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Thread: Seeking Arrangement- SA- in India

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    Anyone tried Avni

    She uploaded a photo with Saree. Mentioned age as 46 (Dm'ed me as 36).

    Any feedback appropriated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FunToosh6045  [View Original Post]
    Does classydoc have a mr account called harleen kaur in Delhi MP page. Please confirm.
    She is not a doc, she is a nurse. She is below average looking lady, not even worth 4 k per shot. This is the main problem with SA. Old, ugly, seasoned WG's making ID's on Seeking and demanding astronomical amounts. And, people are paying them. I was like that previously, but with experience I can assess things now. In short, avoid her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HoneyHunt05  [View Original Post]
    Any feedback on the below SA Delhi chick. Talking to her now.



    She is a WG, been in this business for at least 10 years. I tried her 7 years back for 4 k,1 shot. She has many SA profiles, she is probably asking 15-20 k now. My suggestion, avoid her. She is not worth even 3 k per shot now.

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    SA Delhi. IshikaS

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    Quote Originally Posted by DesiGuy3  [View Original Post]

    She is WG. Here is her rate card:

    10 K 1 shot 1 hour.

    15 K 2 shot 3 hours.

    23 K night meeting charges.

    Video Call service charges.

    Semi Nude 1700..
    Does not get more innocent than that!

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    RoyalPrincess from BLR SA

    Quote Originally Posted by SanjayGotMail  [View Original Post]
    I spoke to her couple of months back. She quoted some high amount and she looked above average. I did not go forward.

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    Seeking Mumbai

    Hi Guys,

    Anyone has any info on the below profile. Seems a bit fishy and feels like SP operated.



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    Quote Originally Posted by RoamingGuru  [View Original Post]
    Abito is a pro and a huge show off. You can read her profile and can decipher from her experience. Met her casually once at Hilton. She agreed because I told her am looking for someone as travel partner. Just an average bong girl. She seems desperate now with open pics.
    I had queried about her in Feb last year and met her in Feb and April this year. She asked for 30 K. Agreed for 20 K. Wanted a good hotel. Service was good. She is a good looking Bengali girl but quite fat and definitely pro as she has premium profile. I fucked her well. She is a show-off and is getting old, I kind of kept praising her so that her service is nice saying you are a queen and all that stuff. She liked me it seems and she herself approached for second meeting. I said I will pay 30 K if you let me inside your ass. She let me in her ass and I got what I wanted. Cum in her ass (of course with condom). Have not met her since as that is what I wanted to do with her from the beginning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheOscillator  [View Original Post]
    Hi SW,

    I have not met, but chatted with her. She is a Kannadiga girl stays in Mysore road and by the slang and language she doesn't seems to be a model.


    I have fucked her this year. She stays in Mysore Road and is also open to meeting in Koramangala. I fucked her in Koramangala (who will drive to Mysore Road!

    Physically, she is slim and dark complexioned. Average looking. Service is good.

    I paid her 12 K for 2 fucks. She asked 10 K but I added 2 K extra for service. She gives good service.

    Will I repeat? No -as she is not as good looking as I like.

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    On Seeking

    I use seeking in India and abroad. And I have been using this site for few years now. These are some of the observations I have on SA in India. Almost all of you, I am sure know this.

    The fundamental premise is demand and supply. More often than not, ladies act as if they are in absolute demand and can land any man for any of their expectations. This demand gap is acute in few cities, especially like Chennai or Kerala while it is not that much in cities like Mumbai or Bangalore. I do not entertain profiles that act as if they are doing us a favour. This is not just the GPS we talk about here but the overall attitude. In first few messages, we get an idea of the person and I try to stay away even if that means walking away from a very good looking profile. From my experience, they carry that air even on a date and just spoil the whole day for me.

    Second, what does one seek. This vary between either one of us and frankly, varies depending on the mood we are in. Similarly, there are profiles who have different needs and approaches some will strictly meet and leave, some will want to be compensated for a date, some want to feel the 'vibe', some more just want to drag things off over many many paid dates, some seek long term SD and some, just want quick buck. So, we have to be clear on what we want and it helps to be upfront on what we expect and what the other person expects. I have less time to spend on elaborate chats over many days to ask what the other seek.

    Third, expenses. Most of the time, it boils down to what we spend and what we get in return. If we have a set amount in mind that we can spend on this monthly / yearly and willing to take a chance, it does work wonders. Going on dates, spending on dates and occasionally spending on a paid date provided you get a feeling that it would work out between you two makes SA worth it. A lot of chats do not materialise because of misplaced expectations and our spending limits. Be clear on what you can spend on a person or SA as a whole. Because, it slowly adds up to a villa or two in a small town, every year.

    Fourth, limit. I know of instances where things have gotten out of hand and SA mixing up with personal life and causing issues. There are instances of it. Unless you seek a GF, which I hope you are not, using SA within a limit is paramount. I stay away from crazy people who down 10 drinks in a date and lose themselves or make call at 2 am or heavy stoner etc.

    Fifth, control. I enjoy having someone eye candy and show off. This is a high that I personally enjoy. Sometimes, that had made me do things that I regretted later. Now that I have been in SA for few years, I do keep those in check. So, for new beginners, beware.

    Sixth, scams. There are scams that are obvious and there are well planned scams that end up with us losing more money and worse. Please be careful and you have to be the judge for yourself.

    Sorry for repeating whatever you already know. Have fun!

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    Raina. SA Mumbai. Info

    Quote Originally Posted by FuckPussy  [View Original Post]
    I have been in touch with below two girls from Mumbai sa. Both seem to have GPS.

    First one Gorgeousvenus quoting 50 k for short meet and 90 k for a night. Seems to be educated and well travelled but through the chat I can say she is arrogant. Doesn't speak to the point and gets offended when you ask if she avoids anything in sex. When insisted she said she does only light kissing and BJ with vanilla sex. Did anyone meet her by any chance. If yes then what's the allowance paid to her. Below is her profile link.


    Second one goes by the profile name "Raina"(couldn't find her profile anymore. Maybe she might have changed her ID or deleted).

    Quoting one lakh for a meet and says she is a student and willing to do everything except anal. Attachin her pics.

    Definitely not going to pay such high but if anyone has met them then info would be helpful in negotiating or avoiding them if they are not worth.
    Raina pinged me from her end about a month back (I hadn't messaged her) and said that. Although her usual price is 30 k overnight, but in urgent need of funds and hence ready to meet for 20 k overnight or 15 k short term.

    So I am sure that she is just throwing numbers here and there. In my opinion, shouldn't go above 10 k short term for her.

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    Hyderabad SA a genuine contact


    This is an old review from last year when her SA ID was different. I see her back and thought that sharing it here can help someone in the city.

    She is a genuine contact working in a hospitality industry. The pic she shared was photoshopped. However in actual she was good enough for me. Short and chubby with good bindaas attitude and I liked her company. She had quoted 15 k for 2-3 hrs and had come down to 10 k. Later I realized that I should have negotiated even more to 8 k. Cat eye and used Hindi slangs during the act.
    WIR- Yes, if she agrees for 8 k.

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    TG name. Mahi

    Quoted 12-15 k.

    Looks average in pics.

    Can be brought down to 10 k.

    Comfortable with overnight stays.

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    Babe P (no. 5)

    I connected with this one a month ago.

    Quoted 20 k per meet and 1 L for long term.

    Can be negotiated (I have this feeling).

    She looks good in pictures, didn't do VC as I had lot on my platter.

    Do let us know if you happen to meet her!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SymonWestt  [View Original Post]
    Hi Friends,

    Any one met this girl from Bangalore, claim to be a model and asking 10 K for a short time meetup.



    Hi SW,

    I have not met, but chatted with her. She is a Kannadiga girl stays in Mysore road and by the slang and language she doesn't seems to be a model.



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