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    Found out a bit about another "Show Bar" in Zihuatanejo, called Taurus. It's been reviewed here before, and I saw some references to it (and a picture) on some other, non-hobby-oriented boards. These are very informative, straight travel sites ( is one), and they shoot down any posts related to the "trade" in a hurry, which are inevitably followed by numerous other posts condemning the "perverted pig poster." Anyway, Taurus seems to be alive and kicking - it was named "Worst Place to Take Your Wife in Zihua" at one site, so I'm assuming bad behavior is to be found there. I still have no idea where it is, but Zihua isn't that big, and I was lead to believe it's right in town (I had my own car last time, so I never had the opportunity to talk to a cab driver, who I'm sure can tell you exactly where it is). Heading back down in a couple months, although I'll be accompanied by the wife this time, so it'll be tricky to do any serious recon, but I'll give it a shot.

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    Robot Thanks for the post kick ass post,,,, NIBU R....

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    Just spent a week in Ixtapa/Zihua (November 2002). Heard there were a couple of "Show Bars" in town, but only made it to one - Kisses. This is a relatively new joint (heard differing accounts - a few weeks to a few months old) in the north end of Zihua, on the west side of the road to Ixtapa - three story purple building, hard to miss. Cover charge was 80$ (pesos - about $8US). Interesting setup with the stage area on the first level surrounded by tables, and a VIP area and the girls "dressing area" on a mezzanine above on the second level - all completely visible from the seats below. There is also a glassed in shower stall next to where the girls change their outfits - they allow guys to bid on soaping down the girls after they dance. I saw at least one guy get naked and get in the shower with the girl for some soapy frolic. Went there three times - Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday. Saturday was the best in terms of crowd and number of girls - about 8-12 working. 4-5 on Tuesday, maybe 6-8 Thursday. Quality ranged from 5-8/9. Seems most of the girls rotate in from Acapulco. On Saturday (my first night in town) there were even a couple of Canadian strippers on vacation who got on stage to show their talents, but didn't remove any clothes. I hooked up with Diana the first night - a cutie from Acapulco. Had some trouble negotiating the bar fine to leave with her (finally settled at 400$ pesos) and she wanted another 800$ for the night. Finally got her out of there and we headed to my hotel in Ixtapa. No problem getting her in there (that night anyway), and we had an excellent night. She was quite open and seemed into it - plenty of DFK, nice BBBJ, and plenty of other stuff. She left about 9:00AM the next day. On Tuesday night there wasn'y anyone I was interested in. Thursday I hooked up with Kelly, a petite chica from Acapulco. Wasted less time on getting her out of there (although her friend Michelle who came up to us as we were leaving was a knockout, and I would have rather had her), and her price was 1000$ pesos (wouldn't budge). Had a hassle getting her into my hotel, and had to tip the security guy $40US - what a drag. Kelly wasn't anywhere as much fun as Diana - no BJ of any sort, and everything was kind of mechanical. Got done and sent her off in a cab as soon as I could. All in all, a good time for a bit more $$ than TJ - but you get the whole night (if you can escape the bar before sunup). I'll have to try the other places in town and report back. Salud!

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    What action is to be found now in Ixtapa? What new brothels have opened up? Is Taraus still kicking ass? What about good adult motels? What about Freelance action? What about amatuer action? What is the best time to fvisit Ixtapa? Cheap hotels for 5 to 7 dollars?????

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