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Thread: Ciudad Juarez

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    Rise and shout the hendey is out.

    I told my peeps I will be in Juarez this weekend and asked if anyone wanted to meet up. Nothing. Wow, I guess I am much crazy then I thought. I rolled into El Paso at 2 pm. I parked my car at a 24 hour business near the Zaragoza bridge. $6 Uber to the bridge. Please note, this cannot be done on Friday nights. From 5 to 9 the line for the bridge is very large. The Uber cannot get that close to the bridge.

    I immediately went to plantinos. There were maybe 6 women. A girl who I thought was named Megan was there. I have not seen her since she taught the Tall Innocent one how to suck my weenier. Turns out her name is 'Jasmine'. Last week there was another girl named 'Jasmine'. Come to think of it, every sala has a 'Jasmine'. I am pretty sure the skinny girl with the massive overbite who I banged last week at Galitas was name Jasmine. This is all very confusing because Valentina, at Plantinos, her real name is Jasmine. Its it ironic, don't you think? It's like rrrraaaaaiiiinnnnmm. I started with Megan / jasmine1. She is not that pretty, and her body is not that great, but she is fun, and she genuinely enjoys sex with me. I asked her where she has been for the last 6 months. She tells me her daughter needs heart surgery. Jesus, another sick kid story. I immediate took another viagra to counter the effects of hearing about the sick kid. What makes this even more depressing is I could tell she was telling me the truth. It's better when I know they are lying; 'your kid is sick and has to be hospitalized? That will happen, do hospitals in Mexico serve the kids jello? 'your daughter is really sick? Don't you have three kids? Well, what's the problem? The other 2 are still young. In time they will forget about their dead sister'. My Spanish is not that great so I am trying to figure out if her kid has had the heart surgery or will have the surgery. I am still not sure, nor does it matter. It was kind of an awkward transition. 'How much is the surgery? Wow, in the USA heart surgery would be much more expensive. I'm sure everything will be ok. Let's start with some oral, and is it ok if I record? She was fun. Didn't make much noise, and, for those who have seen my videos, I'm a big fan of noise making. Blahbkah. 1000 pesos extra for mural oral and recording rights. Oh, while she was sucking my weenier I ordered pizza for the women. I went back to the lobby area and check emails, talk with the girls, ate some pizza. The newish girl, Gabriella, sat with me and we talked a little bit. She is new and young and innocent so she charges 1000 for a session instead of 700. She was happy to see me and begged me to select her for a service. Since she has no kids, no chance I would have to endure any more sick kid stories, and she has a nice little twat. First thing she asks me, 'did you bring a vibrator?' Of course I did. I once forget my wallet and passport in the USA. I forget my cell phone cable about 30% of the time. If you ask me when my half-bastard, half Chinese son was born I would need a minute to remember the day, and another few minutes to remember the year. But I NEVER forget the vibrator. She grabs it like the kid in pulp fiction grabbed the gold watch. She is pleasuring herself. I am playing with her boobies, massaging her. I mention that my main man Ogie was at the sala last Sunday and I am pretty sure he selected her. I ask her is she remember a gringo, taller and skinny than me, with a really big weeiner. She does! She said his name. It is always funny to hear mexicians say English names. If you recall, the Ogie banged a friend of mine, the Tall Innocent one. He sent me what he considered a video of the encounters. To call it brief would be an understatement. To call his weeiner large would be an even bigger understatement. After seeing the video I asked the Tall Innocent one about Ogie and all she would say is, 'I don't remember'. Obviously this upset me. She would always complaint about my weiner size- there is no way she could forget about the Ogie. When I mentioned that Ogie's video was only 32 second long he replied that he 'rode the tall innocent one for an hour. ' I had my doubts. Anyways, I asked Gabriela about Ogie's weeiner and she said something along the lines of 'oh my god. ' I asked how long he lasted. She said, 'very fast'. She said, 'his weenier was like 'wow', but it was over so fast. ' We had a good time. She let me record. I will post shortly. She likes a finger up her butt; and I'm talking about a whole finger. After drilling her for 8:32, I put the phone down, and told her it was time to get serious. It got a little weird, and this was when I had my whole thumb up her butt.

    I stumbled out of there at 5 pm. I am now at 'the black pearl' restaurant eating shrimp and drinking rum and coke. I am heading back to bang Violeta. The Ogie banged her a few months back. I am pretty sure Violeta hides from me.

    I went back to the sala at 7 pm. No Violeta. Valentina had already left. So I took Jasime back to the vip room and had some fun. It was pretty good. Lots of 69 ing. She let me rawdog for $20 extra. She told me she never does this with other clients, but she likes and trust me. My own brother doesn't like me. We haven't talked in over 8 years. He is a fanatical Mormon; I mean like Shiite Mormon. Interesting point of parliamentary procedure- he did not attend byu. He attended what is not called 'byu-Idaho'. More commonly called 'byu-potato'. It's late, and the adderal had worn off; I get distracted easily. Where was I? I don't know if she lets everyone give her a squirt, and I don't really care. I'm not playing to win, I'm just playing not to lose, if you know what I mean. We are laying in the bed in the VIP room, talking, listening to American music, just chilling, when Gabriella enters. I am pretty sure she was high on something. She was super talkative and hyper. I order Jasmine an Uber, she leaves, but Gabriela and I are still in the vip room. She is all over me. Kissing (ewe), grabbing my weenier. I had to tell her, 'look, this isn't Boy Scout summer camp, there are rules'. In 3 days I will be 49.5 years old. I had already banged 3 times in 6 hours. The third time with jasmine was no walk in the park, and if she did not let me rawdog I would have needed another 30 minutes. I don't know, she was just really clingy. When I banged her last week she did not want me to leave. I had an Australian cattle dog that was the same way. So I banged her again, but I did have to resort to manual override. After I finished I was exhausted. I had been up since 5 am. I just played one on one, twice each with a 22 year old and a 19 year old. I just wanted to go to my hotel and get some sleep. She typed her number in my phone and she rambles on about Santa muerta for god knows how long. Hey, I would rather the girl talk about devil worship than their kid who will probably die. I mean, I don't think heart survey on a 4 year old is a sure thing in the USA, I'm guessing in Mexico the kid would be better off if the mom just crossed her fingers and prayed to Santa muerta or Jesus- not the Jesus who sells tacos by the bridge.

    I would like to close with some advice for the Ogie. Look, you have a god given gift, well, maybe a Santa muerta given gift, doesn't matter and let's not get hung up on the particulars. You have the hardware, you just need to tweak your software. Come on, my man; pull one out before you go to the sala. There may be some medication you can take. If needs be think about football, better yet, think about byu football. I'm the opposite- I think about BYU football when I want to come. Not the players- the big wins, the cheerleaders, the dance squad, beating fucking Utah, sunny autumn Saturdays, sold out LaVell Edward's stadium, which is considered one of the best stadiums in college football. 70,000 fans singing the byu fight song. 'Rise and shout the cougars are out!

    I got distracted against.

    I stumble over to the komfort motel. The old guy manager remembers my last name, and my last name is not Spanish. I ask him why he remembers my name. He tells me he remembers my face. Smart man, I always give him a tip. He knew enough that if he said, 'I remember your hair' I would have stiffed him. I tell him, 'you get many people here, you may recognize me, but why do you remember my last name'? He says something. Doesn't matter. The Venezuelan lived with me for, I don't know, off and on for 3 months and I don't think she knows my last name. I need to sleep. And a conscience.

    Here, Ogie, this is a good start:


    This one is pretty good:


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    JV or a

    I have been listening to a lot of Adam Corolla's podcasts. Pretty good stuff. My favorite character is Deaf Frat Guy (DFG). Do yourself a favor and give him a listen. To quote some DFG:

    He gets more box than the Memphis UPS hub.

    He pulls more tail than a special ed kid visiting a petting zoo.

    He gets more gash than a Compton ER on a Friday night.

    He gets more pussy than a North Korean butcher.

    He gets more strange tale than an Edgar Alan Poe anthology.

    He gets more trim than a Glendale super cut before Armenia pride day.

    He gets more head than Michael J Fox pouring a Guinness.

    He gets more Bush than a Beverly Hills gardener.

    He smashes more beavers than a drunk river boat captain.

    The DFG plays a game with the people on the show. It is called, 'JV or all balls'. The DFG names a topic and everyone takes turns discusing the topic before deciding if it is 'JV or all balls'. I shall follow the same format.

    I went to Juarez 2 weeks ago. I arrived late Friday and left early Sunday morning. I had a couple of regulars meet me at motel komfort. The video I have is not that great. I did hit plantinos- a new girl with died red hair. Chubby. New to being a hoe. Had never had her twat licked. Never used a vibrator. She was fun. I think I might have banged out 1-2 more at plantinos. Who can remember. Overall the trip was JV.

    I went last Friday. I arrived at 4 pm and met one of my regulars at an Airbnb. My ban has been lifted. I still had to sweet talk the owner into accepting my reservation. I met Mellisa from plantinos. She is chubby. Big butt, big nice boobies. Rawdog, oral, pearl necklace, whatever I wanted. She let me record, but not her face. In the video I explain that the video is for me, and I would never show it to anyone else. Like I said, she is chubby. But the pearl necklace was pretty good, so I am going with 'all balls'.

    Next I went to Ravenna's because they have a photo of a girl with a very nice ass. Raveena's only has 3 women. The girl with the nice ass has very small boobies, like micro boobies, and is kind of goofy looking. Not that this matters to me; I don't like looking at the woman unless I am giving her a felony level chocking. Nice ass, flat stomachs, skinny waist. I did not get a chance to bang her. The second girl is very skinny, very short and very young, except she is tatted up and both of her nipples are pierced. Not really my thing, but the other 2 girls were occupied. She was fun. We had a good time. Nice little butt. Twat was clean. If she was not tatted and pierced up I would give her 'all balls', but all things considered, she was JV. The third girl at raveenas is older, has been in the Salas for years. I used to bang her out last year when she worked at Zenda. One time I was banging her forever. She could not make me finish. I had her bent over the massage table, giving her the weeiner, but I did not foresee me finishing anytime soon, so I pulled out, took off the condom and aggressively jerked off. I came all over her leg. Which pissed me off, because I was aiming for her asshole. She moved at the moment of impact. She is definitely 'JV'. Overall Raveenas is JV.

    After Raveenas I went to plantinos. They had 4 girls, I don't know maybe more, I was in the middle of a sex bender so the details are fuzzy. They had a new girl named Gabriela. 18, still in high school. Third day of being a hoe. Since she is so young and innocent they charge VIP- 1000 pesos instead of 700. The owner started at 1500 pesos but I guess there were not takers. Nice girl. Timid. Not that pretty. Very nice boobie. Not that skinny either. It was her second time with a vibrator; apparently another gringo banged her a day before me, and he brought a vibrator. I'm guessing this was one of my peeps. It was fun. She had never had her twat licked while sitting on a guys face. She didn't make much noise. She did not let me record. She didn't want me to leave. I doubt she will last much longer. My man Ogie just smashed her last Sunday. He did not share any details with me. I'm guessing after me last Friday and the Ogie Sunday, she will need a larger tampon size. Overall, tough call but I am going to have to go with JV.

    Saturday morning I went to pantinos and banged out the chubby girl with died red hair. It was fun. She let me record. She is chubby, but with me she was happy and eager to please. She would not suck the weenier. She said she has never sucked the weenier. I had her sit on a chair in front of me, using the vibrator. I was slapping my weiner against her boobies, rubbing my weiner on her nipples. I gently pushed her head towards my weiner but she was not interested. We had a good time. Afterwards she told me she would try sucking on the weeiner the next time I return. This girl is not that hot, and chubby, but she is ALL BALLS. Plantinos overall is ALL BALLS.

    After Plantinos I went back to the USA to run some errands. When I crossed back over I went to Zenda, since they had some really hot bitches advertised on their twitter account. Francis (Denise from Raveena's) is All Balls, even considering her freakishly big feet. Daniela is All Balls. When I arrived there were 3 woman. 2 were pretty short and petite; not that pretty. There was a tall woman named Paula- who I swear is actually Yamith, a woman who has been at Zensa for a long time. She denied being Yamith. I selected her and went back to the room. I had a large problem. My phone was almost out of battery. I had a cable with me, but not the charging block thing. After I paid the woman she left to give the money to the manager. I followed her out and asked all the women if someone had a charging block I could borrow. They all said 'no'. I asked them why they would not help me, that there were many charging blocks there, and then I just said, 'yo voy'. They gave me my money back and I left. Zenda is JV.

    I went to Galitas. Lluvia is still there. Her face looked pretty good, big smile, happy. She is chubby with a big gut. Still, she lets me rawdog and sucks weeiner very well. She is All Balls. There was a new woman, very, very skinny. Would be pretty pretty but she had a tremendous overbite. But hey, like I said earlier, I don't really calculate their faces into my debaucary equation. She has been working in the sala for 3 weeks or 3 months, I can't remember. Very skinny, but decent curves. Nice boobies, small waist. Round ass. We had a good time. Every time I gave her a thrust my weeiner would hit the back of her twat. Kind of a tickingly sensation. I banger her pretty good and for a long period of time. Her ass looked amazing. She wanted 2000 pesos for me to record. I did not have that much on me, and Galitas does not accept credit cards. When I arrived at Galitas I asked if they had a charging block, and they initially said 'no', but when I said that of course there were many there Lluvia gave me one. The skinny girl was All Balls. Galitas overall, JV.

    Really, go listen to some DFG, on the Adam Corolla podcast.

    Perhaps look at some of my past posts. If you can figure out how to text me, I have over 100 videos of me being very, very naughty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hendey1015  [View Original Post]
    Estaphnay massage is right next to Plantinos. Oxxy is across the street. Aries and Ravenna's are also very close.
    Succinctly said. I had last week off, less than usual 2-3 and not long enough to get back to old colonial haunts in sub-Sahara.

    I ended up in Panama City which by comparison to my memories of hitting MPs in Juarez, or Reynosa for that matter, was disappointing. Now I'm missing Mexican girls. I used to hit brothels in Laredo, Piedras Negras back on active duty, circa G. Custer it feels like these days and those were good times too.

    Great reading your posts. Next short tour will be back to south Texas.


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    Location of Plantinos

    Quote Originally Posted by Chaired  [View Original Post]
    Where is this Platino located? Don't think I've seen it before.
    Very close to the Zaragoza bridge.

    114 Ave waterfil. Use google maps. Estaphnay massage is right next to Plantinos. Oxxy is across the street. Aries and Ravenna's are also very close.

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    [Deleted by Admin]

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    Where is this Platino located? Don't think I've seen it before.

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    Any updated map of MPs?

    Long time Jrz. MP mongeror here. Looks like the pastebin link not working. Any info on MPs in north / central (not east) Jrz. Appreciated. May you nutt long and prosperous.

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    [Commercial Message deleted by Admin]

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    I attended festivities in JZ the past few days. First, I procured Mexican viagra, 30 tablets for 548 pesos at the farmacia next to the Zaragoza bridge. I planned to need this and had not tried it before. It didn't disappoint, and I highly recommend. Not so much as a weird side eye when I asked for viagra from the older lady working the counter.

    Next, I checked Platino. Neither of the girls were especially interesting to me, so I checked briefly next door at Stephanie's. Three chicas there, just so-so, so I said possible returno and left. All this time, the people who were visiting MX for the weekend were packing the vehicle line to get back to the US, so I had to park in the empty lot across the street. Then, I decided to drive to Zenda. There was only one or two girls working, both were busy, but I waited and then met Madelyn for a little bit. She was ok, nothing to write home about, but she was polite and accommodating. Also bonus the front desk let me use the Wi-Fi. They have a huge waiting room and this could be a great place to set up your laptop and work for the day.

    Monday, I went back to Platino. Valentina was there, I had forgotten that I had been with her previously a few months back. She is super nice, very pretty, my type for sure. Then I hung out for a while until closing time. Today, I had to leave Juarez, but I stopped at Platino again on my way out for another round with Violeta. Again, can't recommend this place enough. Something is goofed up on their Facebook account- I can only see old updates but they showed me they have new updates so maybe I'm too stupid to make Facebook work correctly.

    Sorry Hendey, no video, but I did get one of the Mexicans to speak English. She said "oh my god" so I'll consider that my good deed for the day (teaching English). Tuesday night border crossing by car varies. I got across in like 15 minutes around 9 pm, realized at 9:50 I forgot something in MX, went back to MX and got there at 10, then took an hour to get back across again to the US. Sunday night crossing by car or on foot would have been a very long line though- 2 or 3 hours for sure. I was a little surprised CBP didn't ask me why I crossed twice in the same night.

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    The Venezuelan has returned

    The Venezuelan has returned. She did not go to Washington, and she did not drive off with a local man. She drove off in a truck, and I assumed she manipulated some local guy. Small town in Texas, everyone drives a truck. The owner of the restaurant she is working at took her in, but she has since decided she is not going to Washington, and wants to return to me. She decided this after I completed my inception video, which really pisses me off. Life is about timing, and luck, and knowing when to hold them and when to fold them, when to walk away and when to run. And you NEVER count your money when you are sitting at the table or talk with the police without a lawyer present or a deal of immunity. What was I saying? Oh, yes, the Venezuelan. She needed to go to San Antonio to check in with ICE. I was going to San Antonio anyways, so I took her with me. On the way back I remembered I had a small vibrator in my laptop bag. As a good Mormon boy I was a Boy Scout, so, even now I am always prepared. Now my preparation is focused on activities of the more carnal nature. It's a 4 hour drive. I give her the vibrator and tell her to relax. A normal person would have just unzipped their pants and enjoyed some on the fly masturbation. I mean, I do, disturbingly often. This woman proceeds to get completely naked. Not pants around her ankles. Not shirt pulled up. She even took off her panties. As she removed her clothes I kept asking her, 'what are you doing? Is this necessary?' She has the chair back, enjoying herself. With one hand I am playing with her boobies and caressing her body. I keep telling her to make some noises, and to cum. Before she started she was selecting songs on her phone. This whole time there is some Spanish techno song playing on repeat. After a while she tells me she needs my weenier to cum. I pulled over at the next exit, got out, opened the passenger door, she gets on her knees, ass pointing towards the door, her face on the driver side seat, and I give her the weenier, hard. Because she had been warming up for so long she had a really intense orgasim. I kept going and it was pretty aggressive. After I finished I pulled her up towards me and was kissing her neck. This is about as romantic as I get. And I whisper in her ear, 'change the fucking song'. She laughed. It was kind of cool. I pulled off in the middle of nowhere. It was late. Many stars, the smell of trees, cold, so we were holding each other. She squatted down and peed right there in front of me. Wtf? What's up with this? Is this just me?

    So she is back in my life, and No Nick Name Yet did not reply to my offer to meet up, so I did not go to Juarez this weekend.

    I did find out that my all time favorite is back at Genesis. Michele, tall with big glasses. Her boyfriend threatened to kill me, but you know these young Latins. So temperamental. I just asked him what my weenier tastes like, since she used to suck my weeiner, and she would go home, and presumably kiss him. Genesis is a dump, but Michele is worth the visit. She liked to deep throat my weenier, which I did not find particularly enjoyable. And her gagging was a bit of a turn off. About half the time she liked my thumb up her butt and the other half she would pull my hand away. I assume her reaction was directly related to what she ate the night before. When I first met her she was tatto free. But has since tatted up. She has 2 of the dumbest tattoos of all time. I will not spoil the fun. Go see her and be amazed at the stupidity. She is exceptionally pretty, long legs, flat stomach, really nice ass. She has a deep voice probably from all the weenier sucking. Seriously, she is a must see. I have not seen her in 3 years, but I don't remember anything about her feet. Which is a good things, but than again, 3 years ago I was not as foot sensitive. It was only after being with Denise and the Venezuelan that my aversion has really become more of a phobia. I have some decent video of me fucking one of her cousins. It was some of my earlier work. I was still finding my artistic voice. Still, not bad, on the longer side, so I can't send via text, but I did send some of my longer master pieces to some guy in NY via email. I am eagerly awaiting his review.

    Some guy wrote:

    Don't know how you repeatedly crush it in Juarez but I envious living my life vicariously through all your experiences there!

    This is not difficult. Pay these woman enough and they will literally do anything. If you make them feel special and are charismatic they will come live in your house and attend to your every desire. Having one of these women living in your house is an extreme case scenario, but having them meet you at a hotel after they finish at the sala is pretty easy, if they like you. Same with rawdogging. All of these women HATE working in the salas. If you bring a little joy into their life, make them feel like more than a hoe, they will want to do more than just a quick 'stick your dick in me'. However, if you walk down this path be prepared for the sick kid texts. The crafty women include photos. It's all very annoying and in most cases, the next level debauchary is not worth the constant stories of sob stories.

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    March 2 - meet up

    OK, so me and No Nickname Yet will probably meet tomorrow. If anyone is interested, go to:


    Yesterday's lineup of women, look in the comments.

    No drugs. No heavy drinking. Must be interesting. Must be nice with the girls. No young guys. No slobs.

    I know it is kind of last minute. I was hoping Ogie would be here this weekend, but he has not replied to my texts. Ogie, I was joking about the 32 seconds. This happens to all of us, well, not me, but still, it's normal.

    I'm thinking we could take over Plantinos. The owner and myself could call in women that have retired from the Salas. Beer, food, poker. Ideally this is the kind of party I would have with my normals friends, but only 2 of my buddies from my college days know about my little hobby, and they don't even call me to repentance. I think they are jealous.

    The tall innocent one may be working at Zenda. She is denying this. If you get a chance she makes great noises. She will not suck the weenier and will probably be very depressed. Ogie liked her body, but found her boring. For those of you who have seen my videos, I think she is yummy-yummy. It does look like Zenda has 4/5 19 year olds who look very hot. The tall innocent one is 26 or something.

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    Hendey Traveste BJ!


    Don't know how you repeatedly crush it in Juarez but I envious living my life vicariously through all your experiences there!

    I tried go out there one weekend but my fam caught on asking why I go to El Paso. So I have to disguise my Ho trips by going to San Diego (then Tijuana) or Costa Rica (rain forests, jungles, beaches). Dominican Republic can be very good too for monger and as a guise since going to a "beach resort" when I actually stay in Santo Domingo where plenty of solid poon options.

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    Mission accomplished

    Mission accomplished! One problem- my iPad has split screens, so I was going to have half the screen playing a video of me banging a woman and the other half showing the highlights of byu vs Utah. But for some reason my iPad would not connect to my iPhones hotspot. So, the video is me watching a video of me banging a woman while I bang a woman, with 'take it easy' playing in the background. It is much longer than 32 seconds. I will send copies to my peeps.

    Jesus, read all of my posts before contacting me. Someone just asked me about stoya. Listen, if you just want video, go to pornhub or whatever. If you want to enter the mind of a very quirky person, then, yeah, shoot me a text.

    At byu, during the 70's and maybe even 80's, there was a program to cure homos. It involved electroshock 'theropy'. From what I can gather, they would show the homos gay porn, and then shock them. Can you imagine having that job? Do you want weenier? Yes? Bbbzzzzzz. Do you still want weenier? Bbbzzzzzzz. I paid my way through university waiting tables and tutoring chemistry, but if this job were available, who knows? Maybe I could have volted my buddy into being straight. If only to be able to enjoy all the songs by the eagles.

    For you people who can't follow my movie quotes:

    I'm sorry, did I break your concentration?


    Foot massages.


    Little hard body.


    She's got a great ass.


    Today I crossed at 2 pm. I went to Plantinos and banged out Melisa, some new girl, some skinny new girl, then I went to komfort motel and finish my little experiment. I have been obsessing about this since I thought it up. I was ready a few days ago, but the Venezuelan was on her period, and she followed that up by leaving me. She said she was going to Washington DC, but she drove off with a local guy. Awkward. I live in a town of 1000 people. People will talk. If any locals ask I will say, 'oh, her? Yeah I bought her for $100 per week, which I raised to $150 per week. The other guy just assumed the payments. ' I am trying to get the tall innocent one to cross. I have known her for over 4 years.

    Ok, Melissa has put on weight, but she is eager to please and has a liberal condom policy. Earlier I said she has fake cans. I was wrong. They are real and in the event of a water landing, may be used as a flotation device. She sucked on the weenier is a most pleasurable manner. The second girl, don't remember her name, nice body, nice boobies, but she has a double chin, which is weird because she is not fat. Her ass looked great. Today was her 3 day of being a hoe, so she was nervous and naive. She would not let me record. The third girl had a complicated name that does not have an English translation. Montsey or something that doesn't matter. Very thin, nice little butt. Her second day of being a how. First time with a vibrator. She let me record for 600 pesos. It was a lengthy debate which required some oral arguments. Towards the end I was really giving her the weenier. There was another woman at plantinos who arrived while I was with the third woman. Violeta. Very pretty, short, very nice body. I was with her once or twice last year; I don't remember much. I did recognize her. I think she tried to hide from me. Very pretty.

    I could not do my experiment at plantinos. Not enough room to really spread out so I had one of my all time favorites meet me at komfort moral. This woman works at whatever they are calling the sala that used to be Aries. She uses the name Adeline or something. She has a really healthy butt and she loves riding my weenier. I don't think she noticed me holding the iPad. She was doing reverse cowgirl, but she was leaning way too far forward. This was hyperextended my weenier. I wanted to give it to her from behind but I was tired, it was late, I am old, and I was afraid any delay would lead to a 15 year penalty and loss of down, so I had her remount facing me. Anyways, 4 times today. 2/4 on condom usage. 2/4 on videos. 0/1 on Venezuelan woman. I'm glad she is gone. She was beginning to annoy me. All the meals she cooked contained potatoes. I don't eat much carbs. The main problem was her feet. Along with her feet, her shoes. You could put her freak shoes next to mine and not tell the difference. Seriously, she has clown feet.

    What's up with this guy:

    It happens proly more often than not by straight horny men even if only a blow job from a Traveste in Parque Morazon Costa Rica.

    He talks in generalities, but mentions a specific city in Costa Rica, along with a 'it happens all the time'. Yeah, sounds like it happened to him. He doesn't have to post on websites to try to justify his past behavior. I mean, it helps. It definitely helps. Some electricity applied to his weenier may also cure him of any future trips to Costa Rica.

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    Get over it

    You BUFUed man to man as we said in the 80's LOL. Then we say 'Hi Guy' with our front paws lowered like Montrose men in Montrose Houston Texas LOL.

    It happens proly more often than not by straight horny men even if only a blow job from a Traveste in Parque Morazon Costa Rica.

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    Get over it

    Quote Originally Posted by FreeWayRoss  [View Original Post]
    Get over it!
    The song by Eagles, Sir Don Henley!

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