall.

    When she came in she told me her name was Diana or something like that, gave me a kiss on the check and sorta rubbed against me, then asked me if I wanted a shower. I took the soap she offered and quickly rinsed my body then hopped up onto the table. She'd left the room again so I waited a couple minutes, sitting there but naked. She came in, gave me a once-over with her eyes, reached out and sorta shook my flacid dingus, and told me to roll over onto my stomach for the massage. I complied and she applied some lightly greasy massage oil, something like an unscented baby oil (warning for any hobbyists that are there with a significant other). As she gave a decent body rub I caressed her legs and thighs, then reached up under her short skirt and rubbed her naked and shaved pussy. Very nice. Eventually she sorta reached under me and grabbed my cock, I rolled over and pulled her down to me and we kissed deeply for a minute. She then told me if I wanted additional services it was extra. I asked for bbbj but she insisted it would be with condom, and the price was $80. I agreed, she insisted I fondle her tight little titties for a bit and chewed on my ear, then finally put a condom on me. She gave a decent bj with lots of ball licking and sucking, slowing taking me in while staring into my eyes, a very decent job for such a young lass. After a few minutes she stood up and motioned for me to slide into her while standing behind her, I complied and withing 2 minutes I'd finished. She was very tight and very cute, and actually seemed to be into it (or was very good at faking it which is probably more likely). Either way, I gave her $90 and didn't ask for change, and headed out to the street. On the way out I passed the central area where the girls sit and there were two different girls, one pretty cute who looked me up and down and whistled. Aye, if only I were 20 again I would have grabbed her and headed right back again but the truth is I'm 47 and will wait until monday or tuesday to return.

    Deep Throat, your Seattle correspondent

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    How did the trip go, do you have a report ready yet?

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    Sorry Jackson but Iceman was not able to receive a PM.

    I will add a report when I return from Zih/Ix


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    Quote Originally Posted by Allen Eire
    Hey Iceman,

    I am going to be in Zih 01/15 thru 01/22 how about you?
    Almost, I'll be there 2/2 through 2/9.



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    Coming to Z soon!

    Hey Iceman,

    I am going to be in Zih 01/15 thru 01/22 how about you?

    To others,

    I will be staying in a hotel in Zih called the Sotavento Beach Resort. Have any of you mongers seen it, is it a nice place?

    I have worked my ass off all 2007 and I want to get some real massages for a good price. Can you get a quality theraputic massage for an hour for say $250 pesos? I know the hotel massage will be over inflated but I am sure there has to be a private studio?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Ok this is just a tad off topic, but where's the best place to find someone to take us fishing? I'm looking to go for sailfish or yellow fin tuna. Anyone have any suggestions?

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    I recently returned from Zihua. Kisses and Jaguar were the best strip clubs, but the girls are outrageously expensive. They charge 1,500 pesos at least to take a girl in the back room.

    Another option is Hotel Costa Azul, which is really a brothel. It's located in downtown Zihuatanejo near the Kyoto Traffic Circle (the one with the giant Japanese pagoda type sculpture). The building looks abandoned, but if you ring the bell a girl will come to the door and show you in, where all the girls will line up and you take your pick. The charged about 700 pesos and up, depending on the girl. They are only open during the day. Presumably some of the same girls work in the strip clubs at night.

    PS: This thread title is misleading. All of these nightclubs are located in Zijuatanejo, NOT Ixtapa. There are no strip clubs of any type in Ixtapa, but you might be able to find some free action from the slutty girls who hang out in the Ixtapa discos like Christina's.

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    Jaguar was the best , 5 hotties last summer. See if my hat is still on the stuffed Jaguar.

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    Anyone been to Ixtapa lately? I just booked a trip down there in Jan and I'm wondering where the best places to go are.

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    Kisses. A "show-strip table dance or the hell with it, let's just go to the back and screw bar".

    Jaguar. On highway 200 on road to Ixtapa. Late night bar where one may observe and get very close to undressed women

    El Gato, Gato, La Malquerida, Copacabaña. And more. 3rd class bars abound in Zihuatanejo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by member #3157
    when i'm in zwat. i perfer costa azul a small "hotel" 1/2 block north of plaza kyoto. the girls are all locals, the price is 700ps for one pop. the girls arrive about 1pm and i believe they leave at 7pm. any cab driver can show you where it is. just ring the bell and a girl will peek out and let you in. there's a small room off to the right where the girrls hang out watching novellas. after you make your choice she will show you to the room. you have to pay first, then you'll both shower, and then you have heer for tthe reemainder of an hour. i've passed many pleasant afternoons here and only had one girl whoose sevice was subpar. another option is los lobos an estitca off the main drag north end of town. they offer massages you pay the house 200ps. and bargain with the girl for extras. there's usually four or five girls working.
    this was posted in the other areas section.

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    "Show Bars" of Zihuatanejo

    Centro Nocturno Jaguar
    Carr. Nal. s/n
    Col. El Hujal

    Copa Cabana Show Bar
    Av. Morelos s/n
    Col. Centro

    El Gato Pardo Night Club
    Marina Nal. esq Colegio Militar
    Col. Centro

    Kisses Show Bar
    Carr. Nal. Lote 6
    Col. Limón

    Q-Eros Show Girl Bar
    Av. Paseo del Palmar Nº 2
    Col. Centro

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    In Ixtapa form july 3rd-10th.

    Hello all,

    I will be going in July and will try every place that was mentioned in this site. I hope to get laid every day by a different lady. I will post as soon as I get back. Hope someone can tell me a few helpful hints before I go. I will be asking the taxi drivers for info, will this be a good source of info or should I just go to strip clubs? Also is there any local ladies that work out of their houses? Hope to hear something before I go.

    Thanks and happy hunting.

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