Fellows here is my experience of Kiev so far.

Arrived Sunday night. Took 2 hours at airport. Covid test, SIM card queue had 20-25 people. Stress. Airport taxi desk closed. My Uber and Bolt accounts stopped working. Stress. Took bus to center arrived to hotel after midnight. Went for walk pretty quiet in the Center. Went to bed.

Next day met with a local date for dinner. I had matched with 10+ girls but had to filter them. I ignored those who provided shopping list of cosmetics. There were three that seemed like good girls. Lesya 28, beautician, she was nicer than her pics, easily a 7. She didn't ask for cab to come meet me nor did she expect money after dinner. Kisses in restaurant. Going good. I suggested we go to an Irish pub she agreed. Walking past my hotel I said let me show you an amazing view (meaning from my hotel room) but she took it the wrong way and made an excuse to get home as she works next day. Am confused but ok. Next day chatted a bit. Apparently suggesting an amazing view in Ukrainian means showing here you cock! But all ok I clarified that's not what I meant. Second date later today.

After she went home on Monday I visited a salon. 4 girls available two 7's in lineup but seemed bitchy. I took a 6 one for 1500 or 2000 / hour can't remember. Oral with. Great service. Convinced her to do A without any extra charge. Kisses no problem. 500 tip. Satisfied.

Tuesday: Met an old Ukrainian girlfriend Ira of 7 years ago. She's now married. Coffee. Some gentle touches at the cafe. Up to my room. Anal for old times sake. Feel guilty as she's married but fuck it she didn't decline the invite to my room. Cost of a croissant and coffee. CIM deep throat's no problem. Satisfied. Will see her again.

Wednesday: hot day. Phone charger fucked up. Bought new one. On way back to hotel saw a lady MILF looking at me at the hotel car park. She's giving me suggestive looks. I said Hi, she's said she's a tour guide. Cut a long story short 900 for an hour. She stayed 2 hours. Vaginal and anal included. OWO. She asked for 200 extra to give to hotel security. Kept her number chatted on WhatsApp she wants to meet in her apartment with her 25 year old friend. Price 1800 for two girls. Amazing bargain. Still to be scheduled. The friend is a 7 according the vid I was sent.

Wednesday night: having a beer on a terrace. Started chatting to a Ukrainian guy who works in my own country. Started chatting about local women. He goes for 8/9's only showed me pics of his women but he pays 5000+. Drank loads and dinner. He didn't let me pay my side of the bill. Top bloke. After he left went to a terrace bar on Krechatyk. Saw a girl having a drink. Made eye contact. Spoke she wants 3000 uah. I said I'm too drunk for sex maybe another day. She said give me what you can. 1500 one hour in my room 5 minutes away. But no real action after so much vodka and drinks with my new Ukrainian buddy. Went out for walk on Krechatyk. Saw a few girls who are obviously ladies of the night. In the end picked 19 year old. I would say an 8. Agreed 3000 for an hour. Was too drunk but She stayed all night. Owo, anal, kissing no problem. Sex again in the morning before she left.

Thursday. Meeting planned with Lesya and hopefully I will fuck a local non pro tonight.

Having quite a good time here. Enjoy don't t get drunk. Don't let ladies rip you off. Bargain reasonably. So far so good.