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Thread: Ciudad Juarez

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    Hendey where is Lourde's? I don't know this one and don't see it on the pastebin list or google maps. Too bad about estephanies.

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    Avoid Estaphany's

    I had to pass through El Paso for work, so I hit Juarez for a day. Plantino has a decent line up. 2 really tall girls. But I was meeting two of my long term friends (back to back) who lets me visit them without a condom, so I did not stay. Later I went back and the lineup was alright, nothing great; so I went to estaphany. There was a new girl; not sure of her name. Pretty, nice ass, but a potbelly. I told her to keep her shirt on. She wanted 1100 pesos for oral and to let me record. She demands that I pay upfront, which is the first time any girls has asked me this. I didn't have change so I gave her 1500. This is in addition to the 600 house fee. She sucked on the weenier for about 20 seconds. I told her I needed more oral arguments, so she puts a condom on my weenier and starts more oral. I don't pay extra for oral sex with a condom. What's the point? So I go to give her the weeiner from behind, and she keeps grabbing my weeiner, and aiming it between her legs while she jerks be off. Wtf? I try 3 times and she keeps doing this. Finally I tell her, 'I am going to try one more time, and that's it. '. She does the same thing. I tell her, 'that's it. We are done. You need to return the money I paid you. ' She scurried off. Keep in mind I have been to this sala maybe 20 times. The girls all know me. The manager knows me. I tell the manager what happened and ask for my money to be returned. The manager tells me the girls has been fired and is gone. As the manager says this, the girl walks by. I thanked the manager for being honest with me and requested to speak with the owner, who I know. I text the owner. The owner does not reply. The other girls want me to stay, but I would have to pay for another service. I don't make a habit of letting $40 Mexicans working girl steal from me. I briefly make small talk with the girls I know, and I leave. I later texted the owner telling her to give the 1500 she owes me to the girls that work there that I have known for awhile. Like I care about $100 dollars. But I do not want the working girl that stole from me to profit. The plot thickens. Some guy just called me saying he is the owner, and he knows who I am, and where I am, and that he will hurt me. Dude, I asked that the money that was stolen from me be given to the women I like. And this retard wants to 'go to the mattress' over less than $100? (Name that movie.). What a loser. I actually feel sorry for him. There is a reason why Mexico is such a dysfunctional country. In the past I have given estaphany high marks, but now I would have to discourage any future visitation.

    I hit gallinas- nothing. Gallitas- Jasmine and the insanely hot girl are gone forever. There was a girl, Juliet, very pretty, juicy ass, protruding belling. She sucked the weenier nicely and let me record for 1000. Not bad. Not worth visiting again. I hit Europa, no one was there. I was feelings saucey, so I went to lorde's which I have only been to a few times. My god, there is a girl there that is top 5 of all time, if you like skinny girls. Very pretty, big smile, petite, small waist, great ass. 20 years old. Very white. Very little boobies. And the girl loves the weenier. Since she was #4 for the day I must have banged this women for 40 minutes. She freaked out when I went to kick her ass, so I held her down and gave her a decent munching. She giggled. I am itching to get back to see her again. This woman is a must see.

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    Quick trip of naughtiness

    I made a quick trip to Juarez.

    After driving many hours I was eager to begin the debauchery. I left my car at the dealership for some repairs and had the courtesy van take me to the Zaragoza bridge. The new sala, plantino, is the second closest sala to the bridge. There was a new girl, tall, skinny, really sexy. I get her back to the room and she tells me she does not give or receive oral. I thanked her for her time, wish her the best in all of her future endeavors, and asked that they bring me Valentina. She is always a wild ride. She did not try to kiss me like she has done before (ewe). I asked her if there was anything wrong, she tell me everything is fine. I ask why she is not kissing me, she tell me kissing is 300 pesos extra. Wtf? I would have paid her 500 pesos to NOT kiss me on my last visits. We had fun. She let me record in my prior visits, but would not let me record on this visit. This really pissed me off because I was giving her the weenier from behind, and her ass looked great. She is petite and skinny, but still, I would have liked to have documented our time together for future research purposes. Mutual oral was 500 pesos extra. After we showered together, which is always amusing. I gave her another 1000 pesos when she started to tell me about her sick son. Maybe she will use the money to pay the doctor, maybe not, but she did stop talking about her son. She is worth the visit. They changed the vip room. Before there were 2 full sized couches. Now there is a bed and a stripper pole. If you have the means and no health problems, I strongly suggest the vip room. Bring some alcohol, a vibrator, extra condoms- and utilize the 3 person jacuzzi. It may even be a 4 person jacuzzi. Because of low water pressure it takes about 30 minutes to fill the thing. So, start out with the alcohol and vibrator.

    Since estaphany's is next door, I went here next. There is a newer girl named Pricilla. Pretty. Tall. A little chubby. First time with a vibrator, which, as you know, I enjoy. Would not let me record. Between the vibrator and licking her twat she came 3 times. She makes really interesting noises. The best way I can describe this is happy moaning. We had fun. She works there with her cousins name Ruby, who is chubbier, not as pretty, but has much bigger boobies. Pricilla's boobies are still very nice. The next 3 days I hit Platino's and estaphnay's each day. On my second visit Pricilla let me record. The video turned out pretty good.

    I was thinking back to past blow jobs and decided to focus on this. Usually I only let the girl suck on the weenier so as to get me big and / or if the girl cannot continue. There is a girl at Estaphany named Chanel. Tall, very pretty, chubby rounding the base to fat. Since I had already banged out all the girls at plantino and estaphany more than a few times, I elected Chanel. I told her I wanted oral and asked how was the best way for her to accomplish this.

    Usually I like to lean against the table, standing, the girl sitting on a chair using the vibrator. She told me to sit on the massage table, she kneeled down and went to work. She was very, very good. She worked the weenier is a very enthusiastic manner. She also sucked / licked my balls and licked my taint. I am guessing she would have licked my ass if I requested. She got me really hard. She told me not to cum in her mouth. After awhile I felt it was taking too long, that this was not fair to her, and I did not foresee the ending happening anytime soon. She was using the vibrator the whole time and I was juggling her boobies. Finally I took her hand, helped her stand up, bend her over the massage table and aggressively gave her the weenier. I did not ask to record. I have never met a girl in Juarez who allows her face to be recorded. And this girl was too chubby to want a video. I did have a good time and will visit her again.

    I don't know, more of the same at the Salas. Luna at Plantino use to be Estrella at Raveena's. At Raveena's she never spoke. At plantino she has been talking to me non-stop. She has put on weight and does not look that good. Pretty enough face, morena, not usually my thing, but she insisted that she had serviced me 2 times in the past. I honestly could not remember. I took her back, she sucked the weenier, did a good job. I gave her the weenier from behind, on all fours her ass looked pretty good, bigger but still sexy. She let me record. Made above average noises with my coaching. I will probably see her again, and she is worth a throw if you are there and the lineup is limited.

    Ok, so I have the insanely hot girl's number. We arrange to meet. The first time she flaked on me, but that was ok since young victoria texted me out of the blue wanting to meet. Young victoria is top 5 of all time, and not just Mexico. My second attempt with the insanely hot girl worked out. She is young (20) and skinny. Very pretty, morena, but still very hot. I let her get warmed up with the vibrator while I massaged her and sucked on her boobies. She has nice boobies for how skinny she is. She has an athletic build. Next I had her sit on my face. I was licking her twat. When I started to lick her ass she repositioned so her asshole was directly inline with my mouth. She was using the vibrator on her clit, I had a finger in her twat and was munching her butt like a cheeseburger. She was loving it. As you recall, this one is a major squirter and I was ready. She was facing toward my legs and with my finger in her twat, my hand deflected the spray. Really, really salty. Next I had her do some reverse cowgirl. She let me record and her ass is amazing. She does not make much noise. At the sala she and the other girls at Galitas do not make much noise. I assumed this is because the walls do not go all the way to the ceiling. I encouraged her to make noise and she did not obey. SHe told me it was the best sex ever. We agreed to meet the next day and of course she did not show.

    Everyday I met at least one woman at the Airbnb. These are women I have known for years and do not work in the sala anymore. One interesting encounter, when I gave her the weenier her twat felt dry and rough. I pulled out and lubed up, but still, something felt rough. After she told me she had a small tampon inserted. Uh, yuck? Old victoria came over and we went at it for a very long time. It was one of my best experience ever. I came long and hard. Afterwards we just laid there. I did hit Gallina, galitas and Europa. I got some great video of Jasmine, at galitas. There was an older woman at gallenas who was fun, but not that sexy.

    I may be in Juarez next week, very briefly. Give me a shout if you will be around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MorbidXrabs  [View Original Post]
    El Encanto has returned from the dead. Same location, Hermanos Escobar 2310. Next to the Papagayo bar.
    As I remember El Encanto, it had moved from upstairs to downstairs, and was nothing but a small hallway with 2 or 3 rooms, no showers, run down, and no talent - a disinterested lesbian at that. Has this changed?

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    Going to be back!

    My fellow mongers,

    It's good to see this forum is up and at it! I am a long time fan!! Anyway, heading to Juarez today, might stop at Europa, they have 2 new girls, or maybe chaude, of the Ninfa there is my favorite, Russians lady is a good friend of mine, but you know, you get tired of the same thing. One I haven't seen in a whiles is Daniela from oxxy! She's just gorgeous!

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    Update part 3

    I had several girls come to my Airbnb. I will not bother with details since you cannot call these girls. If Victoria services clients at her sala, she is a must see. Really perfect, except she is pretty short.

    I went to Santas. There was nothing tasty, but I was there and it was late. Older chubby woman. It was alright. I would not bother giving her a second try. Oh wait, she did suck the weenier with much gusto, but still, not worth a second try.

    I went to Lau to bang out Melissa. She calls me from time to time wanting money. But she always blocks my number after. She is no longer there. There were 4 girls. Nothing terrible, nothing great. I banged it out with a 20 year old. It was ok. She made great noises- to the point that I think she was faking. When I was leaving I heard another girl being banged out. She sound really good. Just hearing her almost got me hard enough to go again. But the owner of Lau knows me, and I was afraid she would text certain people that I was in town, and I just assume avoid the drama / being killed.

    I am mixing up the order; I usually do not drink much, but I was hitting the sauce pretty good on this last trip. Not drunk, but very relaxed. I banged Megan at platino. Young innocent girl. I was surprised that she went along with everything I wanted, except she would not record. Twat was not that clean. These young girls are still learning how to maintain their twats. She sucked the weenier pretty good. She freaked when I licked her butt, but I held her still and kept going. Very small twat and I could tell she was in pain, but she did not complain. I suggested we stop and finish with oral, but she insisted I continue. Afterwards it took me a few minutes to get her to admit she liked having her ass licked.

    Valentina, who use to work at Zenda is now at Plantino. You can read my earlier posts. This time she would not let me record. I have recorded her before, more than once, I don't know. This girls like to kiss (ewe) and likes it rough. Petite, skinny, flat stomach, her twat cleanliness is all over the board.

    I had just banged out a girl at Lau, went to Stephany and banged out either Nicole or Adeline. I went to Plantino just to say Hello. Old victoria was all over me. I told her I just banged 2 women, and I was not in a position to go for round three. She insisted. I agreed, but I told her it must me a 3-way. I was thinking Valentina, but old victoria wanted Megan. I went and bought some beer and girly drinks. The owner of plantino gave me a special- 2 girls, 2 hours. VIP room, 2000 pesos. There are 2 big sofas. We are drinking. Megan has great boobies, so I am motorboating while old victoria is sucking the weenier. Old victoria had pretty good boobies also. Blahbkah blah. There was always a girl sucking my weeiner and the other girl either had her boobies in my face or was straddling my face. This goes on for awhile. The girl who was doing the sucking was also using the vibrator on herself. After awhile I tell the girls to have sex with each other, and I would jump in when I wanted. This is when they told me that they are aunt / niece. Wtf? They tell me this now? It was still a pretty good time. It took me forever to kick the extra point, and when I did I came so hard I almost passed out. 3 times in 4 hour? I am almost 49. I went to the steak restaurant across from raveenas and had a ribeye, which was terrible. That night I banged out another girl: either the chubby woman at Santas or one of my regulars, I can't remember. I think it was my friend's daughter. When she texted me, wanting to me for a second time, I remember thinking. 'Jesus, not now'.

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    Detailed update part 2

    I went to Stephany because it is almost right next to the new sala, Plantino. Adeline is very hot. Tall. First time with a vibrator. Mutual oral. Let me record. Very sexy. Round butt. The problem is the rooms in Stephany are very small and I can't really give the women a proper banging. I like to have the women lay on the table and give them the weenier while I am still standing. This is not possible because the width of the room is only slightly wider than the massage table. She is new to the salas. She genuinely likes the weenier. She came 4 times. Clean twat. Clean asshole. I could feel goosebumps on her the whole time we were being naughty. The next day I went back and banged out Nicole. Shorter. Hourglass figure. Speaks decent English. Also new to the sala and still has a soul. I banged her twice; the first time she used the vibrator while sucking on the weenier. The second time we 69'ed for a long time. Clean everything. She likes being on top, but facing me, which is not my favorite, but she has really nice boobies, so I motorboated my displeasure away. Both these girls are a must see. Both are older, maybe 25? The third hot girl at Stephany is petite, skinny, athletic, flat stomachs, tight little butt, pretty, but she would not let me lick her twat or record. I banged her out 2 month ago when she was at Gallians. I think she tried to hide from me when I arrived at Estaphany. Both Nicole and Adeline let me record, and it is some of my better work.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_2481.jpg‎  

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    Detailed update part 1

    I have not been posting because I have decided that my lifestyle is shallow and meaningless, and perhaps I should find Jesus. Well, I did find Jesus. He sells tacos near the Zaragoza bridge, and I've got to be honest, I think I will stick with byu football and banging your women.

    I arrived late. Plantinos is open until 10 pm, and they have a Jacuzzi. The Jacuzzi is huge. One of my favorite girls, old Victoria, works there. I like her because the sex is amazing. She is not that pretty and could lose a few pounds, but she make great noises and I can 'visit her' without a condom. We get in the jaquizi and it was a wild ride. Because the jaquizi is so big all kind of oral options are available.

    I know the owners of all the sala. I was pretty good friends with one of the owners. I have known her for years. Her daughter, who I have know since she was 14, texted me offering to meet me because she needed money. Turned 18 last December. Has only been with 2 girls. Has never sold her body before. It was ok. She let me record. Would not let me lick her twat. Would not suck on the weeiner. Complained about the pain, but she said it was a good pain. Like I care. Met her twice. The damn iPhone, the first time I thought I was recording. This has happened to me enough times that you think I would have figured it out by now. She said she felt bad and guilty. I told her that if I had a consciences, I could perhaps relate. The second time she was more relaxed. I have know her for a long time which makes this better? Or worse? We had some laughs. Anyways, mother / daughter has been checked off!

    Gallitas- the insanely hot girl is gone. Jasime is pretty hot. Pretty, little boobie, a wide but amazing ass. A little bit of a pot belly. Last time she told me she was friends with the insanely hot girl. I asked her if she could contact the insanely hot girl and maybe the 3 of us could meet up later. Turns out they are sisters. So, I am guessing they will not make out, scissor and lick each other's twats. I did get the insanely hot girl's number and we have been chatting. She is going to meet me when I visit. There is another hot girl at Gallitas. I forget her name. Very sexy. Would not let me record. I could not get her to cum. She has never had an orgasm before. I tried everything, for a long time. Nothing. She let me take a photo of her ass with underwear on. I think I can post this.

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    I'm back- boring update

    I was in Juarez for 6 days and will return tomorrow for another 2 days. Here is a quick update:

    Gallitas- the insanely hot girl left and will not return. Her sister, Jasmine, is pretty hot. And another girl, I forget her name, is worth the visit.

    Gallinas- not worth visiting.

    Zenda- the line up in twitter does not look great. Daniela is there. She is pretty hot and fun. The Mia is still there; not bad, not great. Yamith is there, very sexy, but very boring. I did not visit.

    Europa- one of my all time favorites is there. Her real name is Angie. Very hot, very fun. I saw a really hot girl leaving one day as I was arriving. Skinny, athletic, etc. I have gone back 3 times when I was told she would be working, but she was not there.

    Santas- they had some hot women, but nothing of note the week I was there.

    Diablitas- they have not updated their twitter in over a month.

    Raveenas- one of the hottest girls in Juarez works here- another Angie. A couple new above average ones I did not sample. Denise is back if you like tall girls.

    Estaphany- this is a really, really small sala across the street from Aries. They have 3 hot women. One is very skinny, 20 short hair- like lesbian short. She is cute and has a nice butt, but she would not let me lick her twat. Adeline- tall, nice boobies and ass, very white, let me record. Worth the visit. Nicole- very pretty, big boobs, nice butt, a little soft in the belly, but she is taking time off next week for some lipo. Really fun. Let me record and mutual oral.

    Plantino- brand new sala. 6 girls, but the owner is recruiting more. Megan- 18, cute, has never had a kid. Great rack. Great butt. Very inexperienced. Victoria- 30, amazing sex. A young skinny girl I was not able to get with.

    The new sala Victoria- wtf? I hung out with victoria (not the one at plantino) a few days ago. We watched pulp fiction. 6 months ago she told me she was going to open a sala, but she changed her mind. I was in Juarez for 6 days, banged it out with her 3 times at my hotel, and she never told me she opened a sala. I do not know if she services clients, but if she does, this girl is top 5 in all of Juarez. Petite, skinny, athletic, big boobies for how skinny she is. Very pretty. I just texted her to confirm this is her sala. This is the girl that likes cold water on her twat, and jerked me off with cold water.

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    Another new sala

    Called plantino.

    It is right next to Estaphany' sin Plaza Waterfil, very close to the Zaragoza bridge. The facility is great. They have a VIP room with a large jaquizi and 2 sofas. The girls are good. Estaphany has 3 really hot girls right now. I may post some details soon.

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    New salas.

    El Encanto has returned from the dead. Same location, Hermanos Escobar 2310. Next to the Papagayo bar.

    Also, there's a new sala by the Waterfil area. It's called Victoria's. Location is Agustíand de Iturbide 1615 Suite #2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hendey1015  [View Original Post]
    My son lives in grand junction. This is why I took the job in vernal Utah. I see the little half bastard when I come and go from my rig. Anyways, he had a baseball game tonight. Ug. I am sitting in the stand, playing on my phone, taking pulls off a cup of coke- with rum. No way I can handle this sober. A group of 3 moms starts making small talk with me. Since the parents all know each other, I stood out. I mentioned this was my second game in 5 years. One of the women tells me she remembered seeing me at the game 5 years ago. That's not at all weird or desperate. We are chatting. I mention I travel a lot. These women are obviously not happy with local men and are desperate for a meaningful relationship. Yeah, like that will happen with me. I am polite, but not instigating conversation. I leave after the 5th inning. I was sober enough to drive, and the kid saw me there, and since he is half-Chinese he is smart enough to realize that I am not the kind of part-time dad that can handle a whole game. Not within 5 years. I tell the women I will see them in 2028, and I leave. One of the woman follows me, tells me that her friend wants my number. I tell her I am rarely in Grand Junction. She tells me the woman wants to meet me at my hotel. These are average to below average looking middle aged women. Probably good women who have only fucked a few men. Even with the V, doubtful I could take care of business, nor would I want to. These women will expect me to kiss, ewe.
    I should note, I could not figure out which field my half-bastard half Chinese son's team was playing on. By the time I found the field the kids were warming up. I could not tell which kid is mine, I don't know his number. My side of the conversation with the 3 women started out like this:

    'Is this field 1?

    'Do you know which team is mesa orchard or grand mesa or something like that?

    'Your kids are on the same team? Do you know which kid is Zach? I mean, his number?

    'I am his father'.

    'It's been 5 years since I have been to a game'.

    'Really? Do you remember me because of my hair? I keep it short because of the heat'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heynowwassup  [View Original Post]
    Any advice appreciated.
    I just looked at Mileroticos, there a re a few interesting ones. Always check for ads with same number, stick with girls that advertise only in Juarez or close by. 656 area code is a good thing to look at too.


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    Any Apps / Websites that the Jrz Ladies are using out there?

    Hi friends old and new! Long time Juarez MP mongerer here. For years I had used Locanto, met someone I've been seeing for a long ass time now, but she's getting uppity and bitchy on me, so things are slowly ending, and I got to look for something new. Locanto it seems has gone away and the site now directs users to dating dot com or some shit. Never really used Tinder or Facebook. I've heard of Hinge and Bumble, but not sure how those would apply to our situation here at ISG. Any advice appreciated.

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