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Thread: Seeking Arrangement- SA- in India

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    Phils last para nails the ideal find on SA. Someone looking for a small lift in monthly income however has the sense and control to not make this a full time profession.

    I've used SA for 8 years and more now. And have met some gems. Each of them fulfill this criteria. I was in a monthly arrangement for nearly 3 years with a student who was exclusive. Infact paid her fees, took her on holidays and set her up on a career path (well settled now). Helped another one ace through big tech interviews.

    Though I'm totally against the paid coffee meet category. So while I'm perfectly fine hosting at a 5 star and wining / dining and footing a 10 k bill, in no way would I indulge a paid coffee meet even if it's 1 k. This is a flag. If the objective of the girl is to establish a vibe, safety and screen this can be done without a fee. However if the objective is to earn a quick buck and vanish this is a typical pattern.

    The ones to avoid.

    Those visiting a city. These are usually pimps.

    Uneducated types who can't barely type a single coherent sentence. A flag for me as I'm selective of who I meet.

    Arrogant types. These are pros who do this for a living.

    Too many pics. Surprisingly this is a great indicator of genuineness abroad however a red flag in India.

    Happy Hunting.

    Quote Originally Posted by Phil50  [View Original Post]
    I understand where the OP is coming from, though I think the reality is more nuanced.

    All girls who do not consider themselves to be WGs have stories of how men pay them huge sums just to talk to, cuddle, read poetry etc. That is one of the reasons their peers inflate prices.
    If I have to pay someone a large sum to talk to, it would have to be my lawyer or CA and he'd have to be really good.

    That said, I do pay for platonic dates, even if all they want is platonic. That's because it attracts a class of girls who are not in this for money and genuinely like the other things like a successful older man can being to the table. However, there are a lot of caveats:

    - I pay 6 k for platonic, so it weeds out all the working girls, yet compensates her for her time.
    - Either this is part of a long term arrangement with a mix of platonic and intimate dates, or we meet very infrequently, when I need attractive arm candy and she too likes the occasion.
    - She has to be not just gorgeous, but have common interests with me and comfortable in the environment I move in, looking like my GF and not a WG.

    I have met such people who come from affluent families had interests I would learn from and are now doing well professionally, but this very difficult to find on SA today.

    I also like SBs for whom my allowance makes a visible difference and shares my own attitude to money (that I worked hard for it and don't like to waste it). If a 20 y.o talks of getting LV handbags, or drinking 3 single malts in half an hour, or going to spas in a 5 star, I'll drop her after our first casual meet, because I will invariably be in a bidding war with others she is seeing and she will not value my company as much as other girls will, or as much as the guy paying more.
    The ideal person for me is someone in a full time job or a serious student, who needs a bit of money to move from struggling to comfortable, values experiences that she can't afford and does not have the time to meet more than 2-3 times a month (does not see the need for more than 1 SD).

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    Have you tried OnlyFans?

    Quote Originally Posted by MsiKid  [View Original Post]
    This may be slightly off topic. But how do I find legitimate girls who do paid cam sex?

    Or something like sexual chats and roleplays with pictures and audio.

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    How to find genuine cam sex girls

    This may be slightly off topic. But how do I find legitimate girls who do paid cam sex?

    Or something like sexual chats and roleplays with pictures and audio.

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    Rose, 24 Bangalore

    Quote Originally Posted by JPoppen  [View Original Post]
    There are multiple profiles with the name rose. There was one Kashmiri girl in Bangalore who has moved to Mumbai. Someone mentioned here earlier.

    Has anyone met this Rose? (profile pic in room lit in red color, profile is 4-5 months old).

    She says she is from nepal. Pics she sent on TG are hot. Yet to do a VC. Let me know if anyone has any feedback?
    Anyone has any info on this one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeductiveChip  [View Original Post]
    Her profile link (has her edited pic too) :


    Thanks SC Bro for sharing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eanf2003  [View Original Post]
    Any one has met this girl? Wanted to get review. Not that good but says student and agreed for a good low cost as well. Need to know before meeting for a coffee.
    You will be better off passing. Big, not a curvy fit body but fat. Upto your preference though.

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    SA Bangalore. Feedback required


    Has anyone dealt with this profile:

    Had some interesting chats, disappeared, told me that she is deleting her seeking profile and has appeared again. Profile name is Fantine.

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    Disaster date with Cabbage, suggest to avoid

    Hey folks,

    Here's another one to the long list of profiles to avoid. I had pinged her when I had subscription and gave her my TG ID. She got in touch with me recently and we got to talking. Was impressed by her pics as I like dusky chicks as much as I like fair NI girls. She's a student in her early 20's and very passionate about cars and formula1.

    We even proceeded to VC and I was disappointed that she didn't look like her pics but she kept convincing me that she isn't that photogenic and looks better IRL with makeup so decided to give it a shot. She asked how much I was expecting so I told her I usually pay SA girls 15 k for 4 hours so she quoted ₹20 k and I countered with 17 k and she agreed.

    I decided to pick her up from metro and proceed to hotel in auto. The moment I saw her exit the metro station, my first reaction was "Welp, I think I just f'ed up real bad". She looks nothing like the pics and I felt it was another girl altogether and I instantly lost my excitement and boner along with it.

    Still in a state of shock, I decided to proceed till hotel. It was an awkward, silent 10 min ride where I was ruminating how to get out of this situation. Once we got down near hotel, I honestly told her this isn't what I signed up for as she looks vastly different from her pics and I told her I will pay her ₹500 for her troubles. Fortunately she didn't create a scene and I paid her and sent her on her way back. Luckily another metro station was just 200 m away so she went back and I went to checkin to the hotel (hotel had refundable policy only if I cancelled by yesterday). Luckily it was an hourly booking and cost 2 k.

    So I'm writing this sitting in my hotel room glad that she didn't create a scene and I didn't lose the 17 k and a substantial amount on hotel booking.

    After this experience, I just want to lay for a while and focus on my career because I'm honestly exasperated by the SA scene in India off late. In future, I will insist for coffee meets before proceeding for intimate ones.

    Her profile link (has her edited pic too) :



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    How to use this SA stuff

    I have used bumble tinder and other apps but this seems different. Can anyone exprienced share their way of making the profile and how to approch girls SA so that I could hit a bulleys?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NaughyBoy  [View Original Post]
    I met this girl in Dec 23, we were chatting on TG for few months and decided to meet, picked her from a metro STN and we went on a long drive on the Nice road, went IKEA on the other end, just to roam around the shop. Had a nice chat too, however she has lots of SOB stories, claims to be from Kollapur, but very fluent in Kannada, petite, dusky type girl, then she spoke about how someone drugged her drinks in Goa on a college trip, and someone raped her, she has some Police contacts, raised by single mother etc etc. When I asked about her allowance she wasn't saying anything, was not ready for gentle hug either. She wanted me to meet her again and then we move to hotel room, again not ready for allowance. I felt something was wrong, later she changed her TG and deleted all our old chats, was messaging from new TG ID. I didn't want any trouble so deleted and blocked her.
    If we are talking about the same Sunshine that Jpoppen mentioned, then that's a major redflag. I'm glad I didn't go ahead with her.



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    Quote Originally Posted by MalluMacha  [View Original Post]
    Thank you for sharing your experience, NB.

    In the midst of a clutter of braggadocio on all the modelesque 18 year olds who are flinging themselves at men thrice their age here for the honour of sharing their "wisdom" and "experience", all for the the luxury of a free coffee and cost of an Uber ride, honest and authentic reports like yours add actual substance and value to the forum and serve as a cautionary tale.
    If this is a reference to my previous post, I think the point is being missed in the clutter of sarcasm.

    My first 'coffee meet' is typically a meal & drinks in a classy place. It may cost me 10 k (with Uber) even if I don't see her again. Which is 2/3rd of the time. Some may consider it stupidity, rather than bragging. If we do see each other again and have a long term relationship, she gains several lacs in the course of our arrangement. Not all meets are intimate but I still compensate her.
    Any 'wisdom & experience' she might get, is if she asks for help (e. G. Getting her an internship, or a grant) and it is over and above my allowance. I believe I pay the going rate.

    P. S. I've had more posts about the times I've been scammed, than about scoring with some hot girl.

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    Shabnam, Hyderabad

    Anyone have any experience with her, seems nice & reverse image search brings up nothing shady.

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    Rose, 24 Bangalore

    There are multiple profiles with the name rose. There was one Kashmiri girl in Bangalore who has moved to Mumbai. Someone mentioned here earlier.

    Has anyone met this Rose? (profile pic in room lit in red color, profile is 4-5 months old).

    She says she is from nepal. Pics she sent on TG are hot. Yet to do a VC. Let me know if anyone has any feedback?

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    Sunshine BLR

    Quote Originally Posted by NaughyBoy  [View Original Post]
    Yes Sandy, you are right, her profile then was different, but pics are same, don't know what's her motive was. Recently one of my SB who was discussed here earlier informed me on WhatsApp that she is visiting.
    We are taking about the same sunshine here right?

    This profile has been the same since a year now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SymonWestt  [View Original Post]

    Please clear your inbox.


    Inbox cleared.

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